Chapter 37: Busy Farming in the Last Days

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The arrival of a car in the village caught the attention of many, prompting them to hide behind their curtains and discreetly observe the outsiders.

“There are no zombies here.” Zhang Qinqin was surprised, she wanted to push the door and get out of the car.

“Wait a minute.” Ji Cha and Liang Jincheng stopped her at the same time. An empty village without zombies is not necessarily completely safe at this time.

Liang Jincheng circled the car to the far side of the warehouse from the village house, and then carefully checked to confirm that there was no one in front of or behind their car. Only then the three of them got off the car together.

Kantou Village is a large village with a population of several thousand.

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The warehouse is located at the end of the village, half facing the village and half facing the open farmland. The rent is cheap because of the remote location.

At this time, the door of the warehouse was tightly locked, but the lock was a very simple old lock, not like a lock that would be used for security of the warehouse.

“This warehouse may have been controlled by the villagers.” Liang Jincheng looked around and said.

Sure enough, before Ji Cha, who was holding a lock-cutting tool in his hand, stepped forward, five young men came running from a distance, all with self-defense weapons in their hands, and said loudly, “Stop!”

Ji Cha clenched the pliers in his hands and lowered them, muttering, “no wonder there are no zombies around here.”

The voice just now was enough to kill any zombie.

Seeing this, Zhang Qinqin immediately returned to the car and took the three-section stick, which she held tightly in her hand, staring at the group who came.

The five youths were different in height, shortness, fatness and thinness. The only thing that was the same was the defensive and unhappy eyes they looked at Ji Cha and the three of them. They pointed at Liang Jincheng aggressively, probably thinking that he was the most threatening of the three, “Where did you come from, what do you want to do, you better get out of here, or you will be killed!”

“This warehouse was rented by my friend, and he let me come over to get the materials.” Ji Cha told the young people in front of him the information about the friend Zhang Xing told him who rented the warehouse. Calling a friend’s friend as his own is a little far fetched but it probably can’t be counted as a scam. After all, Ji Cha thought that this warehouse was rented by the villagers to Zhang Xing’s friend, but they really have no control over the things inside.

When the five young people heard Ji Cha’s words, they felt that he might not be lying. Although social functions have been completely paralyzed now, people still believe that life will return to its original state in the near future, so they still have a certain respect for the original property ownership.

“Well, then I’m going to talk to the village chief.” One of the young people said, and the conversation was a little loose.

“What are you talking about!” Another young man interrupted him quickly and said in a vicious voice, “The rent for this warehouse has not been paid for several months, and you want to take the contents back for nothing? Either give the money or give food. Your choice.”

Ji Cha was already prepared for this. He raised his hand to stop the young man and said, “That’s okay, I have money, you can ask someone to open the warehouse first, and let’s go in and have a look.”

The young man hesitated.

Liang Jincheng smiled and said, “are you afraid of the three of us with you guys being a group with more people?”

“Bah, you wait.” One of the young men turned his head and ran back, looking like he was going to get the key.

“Hey, I think the situation in your village is not bad.” Ji Cha spoke to the youth.

With the premise of being able to trade, the atmosphere at the scene suddenly cooled down a lot.

The young man, who made a nasty voice first, took out a cigarette from his pocket and lit it, took a deep breath and said, “It’s okay, there are a lot of sick people in our village, but it’s a pleasure to kill and stop the zombies from biting people early. Almost half of them died.”

“No, the TV was talking about the spread of viruses, isn’t this a movie coming true?” Another young man also said.

“Where did you guys come from?” the young man asked. “What are you doing by risking to get the materials for?”

Ji Cha gave them carefree eyes, “Hey, our situation is not as good as you, the zombies are not cleaned up yet, and my wife,” he said, putting his arm around Zhang Qinqin’s shoulders, “she gave me a daughter last year. The baby is healthy and all, but sh just likes to cry and make noises, don’t you think it’s terrible at times like this, that zombie’s ears are like detectors. We tried everything that can soundproof her, but it didn’t work.”

Liang Jincheng looked at Ji Cha’s hand on Zhang Qinqin’s body, his face was a little dark, and after hearing what Ji Cha said, his face became even darker.

Taking advantage of the young man’s gaze away, he immediately raised his hand and fiddled with Ji Cha’s hand on Zhang Qinqin.

Ji Cha: ? ?

Zhang Qinqin: ? ?

There are no loopholes in Ji Cha’s words. The young people present linked him with the identity as a father, and now they were a little more relax with, “That’s right, the son of the old Wang family in our village also likes to cry. Now that I thought about it, it’s really useful to go back with some sound insulation materials.”

Having said that, the young man who ran to get the key also ran back. He panted to open the lock of the rolling shutter. The things in the warehouse were scattered, and it could be seen that a lot of them had been taken away by the villagers.

The youth guided Ji Cha to the block where the sound insulation materials were stored. Fortunately, there are still quite a few here.

Before going out, Ji Cha brought more than 10,000 yuan of cash with him in order to prevent accidents outside. He also endured heartache and brought two bags of noodles out, because he was afraid that the other party would not accept money.

“One hundred yuan a piece, you can move as much as you want.” The young man quoted a price.

Ji Cha felt a pain in the ass, but in order for the chickens to lay eggs and roosters to crow with peace of mind, he still took out a stack of ten thousand yuan bills and handed over, “I want a hundred thousand yuan worth. I’ll give you these first, You help me move the stuff to the car and I’ll give you the rest of the money.”

The young man at the front took the money Ji Cha handed him, counted it, then turned to his companion and said, “Forty-three.”

The eyes of several people changed, looked at each other, and then turned to Ji Cha said, “Then let’s move together.”

Liang Jincheng saw their expressions in his eyes, and slowly clasped the five fingers hanging by his side, and then released them calmly.

A hundred pieces of soundproof material is not heavy, and it is easier for a few people to carry it together. Liang Jincheng and Ji Cha moved 30 of them together in one trip, Zhang Qinqin also carried 10 by herself, but the rest of the young people were very slow. Ji Cha came back after the trip and saw that there were only four of them left, and asked suspiciously, “Why are you missing one?”

The remaining fifty-seven large red bills were still stuffed into his trouser pockets, half of which were very conspicuous. . Ji Cha believes that the amount of money has little value, but in the eyes of some people, it is still a source of evil worth doing.

At this time, Zhang Qinqin had finished moving and was about to turn back to continue, but out of the corner of her eye, she saw one of the young people who was there just now rushing here with a group of people. She immediately felt that something was wrong, Zhang Qinqin carefully bent over and clasped the three-section stick in her clothes, and then quickly walked towards Ji Cha.

“What’s the hurry,” said the young man with a smile, “Take your time, we will help you move.”

Zhang Qinqin walked behind Ji Cha and poked his palm with a three-section stick. Ji Cha understood and held the three-section stick in his hand without looking back. Liang Jincheng also noticed the abnormality, and the atmosphere in the warehouse became tense again.

Ten thousand yuan to buy so many good things?” A middle-aged man’s voice sounded, and everyone looked at the source of the sound. The young man who had just left was walking among the crowd of a dozen men. The middle aged man who spoke, looking at how he was dressed and how he spoke, Ji Cha reckoned that he might be the village chief of Kantou Village.

“Otherwise, how much do you want?” Ji Cha frowned, they may have encountered blackmail.

“How much do they still need to pay?” asked the village chief.

“Forty yuan.” The young man replied.

“Enough, 40 yuan out of 10,000 yuan is too cheap for them.” The village chief said, and then pointed to Ji Cha and the others, determined that the three of them would not dare to mess around in front of so many people, “The three of you should either give us all the money you have and leave with these materials, or you don’t have to go!”

Ji Cha’s teeth are gritting, but he also knows that there are many people in Kantou Village at this time, and they can’t lose their anger. He took a step back, just as he was about to withdraw the remaining money so that everyone could escape smoothly, Liang Jincheng’s hand suddenly held his.

Ji Cha turned around and widened his eyes silently, why are you touching my butt! ?

Liang Jincheng didn’t seem to notice, but instead patted Ji Cha’s hand again. Ji Cha thinks it’s like soothing, but it’s really more like slapping his ass twice!

The location is wrong and the situation is wrong, Ji Cha’s face is a little red.

“Give it or not?” the village chief joked, “Are you choosing money or death?”

“You dare to kill people?” Liang Jincheng’s eyes slowly swept over them. The people in front of them were just relying on the number of people to be strong, and he could see it at a glance.

“Don’t think we dare not,” the two youths jumped out and said bravely, “so many zombies died under our hands, that is murder.”

Liang Jincheng sneered and said while pulling Ji Cha behind him, “Sorry, we have to keep the one hundred yuan, and you don’t need the rest.”

“You have the guts to speak big words!” The village chief reprimanded, “Everyone surrounds me, cleans them up for a while. Let’s see if they dare to pretend to be arrogant!”

“I’m talking big because,” Liang Jincheng threw off the three-section stick, and pulled the village chief to him with his hand that moved like lightening, and then used the handle of the three-section stick to poke the man’s throat, which made the other party feel suffocated in an instant. Liang Jincheng looked down at his face coldly, “I know you don’t have the guts to kill, and I know you’re afraid of death.”



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