Chapter 63: Busy Farming in the Last Days

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It is allowed for individuals to recruit workers in the base, but few people can afford to pay wages now, or there are no construction projects to be carried out.

Ji Cha rode his electric scooter and arrived at the recruitment site after traversing half of the base. Although the weather outside was very cold at this moment, there were still many people standing. There was a large electronic screen horizontally in the middle of the hall. The bustling crowd walked back and forth, carefully checking the constantly looping recruitment information displayed on it, signing up for suitable jobs themselves or signing up for others.

He passed through the hall and found the staff behind it. After showing his ID, he filled out an information form, and about five minutes later, Ji Cha’s recruitment information appeared on the electronic screen.

“Construction workers, all day, one portion of staple food plus half a pound of potatoes and either half a pound of tofu or one portion of bean sprouts (optional), work location…”

A long string of information appeared on the electronic screen, immediately attracting everyone’s attention. However, the information above is simply too good to be believed.

“Potatoes? Fresh potatoes?”

“You can also choose tofu or bean sprouts, and it even comes with a staple food?”

One portion of staple food is the current universal measuring unit in the base, which can actually feed two people for a day. According to the workload, there are also one and a half portions and half portions.

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Many elderly people will choose relatively easy half portions of food.

In addition, many jobs do come with supplementary food like tofu, but having potatoes is something they have never seen before. Although half a pound of potatoes is not a lot, it is still a very good side dish when fried, let alone many people have not eaten fresh vegetables other than bean sprouts for a long time.

“This can’t be a mistake…” someone whispered, but before the words were finished, they found that the person who was standing next to them had already rushed to the window to sign up. Whether it is right or wrong, sign up first and figure it out later, it is better than missing this opportunity for nothing.

The chicks grow very fast, and Ji Cha needs to speed up the construction pace if he wants to start production as soon as possible. He plans to recruit ten workers at once, hoping to build the house as quickly as possible.

Each worker can work three shifts a day. Many people will choose two guaranteed shifts and try their luck with one that has better treatment, so as not to end up with no job at all.

Ji Cha offers good benefits, but he also has certain requirements. He wants workers with some experience in the construction industry, but this is not too difficult to find now, as even inexperienced workers have learned a lot from the construction of the wall and collective dormitory projects.

The next day, the recruitment officially began. Ji Cha woke up early in the morning and rode his electric scooter to the recruitment site at 6:30 a.m. However, he was still a bit late, as most of the recruitment had already ended. Those who signed up yesterday thought they had been played, complained to the staff, and left in a hurry to find other jobs.

There were only five workers waiting for Ji Cha, but fortunately all of them had construction experience. Ji Cha led them back, told them about the work for the day, and then asked Wang Qin to drive them to the construction site with the electric tricycle. The materials and tools were almost ready, and it was time to start working today.

Recruitment will continue on the other side. Workers who already have jobs will not participate in the recruitment, and will only look for new jobs when their current job ends.

Since the base started operating, there have been many problems big and small. The biggest one, of course, is the constant threat of large-scale zombies outside, while the other small problems, although not as troublesome, can also cause constant trouble.

The first issue is the communication problem within the base. The troops have communication tools, but the signal base stations that were originally used have been destroyed and are not being maintained, so they cannot function as they did before. There are still some operational tools within the military, but for ordinary people, it’s like going back to primitive society.

The second issue is the currency problem within the base. Initially, the circulating currency of Country C was no longer usable, and it’s very difficult to recreate currency without preventing counterfeiting. However, it’s too inconvenient to rely solely on food as a barter without circulating currency.

Other issues like education and entertainment are impossible to exist in S base. None of the children in the base are continuing their education. They either help their parents with tasks they are capable of, or stay at home.

Of course, there are some exceptions. For example, some children have lost other relatives during the zombie wave and have to come up with various ways to survive.

For example, when Ji Cha went out to check on the progress of the construction site in the afternoon, he saw a group of children trying to climb over the wall in a weakly guarded area.

“Hey, what are you doing? It’s very dangerous outside,” he quickly stopped them.

The older boy who led them quickly ran over and said, “Lower your voice. We’ll get the soldiers over here.”

“We’re going to catch fish outside. They said there are fish in the river two miles away,” he continued.

“Can you eat the fish there?” Ji Cha frowned. “We don’t even know if the fish outside have mutated. What if they make you sick?”

“That’s just the way it is. We don’t have enough food to eat,” muttered a few teenagers.

Many of the job sites around here do not allow minors to work. If it wasn’t for them sticking together to survive, they might have passed out from hunger by now.

Ji Cha couldn’t persuade them, nor could he stop them. Unlike before, there’s no such thing as the lawful protection of minors or anything like that. He also wasn’t charitable enough to take these kids back home to take care of them. If he did that, his home would be cleaned out by the people from the base in just two days.

But what Ji Cha didn’t expect was that when he returned to the construction site and it was almost dark, he happened to meet those teenagers again. They each held two fish in their hands, laughing and walking towards the center of the base.

They recognized Ji Cha and took the initiative to talk to him, raising the fish in their hands and saying, “Look, aren’t these fish great? And they’re easy to catch.”

Ji Cha couldn’t help but ask, “Where did you catch them?”

“We found a small pond, half-hidden in a cave in the mountains. There were a lot of fish there, and they were easy to catch. They also looked the same as they did in the old world, but the others…”

“What about the others?”

“The others changed and became very aggressive. I threw a rock at them, and they almost jumped up to bite my hand. Later, when they fell on the grass, my brother and I used rocks to kill them.”

Another person interjected, “Because of this, we didn’t dare to catch any more. We were going to come back empty-handed, but we walked a little further and found some normal fish.”

Ji Cha knew that the fish they described as aggressive were probably already infected with the zombie virus, and the fish in the hands of the teenagers were probably still alive and healthy because they were in a relatively safe location that isolated them from the virus. Or perhaps, their evolution was just suitable for human development, like an apple tree.


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