Chapter 26 (part 1): Busy Farming in the Last Days

A phone call at this time is inevitably confusing.

Ji Cha ran downstairs and saw his grandmother covering the microphone and whispering to him, “It’s your cousin.”

Ji Cha has only one cousin. If it is replaced by the general name, this cousin shouldn’t be called a cousin, but because Ji Cha’s father’s family situation, she has always been called a cousin.

In the last apocalypse, city A had a huge population, and not long after the apocalypse broke out, many public facilities were severely damaged. When Ji Cha tried to call relatives and friends, the mobile phone had completely lost that function.

So now he has no way of knowing whether his cousin tried to contact this side at that time, or for what reason.

His cousin, Zhang Qinqin, is two years younger than Ji Cha, but since she was a secondary school student, she has already attended a one-year class and now a kindergarten teacher in a local kindergarten. Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com. Ji Cha and her usually only meet once when they visit relatives during the Chinese New Year.

And now that ten years have passed, Ji Cha’s memory is even less clear. He vaguely remembered that this cousin had a good temperament and was indeed very suitable as a kindergarten teacher.

“Hello,” he took the microphone, his tone hesitant, “Qinqin?”

“Cousin!” The voice over the microphone was panting, and after hearing Ji Cha’s voice, there was an obvious surprise, and the follow-up voice was deliberately suppressed, Zhang Qinqin said succinctly, “I have a child in the kindergarten here who can’t be sent home. Can we, can we go to your place first to avoid the current situation?”

There were other noises in the microphone, and Zhang Qinqin’s environment was obviously not safe.

“I’m not at home now,” Ji Cha just wanted to ask Zhang Qinqin about the situation so that he could make another judgment.

Then, as if she was afraid of Ji Cha’s rejection, Zhang Qinqin quickly added, “I can drive there by myself, just send me the address and locate it.”

If Zhang Qinqin can drive over directly, it is indeed much less riskier than Ji Cha going out to pick her up.

Inwardly, Ji Cha was greatly relieved, saying that he is selfish, Ji Cha is not someone who can risk his life to save people.

He hung up the phone and immediately sent Zhang Qinqin the location of the factory. Who knows how long the current network can last.

On the chat, Zhang Qinqin replied with an expression of [ok], and then stopped sending anything else.

Seeing Ji Cha put down his phone, grandma hurriedly asked him, “Cha Cha, what’s going on with Qin Qin?”

“She said that there is a child over there who can’t be sent back, and she is going to come to us to avoid the situation first.”

“That’s good, that’s good,” Grandma nodded again and again, “The town’s kindergarten is not far from us, so it’s good to come here.”

But Li Xiuqin disagreed, “It’s like this outside, can a woman does all that and there’s even a child…”

Wang Lixin said, “If people say that they can come, then they can come. If we go out to pick them up, we may not be able to drive on the road. It will be thankless at that time.”

Li Xiuqin was choked by his words again, and had to stop.

Ji Cha still felt very uneasy after thinking about it, so he ran up to the top of the second floor and took out the binoculars to look into the distance. No one could be seen on the street in the nearby village. Occasionally, one or two figures that were obviously zombies.

Ji Cha is very afraid of death, especially after experiencing the end of the world, but the feeling of relief just now is more and more strangling his throat, making him feel uncomfortable.

He lowered his head and took out his mobile phone, found the call record just now and made a call, Zhang Qinqin answered it quickly.


“Which way are you coming from, I’ll pick you up.” Ji Cha said, although he felt frightened again, he felt more relaxed than before.

“No,” Zhang Qinqin quickly rejected, “I would have caused you a lot of trouble by coming there. I know what’s going on outside, and I can handle it. The distance is not far, and I’ll be there soon by car.”

“Then don’t hang up.” Ji Cha took a step back and said, “If something happens, I’ll know right away, so I can come in a hurry. Where are you now?”

“I’m coming from Xiashao Village now, and there are still five or six miles to go,” Zhang Qinqin’s voice was calm, much calmer than Ji Cha’s.

There was a faint voice of a child calling the teacher softly in the background.

Zhang Qinqin’s followed up words were obviously to the child, “Don’t be afraid, Xiaochao, we’ll go to the teacher’s brother’s house in a moment, and we’ll have dinner at that time.”

As soon as the words were spoken, there was a sudden violent crash on the other end of the phone, Ji Cha took a breath, and hurriedly asked, “Qinqin, Qinqin?”

After a while, Zhang Qinqin’s voice came out again, and she seemed to grit her teeth, “It’s okay, I just ran into a living dead.”

The journey was relatively smooth a part from that little hiccup, and Ji Cha finally saw a car coming towards the factory in the binocular.

He hurriedly ran downstairs and went straight to the door, opened the door inside first, and then quietly waited for the car outside to approach.

“You waved from the window so I know it was you.”

Though the window of the car, a hand really stretched out and waved, Ji Cha opened the door with confidence, but he was not completely relieved, and walked carefully to the front and back of the car and looked at it, only after bending over to check the bottom of the car, he confirmed that only Zhang Qinqin and a child were coming, so she was allowed to drive the car in.

Zhang Qinqin parked the car steadily at the back of the factory, with a large dent in the front of the car body, which was probably the accident Ji Cha heard in the car just now.

Zhang Qinqin got out of the car, there was some blood on her forehead, but her eyes were still clear. She went around to the back row and hugged Xiaochao from the child safety seat. Ji Cha saw the boy named Xiaochao clearly, and he was only three years old. Around the age of two, he leaned on Zhang Qinqin’s arms with an ignorant expression on his face.

“Aiyo, are you injured?” Grandma pulled Zhang Qinqin, “Come into the house and get some bandages, Chacha, come quickly.”

Zhang Xing stared at them, and couldn’t help but said, “Come, come along and bring the child too.”

Xiaochao hid in Zhang Qinqin’s arms all the way and did not dare to speak.

Babies at this age are always very popular with the elders. Grandma came up to hug him and asked, “Have you eaten, what do you want to eat, grandma will make it for you.”

It also happened that both Li Xiuqin and Wang Lixin came here on an empty stomach, so they just made a lunch.

There are still a lot of fresh ingredients in the kitchen, but they all need to be used immediately. In addition to all kinds of meat, the food that can be stored for a long time also contains some soy products, such as tofu, vegetables, corn kernels, pea kernels, etc. .

For example, the fresh vegetables in the refrigerator in the downstairs kitchen are freshly grown.

From the end of August to the beginning of September, there are many good seasons for the cultivation of crops in autumn and winter. Now the factory has generally settled down, and Jicha is also ready to concentrate on the cultivation and breeding industry. After all, there will be no convenient supermarkets and no online shopping.

Almost all their food, clothing, housing and transportation are obtained by their own hands, and the early preparation of Ji Cha is just to make this process a little mechanized and easier.

The unexpected arrival of Zhang Qinqin and Xiaochao obviously eased the mood of grandma and Li Xiuqin. The two went into the kitchen one by one and discussed what to cook for a while.

Wang Qinxue didn’t forget to whisper, “Save some food.”

The two waved their hands to show that they knew.

Ji Cha found the simple medicines prepared before, and helped Zhang Qinqin to disinfect the wound on her head with alcohol, then sprinkled Yunnan Baiyao, and finally wrapped it carefully with gauze.

“The wound is not big. Now the weather is hot, the wound has healed quickly. It should be scabbed in a few days.” Ji Cha cut off the medical tape, put down the things in his hand and said to Zhang Qinqin, “how come you’re bringing a child at this time?”

Xiaochao sat on the far sofa and watched cartoons with the tablet that Zhang Xing found for him. Now his mood is much more stable than when he came.

Zhang Qinqin took a mirror and looked at the wound on her head and smiled, “It was too sudden, our school is small and there are not many teachers, so it happens that the three classes of the elementary, middle and the rest of the classes each ask the teachers to send the children home. A few kids started biting, and in the end it was just me and another teacher who split up and sent them back.”

“I brought six children, and the first five went well. There are still people in their family who are not in trouble, but Xiaochao,” Zhang Qinqin lowered her voice and looked at Xiaochao at the same time, “His family only has grandparents. Hi grandma already turned when I went to his house, the two old people were gone, and I couldn’t just throw a child out, so I brought it here first.”

Although Zhang Qinqin’s father and Ji Cha’s father are brothers, the relationship between the two is not friendly. This is because Zhang Qinqin’s father likes to gamble, owes a lot of debts, and does not want to make progress, so he beat Zhang Qinqin’s mother until she passed away at a young age. However, Zhang Qinqin is sensible and motivated, and her relationship with her father is not good.

At this moment, Ji Cha still inevitably asked about her father’s current situation.

“Then now over there, uncle…”

Zhang Qinqin laughed because of his cautious tone, “My dad, I don’t know where he is now, he went out to hide from his debts at the beginning of the year, who knows where he went to hide, I haven’t spoken to him for almost a year, right? He doesn’t care about me, otherwise I’ll go directly to him, why would I come and find you.”

Ji Cha smiled, “You can stay here anyway, just take care of Xiaochao. I think that child is quite pitiful.”

Zhang Qinqin nodded and said again, “It’s so chaotic outside, do we need to go out?”

“Not really, you can stay at home if you can, and don’t go out unless otherwise.” Ji Cha said firmly, “You can tell, nine lives will not be enough.”

“Yes,” Zhang Qinqin nodded, then stood up from the sofa and let out a long sigh of relief, “Fortunately, there is still a place where I can live in peace at this time.”

“We’re all a family,” Ji Cha patted Zhang Qinqin on the shoulder and showed a smile.

So now it’s really stabilized.

Ji Cha ran back to the upstairs room and silently calculated the current situation in the factory.

Liang Jincheng, himself, Wang Qinxue, Wang Lixin, Li Xiuqin, Zhang Qinqin, Zhang Xing, these seven people can be considered to be able to protect themselves. The remaining Xiaochao and grandma are the two who need to be protected. However, if only working ability is counted, then only Xiaochao can be excluded.

In the post-apocalyptic period, there will be small group riots that usually do not exceed fifteen people. Even if there are more than fifteen people small groups, if there is no strong leader, they will often split into two or three in a short period of time.

The most effective and cohesive small groups are instead groups of five to seven people.

In this case, Jicha is not so worried about safety issues in the factory. What’s more, Liang Jincheng has awakened his superpowers and … abilities? Ji Cha is not quite sure what to call it, but there is no doubt that his combat power can easily deal one against five.

Before the end of the world, Ji Cha found some self-defense equipment during his purchase rampage on taobao. In his opinion, weapons such as bows and crossbows that can attack at a long distance and have huge lethality are the first to be considered, but such weapons were not legal before the end of the world, and even the all-purpose taobao website can list only some lifelike toy bows and crossbows with greatly reduced lethality.

Ji Cha was not sure whether such a bow and crossbow could shoot through human bones, but he still purchased two as a precaution. His plan is not to kill zombies with these but at least form a certain degree of resistance to human beings with evil intentions.

In addition, the more lethal products that could be bought on taobao website other that the toy bows are the three-section sticks.

After the apocalypse broke out in country C, the struggle between people was not as fierce as what was shown in traditional European and American TV dramas or movies. Of course, the intensity here does not refer to the degree of conflict, but to the means of resolution after the outbreak of the conflict.

Unlike the proliferation of guns in Europe and the United States, very few people in China have access to firearms. At least after Ji Cha experienced the end of the world, most people still stay in the stage of self-defense with knives and sticks or slashing each other. The conflict of cold weapons is much more avoidable than that.

Ji Cha felt that a tool such as a three-section stick that could defeat the enemy at a long distance should be sufficient when not facing a large group of attackers.

As a weapon or similar metal utensils that can be used as weapons, he kept it in a room. Each room with things of that nature are both on the second floor and the first floor, clearly marked for the purpose of easy access.

After figuring out the problem of labor at hand, Ji Cha decided to start planting. After all, if you can plant a day earlier, you can harvest it a day earlier, so don’t waste a minute or a second.

The potatoes planted now are autumn potatoes. Potatoes can generally be divided into two seasons, spring and autumn. Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com. Now, in the later stage of this wave of autumn potatoes, greenhouses need to be added to keep warm after the weather is cold.

The yield per mu of autumn potatoes can generally reach two tons. Converted to a unit familiar to modern people, it is about equal to one square meter of planting area that can produce three kilograms of potatoes. In this way, the 30 square meters of potato planting area planned in front of the season tea, if If it goes well, about 90 kilograms of potatoes can be obtained.


Chapter 25: Busy Farming in the Last Days

The apocalypse attacked the people too fast, and the disaster brought about by the sudden change is not just that the people around you may become zombies, but that the people around you will make you become a zombie too. This idea makes people feel terrifying .

The real horror is that the you, the defenceless, are thrown into an environment that has restored the original state of humanity, and there is no resistance to what’s going on.

The Internet connection to the outside world has not been cut off yet. All official information that can be searched after logging in to the website or turning on the TV ask everyone to stay at home as much as possible. The military and the government are already dealing with related matters and will restore the situation as soon as possible, so as to reassure everyone not to panic.

Although Ji Cha, who has survived in the apocalypse, knows that such words are very empty and powerless in the early days of the apocalypse, he cannot deny that, people like grandma, Wang Qinxue’s parents, and even Zhang Xing, will subconsciously choose to believe it at this time, and even use this as a pillar.

If he himself hadn’t experienced the last days before, he wouldn’t be exempt.

“It’s okay, it’s okay,” Grandma was the first to withdraw from the TV screen. “It’s not just that this matter can’t be resolved. We still have a place to live and food at home, so don’t be afraid.”

Grandma was taken over by Ji Cha before the apocalypse began. She has no knowledge of the outside world, so she looks relaxed at the moment. In contrast, although Wang Qinxue’s parents also chose to believe the words of the news anchor on the TV, their expressions of pain and fear did not change.

“I don’t know what happened to the rest of the family…” Mother Wang, Li Xiuqin, murmured, not completely withdrawing from the great changes from last night to this morning.

Father Wang, Wang Lixin, said, “What else can be done, it’s not like you haven’t seen it.”

Families in the countryside often live very close together, especially those of the same clan. Except for the married women’s natal family, who the Wang couple wasn’t sure of their current situation, the fate of other Wang brothers was already known.

Last night, the husband and wife didn’t know what was going on outside, but when they learned that their son would come home to pick them up, there was hope in their hearts. One person would be on vigil while the other one sleeps. In the middle of no matter what sound outside, they did not dare to pay attention.

Wang Lixin secretly ran to the second floor of the house and looked down. Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com. Almost half of the people in the village were wandering aimlessly outside, either attracted by the lights or by the sound, and then swarmed up to get what they wanted, flesh and blood.

What terrified Wang Lixin the most was that those who were bitten to death would stand up with their mutilated bodies and join those aimlessly wandering for food.

Where is this kind of thing still human?

He didn’t dare to tell his wife what he saw and heard, for fear of scaring her. But the next day when their son came to pick them up, he couldn’t hide it anymore.

Although Wang Qinxue had called them early to inform them when to open the door carefully, the sound of the car still attracted a lot of zombies. They tried to speed up the movement of getting into the car, but they were almost towed away by the zombies. Fortunately, there was another person in the car besides their son. They drove away in a haste, otherwise they didn’t know what would happen.

Li Xiuqin, on the other hand, has yet to recover from the shock of seeing the half-blooded face against the window.

“How can we help other people now?” Wang Lixin took out the cigarette in his pocket, lit it, took a puff, and exhaled the smoke ring and said in a deep voice, “during this trip that Qinxue came to pick us up, he could have killed him if he was a little careless. How can we ask him to save others? Forget it, I have only this son in my life, and my son has not forgotten us in these situations, so we cannot let him go and work hard for others.”

As soon as these words came out, Li Xiuqin’s other thoughts were completely broken. She murmured, “Yes, that’s the truth.”

People still put themselves first.

Even though Wang Qinxue had been hit hard by the reality a lot at the airport yesterday, it was not as shocking as seeing those familiar neighbors or relatives turned into mindless zombies when he returned home today.

He sat on the sofa for a long time and buried his head in the palm of his hand, but he couldn’t come back to his senses.

What’s wrong with this world?

Ji Cha looked at Liang Jincheng cautiously, wanting to see what was different about him. The situation last night was really abnormal. And now Liang Jincheng is not only not burnt out, but also standing in front of him alive and healthy?

Liang Jincheng smiled at him, and his tone was very ordinary, “I’m sorry I took your clothes to wear without telling you in the morning. I saw you were sound asleep and didn’t want to disturb you.”

Ji Cha looked left and right, the parents over there was talking, Zhang Xing was looking down at the phone, and Wang Qinxue was in a daze for a while. Ji Cha simply raised his hand and pushed Liang Jincheng upstairs, “Let’s go up and talk.”

Ji Cha’s palm was a little colder than Liang Jincheng’s body, but it felt as hot as a flame when it touched his back. Liang Jincheng was so excited that he forgot to restrain his excessively scary strength, and accidentally squeezed a piece of the handrail of the stairs.

Not only was the piece of the wooden handrail broken off, but when Liang Jincheng let go, all the pieces that were broken off were smashed to pieces and fell to the ground.

Ji Cha, “…”

Liang Jincheng, “…”

Regardless of the situation, they had to still go upstairs to talk, Ji Cha gritted his teeth and pushed Liang Jincheng to the second floor.

Without waiting for Ji Cha to ask, Liang Jincheng took the initiative to speak.

“When I woke up this morning, I noticed some changes in my body.”

“What’s changed?” Ji Cha asked cautiously. To be honest, apart from Liang Jincheng’s figure, he seemed to be a little better with the naked eye. He couldn’t see any difference, and he was afraid that he would say something inappropriate and make the scene look bad.

“The five senses have become very sharp,” Liang Jincheng said with a focused look, put his hand on Ji Cha’s chest and pressed it gently, “I can hear your heartbeat very clearly now, and it beats very fast.” He moved his hand to Ji Cha’s earlobe and fiddled with it twice, “There is a little blood here, maybe it was from yesterday, and I can see it clearly.”

His fingertips fiddled with Ji Cha’s earlobe, and suddenly there was a numbness, as if the heat on his body hadn’t dissipated from last night, and Ji Cha was a little stunned.

Liang Jincheng was originally handsome, but at this time, there was some devilish charm that Ji Cha couldn’t tell, probably because Liang Jincheng took off the shirt that was always meticulously buttoned to the top of his neck, and now wearing a very casual white t shirt.

Ji Cha’s gaze moved to Liang Jincheng’s raised arm, the muscles on it were strong, implying infinite power.

Male hormones were almost overflowing from every pore of his.

“And the smell on your body,” Liang Jincheng suddenly got close to Ji Cha and said in a low voice, “I can smell it clearly.”

Ji Cha was startled by him, and hurriedly shrank back, blushing and stammering, “Really, really?”

Liang Jincheng slowly stood up straight, withdrew his hand and nodded, “Really.”

So Liang Jincheng has awakened some kind of superpower? Ji Cha was a little confused. In the last apocalypse, he hadn’t heard of such a thing, at least among the people at the bottom level who didn’t know that there were people with awakened superpowers.

Could it be that the special feature of Liang Jincheng in the last apocalypse was there, but it was concealed from the people at the bottom like him?

Ji Cha has no way of knowing this, but it is 100% good that Liang Jincheng’s combat effectiveness has improved.

“Then it’s like this now, senior, do you want to go back to City G?” Ji Cha asked.

It’s human nature to want to go home to find relatives at such a time, and it wouldn’t be surprising if Liang Jincheng had this plan.

But he didn’t expect Liang Jincheng to shake his head and smiled helplessly, “It’s become like this outside, how can I get back, I might have to stay here for a while, don’t dislike me.”

“No, no,” Ji Cha said sincerely, “as long as you want to stay.”

Everything is settled for the time being. ho lo lo novels. Ji Cha came down from the upstairs with ease. Seeing the part of the handrail that Liang Jincheng had just broken off, he planned to find something to repair it later.

Zhang Xing stood downstairs and called him, “Ji Cha, come here and I’ll show you a video.”

Ji Cha walked over, “What video?”

Now that the Internet is still connected, many people have taken videos of zombies and posted them online, and the number of hits on some of the most popular clips have increased rapidly.

“Here is someone who is not afraid of death and is going to the supermarket to get food on the live broadcast.”

The picture flickered, and it was in front of Ji Cha.

The camera seems to be tied to the head of the live broadcaster, so the picture is very intuitive, as if the viewer himself is dodging and running with the same feeling.

“I really can’t help it. I’ve been at home for several days, and I don’t have much food at home. If I don’t come out to find something to eat, I may starve to death before the situation returned to normal.”

The channel has more than 20,000 viewers, and the barrage is constantly being launched.

“Be careful, things are evil outside.”

“Look for something to defend yourself, you are courting death with your bare hands!”

The anchor was bending over to hide in a corner, carefully observing the supermarket not far away. There were two men standing in front of the supermarket, who didn’t look like zombies.

“Fortunately,” the anchor whispered, “There seem to be two normal people over there. I’ll go over and ask them if there was anything else to eat in the supermarket.”

He said and the camera swayed from side to side twice, and the person took it off his forehead. For the first time, the camera was aimed at the anchor’s face. It was a very ordinary young man with a pair of black-rimmed glasses on his face.

“I’m going in, wish me luck.”

Ji Cha and Zhang Xing on the side of the screen couldn’t help but concentrate, staring at his every move.

The young man trotted to the other side of the road, and it was smooth, but as soon as he got close, the two men pointed at him with a stick, “Are you a normal person?” The other party questioned him loudly.

“I am!” The young man was so frightened that he showed his identity again and again, “Really, a normal person!”

The other party looked at him suspiciously, then put down the wooden stick in his hand and let him get closer, but his tone was still bad, “What are you doing here, there is nothing in here.”

Following the hand that the young man put down, the camera could barely scan a few people inside who were carrying things.

“Brother, I really don’t have anything to eat, so just give me some rice and instant noodles or something, and I’ll give you the money.” The young man was aware of current affairs, and immediately took out the money from his pocket.

The two men looked at each other, and then one of them turned to the young man and said, “A box of instant noodles, a bag of rice, five hundred.”

The barrage filled the entire live broadcast screen almost instantly, accusing the two men of being too black-hearted and bullying.

Ji Cha felt that the young man was really picking up a cheap deal at this time, let alone five hundred, the banknotes were waste paper, and it was really not even as good as waste paper. Not to mention a box of instant noodles, are there more than one or two people who are fighting for a bucket of instant noodles?

The young man had no other choice but to take out his wallet and spend five hundred dollars, and then he took a cart from the supermarket and carefully returned to the original road.

On the way back, he softly complained to the camera, “It’s too dark, I don’t have much money left, it’s a little better now with food, but I don’t know if I can last for half a month.”

Naturally, people comforted him in the barrage, saying that such a big riot should be controlled by then.

“Hopefully, I…”

The young man had a relaxed tone at first, but suddenly the camera of the mobile phone swirled around and fell to the ground with a snap, and the live broadcast screen turned dark, and then after about two or three seconds, a scream of misery was faintly passed into the audience’s ears.

Ji Cha felt suffocated in his heart.

He looked away, “Don’t look at this, we are still safe and have food here.”

Zhang Xing was stunned, he grabbed Ji Cha who was about to leave, and asked, “you were out there for a bit, is it really the same as Resident Evil?”

Ji Cha didn’t mean to lie to him, nodded and said, “Almost.”

Zhang Xing slowly let go of his hand, his face sank completely, and Ji Cha didn’t know what he was thinking.

Wang Qinxue came out of his dazed state at this time, and seemed to have regained his spirit. He walked over to Ji Cha and said, “Ji Cha, my parents, please help them arrange a room.”

“What trouble,” Ji Cha frowned, “why are you polite to me?”

He said and patted Wang Qinxue’s arm hard.

Wang Qinxue laughed, “I’m a fool.”

Wang Qinxue’s parents packed a little something by themselves yesterday, and they were a little cramped when they went upstairs with Ji Cha to look at the room.

“Thank you Ji Cha, Qin Xue told us a long time ago that you took good care of him when he was in school,” Li Xiuqin said.

“Auntie is too polite. It’s him who took care of me. I don’t know anything. If you don’t believe me, ask my grandmother.” Ji Cha smiled as much as possible to ease their nervousness. Only when people are together can they feel safe, and besides, the location is remote and there are no outsiders, so they don’t have to be afraid of so many.

Wang Lixin nodded gratefully, “Thank you Ji Cha. I heard that you just happened to have something to do to bring Qinxue back. Really, sigh, if it weren’t for you, I still don’t know what it would be like now.”

Ji Cha really didn’t think he was anything special, and he naturally didn’t dare to take credit because he had the opportunity to know what would happen first.

Liang Jincheng just came out of the room, and Ji Cha introduced him to the others, “This is my senior, Liang Jincheng.”

Liang Jincheng nodded slightly, ” Hello. “

His attitude is not alienated, but it is far from one ten thousandth of the intimacy with Ji Cha.

Ji Cha didn’t have time to feel anything strange when he heard, “Chacha, come down and answer the phone.” His grandmother downstairs suddenly called out.


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Chapter 24: Busy Farming in the Last Days

Ji Cha was so exhausted yesterday that he slept very deeply, but now he woke up and opened his eyes to see the darkness in the room. He thought it was still very early. He tilted his head and looked to the side. He was the only one on the bed. The thin sheet covered his navel horizontally. There was still cold wind from the air conditioner, but the temperature was already 23 degrees.

He picked up the phone to check the time and sat up, but when he raised his hand and pressed the screen, he jumped up from the bed because of the display on it.

11:39 am!!!

Where did the alarm clock he set early go? What about the others? Why didn’t Wang Qinxue call him? All kinds of terrifying ideas poured out in Ji Cha’s mind in an instant. He jumped to the ground barefooted, rushed to the window, opened the curtains and looked down. The gate of the yard was locked tightly. Zhang Xing, squatting on the ground, with a straw hat on his head, and a small hoe in his hand, was digging a hole in the piece of land to plant the potatoes.

Ji Cha breathed a sigh of relief. He turned off the air conditioner and came out of the room. He ran all the way to Wang Qinxue’s room, and there was no one in it.

“Grandma, where’s Wang Qinxue?” He ran downstairs and asked.

Grandma didn’t lift her head, “he went out with Jincheng to pick up people, there is still rice in the pot, you can eat it yourself.”

“When did they leave?”

“Left before seven o’clock.”

Liang Jincheng… Ji Cha was still a little worried when he remembered his abnormal state last night. But the rumbling of the stomach, which is already hungry by now, brought him out of his uneasiness. He walked to the kitchen by himself and took out the food in the pot.

There were still a lot of food left in the pot, and he thought that grandma might have prepared it for Liang Jincheng and Wang Qinxue.

There are several small rooms on the first floor of the factory building, but the main occupants are all on the second floor. In the kitchen on the first floor, there are only double-door cabinets, and the large freezer Ji Cha bought is placed in a special room upstairs, where it is used for storage, and the refrigerator downstairs is used for daily food.

After he finished eating, he checked his mobile phone. It was already twelve o’clock, and it had been five hours since the two went out. Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com. Read there for the real latest chapters. Wang Qinxue’s home is not far from here. It should take about three hours to drive back and forth. Even if there is a delay in the middle, they should be back by now.

Ji Cha felt a little unsettled in his heart. What he was most afraid of was that something would happen at this time.

In order to keep himself from thinking too much, he simply got up and found some work for himself.

There are a total of ten pigs in the pig sty. Including the time when they were raised in the farm he bought them from, they are now almost three months and less than four months old. Each pig is less than 100 catties, and its height is no more than Ji Cha’s knees. , The fur all over their bodes was pink and tender, and they were playing around inside the fence. When they saw someone coming, they thought it was feeding time, and immediately swarmed up, begging for food from Ji Cha.

Piglets eat three meals a day, and the amount is calculated according to their size. In the hot summer, the pig food prepared by grandma in the morning has been eaten, and Ji Cha has to feed again at this moment.

The pig feed in the farm is enough for about a year. By then, Ji Cha would be able to use crops to complete self-sufficient feeding.

Now the outside world is a mess. He remembered that during the apocalypse in his previous life, the world had completely lost all order. All kinds of things in the supermarket were basically sold out, not to mention the major markets and warehouses.

Ji Cha has already prepared everything he needs early, so he is not going to go into this muddy water. However, he would like to take the time to go to the farmstead. If there are still people there, he will trade grain with the other party. If there are no more living people there, he plans to bring back some feed and tools.

The pig feed was mixed with a small amount of well water and poured into the feeding bin. The ten piglets immediately gathered around and ate with their heads down and to their hearts’ content.

“Remember to grow meat after eating.” Ji Cha whispered silently.

Although the breeding area is separated by the high walls, in fact, chickens, ducks and rabbits pens are all connected together. In particular, this type of poultry needs to be allowed to roam around.

Meat rabbits are left outside for a period of time a day to let them graze and hang around by themselves. Chickens and ducks are more easier to handle. Except for being locked in the cage after dark, they can peck freely in the grass at other times.

In order to prevent them from spreading their wings and flying away, Ji Cha only wrapped another layer of iron nets outside the high wall, and occasionally chickens fluttered their wings and flew to the top to step on them. The green grass in the chicken coop was originally planted without weeding, and the chickens usually dangle around there all day after eating the feed. Of the ten chickens, seven are females, and three are roosters. The roosters will crow in the morning, but it is still bearable. If there are more than three roosters crowing, not only will the people living in the factory find it troublesome, but it will also attract the attention of outsiders, especially that of the zombies.

Ji Cha made a plan early, and kept only three roosters at any time. If the hens can successfully hatch eggs in the later stage, then the roosters whould be killed and eaten early to avoid future troubles.

The layout of the duck coop is similar to that of the chicken coop, but there is a small pond in the duck coop, about three square meters in size, with a depth of roughly one meter, which is enough for the eight ducks in it to play back and forth.

Ji Cha inspected all the livestock and after inspecting all of them according to the signs of disease mentioned in the book and the teaching video, he was relieved, and turned to go to his grandma to help farm the land.

At this moment, two beeps of different lengths sounded at the door.

It is the infrared sensor device installed at the door that senses that someone is approaching.

This device was very simple to install. Ji Cha bought it from the internet. It was originally used for anti-theft purposes. Now, it is still similar to anti-theft use, but most of the time he wanted to use it to remind someone approaching.

He hurriedly ran to the door, first opened the inner door, and then looked out from the glass door of the outer door. The glass here has also been transformed into one-way glass for him. The project is very simple. The one-way glass stickers on the internet are cheap and easy to install.

Fortunately, the car parked outside are familiar to him, and the people are also familiar to him.

Ji Cha then manually opened the exterior door so that Liang Jincheng and the others could come in.

The car drove in slowly, Ji Cha closed the doors and noticed the two middle-aged people sitting in the back seat of the car, a man and a woman; they were Wang Qinxue’s parents. ho lo lo novels dot com. The burden on his heart was lightened by more than half in an instant.

Although the end of the world is still here, at least this time, the fate of many people has undergone tremendous changes. He only hopes that the future would be more different than what it was in his previous life.


Chapter 22: Busy Farming in the Last Days

Liang Jincheng: Daddy’s back 😉

Ji Cha remembered a saying that the earth does not need to be saved by humans, and what humans need to save is themselves.

Indeed, regardless of the origin, most people were raised in the environment in which they claimed and believed that the world was under the rule of humans, and only after the catastrophe broke out did people suddenly realize how ridiculous this idea was. Human beings are too small to be mentioned in comparison to the earth, violent winds and waves of doomsday viruses, the end of mankind is just another innocuous stroke in the long history of the earth.

According to the research news he later learned at the base in S City during his previous life, the zombie virus has long permeated the air, and it only caused such a concentrated and large-scale outbreak after accumulating a certain concentration in the human body, so that the results were almost irreversible.

Ji Cha dodged left and right to avoid the panicked crowd around. The airport became a mess in an instant, and the direction of the crowds to avoid is unpredictable, and he would inevitably have some collisions with people.

It has been a long time since he exposed himself to the environment surrounded by so many zombies. ho lo lo novels. He couldn’t help but sweat on his forehead, and a thin layer of goosebumps appeared all over his trembling body.

The confusion of the zombies is only a process of dozens of seconds. The nature of starvation and eating quickly took over their brains, and the situation changed in an instant. In the chaotic airport, people who could not escape were surrounded by zombies, screams sounded one after another.

The smell of fresh blood and howls attracted a large number of zombies. Ji Cha took the opportunity to run to Wang Qinxue’s side, grabbed his wrist, and raised the other hand to make a silent motion.

At this moment, the chaos at the airport has only increased. Ji Cha and Wang Qinxue hid behind a thick pillar, panting to look at where he parked, silently estimating the safest and shortest way to pass.

Suitcases of passengers lying on the ground, luggage carts, clothes, mobile phones, purses and even shoes are scattered all over the place.

Ji Cha took a fancy to the two luggage carts, and silently turned around and made a gesture to Wang Qinxue.

Wang Qinxue immediately understood his gesture and nodded.

“Go!” Ji Cha whispered, and then quickly rushed out with Wang Qinxue, holding the pusher of the luggage cart with both hands, and rushed out all the way without stopping.

Seeing the moving people, the zombies began to roar excitedly from far and near, and stretched out their hands to Ji Cha and Wang Qinxue.

The body of a newly turned zombie is not rigid, and even on the surface there is no particularly significant difference from a normal human. They can still run with their knees bent, bend their arms freely, and have a drive that they didn’t have before birth because of a strong urge to eat human flesh.

Ji Cha has experienced the end of the world and knows that these things cannot be regarded as normal people. Along the way, he tried his best to block the approaching zombies with the luggage cart, but Wang Qinxue still hesitated.

He didn’t know where the current turmoil came from, and the zombies in front of him were still the same kind as him in his opinion.

Wang Qinxue looked back and saw that the pure white marble floor tiles were covered with blood. The soles of their shoes were stained with blood from someone who had run all the way, and there were bloody footprints. They were mixed with other people’s. It exuded an unreal feeling.

A young man lay on his back on the ground and stared at the ceiling. He seemed to be alive, even though he had been eaten by six or seven zombies from his chest to his stomach. His mouth was moving and so were his hands.

Wang Qinxue recognized the sneakers on the feet of young men. They were big names. He used to like this pair of shoes very much, but he was not willing to buy them because they were too expensive. His heart was full of mixed feelings, fearful and dazed, followed by great sympathy.

Suddenly, the young man turned his head to look at him, only then did Wang Qinxue realize that his eyeballs had gradually become cloudy.

First a group of people went mad, and then the people who were bitten went mad.

A terrifying guess rushed into Wang Qinxue’s mind instantly. He stared at Ji Cha with wide eyes, his mouth moved silently and felt his hands tremble for a moment.

Ji Cha has long accepted all of this, and doesn’t think much about Wang Qinxue. Seeing that the car is in front of him, he slams the luggage cart forward, knocking down the two nearby zombies, and then pulls Wang Qinxue’s wrist to the side.

There were luggage carts blocking them, and several nearby zombies failed to catch them immediately.

“Get in the car!” Ji Cha pushed Wang Qinxue to the back door, while he opened the front door and drilled in. ho lo lo novels. Unexpectedly, a pair of hands suddenly stretched out from the bottom of the car and held his ankles tightly. If it wasn’t for Ji Cha’s hand holding the car door tightly when he was frightened, he would have been pulled over almost instantly by this force. .

Seeing this, Wang Qinxue wanted to get out of the car to help, but Ji Cha hurriedly drank to stop him, “Don’t come down.”

As he said, he stepped on the wrist with his other free foot, and after a moment’s delay, two zombies had already circled in front of his car.

Ji Cha was panting rapidly, it was too late to escape. He quickly pulled out a baseball bat that he had bought early and prepared in the car, and greeted the zombie directly at the head.

The zombie was beaten by Ji Cha and fell to the ground, but still did not give up the action of rushing forward.

Ji Cha ignored it, put away the baseball bat and immediately got into the car and closed the door tightly. Then he started the car and was about to leave the chaos immediately, but the wheels got stuck for some reason and couldn’t move forward.

It might be the zombie under the car just now, Ji Cha gritted his teeth and looked around. The movement he made when he was fighting has attracted a lot of zombies around him. At this moment, there are at least six zombies in front of his car, either successfully driving the car and rushing out, or waiting to die in the car.

Ji Cha took a deep breath and was about to step on the accelerator hard, but the zombie that had been clinging to the glass of his front car was dragged out by a force from somewhere. He took a closer look and found that it was Liang Jincheng!

He was sweating profusely at the moment, his cheeks were a little red, and he looked very tired. But exhaustion obviously did not affect his actions to deal with the zombies. Liang Jincheng just hurriedly glanced at Ji Cha who was sitting in the car. Seeing that he seemed to be wanting to get out of the car, he resolutely said two words, “Don’t move.”

The simple two words made Ji Cha’s original worries and uneasiness dissipated.

Then, Liang Jincheng’s following actions made Ji Cha and Wang Qinxue stunned on the spot.

They saw that Liang Jincheng almost threw the zombies aside one by one as if he was carrying a chicken, not even leaving the one under the car.

Innate divine power… it’s something like that, right?

It was not until Liang Jincheng got in the car that Ji Cha realized how wrong his condition was.

Liang Jincheng’s eyes were red with blood, and his cheeks seemed to have a fever, showing an abnormal blush. He was breathing heavily, as if he was going to run out of oxygen and suffocate in the next moment.

“Senior, are you okay?” Ji Cha asked Liang Jincheng as he started his car and drove out of the chaotic area.

Liang Jincheng shook his head laboriously and whispered, “I’m just a little tired, I’ll be fine…”

Ji Cha was moved, stepped up the accelerator, and drove the speed-limited road as a highway, “We will go back immediately, and you can rest when we get back.”

Thinking of going home, he suddenly remembered something important. Zhang Xing is still in the factory! He was sure that his grandmother would not become a zombie, but what about Zhang Xing? This, Ji Cha didn’t consider this possibility before.

This was a huge omission. He blamed himself in his heart and immediately took out his mobile phone and called his grandmother.

The call was quickly connected, and Ji Cha spoke in a burst of fire, “Grandma, where is Zhang Xing now?”

“It’s me,” a male voice sounded across from him, and Zhang Xing answered the phone, “grandma is cooking now, and I’m watching TV in the living room, why?”

Ji Cha heaved a sigh of relief, “nothing really!” He hung up the phone casually.

Wang Qinxue couldn’t help but ask in the back seat, “Ji Cha, do you know what’s going on?”

Ji Cha glanced at Wang Qinxue in the rearview mirror and said calmly, “You should call home now and ask them if there is an accident. If there is no accident, tell them not to go out at home and lock the door. Well, we’ll find time to bring them to my side.”

Wang Qinxue was reminded, and quickly took out his mobile phone. He remembered what he had seen and heard at the airport just now, and his heart was beating wildly and uneasily.

While waiting for the connection, he looked out of the car window. There were few people around the airport, but the traffic on the road was also a mess. Some cars were parked in the middle of the road, some were in a car accident, and there were a few zombies sporadically wandering around.

The world has completely changed.

But luckily his phone got through.

At this time, Wang Qinxue’s parents had already returned home from the small factory, and they were about to eat, and the evening news was still playing on the TV. What happened in those ten minutes has not been known to most people in the traditional media.

“Mom, dad, listen to me, now close the door, turn off the lights, and don’t care about any noise outside, I’ll probably be back tomorrow morning to pick you up.”

Father Want was puzzled, “What’s going on?”

Wang Qinxue knew that his family usually leaves the front door open, and there would be people visiting from time to time. If the door was not closed, it would be a time bomb.

“Don’t worry about it. Hurry up and close the door. It’s a mess outside! I’ll go to Ji Cha’s house first, so don’t go out.”

Wang Qinxue’s tone was firm, and mother Wang on the other end of the phone got up, “Then I’ll go lock the door.”

Father Wang muttered, “You are so indulgent.”

After a while, mother Wang came back and said to the phone, “It’s closed, what’s going on outside?”

Just when she asked this sentence, there was a loud knock on the door outside, which startled both of them, and even Ji Cha, who was on the phone, was shocked when he heard it.

“Don’t make a sound, find something to block the door.” Ji Cha learned to Wang Qinxue.

Wang Qinxue felt relieved after his parents both promised in every possible way that the door would not be opened until Wang Qinxue come home tomorrow.

Ji Cha drove the car back to the factory all the way. There were not many people there, and there were hundreds of acres of semi-abandoned fields surrounding the factory, so the journey back was smooth.


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Chapter 21: Busy Farming in the Last Days

Root crops actually also have seeds, but because the method of directly using rhizomes to sprout and separate seeds is faster and more convenient, the step of seeds is usually omitted in actual planting.

Potatoes and sweet potatoes are stocked up in the warehouse. Because there is no cellar that is conducive to storage, and the number of storage is not large, the original purpose was only to store them for seeds. Anyway, the growth period of this type of crops is not long, and the storage period is relatively not short. If you want to eat, you only need to leave a part of the seeds for use each time.

The sweet potatoes in Ji Cha’s hands have not yet sprouted, but there are a few kilograms of potatoes that can’t be eaten after they have grown. He plans to plant the potatoes first.

He made a rough division of the large piece of land outside the factory area on the drawings, divided into staple food area, vegetable area, orchard area, and functional area. Functional areas refer to the basics : sugar cane can be used to make sugar, peanuts can be used to extract oil, cotton can be used to keep warm, and so on.

The land outside the factory is not hard, so Ji Cha first used a lawnmower to cut the long grass on the surface. ho lo lo nov els. The summer grass is tender and fresh, and the cut grass is not intended to be wasted. He used a forage grinder to break the grass into pieces, poured them into several compost bins, mixed with some kitchen waste and soil, and finally covered the compost bins.

Compost is a very common method of producing pure natural fertilizers. The materials can be very rough. Leaves, weeds, kitchen waste and even charcoal ash are good materials. The traditional composting process is long and cumbersome, requiring both temperature control and physical turning. Ji Cha has no such experience. He has only seen this type of compost bin in the base of S city. It was made by the master in the base.

Modern compost bins are convenient enough for almost anyone to use. After setting the position and putting in the required materials, cover the lid and leave it there for three months. When the lid is opened again, there will be the product of decomposition, which can greatly enhance the fertility of the soil.

Ji Cha bought 30 of this kind of good stuff without a flinch at the time. ho lo lo no vels, yeah baby. They were neatly placed at the foot of the factory wall, and a small cement top cover was built for the plastic box. He hoped it can avoid the wind and rain and be able to withstand many more years.

He also hoped that the fertilizer produced by it will enable the fields to achieve a certain degree of self-sufficiency in nutrients in the later stage.

After doing all this, it was almost four o’clock, Ji Cha was going to drive to the airport to pick up Wang Qinxue at about five o’clock. He didn’t plan to take a break in the hour-long gap in between.

There were cultivators, and Ji Cha called Zhang Xing to open up about 30 square meters of land with two cultivators. It only took more than an hour, and the soil inside was very soft.

Ji Cha then used a hoe to draw a flat ridge of thirty centimeters wide along the edge. Just look at this small piece without looking at other places, it really feels a little pastoral.

While they were busy, Ji Cha’s grandmother sat and used a kitchen knife to cut the sprouted potatoes into small pieces. A potato sprout has a potato nugget attached to it. When planting, the sprout is exposed and the roots extend from the original potato nugget.

“Grandma, Wang Qinxue is coming over today. I’ll go pick him up at the airport. You can have dinner with Zhang Xing later.” Ji Cha ran to the side after checking the time, washed his hands, and hurriedly took the car keys and went out.

Grandmother knew Wang Qinxue who used to come play at home. She thought it was the same thing as before, so she only asked Ji Cha, “Be careful when driving, and don’t eat outside at night.”

“Got it!” Ji Cha jumped into the car and turned to Zhang Xingdao, “Help me open the door.”

The factory has two doors, the one inside is electric, and the one outside is manual.

The airport in city S is not very far from the factory, about 20 kilometers away, about half an hour. Ji Cha arrived at the airport gate before six o’clock. Many people walked back and forth at the airport gate. Ji Cha sat in the car and didn’t even dare to roll down the window glass. He had a strange feeling that one of those people will pounce on him and bite him.

He didn’t get out of the car at all, but went straight to the parking lot and hid inside without getting out of the car.

He’ll go out after Wang Qinxue gets off the plane. If you go out one minute earlier, it will be a little more dangerous.

The lights in the parking lot were dim, and there were few people coming and going. Ji Cha turned on his phone and saw the text message from Liang Jincheng sent in the morning.

He said that he will come over immediately, to the city S?

Ji Cha slid his fingertips on the small call button and pressed it with a little hesitation.

The phone was picked up as soon as it rang.

“Hello,” Liang Jincheng’s voice on the other end of the phone revealed heavy exhaustion, and he was breathing heavily.

Ji Cha was stunned for a moment, and suddenly the thought flashed out that something happened to Liang Jincheng, “Senior, are you okay?”

“Ji Cha…?” The person opposite almost gritted his teeth and pronounced his name in a questioning tone, “Wait a minute, I’ll be at your house soon.”

“Senior, is there something wrong with you,” Ji Cha pressed, “I’m not at home now, I’m at the airport.”

“Okay.” Liang Jincheng said concisely, and the phone hung up for some reason.

How can Ji Cha feel at ease in this situation, he immediately dialed again, but the response he got was: the phone you dialed has been turned off.

It may be that the battery is out. Ji Cha suppressed the anxiety in his heart. In his previous life, Liang Jincheng was able to get to such a position, even if his rebirth had a butterfly effect, it would not let the big boss be anything less.

He comforted himself emptily, but he couldn’t change the fact that he had no confidence in his heart now.

Ji Cha took a deep breath and looked at the empty parking lot outside where there were only vehicles. The phone suddenly sounded a beep.

Fortunately, Wang Qinxue got off the plane smoothly.

Ji Cha started the car, turned around slowly, and was about to open the window to pay when he came to the toll gate, but found two figures wandering outside the railing of the parking lot, they were obviously not people. ho lo lo novels. His heart froze, his hands became more and more shaking to hand out the money, and then he stopped suddenly. Ji Cha quickly turned his head to look, why isn’t there anyone else in the toll booth where the toll collector would be sitting?


A gray-white face suddenly lay on the window that was only ten centimeters away from his face, and his fingernails had already squeezed in along the two centimeters of the window he had just opened. Fortunately, the car window was turned into one-way glass by Ji Cha, so zombies couldn’t judge anything by sight except smell.

Ji Cha gritted his teeth, carefully took the pair of rubber gloves he had left in the car, quickly put them on, and pushed the zombie’s hand away. Obviously, the zombie had just turned into a corpse, and his mind was not very clear. He pushed back Ji Cha twice and let it go.

Pay what money! Ji Cha gritted his teeth and stepped on the accelerator to break the railing, bypassing the two zombies and leaving the area.

There are three zombies hanging around in the parking lot, what will happen in the airport?

He didn’t dare to think about it, and quickly dialed Wang Qinxue’s number.

“Don’t worry,” Wang Qinxue answered the phone quickly, thinking that Ji Cha couldn’t wait to rush him.

Ji Cha hurriedly said, “Run out quickly and don’t let anyone next to you touch you!”

Wang Qinxue had already walked to the gate of the airport, and when he heard Ji Cha’s words, he thought it was strange and funny, “Why are you rushing, I’m almost there, where’s your car?”

Ji Cha has also seen Wang Qinxue at this moment, and at the same time, he has also seen two strange-looking people behind him.

“Watch your back! I’m here, hurry up and come over here.”

Wang Qinxue followed Ji Cha’s words and looked back, only to find that two people were following him, and one of them almost touched his shoulder.

“What are you doing?” he couldn’t help asking.

Ji Cha yelled at his friend on the other end of the phone, “You idiot! RUN!!!!”

His voice just fell, and the two “people” in front of Wang Qinxue also reacted suddenly, roaring and rushing towards Wang Qinxue.

Fuck it!

Ji Cha scolded in a low voice, he parked the car haphazardly, jumped out of the car, and ran towards Wang Qinxue.

Wang Qinxue was startled at first, but then he immediately remembered to run. He was quite flexible in dodging, and because there were many people at the airport, the two zombies in the back couldn’t catch up with him immediately.

He turned his head and saw Ji Cha running towards him.

“Those two are sick!” he shouted.

“Shut up and don’t talk!” Ji Cha shouted.

Zombies can determine the location based on the sound, and the noisy environment of the airport is a perfect cover, as long as Wang Qinxue keeps quiet.

These two people were on the same flight as him. Wang Qinxue had an impression of them. How could they suddenly get sick for no reason? And what is this disease? He thought of the woman in the waiting area, who seemed to be in exactly the same condition.

If the incident happened so suddenly, Wang Qinxue turned his head subconsciously to look around, and found that the normal people around him all showed a confused look one by one, and then this confusion suddenly turned into a strange expression. Almost everyone had an abnormality in an instant.

At this moment, the dozens of people who are just a few steps away from him and Ji Cha are still normal.

Ji Cha also noticed this. He has to hurry up, he thought.


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Chapter 20: Busy Farming in the Last Days

Wang Qinxue ignored what the other two roommates kept saying he was stupid, and simply sorted out two pieces of his own clothes before going out to the airport.

The other two had no choice but to ask for a day off for him. Fortunately, he only asked for a day off, and the department has not been busy recently, so the head of the department approved it easily. He only told Wang Qinxue to come back to the company on time, and he also revealed that he had the opportunity to become a full-time employee in this position.

Wang Qinxue was sitting in the taxi and texting his parents, thinking that he had never been back during the summer vacations, so it would be nice to take a look back this time. Both his parents only switched to the current model of smartphone half a year ago, and they are not used to it, so they usually respond slowly to messages. They were also reluctant to spend more money and generally would not open the data network during the day.

Wang Qinxue waited for a while without a reply, and was not in a hurry. He put down his phone and narrowed his eyes.

Suddenly, the body of the taxi swirled in a circle, and almost threw the defenseless Wang Qinxue out of the back seat. The driver was also startled and yelled at the outside, “how do you drive, courting death? Crazy driver!”

The accent is still southern.

Wang Qinxue looked out from the car window and saw that the vehicle they had managed to avoid just now had already plunged into the ditch.

“Nowadays, people drive like they want to die. You suddenly swerve while driving on this kind of road. You have taken the wrong medicine.” Are you all sick?”

Wang Qin learned, “It might be drunk driving, but you should be careful when driving.”

“That is, my wife and children are waiting for me to make money and go home. What can they do without me.”

After chatting with the driver, Wang Qinxue’s mobile phone rang, and his mother replied to him.

“Not busy, what are you doing back here?”

“It just happened that there was something going on at my classmate’s place. He asked me for help. I’ll see if I have time to drop by and come home. I’ll contact you when I get there.”

Not long after this message was sent, Mother Wang suddenly called.

Wang Qinxue’s mother was very frugal, and would not spend money on phone calls if it wasn’t something important.

“Mom, what’s the matter?” Wang Qinxue asked.

“Study diligently, have you been doing well in City A during this time?” Mother Wang asked.

“Very good, what’s the matter, something happened at home?” Both sides were subconsciously concerned about the other side.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, what can happen to me and your father at home?” Mother Wang said quickly, not wanting to worry Wang Qinxue, but she still wanted to tell Wang Qinxue a few words, “You have to be careful, outside is not like being at home, there are all kinds of things, and now people eat, drink, prostitute, and gamble, who knows what’s wrong with it, tsk tsk tsk, it’s scary!”

Wang Qinxue listened in the confusions, “What’s so scary, Mom, have you seen any news people forwarded you again?”

“Anyway, be careful. There are quite a lot of people who get sick for no reason recently,” Mother Wang said. “Don’t say anything that it’s all a lie. I’ve seen it myself.”

Wang Qinxue couldn’t help laughing. He still felt that Mother Wang watched too much news on the internet. After a few words of comfort, he casually hung up the phone.

The car drove for about an hour, and when the numbers on the meter jumped, Wang Qinxue felt pain in his heart, liver, spleen, lungs, and kidneys, and the airport finally arrived.

The capital airport was overcrowded, and Wang Qinxue felt that he had come a lot earlier, otherwise he might not be able to catch the plane.

By the time he got everything done and sat in the waiting room, it was only two o’clock.

He took out his mobile phone to contact Ji Cha, “I’m waiting for the flight.”

Before the text message was sent, a huge commotion suddenly sounded on the side.

Wang Qinxue turned his head to look, about six or seven meters away from him, a woman suddenly fell to the ground with convulsions, her body was shaking and looked painful, sometimes showing the whites of his eyes and sometimes full of red blood.

The people around were obviously frightened by the abnormality, and subconsciously spread out.

Wang Qinxue took two steps forward. ho lo lo novels. When he was a little overwhelmed, some people had already contacted the airport staff, and some people claimed to be doctors came forward to check the woman’s condition.

As suddenly as the situation broke out, before anyone could approach, the woman suddenly stopped struggling, and lay still as if dead.

Only then did everyone slowly come back to their senses, and they all gathered around and tried to help in whatever way they could.

Wang Qinxue noticed that the woman was not completely unconscious, at least her fingertips were slowly scratching the smooth marble floor of the airport lobby.

It’s good that people are still alive. In any case, life is more important than anything else.

Wang Qinxue knew he couldn’t help her, and began to step back. It was at this time, separated by the crowd, that he saw that the woman jumped up in an instant, her back was bent somewhat like a living person, and her mouth with delicate lipstick was wide open. Looking at the people around her with some confusion in her eyes, but the way she looks at people seemed to be looking at food.


The people around the woman were obviously more overwhelmed by this scene, but in just a few seconds, the woman’s originally muddy eyes regained its focus, and she stared at one of the doctors who was closest to her, and reached out her hand to pull him towards her.

The woman who was weak and fell to the ground not long ago suddenly seemed to have infinite strength, and she lifted the tall doctor abruptly.

There was exclamation sounds at the scene, and two young men immediately came up behind, hugging the woman’s arms one by one and pulling her away from the doctor.

In just two minutes, the riots spread.

Fortunately, the staff at the airport came quickly, and they controlled the scene appropriately. While arranging the female passenger to be taken away, they comforted the others.

Wang Qinxue sat down in his seat again and listened to the conversation over there, “I don’t know why, but I heard her talking on the phone with someone, and she collapsed like she had some cramps.”

When he thought about the nearly car accident in the taxi when he came here today, and what his mother was telling him on the phone earlier, he felt that the world was a little crazy right now.

Fortunately, he got on the plane smoothly and on time. He was still excited to go home.

Before getting on the plane, he sent Ji Cha a text message, which was quickly replied, “I’ll pick you up at the airport.”

Ji Cha put down his mobile phone, and with the news that Wang Qinxue boarded the plane successfully, his heart was a little more calm.

In the few hours in between, he could just do some work.

Grandma is an experienced farmer, so she didn’t object when she knew that Ji Cha was going to transform this whole place for farming.

“This place was originally a good land. You checked the fertilizer and got the fertilizer right. What kind of vegetables can’t be grown?” Grandma followed Zhang Xing to see the many electric machines behind it.

“It’s more convenient for you to have these things now. We didn’t have such things when I was younger. It’s also a great thing to raise a cow. If the old cow in the family died, it would be a long time to cry.”

It is summer now, and many crops with long growing seasons can no longer be planted. ho lo lo novels. However, although the old saying is to harvest in spring and harvest in autumn, under the current technology, it is not impossible for vegetables and fruits to be planted out of season. Even if it can’t be accurate and scientific, Ji Cha has made almost perfect preparations.

Shelves of plastic greenhouses, and thickened film. Even if you don’t grow out-of-season vegetables, these things are still useful in winter.

In a low altitude area like S City, even if the growth period of crops is taken into account, there are actually many things that can be grown in the four seasons.

The first thought of Ji Cha is potatoes and sweet potatoes that can be planted in late summer, and what food crop is cuter than these root crops. Their ability to adapt is super strong, they can grow in many rough conditions and grows much longer, and they’re relatively less picky about the weather. Planting in summer and harvesting in autumn, planting in autumn and harvesting in winter, only potatoes and sweet potatoes can do it.


Chapter 19: Busy Farming in the Last Days

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“Stay at home these days and don’t go out.”

Ji Cha woke up from a light sleep, and the sky outside the window was still dark. The prompt interface for text messages flashed on the phone screen, it was Liang Jincheng’s text message.

The sending time turned out to be 3:46 am in the morning. The text messages that was sent at this time must not be of an ordinary situation.

“What happened, senior?” Ji Cha replied immediately, and the person changed from lying down to sitting.

The time is now 5:10 am, and the other side did not reply until after 5:40. The pressure in Ji Cha’s heart suddenly increased, has the end of the world already begun?

He walked over from the bed and looked out. The morning light struggled to break through the horizon, and the dark blue sky slowly revealed light. However, there is no population around, revealing a sense of decay.

It may be too late to delay.

Ji Cha opened the WeChat interface and sent a message to the group of four in the dormitory, “Are you there?”

Internship in City A, where every inch of land is expensive, several people share a rented house in a remote suburb far away from the workplace. It takes two hours to get up early every day to catch the bus to work.

As soon as they saw Ji Cha’s message, several people replied to him condescendingly.

“Oh, so early today?”

“Having fun at home? You happy?”


Seeing that the three of them were there, Ji Cha directly dialed the video call, and they all picked up after a while.

“Why, it’s so early in the morning,” the three faces on the opposite side of the camera were hazy and sleepy.

Ji Cha’s throat was a little dry, but he had to say something. His dejected look made the three on the opposite side stunned, “What’s wrong, something happened at home?”

Wang Qinxue asked first.

The other two were busy washing their faces and brushing their teeth, and only asked vaguely, “Yeah, why are you calling so early in the morning.”

“Something happened here at home,” Ji Cha said following Wang Qinxue’s words, making it looked like that was the case, and said in a low mood, “Now I don’t know what to do, I…”

Wang Qinxue asked quickly, “What happened, your grandmother, or something else?”

“It’s very troublesome, I don’t know what to do by myself,” Ji Cha lowered his head, he really didn’t want to lie like this, but the time was urgent, not only Wang Qinxue, but maybe the other two roommates haven’t contracted the virus yet. ?

But obviously only Wang Qinxue really cares about Ji Cha’s words on the opposite side, “Then since you can’t handle it alone, I’ll ask for leave and come see you, ok?”

The other two who were brushing their teeth immediately revealed a look to Wang Qinxue undisguised: Are you mentally ill?

Ji Cha nodded vigorously, “Can you come back, tomorrow? I’ll go buy your ticket now.”

Wang Qinxue didn’t seem to be joking when he saw Ji Cha like this, he looked back at the other two roommates and said to Ji Cha, “I’ll come over this afternoon, I can just ask for a day off today, and I can rest on the weekends later, so I don’t need to ask for leave in a row. “

“Are you serious?” One of the roommates looked at Wang Qinxue in disbelief, “Ji Cha this idiot is different from us. He is someone who doesn’t want to be an intern. He has a family background, do you have one? Stupid. What could happen to him at home that can be solved by you going there?”

Ji Cha didn’t take this cynicism to heart, he asked through the video, “If you come here too, I’ll buy the air tickets for you too.”

“Whoever likes to go can go by themselves!” The other party hung up the call directly.

Suddenly, only Wang Qinxue and Ji Cha were online.

“Don’t take it to heart. They just got angry because the work has not been smooth in the past two days. The company doesn’t know why the partner suddenly can’t be contacted. Don’t buy me a plane ticket, I’ll buy it myself.”

“I’ve already bought it. The flight leaves at three o’clock in the afternoon and will arrive in three hours. I’ll contact you later.” Ji Cha said, “I’ll send you the flight information after I hang up.”

Although Wang Qinxue had various doubts in his heart, he did not object.

After hanging up the video call, Ji Cha breathed a long sigh of relief. Wang Qinxue is the only son in the family, and his hometown belongs to a small mountainous area in a county-level city under the jurisdiction of the S city. Although not impoverished, there is a considerable gap with the outside world.

As the only son in the family, he shoulders the heavy responsibility of supporting the family business, so he has been working very hard. Ji Cha doesn’t quite know what happened to Wang Qinxue’s parents whether before or after the end of the world. He only knows that when they tried to contact the mountain area there, they didn’t get any useful information, and the whereabouts of his parents went unknown.

If he is lucky this time, he might be able to rescue Wang Qinxue’s parents.

Ji Cha’s plan was to drive Wang Qinxue directly to his house first, and if it went well, he would take him directly to the factory, and explain in detail later.

Other than that, he couldn’t think of any other way for a while.

Ji Cha fell asleep leaning against the sofa by the window at some point. When he woke up, he found grandmother and Zhang Xing were talking downstairs.

“This chicken needs to be fed like this. You can’t spread it all over like this. Add some more food, right…”

Grandma has already tidy up neatly, she made the factory her home overnight. It is also natural to become familiar with the original resident Zhang Xing.

Ji Cha hadn’t had time to give grandma a tour, fearing that something might scare her, so he quickly ran downstairs, “Grandma!”

Grandma looked back at Ji Cha with a natural look on her face, “Why did you get up? I’ve finished eating the porridge, and I left a little for you. You can eat it yourself.”

Zhang Xing held a bucket of chicken feed in his hand, and he usually took it all away, like a primary school student, “So much, grandma, is it enough?”

The two of them were unexpectedly familiar with each other.

Ji Cha was reminded by his grandmother, so he quickly raised his phone to check the time, which showed 8:30 and a text message from Liang Jincheng.

The text message was concise, “Don’t go out, I’ll be right over.”

The time sent is after 6:00 in the morning.

Ji Cha wanted to ask him if something happened or if he knew something. Combined with Liang Jincheng’s post-apocalyptic identity in his previous life, it was hard for Ji Cha not to think more. He couldn’t hold back and dialed the phone, but the other side only prompted: The phone you dialed has been turned off.

What is the situation on Liang Jincheng’s side?

In fact, Liang Jincheng was more anxious than Ji Cha at the moment.

The situation in city A has grown from an outbreak of isolated cases at the beginning to a small area that is almost completely in disorder. Apart from the fact that the supervision of public opinion on the internet is still controlled, in fact, everyone in the upper circle has already begun to prepare to leave city A.

Liang Jincheng’s father is one of them.

The current situation was completely out of everyone’s expectations. Liang Jincheng didn’t have the heart to think about how Ji Cha knew about “the last days” and “zombies”. He only knew that his father and sister were being protected by others.

The only thing he is worried about now is Ji Cha’s safety.


Iron: the official zombie apocalypse counting down … arriving very very soon.

Chapter 18: Busy Farming in the Last Days

Ji Cha purchased five laptops and a bunch of hard disks online, plus the computer that he had in his hand, using these six together, he downloaded all kinds of useful information from the internet onto the hard disks day and night.

After the end of the world, the Internet that is like water to fish to modern people will no longer exist. It seems that the countless information that is readily available at this time will be as difficult to find as reaching the sky.

The information downloaded by Ji Cha ranges from various chemistry learning materials and videos to TV series and opera programs, how to farm, how to breed livestock, how to make soybeans into tofu, bean paste, and soy sauce, et cetera .

There are so many information, there is almost no end, if he can even learn a little, who knows when it will be useful! As for the teaching videos of systematic courses from elementary school to university, Ji Cha still has selfishness, or is it more appropriate to call it ambition?

He didn’t want to repeat the last apocalypse, seeing the faces of dazed children. Please read this only on ho lo lo novel dot com, can you, love? The modern knowledge must be passed on. Even if his strength alone is negligible, it is better to be prepared than not.

This work is not only labor-intensive, expensive, but also time-consuming. Ji Cha spent five days sitting in front of the computer, while downloading and marking each hard drive with detailed labels, and then putting them in boxes and sending them to the factory.

Finally, some goods bought online were also delivered to the factory one after another.

Simple medicines are grouped into one category, and there are a large number of basic four-season clothing for both men and women, and other consumables such as sauce jars, plastic pots and plastic buckets. Ji Cha purchased everything he could think of.

Although there are many rooms in the factory, only half of them are still vacant in the countdown days.

Ji Cha has almost used the money in his hand. Taking advantage of the last ten days or so, he sorted out the reserved livestock area, and then asked Cheng Dongliang to accompany him to pick up all the pigs, chickens, and rabbits.

Poultry such as chickens and rabbits are small in size and easy to handle, and piglets only reached Ji Cha’s knee height now. These animals are easy to retrieve. Later, he will carefully follow the instructions of livestock breeding strictly, and with the experience he has in the past life, Ji Cha is not afraid of encountering any major problems.

The chickens, ducks, rabbits and pigs were fed and placed in their respective houses neatly and cleanly, and they all settled down immediately.

Ji Cha’s only concern is that the fish will not adapt well.

Before the rice was planted, he was going to open a small pond on the side, and put the fish in it first.

One thing to pay attention when raising fish is the number of fish. Too many of them congested will cause insufficient oxygen content in the water, resulting in the death of fish. But in limited circumstances, this is not completely without solutions.

In response to this, Ji Cha asked the workers to dig a rectangular canal around the factory along the wall. The canal is connected to the reserved small pond, and then the power device is used to assist the circulation of the water flow, which can naturally increase the oxygen content in the water, to be able to hold a large number of fish in the small pond.

The theory is feasible, but Ji Cha is afraid that there will be a big gap between the actual operation and the theory.

“You can’t buy a fish only for it to die first,” Zhang Xing said as he stood aside and looked at Ji Cha with a grimacing face. “Even if you can’t raise so many, there are still a bunch of them in the river outside.”

He wasn’t entirely wrong.

Ji Cha thinks that even if the fish is really not good at that time, it is not a big deal to either go out to catch it, or take a step back and not raise fish at all.

“By the way, I’m working on the solar power generation this afternoon.” Zhang Xing said, “Yesterday I tried it a bit, and it’s generally okay. Some minor problems have been adjusted. The energy generated during the day is absolutely enough for your daily use, and whatever leftover in the battery can also be used at night, watch TV, take a hot shower, and you don’t have to blink your eyes. If the sun is good, a spare battery can be used to collect some energy and store for later use.”

The upper and lower circuits and waterways in the factory building have been completely transformed, and they are on the road of self-sufficiency, which is also the basis for the operation of the entire fortress.

“Well.” Ji Cha listened and said, “For the remaining rooms, I have to buy a few wardrobes, desks, and sofas. I don’t have much money on hand, so I have to save it…”

The last half of the sentence is completely just talking to himself.

Zhang Xing sneered, “weren’t you a local tyrant a few days ago?”

“How can primary needs and secondary needs be compared to each other?” Ji Cha looked at the car parked in the garage. The body was strong and the space inside was large.

The security is the most important, who cares about the soft bed and the hard bed?

The car was delivered only yesterday, and he was very satisfied at a glance. Even though the speed of the car was a bit slow as Zhang Xing once said, Ji Cha didn’t care about that little flaw at all.

“Okay, I’m going to bed then.” Zhang Xing no longer treated himself as an outsider at all, he already occupied a well-lit room in the house, and he really didn’t seem to have any intention to leave.

Ji Cha was too lazy to care about him, he calculated everything he had now, recorded everything that should be checked, and filled in his notebook.

In addition to buying all these things, now is the time to move.

Many of the family’s furniture, Ji Cha planned to bring it all here. The distance between the factory and his gramma’s house is more than ten miles away. It is inevitable he had to abandon living in the village after all.

Before this, Ji Cha was a little confused about how to convince his grandmother so that she would just leave the house she had lived in for decades.

“Moving to the factory?” When grandma heard Ji Cha’s words, she immediately showed a surprised expression, “Why are you going there, in the wilderness, you can’t even see a person, and besides, can the rooms in the factory livable for people?”

It’s a good thing that there are no people in the wilderness!

But there was no strong disapproval in Grandma’s words, which was good. So, please read on ho lo lo novels dot com. Ji Cha didn’t talk nonsense, and took his grandmother to the factory directly by the little scooter.

Before they could go in, the changes outside had already startled grandmother.

“How did this happen? How much does it cost?” Grandma brought Ji Cha in and walked around twice, and she was speechless, so she just raised her hand in a hurry to beat Ji Cha.

Ji Cha hurriedly hid aside and pushed all the pot onto Liang Jincheng.

“No, grandma, senior helped me to get this. I cooperated with his company on a project! For an ecological park project,” Ji Cha hid behind the wall with a sincere expression, “Our factory is useless anyway. So, I thought it’s good to use it as an ecological park, and if it is successful later, it can make us a lot of money.”

Hearing Liang Jincheng’s name, grandma seemed to believe it.

“Really?” She looked around suspiciously, “Actually, it’s okay.”

That being said, she really moved in, but grandma was still hesitant.

“I’ve been doing pretty well at home. I’m afraid I won’t be used to living somewhere else all of a sudden.”

“I’m going to live and work here in the future. How can I rest assured that you are at home alone? In addition, there have been so many strange things happening recently, and places with fewer people are safer,” Ji Cha advised, “plus I’m not very good at farming. I need my grandmother to teach me.”

After all this persuasion, he finally persuaded grandmother Ji, for whom her grandson is the most important thing in her heart.

There was a lot of noise when they moved, and they only told the neighbors and the others that they were moving to live in the city. Of course, the fewer people knew about the factory, the better. After moving the house clean, Ji Cha locked the door.

Now there is only one thing to do, he wants to get Liang Jincheng and Wang Qinxue over.

Liang Jincheng’s side is easy to handle, anyway, it was agreed early to meet up, but for Wang Qinxue’s situation, it’s a little tricky. The internship in City A hasn’t ended yet, but what can be judged now is that there have been many small chaos before the official arrival of the apocalypse. If he really waited until the whole thing breaks out and let Wang Qinxue come back, by then it’s going to be too troublesome and extremely unsafe.

Ji Cha had no other choice but to make up lies.


Chapter 16: Busy Farming in the Last Days

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Ji Cha: Hello, ML? How’s your wet dreams?

“Use it for driving of course,” Ji Cha said, “it’s clean energy, and I’m making a contribution to the cause of environmental protection.”

Although Zhang Xing seemed trustworthy, Ji Cha still gave out a set of rhetoric answer that he had prepared earlier.

“Cut it out,” Zhang Xing snorted, obviously not convinced by this statement, but he didn’t say anything after that, only said, “I’ll ask my knowledgeable friends, they know how to do it, are you in a hurry?”

“Urgent! I can’t wait to use it tomorrow.”

“No matter how urgently you need to modify it, it will still take a dozen days, and you have so many requirements.” Zhang Xing wiped the sweat from his forehead, “the body has to be strong, save energy, what else.”

“There is definitely no car that satisfies both, but how about modification? Bring the sturdy car frame, modify it, and finally install the charging power unit. It’s a lot faster, anyway, you gotta do it right, so for now, don’t think too much about that car.”

This remark is Zhang Xing’s first reminder to Ji Cha.

“Anyway, I’ll leave it to you. You don’t have to worry about the money, as long as it’s within 800,000 yuan, I can accept it.”

Ji Cha counted all his expenses later, this is the most money he can come up with.

He said earnestly, “For the sake of our descendants, we must make our own contribution to the remediation of environmental pollution!”

Zhang Xing, “…”

You want to modify, then modify, what’s with all this gibberish.

The next day, Ji Cha went to the orchard to bring the fruit trees. The boss asked to help Jicha deliver the goods, but he refused. He borrowed Cheng Dongliang’s small truck and pulled two trees at a time to the factory building, which took three trips to complete. It was planted in a pre-dug hole at the back.

The branches and leaves of the fruit trees have been pruned, but one can see that they are full of vitality. By the way, Ji Cha put a few bags of fertilizer bought from the boss in the side room.

Hope these trees live at least half a year, Ji Cha thought, he still wants to eat a few mouthfuls of fresh fruit in the last days.

It took three days for the well drilling team to drill two wells at the location set by Ji Cha. After Ji Cha paid the money, the person in charge of the well drilling team said, “It just happened that I received a business order yesterday, but it was out of town. I’ll go over there when this is cleaned up.”

“Out of town?”

“Yeah, I have to be out of town for a few months in a row.” The person in charge smiled. “Now drilling wells is only available in rural areas, and the business is becoming less and less. There is no way to find a job if you don’t go far.”

Ji Cha hesitated, but he only knew that it was impossible for him to persuade people to stay in S City, so he could only hold back.

“Safe journey.” He patted the person in charge on the shoulder, then stood at the door of the factory building and watched the car drive away.

The well drilling has been completed, and the expansion of the factory’s walls has also been completed. Now, only the renovation of the factory building, as well as the installation of wires, water pipes and other lines are left. The original tap water pipeline should also be replaced by a pump leading to the well.

Before this, Ji Cha still prepared to collect some clean water in the storage containers before the water source was completely polluted.

When all of this was almost completed, and after the workers left one after another with Cheng Dongliang, Ji Cha began to plan to store food in the factory.

After all, there are many people around with ulterior motives, keeping things in order isn’t very easy. There is not much to say now, but when the apocalypse arrives, it will not be so simple.

The little electric scooter was finally put aside by Ji Cha. He went to the town to buy an electric tricycle, and then purchased a few chargers from various nearby towns.

Safety comes first, nothing else is to be said.

Apart from Zhang Xing and Cheng Dongliang, who came to help occasionally, there was no one else in the factory building. He was not afraid to reveal the secret that he had a whole house of rice, noodles, grain, oil, salt, sauce and vinegar.

“The car is already being refitted, and it may cost about 100,000.” Zhang Xing, who helped Ji Cha unload the goods, asked him suspiciously, “Although you said less than 800,000, can you still get money if it goes over?”

Zhang Xing is actually quite interesting. Although he would say two of the three sentences complaining about Ji Cha, you could still see his concern from these words.

At this time, there are only about twenty days left until the end of the world.

When Ji Cha was done working during the day, he would rush home immediately, for fear that something unexpected might happen to his grandmother.

The matter of Lin Fengxian has gradually dissipated the initial panic among the villagers, and turned into pure gossip.

After Ji Cha unloaded the last bag of rice, he carefully locked the heavy door of the grain storage room.

The layout of the two floors is very simple, and each room does not have the slightest sense of design, let alone any decoration. Jicha has one purpose for the entire place, that is to be strong and resistant to attacks. Every wall and every door has been thickened, and it is estimated that only a cannon can penetrate these structures.

Anyway, Ji Cha didn’t use this to defend against cannons, and he was very satisfied with this level.

The factory building has two floors, the upper floor is used for living and storage, and the lower floor is used for all kinds of machinery and other large items, as well as a small number of rooms. If you count it by room, there could be hundreds of people living in this factory easily.

When Ji Cha bought the grains, he bought enough that 20 people could eat for two years. Although it is said that more people the stronger the team, he does not intend to expand his team without any restraint.

After all, when the apocalypse arrives, the area where the factory is located will soon welcome troops retreating from the city, and this will be the first area in the country to restore order from chaos.

With the army there, a lot of riots and looting will be reduced. What Ji Cha has to do is to keep this little place of his own safe and sound until then.

Now the team members he’s counting are Wang Qinxue, Zhang Xing, and Cheng Dongliang. Including grandma, there are only five people in total. If Liang Jincheng can come over smoothly, as long as there is no large-scale crowd, Ji Cha, with this small team, is confident to resist a few dozen people. But it’s important for everyone to read only on Hololo novels though.

Moreover, at the beginning of the apocalypse, the evil nature of people have not been stimulated to the extreme, and there are a lot less troublemakers.

As for the remaining things now, one is to add more necessary supplements such as medicines and clothing, and the other is to beware of changes or signs of early apocalypse.

Basic medicines such as cold medicine and painkillers can be purchased on the internet, and there is often no limit to the quantity of such medicines. But this kind of medicine is actually very useless in the last days.

In other words, during the end of days, such minor illnesses and injuries are not enough for people to see as something that needs to be treated. It’s common to have broken hands and feet, but can’t you even withstand a cold?

Even though that was said, Ji Cha still made a purchase of all kinds of common medicines. In the next two days, a large number of consumables such as clothes and quilts were delivered together.

Before falling asleep at night, the perverted text message arrived as expected.

“What did you do today, are you still busy?”

Ji Cha occasionally replied to one or two text messages of the pervert, persuading him to prepare for the apocalypse, the pervert would then curb a little bit of his usual wretchedness and talk to him seriously.

For example, the opening greeting now makes Ji Cha feel like he is chatting with an old friend, and does not violate his mood at all.

“Busy, but not too tired.”

“I did a lot of things today, but I still spent a lot of time thinking about you, and I couldn’t help but miss you.”

The perverted sweet talk is as expected, easy to come by.

“Hey, can you speak more normally?” Although Ji Cha was harassed by such language not once or twice, he still couldn’t get used to it. He blushed slightly and asked the other party to find out if this pervert was from G city.”

“I’m in city A.” The pervert replied.

City A? Ji Cha tried hard to think. There are many of his classmates doing internships in City A. Who could this be?


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Chapter 17: Busy Farming in the Last Days

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“Can I ask you questions, and in exchange, you can also ask me.” Ji Cha decided to talk to the pervert to see who he really was.

If it was someone he knew…

Well, at a time like this, Ji Cha doesn’t have time and energy to have romantic feelings, but not knowing the other person who apparently knows him, being in the dark like this, Ji Cha had a sense of unwillingness.

“Okay.” The pervert quickly agreed.

“How old are you this year?” Using age to rule out a large number of people.

“Twenty-five years old, do you have someone you like?” The other party’s answer was followed by a question.

Twenty-five? Ji Cha is excluded from left and right. He did know a lot of seniors when he was at school during the club activities. If it is obvious that he is one of Ji Cha’s seniors, there are more than a dozen.

Still don’t know who it is.

“No,” Ji Cha continued to ask, “How tall are you?”

Probably knowing that this question would easily reveal his identity, this time the pervert thought for a while before answering, “I’m taller than you.”

Although not satisfied with this answer, Ji Cha still ruled out several people based on this.

“Do you masturbate?” The other party threw this question.

“Of course,” Ji Cha felt that the question was inexplicable. “Which normal man doesn’t? I’m not an eunuch.”

He stared at the bright phone screen for a while, but the other party didn’t reply. Ji Cha remembered that he hadn’t asked any questions this time.

“Which major are you in?”

Just as Ji Cha pressed send, the other party’s text message also came in, still two in a row.

“What do you think when you masturbate?”

“I miss you. I always miss you.”

Ji Cha’s blushing head was about to smoke. He waited for a while, but the pervert didn’t reply to his previous question. Ji Cha couldn’t help urging, “You haven’t answered my previous question, don’t be rude.”

He put the phone on his chest and pressed it so that the strong light would not shine into his eyes. About two minutes later, the phone vibrated indicating the incoming text message, this time it was a multimedia message.

The background of the picture is very dark, like a person sitting at a desk with only the lamp on. Half of the picture is of strong abdominal muscles, the underwear has slid down halfway, and the rest is majestic and full of mosaics.

Ji Cha felt that he was blind, and couldn’t help but look down at himself, he was so angry that he wanted to drop his phone.

He gritted his teeth and blocked the pervert again, then stuffed the phone back under the pillow. Fortunately, he worked a lot during the day, and Ji Cha quickly fell asleep due to exhaustion.

Rarely, he had a dream, a dream without zombies.

In the dream, he finally pulled out the pervert’s mask and was about to look at his face, but found that the pervert’s face was full of mosaics! He stretched out his hand to wipe off the mosaic, slowly uncovering his mouth, nose, and just about to wipe his eyes to reveal his true colors, the pervert suddenly held his face and kissed him violently.

“Chacha, Chacha?”

Ji Cha was woken up by his grandma. He immediately got up from the bed and walked out quickly. It was still dark outside, Ji Cha hurriedly glanced at the clock on the wall, it was only three in the morning.

Why would the grandma call him at this time? Probably to tell Ji Cha to read on hololonovels.

Ji Cha ran downstairs in a hurry and saw his grandmother standing in the living room, looking at the small window of the kitchen not far away with some horror.

No lights were turned on in the living room, only a little light leaked from the bedroom in the distance. The small window in the kitchen was illuminated by the moonlight outside, clearly revealing a dark figure.

Very creepy.

Ji Cha made a gesture of silence to grandma, and then walked quietly to the kitchen window. There are anti-theft steel railings on the windows, so he was not afraid that people outside can run in. What Ji Cha wants to determine now is whether the person outside is still a person.

The light in the kitchen was turned on, and the person who was standing motionless outside immediately became restless.

With the bright light, you can clearly see the blood on his face and the cloudy eyeballs, staring straight at Ji Cha in the room.

It is Lin Fengxian’s husband, and now he is also a living dead.

Ji Cha quickly turned off the light in the kitchen, and then helped his grandmother into the room, “I don’t know what happened outside, you go inside the room first, and I’ll take a look.”

Grandma was also very cautious, but she quickly grabbed Ji Cha’s hand and said, “Don’t go out.”

The grandmother has also noticed all kinds of abnormal things these days, but she can’t say what the specific thing is.

Ji Cha nodded, “I know, I’ll call the police.”

After he finished speaking, he ran back upstairs and looked down by the terrain on the second floor, only to realize that it was not only Lin Fengxian’s husband who was a living dead person, but also two wandering far and near, and there were already several families next door who were awake. The lights came on.

Ji Cha dialed his mobile phone and called the police.

Although it was late at night, the phone was quickly connected.

“There are several in our village,” Ji Cha thought for a while, and changed the wording slightly, “A few madmen who are knocking on the door, looking strange and scary, yes, several, four, I don’t know where they came from. Yes, we won’t go out and stay inside,”

He told the police the situation was urgent, and then reported the address.

After hanging up the phone, Ji Cha was a little anxious for a while, what if the police came over, not having the experience to deal such situations, and were injured by these zombies?

He hurriedly made another phone call and told them that these people seemed to have rabies and wanted to bite.

The other side said that he understood the situation, and Ji Cha then hung up the phone again.

He quickly ran downstairs to comfort his grandmother.

“I’ve called the police, they’ll be here in a minute.”

Grandma sat in front of the Buddha statue and whispered sutras. When she heard Ji Cha’s words, she nodded and said, “That’s good.”

“I don’t know what happened lately, and I feel very uneasy,” Grandma continued, “Something like that happened at Feng Xian’s house. Now that I think about it, it’s fortunate that you’re back, otherwise I don’t know what to do when you’re outside except be worried about you.”

The police will arrive soon.

The lights of the police car outside were on, immediately attracting the attention of all the zombies.

Several families wanted to go out to see what was going on, but were immediately stopped by the police, “Stay at home and don’t come out to cause trouble.”

Ji Cha ran to the second floor and looked down. They policemen were wearing protective gear, followed by several ambulances. The doctors and policemen cooperated to tie the zombies to the ambulances.

“There are no vital signs…”

“Nonsense, aren’t they alive?”

Ji Cha vaguely heard these words, and wanted to hear more when someone called him downstairs, “Young man, are you the one who called the police?”

A middle-aged policeman told him to come down.

“We’ll take care of the rest, go back and sleep well.”

“Lao Chen, is this still going to the bureau?” A young police officer came up behind and asked in a low voice.

The policeman known as Lao Chen nodded, “Just like the previous few times.”

It doesn’t seem like their first time to deal with such an event.

“What the hell is going on here?” Ji Cha asked.

Lao Chen obviously didn’t plan to tell Ji Cha, “Crazy people, you don’t need to worry about it anyway, we have standard protocols to follow.”

The existence of zombies is no longer a secret among a small number of people.


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