Chapter 34: Busy Farming in the Last Days

“Hahaha,” Ji Cha let out a dry laugh. He didn’t think Liang Jincheng was being serious. At most, it was just a joke based on the topic he just said, so he didn’t really know how to respond to it.

The zombies outside were still fluttering towards the car, and they eventually kept up with the vehicle. The zombies inevitably got closer and closer, and the road before and after the car was surrounded a bit densely.

In such a thrilling environment, Ji Cha’s mind was filled with the question raised by Liang Jincheng. He felt that he might have to borrow a brain from the zombies to use now.

“Sit tight.” Liang Jincheng said solemnly. It seemed that he was not the one who asked the strange question earlier. Translated on hololonovels dot com. He changed gears and pressed the accelerator hard, and the front of the car slammed into the zombies in front, sending a few of them flying while also making way for the vehicle.

Ji Cha’s heart almost fell out of his throat with the rush just now.

Liang Jincheng unhurriedly put the gear back to the low gear, and then kept the distance between the zombies and the body at about 30 meters, and slowly drove out of the factory area.

“Have you thought of the answer?” He suddenly opened his mouth, poking Ji Cha shivering all over.

“I…,” Ji Cha felt like his brain was about to explode, especially his heart that was not very straight at first seemed to be swayed by Liang Jincheng’s words just now. He cautiously tilted his head to look at Liang Jincheng, and found that the other party’s eyes were also falling on him.

Their sights collided, a big embarrassing firework burst out with a bang, and all of them splashed on Ji Cha’s head.

Help, embarrassment has turned cancerous in him!

However, Liang Jincheng’s tone suddenly changed, “Are you afraid?”

Ji Cha: ? ?

“I mean the zombies, shouldn’t you be afraid now?” Liang Jincheng repeated, and Ji Cha realized what he meant. It turned out that he wanted to chase after him was just a joke, the purpose was to ease his difficulty in such an environment and suppressed his fear.

It was so obvious that he was already afraid. Ji Cha sat up straight with his upper body nestled up, pretending not to be affected, and said vaguely, “I wasn’t too afraid.”

Having said that, now that it is clear that Liang Jincheng was joking, Ji Cha feels that God has opened his eyes. In addition, it turned out that Liang Jincheng was joking for such a reason, and the embarrassment was diluted by inexplicable emotions.

No matter how you say it, from the very first meeting until now, senior has been a very considerate person.

Bah, when Ji Cha thought of this, he couldn’t help but complain about the brain activity of his just now.

“Such a large group of zombies won’t appear here for no reason.” Liang Jincheng turned the topic away, all he wanted just now was to test Ji Cha’s thoughts on him.

He didn’t need Ji Cha to give him an answer or permission right now, Liang Jincheng knew that was too impractical. All he wanted to see was Ji Cha’s attitude when faced with such a problem.

According to a survey, 80% of people were originally bisexual, but it just depends on the gender of the last person they meet. However, the rest of the 20% are either the complete homosexuals or heterosexuals. Liang Jincheng wanted to make sure that Ji Cha is not in that 20%.

The result came out, even when faced with the problem of being gay like that, Ji Cha’s first reaction was not disgust or anything else. He was just surprised, even a little shy.

There were hundreds of zombies behind the car, but Liang Jincheng, who was sitting next to Ji Cha, just wanted to scream.

Hold back, hold back.

“It’s really not normal,” Ji Cha sorted out his thoughts and responded to Liang Jincheng, and then he was afraid that his tone was too nonchalant, so he added, “I think it should be abnormal…”

Although he didn’t know what happened here at the beginning and what kind of changes it has undergone, but from the later inquiries, the local military battalion did not want to give up the city, nor did it plan to move to the suburban area from the very beginning.

Even in the S city base experienced by Ji Cha in his previous life, a small part of the original city was included in the zoning, but the main part is still the rural area he’s in now.

The zombie tide at this time is probably inseparable from the army’s clean-up in the city.

From the beginning of Ji Cha’s text messages and himself predicting the coming of the apocalypse, to his almost accurate judgments and the occasional little doubts, Liang Jincheng clearly knows what Ji Cha has experienced something he does not understand.

However, since he can inexplicably gain strength, five senses and speed that are dozens of times higher than ordinary people, the change of Ji Cha is not so difficult to understand.

The car drove very slowly, and when the sun was beginning to shine the light, they had gone half the way. Ji Cha looked back at the tireless zombies, opened his mouth, and yawned.

When they reached the main road, there were more zombies, and occasionally one or two would surround them. At that time, Liang Jincheng would step on the accelerator to throw them off, and the zombie tide behind the car would continue to grow.

However, there will always be unexpected disturbances. For example, Ji Cha didn’t expect that they haven’t even gone two-thirds of the original journey they planned, the zombies piled up on the road ahead were already densely packed.

Through the gap between the zombies walking, you can see a military vehicle parked slantingly, the door is wide open, but the people in the vehicle are nowhere to be seen, only large bloodstains splattered.

It’s already obvious who brought the zombies here, but he didn’t expect such an accident on the road.

After the zombies in front heard and saw the moving car, the originally dull atmosphere instantly became active, and they followed with a stiff pace.

The current situation is that they are facing attack from both sides, and the zombies are like waves in the front and rear, and they can swarm in easily. That instinctive hunger for flesh drove the group of living dead, who had no self-consciousness, to rush towards the car. Liang Jincheng reacted immediately. From the angle of the car, he swept the two zombies at the rear, and suddenly turned the front of the car and rushed into the small road next to the main road.

It’s a small town with a small population. At this time, Ji Cha didn’t know how many survivors there are, and the road that is not wide is filled with one or two zombies that occasionally pop up.

The road pattern in such a small town has always been uncomplicated. Liang Jincheng estimated the distance in his heart, and outlined a few forks on the road that he saw before he came, and avoided dozens of zombies all the way.

“If there is no follow-up guidance, the survivors in this town are probably…” Ji Cha sighed softly, and the following words were self-evident.

With such a large number of zombies gathered in one place, the final result cannot be ideal.

But what he can do is only pity and sympathise. Under the circumstance that he can’t protect himself or may sacrifice himself, Ji Cha can’t rush forward and bleed for others.

Or call it selfish. At this moment when the evil and goodness of human nature are fully stimulated, Ji Cha feels that he is already doing enough by keeping the bottom line of not harming others.

“Faced with such an incident, the government has also had corresponding practices and responses, but no one thought that the outbreak would be so fast and uncontrollable.” Liang Jincheng said, “except for self-protection, no one can act as a rescuer at this time. He rubbed Ji Cha’s head with a smile, “life is not an idealistic American blockbuster right now.”

“I know.” Ji Cha nodded.

Liang Jincheng turned the steering wheel and finally turned the car back to the main road. Translated on hololonovels dot com. In the distance, you can still see the dense and numb zombies behind. Fortunately, the road ahead is bright, and the two successfully set foot on their way home.

No one in the factory could fall back asleep since they left.

Zhang Xing first ran back upstairs and held the binoculars the entire time to watch Ji Cha and Liang Jincheng drove the zombies away from the factory, and then sat downstairs with the others in a daze.

The most indifferent among the crowd was Grandma. At six o’clock, she went to the kitchen to make breakfast, and then comforted everyone, “What are you afraid of, Cha Cha will be back in a while, I tell you. These zombies are terrible, but Cha Cha is capable, and he’s also with Xiaoliang who is very reliable as well, don’t worry.”

Zhang Qinqin stood up with relief, “Grandma, I’ll help you.”

Two people moved, and the rest of the people also got a little bit of energy. Wang Lixin took Wang Qinxue to stand up, and then pulled Zhang Xing too, “The sweet potato sprouts are almost ready, let’s go and plant something now.”

Li Xiuqin alone was still a little bit overwhelmed by the shock. Xiaochao sat beside her and looked at her with his head tilted.

The men outside had already carried their hoes and walked to the open space to discuss the width and density of the planting. The old woman and the young woman in the kitchen were talking about whether to make steamed buns or noodles today. The soymilk machine made a buzzing sound when it was running, everything is full of the breath of life.

However, Li Xiuqin gradually began to understand that this is definitely not a trivial matter that can be quickly corrected, and she may never return to her original life. The thought brought layers of fear that made it hard for her to breathe.

Suddenly, a small hand warmly touched her cool palm, and Li Xiuqin turned to look at Xiao Chao, puzzled.

“Don’t be afraid,” Xiaochao held Li Xiuqin’s hand, his voice soft but firm, “things outside will die.”


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