Chapter 35: Busy Farming in the Last Days

The dull electronic doorbell rang. Zhang Xing’s ears were sharp, and he almost jumped up when he heard it. He opened the door inside, and then looked out through the one-way glass, making sure that it was Ji Cha and Liang Jincheng, only then he struggled to open the door.

“You’re back!” After not seeing each other for a few hours, Zhang Xing was so moved that he even had the urge to rush up to hug Ji Cha.

But this time he remembered the existence of Liang Jincheng, so he suppressed his excitement and stood still.

“It’s good you’re back, it’s good.”

Wang Qinxue was more open than he was, and immediately stepped forward to grab Ji Cha and asked, “Did you have any accidents outside?”

After all, the car body that was clean when it was first driven out is now mottled and stained with a lot of blood and dirt, and even a lot of depressions all over.

“It’s okay, we haven’t gotten out of the car.” Ji Cha laughed, trying to keep a calm look, “It’s been taken care of smoothly. I guess there will be nothing to worry about in the future. Even if there is, we now have experience, right?”

As soon as they got off the car, Zhang Xing happily went to fix it. Having something to do with his own skills, he felt pretty good.

The hearts of everyone that had been hanging all morning were also much better because of the two’s safe return.

Liang Jincheng silently followed Ji Cha all the way, walked into the house with him, and watched him talk with others of the simplified situation outside in relax. Translated on ho lo lo novels. Please read on the original translation site. After seeing the hopeful expressions of those people, Liang Jincheng felt a little complicated in his heart.

He actually wanted to be the role that Ji Cha was playing for others, but Ji Cha didn’t need it. He may lack the physical strength to survive safely in such a situation, but Ji Cha has a very clear understanding of the current situation and means of survival, and there is absolutely no need for Liang Jincheng to take care of him in anything. Thinking about it from another angle, Ji Cha even counts Liang Jincheng as one of the people he needs to protect.

Recalling that Ji Cha wrote down in his account book giving himself almost twice as much food as other people, a smile appeared on Liang Jincheng’s face.

At the same time, Liang Jincheng also knows that it is not easy for Ji Cha to bear all the pressure on his shoulders.

Because of such a thrilling experience the night before, even though everything is now back in order, everyone decided to take turns and stand vigil to ensure safety.

Ji Cha was the first to stand vigil upstairs. In September, the temperature difference between day and night is huge. He put on a jacket, brought the quilt and moved the straw mat to the roof. Just when he was yawning boredly, Liang Jincheng came up.

“I can’t sleep, I’ll keep watch with you.”

Zhang Xing was lying downstairs, pretending to close his eyes, but out of the corner of his eye, he saw Liang Jincheng went upstairs.

Damn, he turned over. Even when the apocalypse arrived, there was actually people slaughtering single dogs like him. Not only was Liang Jincheng physically capable of pinching him to death with one finger, but the psychological impact he gave was one after another.

Upstairs, Ji Cha was not expecting Liang Jincheng’s arrival.

The moonlight tonight was bright and the night wind was very light. Liang Jincheng was wearing Ji Cha’s t-shirt after taking a shower. It was a little small, showing all the muscle lines on his body.

The little villain in Ji Cha’s heart shook his head abruptly, realizing that the details he noticed at this time were all ambiguous!

He hurriedly pulled the jacket, covered himself with the quilt, and replied, “No need, senior, go to sleep, it’ll just be over in an hour, and I’ll go down in a while.”

Liang Jincheng sat down beside him without saying anything to refuse, and pointed at the quilt on Ji Cha’s body, “You took our quilt up here, it’s a little cold for me to sleep alone.”


Didn’t you still swear yesterday that you were not cold, and the heat I could clearly feel when you lean on me also shows that you are lying!

Of course, Ji Cha didn’t dare to speak out this kind of brain activity. He gave Liang Jincheng a little of the quilt on his body, “Here, I’ll cover it for you.”

Liang Jincheng’s shoulders leaned against Ji Cha’s. Ji Cha’s body after shower exudes a very faint scent. Others might not be able to distinguish it, but Liang Jincheng’s sense of smell at this time could clearly divide it into several mixed scents.

The fragrance of the shower gel, the smell of the shampoo, and the smell that is the most indifferent but most attractive to Liang Jincheng: Ji Cha’s original body odor, or the alluring pheromones that are exuding from his body.

The elusive attraction of Ji Cha to him suddenly became clearer after his five senses has been heightened countless times.

After all, people are guided by hormones in various behaviors, but in most cases, they don’t even know it.

“I’m kidding,” Liang Jincheng lowered his eyes and thought that Ji Cha’s expression just now was extremely cute. He held back his smile and continued, “I’ve already found a new quilt, so I won’t rob you.”

“Oh,” Ji Cha replied calmly, thinking that Liang Jincheng was actually quite warm, not cold at all when squeezed together.

It’s a bit of a pity.

He took advantage of the situation to think of his mood when Liang Jincheng said he wanted to chase him when they were in the car during the day. Although he now knows that it was a joke, Ji Cha inevitably finds it a little strange when he recalls it.

People like Liang Jincheng will not be chased by just a few people, whether before or after the apocalypse. In a clear conscience, Ji Cha knew that he was not that straight at all, and if Liang Jincheng really pursued himself as he said, he would definitely not be able to hold it back.

Ji Cha silently put this thought back into his head, he still knew his worth. He had to look up at Liang Jincheng’s level even before the apocalypse, and especially now that he had awakened his supernatural powers.

Maybe one day, Ji Cha tries to reason, when the base in S City has been firmly built, a certain big beauty with big breasts will take down Liang Jincheng in one fell swoop… not sad! It would also be good to have a girl for him by then.

“What are you thinking about?” Ji Cha was too quiet and apparently thoughtful, Liang Jincheng asked.

I’m wondering that at your wedding with the big-breasted girl, whether you let me be the groomsman, and if you could introduce me to the big-breasted girl’s best friend.

“I’m thinking about what to eat tomorrow.” Ji Cha replied solemnly, “What do you want to eat?”

I want to eat you, devour you alive, let you sit on top of me, lie down under me, stand in front of me… Liang Jincheng’s eyes moved along Ji Cha’s exposed collarbone, imagining that if he lowered his head and bit his clavicle at the moment, what would be the reaction of Ji Cha. Will he cry if it hurts too much?

Liang Jincheng couldn’t restrain his beautiful fantasies, just as he couldn’t restrain his eyes from looking away from Ji Cha’s collarbone and falling on the two little red beans looming inside. The color was so beautiful.

“Why are you so hot all of a sudden?” Ji Cha’s shoulders were close to Liang Jincheng’s skin, and he felt his skin heat up almost immediately.

A sentence interrupted Liang Jincheng’s thoughts, he coughed softly, averted his eyes, and stopped his imagination, “I’ll eat everything you choose.”

So flirtatious! Ji Cha silently said this textbook sentence for him.

Fortunately, the next few shifts encountered no issues throughout the night, and the same was said for the next five days, which made the atmosphere in the factory a lot better.


In addition to potatoes and sweet potatoes, several green vegetables have been planted one after another these days. The planting period of green vegetables is very short and can be planted all year round. Ji Cha has specially planned a place for planting.

Other crops to be planted in the plan: peppers, radishes, eggplants, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. Although some are considered out-of-season vegetables, but for Ji Cha, a lot of the land within the factory compound is still empty anyway, so they can first see if the greenhouse can produce any good harvest.

He hoped the information and seeds he found can help. These seeds all need to start from seedlings, and it will take some time. When they can be planted when the time is close to October.

Ji Cha’s goal has always been to get the most out of the resources he has at hand, and he doesn’t want to live on staple food and just a few boring vegetables.

What’s more, if the follow-up goes well, he has another very important plan. This all needs to be done before the military finally arrives. Translated on ho lo lo novels. Please read on the original translation site. In other words, by the time the military is settled down in the area, Ji Cha expects to be able to successfully grow most of the crop by himself. Maybe he can’t wait for the day of harvest, but at least he can predict it before that.

In mid-September, there was an unexpected surprise in the factory.

When the apple tree was transplanted, it had already produced small green fruits, but no one thought that such small fruits could grow so well. Who knows that in a corner where not many people pay attention, the fruit on the apple tree is getting redder and bigger day by day, and finally hangs heavily on the branch. It seems that it has not been affected by transplanting.

“Want, want,” Xiao Chao stood on the ground, looking up at the apple tree excitedly.

Ji Cha took down more than ten fruits, and Xiaochao rushed to eat them. After so many days here, he has completely faded away from the strangeness and awkwardness when he first came, and began to show the innocence and cuteness of a child.

Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com.

“Hey, you can’t eat it just yet.” Ji Cha stopped him, “I don’t know if this apple is safe to be eaten or not. I’ll feed it to the chicken and see later.”

After the end of the world, many mutated plants will show high vitality. Ji Cha suspects that this is why the apple tree can bear extraordinarily many fruits, but can this fruit be eaten? Anyway, he didn’t dare to put it directly into his mouth.

Everyone was a little disappointed because of this, and each turned and left with two apples. Only Ji Cha took the apples to the chicken coop.


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