Chapter 36: Busy Farming in the Last Days

Since the large-scale zombie swarm passed by that day, they began to encounter zombies passing by the factory area often. Fortunately, there are not many, and they can still deal with the situation by themselves.

However, there are still some troubles. Ji Cha began to have trouble raising the chickens. First of all, the roosters crow every day.

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At this time, if there are zombies passing by outside, it will be very chaotic. There are also hens that start to lay eggs, which is a good thing, but those hens will also make a long-term cry, which is something they do like when they’re in heat.

This is a problem that needs to be solved urgently. Ji Cha intends to find some sound insulation materials to renovate the inside and outside of the chicken coop. This is a possibility he wants to try. After all, it is better than killing all the chickens at once.

He remembered that there were very few chickens without mutation in his previous life, and almost all year round, there was not even a single shadow of a chicken. Of course, the premise of raising chickens is based on the fact that they didn’t mutate and deemed safe.

Anyway, it made him very contradictory.

Ji Cha walked to the chicken coop with an apple, the chickens in it immediately gathered around and looked up at him, their eyes focused on the bright red thing in his hand, as if curious about what it was for a moment.

Is that edible? A few chickens paced around at his feet, looking a little impatient.

Ji Cha picked out the hen that was thinner and weaker, so he would not be too distressed if it gets poisoned. After locking it in the cage, he placed the apple inside.

The flock below suddenly became restless, what did you give her and not us?

Ji Cha almost got overturned by them. He closed the door of the chicken coop and quickly exited the coop. He stood outside watching the little hen eat a dozen mouthfuls of apple before walking away with confidence.

In addition to the episode of apples, there is also the task arrangement that everyone discussed last night.

Sound insulation materials are not like grain and oil resources that you can easily buy at supermarket or the granary, and there are not many places you can buy them even before the end of the world. There is only one building material market in S city, but it is in the city center, which is tantamount to be a suicide mission to retrieve them.

“I have a friend.” When everyone was at a loss and was about to walk to the road of killing all the chickens, Zhang Xing suddenly said unexpectedly, “He is in the business of digging treasure nets, and I remember him selling some building materials. The warehouse is not far from here, maybe five or six kilometers. At that time, he took a fancy to the cheap rent and rented a warehouse in the nearby village. If it goes well, we should be able to find sound insulation materials there.”

“Five or six kilometers is indeed not far.” Liang Jincheng thought for a while, “better than the city center, the sooner I go, the better though.”

“But I don’t really remember the road, and now the navigation is useless,” Zhang Xing spread his hands helplessly, “I remember that it’s in a place called Shili Township, like by Kantou Village.”

Zhang Xing said a bit regretfully, “If I knew ot, when he asked me to repair the car at that time, I would help him repair it…”

“It’s alright,” Zhang Qinqin said with a certain expression on her face, making the matter a sure thing, “I know that place, I went there when I picked up students earlier. I can show you the way when we leave tomorrow.”

There should not be too few people at home, Ji Cha took out the three-section stick and a few neck guards from the warehouse and handed it to Wang Qinxue, “If there are zombies outside when we are not here, don’t go out rashly, if someone comes outside, don’t go out rashly either, and don’t let them in easily.”

He knew that Wang Qinxue was not hard-hearted, so he repeated the last two sentences three times, and waited for Wang Qinxue to promise him firmly before he could stop.

Then Ji Cha, Zhang Qinqin and Liang Jincheng embarked on a journey the next morning.

Since the atmosphere in the car was a little weird when he went out with Liang Jincheng last time, Ji Cha felt a little lucky that Zhang Qinqin was with them this time. Although she was sitting in the back row looking out the window with a solemn and rigid expression. She was holding the three-section stick in her hand, looking very serious but had little sense of existence.

Ji Cha quietly retracted his gaze on the rearview mirror, but unexpectedly, it just collided with Liang Jincheng’s gaze, who was looking up at the rearview mirror, making him suddenly feel embarrassed that he was caught.

“The temperature in the car shouldn’t be cold, right?” Liang Jincheng said, his tone of concern was natural, and his ambiguous actions were more natural. His hand straddled the gap between the driver’s seat and the passenger seat, placed it on Ji Cha’s arm and brushed it without waiting for Ji Cha to speak, “It doesn’t seem to be cold.”

Ji Cha continued to peek at Zhang Qinqin from the rearview mirror, lest she set off a torch and burn the two suspected gay men in the front row to death. But Zhang Qinqin still didn’t squint at all, and thoughtfully just didn’t look at them.

How cold, Ji Cha was discouraged, and simply shrunk into the passenger seat to be a quail.

However, quails cannot act. From the angle of Ji Cha, he still caught Liang Jincheng’s eyes in the rearview mirror. He pretended to half-close his eyes, but in fact quietly observed Liang Jincheng.

Before and after the end of the world, although it hasn’t been that long, Liang Jincheng’s changes were obvious. This may be partly due to the mutation, but Ji Cha thinks a bigger part is because he works in the sun every day.

Every time he tried to use a hoe to dig the ground, he would definitely be taken away after two seconds by Liang Jincheng. When he feeds chickens and pigs in the morning, Liang Jincheng would rob him of work, making it like an underground battle.

Liang Jincheng’s complexion is now darker, and the blushing muscles on his body can’t be ignored, which can be seen from the half-rolled sleeves. Ji Cha often felt a little jealous. He touched his own muscles, which were only a little firm, and closed his eyes completely.

In general, if Liang Jincheng’s change was just a step forward from a male god to a manlier male god, and Ji Cha is just a passer-by who has taken half a step towards an angle that seems to have some muscles but is still a passer-by.

“Go straight from here and turn right at the second intersection. After driving for about a kilometer, you can see a village sign on your left that says ‘Kantou Village’.” Zhang Qinqin gave very precise instructions from the back row.

She clenched the three-section stick in her hand and let out a light breath.

Occasionally, they saw some cars on the main road passed them by. Zhang Qinqin looked at the faces of people from the other cars through the window, they were either frightened, tired, powerless, or desperate, which made her feel lucky on the one hand. Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com. On the other hand, she felt that it is very rare to have this kind of luck.

Zhang Qinqin’s gaze crossed the back of the passenger seat and landed on Ji Cha’s head. At present, everything they have is from Ji Cha’s careful planning.

Ji Cha looks unremarkable, but now almost everyone in the factory gathers here and lives a stable life because of him.

The vehicle sped away on the road, the wheels ran over the road, raising dust and landed on the face of a dead body on the side of the road. The fingertips of the dead body moved and it came back to life again.


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