Chapter 33: Busy Farming in the Last Days

Two years ago, when the factory was not yet closed, every time it opened after the Chinese New Year, a string of firecrackers would be placed at the door. Ji Cha’s parents were about to start work before the accident, but the two of them passed away unexpectedly before they could use the firecrackers.

Later, when Ji Cha was sorting out the relics of the factory building, he put the strings of firecrackers in a cardboard box and stored them in the storage room somewhere.

Fortunately, it was not thrown away at that time, otherwise Ji Cha himself would not know what else could be more effective to attract the attention of the zombies at this time.

“It’s all here.” Fortunately, there are not many things in the small warehouse, and Ji Cha has marked the contents of each room in detail, making it much easier to find things.

He bent down and dragged out a box of cannonballs that had been in place for several years. There were four large fireworks with sixty-four rings in the square, and there were also a few strings of firecrackers with one thousand and three thousand rings.

Liang Jincheng stepped forward and lifted the sixty-four sounding fireworks to cushion them, he made it seem quite light. Translated on hololonovels dot com. Such a cannonball is square and like a bench. Ji Cha remembers that after the cannonball is used, those who collect the trash will come over in pairs to take it away, but something heavy like this was easily carried by Liang Jincheng.

“Take this one and throw it outside the wall as far away as possible, it should be able to attract all the zombies around the factory,” Zhang Xing touched his chin, it was a little itchy after two days without shaving.



Ji Cha and Liang Jincheng rejected at the same time, and then looked at each other. Liang Jincheng explained, “The brightness and sound of the fireworks are relatively uncontrollable, and the worst result may be that other zombies who do not intend to pass here will also be attracted.”

“Use this kind of small firecrackers.” Ji Cha lifted a string of 1,000-sounding firecrackers and dragged one down from the top, “This kind of firecrackers is easier to control, and the sound of one at a time is also limited, which can maximize the impact. It’s the most appropriate for our situation.”

“That’s true,” Zhang Xing nodded.

After making up their minds, a few people rushed upstairs and squatted down using the cover of the height and darkness, got ready to set off a series of firecrackers battles.

After the piglets were taken away, the yard returned its usual calmness, and the excited and restless zombies outside also gradually calmed down, but a three- or four-story zombie wall was formed, spinning back and forth around the factory building, not wanting to leave.

Ji Cha, Zhang Qinqin, Zhang Xing, and Wang Qinxue squatted on the ground and used the faint light of a small flashlight to pull out the small firecrackers one by one. The ignition core of the firecrackers were pulled out from one end so it will burn longer, buying more time for Liang Jincheng to throw them out the wall later.

The circumference of the factory building is several hundred meters. If you only set off firecrackers on one side, the number of zombies that can be attracted is limited.

Liang Jincheng took the two firecrackers they handed over, quickly estimated the ground conditions around the factory building, and then lit the firecrackers and threw them in the direction of diagonal lines on both sides of the factory courtyard wall.

The sound of a bang came from the air. This sound seemed to be some kind of switch. The zombies who were dazed and unaware suddenly woke up, made an excited ho-ho sound with their mouths, and twisted their stiff steps to squeeze towards the source of the sound. Because of the large number of zombies, many fell backwards and forwards, and half of the trampled faces fell into the mud, but the black soil could not hide the desire for fresh meat and life in their eyes.

A creature that devoid of emotions and conscience, and lives only on instinct, is darker than the night, waiting to seize all traces of life.

Zhang Xing squatted on the ground, the noises of zombies coming from not far away made his hands tremble a little, and one ignition core could not be pulled out and tie with another core for a long time.

Zhang Qinqin couldn’t watch it anymore, “Let me.” She said, grabbing the things from Zhang Xing’s hand, twisting her fingers, and quickly tying the two cores together firmly.

At this time, she did not show any timidity, but she helped in an orderly manner. After thinking about it, Zhang Xingsi admired Zhang Qinqin more and more.

On the other side, Liang Jincheng slowly adjusted the firecrackers on both sides to the back of the factory building away from the main entrance. The large group of zombies finally slowly followed the source of the sound and converged towards the same place.

“Zhang Xing, take out the car at the back, Qinqin, open the door inside first, and the one at the back will wait for me to go downstairs.” Ji Cha said, he turned his head and said to Liang Jincheng, “I’ll talk to you later. We’ll go out together and lead the zombies away.”

Liang Jincheng twisted his dry fingertips and nodded in agreement with Ji Cha’s decision.

The firecrackers upstairs continued to be thrown, and in order to attract the attention of the zombies, Zhang Xing and Zhang Qinqin have followed Ji Cha’s instructions to open the inner door step by step and get the car ready.

Ji Cha used binoculars to confirm that there were no zombies left at the gate, then he and Liang Jincheng quickly went downstairs, “As soon as we get in the car, you must close the gate, and don’t care about what’s going on outside, as long as we don’t come back, don’t come out.”

Ji Cha said in a deep voice, with a serious face, “Even if you see me and the senior being besieged by zombies outside, don’t come out rashly. With so many zombies, you have only one way to die.”

Zhang Qinqin nodded, “Cousin, don’t worry, I will take good care of grandma.”

Zhang Xing was surprised, “Hey, don’t say the things the same as saying goodbye, the risk shouldn’t be too big, it shouldn’t be too big…” He was also a little unsure, and his hands that were hanging by his side suddenly clenched into fists, ” Ji Cha, you…”

Zhang Xing originally wanted to hold Ji Cha’s collar and use the actions of warning and caring he saw in the anime or TV series, but he forgot that there was still Liang Jincheng standing beside Ji Cha.

His raising his hand was barely visible, and Zhang Xing’s fist was clenched by Liang Jincheng.

“Let’s go.” Liang Jincheng threw Zhang Xing’s hand aside at will, “Without the firecrackers to attract, the zombies will soon spread out again.”

“Yeah!” Ji Cha nodded. He opened the driver’s door and was about to jump in, but was stopped by Liang Jincheng.

“I’m driving.” Liang Jincheng got inside, started the car, and motioned Zhang Xing to open the second door.

Zhang Xing’s hand was shook away by Liang Jincheng just now, and he felt that Liang Jincheng’s eyes were full of warnings, so he hurriedly ran to open the door with trembling hands.

The steel door was slowly pushed open, making a very light metal creaking sound that could not be ignored in the dark night.

Ji Cha sat nervously in the passenger seat. Liang Jincheng held the steering wheel and grasped the opportunity very accurately. Translated on hololonovels dot com. He drove the car out smoothly almost at the moment when the gap of the door was the same as the width of the car.

Ji Cha glanced at Zhang Xing behind him. Although he was stunned for a moment as the car brushed past him, he still quickly reacted and immediately closed the door with Zhang Qinqin.

“Put your seatbelt on.” Liang Jincheng said in a deep voice. As he said that, he turned the steering wheel abruptly, turning the corner almost a hundred degrees. Ji Cha’s hand pressed against the glass, and from the window, he saw hundreds of zombies who were attracted to the back of the factory building, crowding together in layers.

As soon as they saw the living person moving in the metal box, they immediately became restless, rushing towards the car with inflexible steps.

Although he no longer saw large-scale zombies, Ji Cha still held the car seat tightly, feeling a little out of breath. He is very aware of the loss of human nature and cruel behavior of zombies, so he is deeply afraid that he will become one of such ruthless and mindless ones.

“If I ever become like this, I might as well die…” Ji Cha said softly.

Liang Jincheng was very calm towards such a scene. He heard Ji Cha’s soft whisper and took time to talk to him, “What did you just say?”

In order to ease his excessive tension, Ji Cha continued, “If one day I am bitten by accident or something else, in short, become such a zombie, if there is such a day, I would rather be killed than living in such a daze without any conscious.”

“I’ve seen it,” Ji Cha originally wanted to talk about what he had seen and heard in the apocalypse, but it would be too paradoxical to say that he was reborn, so he paused and changed the wording, “I have seen it in a movie where someone’s family member turned into a zombie, but that person was unwilling to end the life of his family, and still kept the other at home, and even feeds him fresh meat to keep him alive, it’s crazy…”

Liang Jincheng turned another corner, and his eyes darkened when he heard this sentence. He couldn’t echo what Ji Cha said here, because as soon as he opened his mouth, he would tell Ji Cha: no, it’s not crazy at all, and if you become a zombie one day, I wouldn’t want to kill you either.

“Killing them is the kindness to the people they once were,” Ji Cha sighed softly, but then smiled bitterly, “I can’t say it on their behalf, who knows.”

“Don’t worry about such a thing.” Liang Jincheng quickly turned the steering wheel with one hand, and once again threw the zombies that were approaching the car body out, put one hand on Ji Cha’s head and rubbed it, “I won’t let you face this kind of thing.”

Liang Jincheng’s actions and speeches these days have a hint of sultry. Although Ji Cha doesn’t understand why, but according to Liang Jincheng’s way of doing things, as long as he wants to, no one can really stop him.

Ji Cha thinks that he may be crazy, otherwise, how can he still think about these when hundreds of zombies are chasing them outside?

He was a little embarrassed and didn’t know what to say to ease the suddenly quiet atmosphere in the car, but Liang Jincheng still asked, “What are you thinking now?”

Liang Jincheng’s hand that was originally placed on Ji Cha’s head slowly slid down to his shoulder. Just when Ji Cha tightened his waist, thinking that the hand would go down, Liang Jincheng took his hand back.

“I think, senior, you should be chased by a lot of people.” Ji Cha said dryly, and almost wanted to pull his tongue after he opened his mouth.

Stupid, stupid! What a bad question to ask!

Liang Jincheng heard Ji Cha’s irregular heartbeat clearly in his ears, and a chuckle overflowed from his lips, “It’s okay, how about you?”

Not only he didn’t even bat an eye when he was asked such a question that didn’t wink, but now he returned a question, causing Ji Cha to be stunned. Ji Cha was silent and after a while, he said, “It’s okay for me too.”

Ji Cha felt ashamed to say that he has never been chased before, and the only time he was chased was by a perverted man who sent him harassing text messages.

Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com.

“I thought you would have a lot of people chasing you.” Liang Jincheng tilted his head and glanced at Ji Cha.

“Hey, no.” Ji Cha said to him, turning his head to the window, startled by the face of a zombie who slammed over him, “Fuck, fuck!”

Liang Jincheng made a corner, threw the zombie out again, and said half-seriously and half-jokingly, “I want to chase you.”

His eyes seemed to be indifferent, but he was actually staring at Ji Cha’s reaction to this obvious remark.

Ji Cha never imagined that Liang Jincheng would joke around in such an atmosphere at such a time. He just breathed in, but he didn’t even dare to exhale, so he held his breath for a while.

He felt that there was a sudden light in the car, and a great god jumped out, followed by a few big golden characters poking on his forehead: Go! It’s time to decide if you’re straight.


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