Ch 51: TGCIR

Only Shen Cheng could see that the monster in the lake can speak. Shen Cheng tried to talk to it, but after it complained, it just kept showing “crying” emojis on the screen, as if it couldn’t receive any feedback from Shen Cheng. In addition, the screen vibration became more and more intense, making Shen Cheng feel dizzy. She had to put down her phone and go to the living room to pour a glass of water to take a break.

Li Weilan also felt a slight vibration coming from the water. The water rippled, and bubbles formed at the bottom and rose up. The power of the water was pushing them up, as if the entire lake was pushing them away.

No, it was not the lake’s rejection, this power was more like a huge object hidden deep in the lake stirring up the water, trying to push them away quickly. Shen Cheng, who was unconscious, caused anguish in Li Weilan’s heart. Without hesitation, he put her body into his own space and dived into the deepest part below.

Perhaps feeling his approach, the monster at the deepest part of the water let out a “woo” roar, and then a powerful current rushed towards him. In the water, the monster’s invisibility was enhanced. Last night, under the moonlight, Li Weilan could only see that its body seemed to be filled with a translucent, slimy liquid. Today, its tentacles swiped fiercely along the water flow. Li Weilan only felt the surge of dark current when the water approached, and then he felt the huge tentacles hiding in the water flow.

He dodged the attack but only managed to avoid the frontal attack. His chest was swept away by the water flow, as if he had been hit by a car. Even if it was only a tail that hit him, he was pushed away, and the pain in his chest made him feel suffocated. Li Weilan quickly realized that this was not a battle he could win. In the water, the monster was the king. In addition, it seemed to have a natural ability to hide and lurk, and its eight tentacles were incredibly fast. If it hadn’t hit him and disappeared, Li Weilan doubted he could even confront it head-on.

What should he do?

Where is the core of this monster hidden?

Li Weilan wandered around and heard what seemed like her low voice in his ear: “Look at the fish!”

Shen Cheng returned with the water.

Her projection was pitifully placed in the space’s warehouse by Li Weilan. The game screen was stable now. She switched to the main character page and saw that he was in a brief stalemate with the monster. Shen Cheng realized the most difficult aspect for him: to make the invisible monster visible! Otherwise, it would be too difficult for him to defend passively with the enemy in the dark.

At this moment, the monster that had been crying “yiyiyi” was at the bottom, catching a fish and chewing it in its mouth, crying a few more times, then chewing another fish. But Shen Cheng could clearly see that those fish were all swimming towards its big mouth, as if they didn’t care about the few that had been eaten by it – perhaps the “yiyiyi” of this monster was a power that drove the school of fish!

The direction of the fish was the direction of the core of this monster!

Li Weilan was reminded of this immediately.

The monster was indeed invisible.

But those small schools of fish were not invisible like it.

The direction they were swimming was exactly where the core of this monster was!

Li Weilan remained calm, pretending not to know anything. He even deliberately turned around, pretending to search aimlessly.

Behind him, a hidden current slowly surged.

The monster slowly opened its huge mouth and happily stretched out its seven remaining tentacles, all rushing towards Li Weilan’s direction!

Li Weilan had already infused all the abilities into “Thunder.” When one of the tentacles touched his body, the knife was fiercely inserted into the tentacle, and an electric current that made the transparent octopus shine all over its body passed through it instantly. The nearest tentacle immediately contracted due to the shock, and the body of the octopus began to shine strangely in the water.

Li Weilan was about to chase after it, but the octopus suddenly spat out a bunch of fish that had already fainted and threw them in front of him.

Six tentacles surrounded its big eyes, and Shen Cheng saw the speech bubble on its head: “Ouch, it hurts.”

“…” Can’t you speak properly without whining?

You are such a big, fierce and scary monster, why are you whining there?

【Octopus Quan Quan begs for mercy from you, do you accept: Y/N Click to view Quan Quan’s attributes】

So this is still a monster with a name?

Shen Cheng suddenly remembered “Journey to the West”, where all the monsters with names survived, while those without names or backgrounds were all killed.

Quan Quan… looking at this name, was this octopus previously raised by someone?

Curiously, Shen Cheng clicked on Quan Quan’s attributes.

【Quan Quan: Mutated Octopus Monster (Water-based ability), water control, timid, easily frightened. Space requirement: fish farm (intermediate or above). Effect: fish growth rate 80%, maximum number of fish species that can be bred: 3】

Okay, although the whining monster was indeed annoying before, plus the fact that it injured people, seeing the attribute of 80% fish growth rate, in any case, Quan Quan, your life is saved!

Shen Cheng silently clicked “YES”, and Li Weilan heard her voice when he was beating the octopus monster’s tentacles: “Wait, this octopus has surrendered!”

Li Weilan stopped his hand.


“Isn’t that right?” The octopus slowly put down its tentacles and revealed a pair of pitiful eyes. Then it let out a “wow” sound, which was like a buzz in the water, making people’s heads shake. The fish around it immediately froze in place.

“…,” Li Weilan and the octopus looked at each other. Perhaps it was because it saw Li Weilan’s cautious expression and that he was going to continue fighting, it continued to cry out “wawawa.” Then Shen Cheng saw language bubbles popping up one by one above its head: “Why do you want to beat me sob sob sob…”

“At night, you ate my fishy and I didn’t say anything.”

“Sob sob sob, I’ll give you another one to eat, why do you still want to beat me…”

“…” Looking at these text bubbles was a bit painful to the eyes.

Shen Cheng looked at the screen full of crying bubbles and suspected that the octopus monster was no more than three years old.

Fortunately, after she clicked yes in the game, a new item called “Octopus’s Temporary Residence” appeared, with a purchase price of 100G. Adding two respirators basically spent all the gold coins earned from yesterday’s task of showing affection. It was arranged clearly and plainly.

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Shen Cheng bought the “Octopus’s Temporary Residence” and watched as the small crystal ball-like object made the octopus couldn’t wait to squeeze into it. Starting from one tentacle, the entire giant monster was slowly put into the small crystal ball until its huge body became a piece sinking at the bottom of the rock inside the crystal ball.

The octopus was happily playing with the rock. Li Weilan saw that it had shrunk to a size of half a hand, sighed, and didn’t want to compete with a mini pet. He slowly climbed ashore, dried his body, and then released Shen Cheng from the space.

In the picture, the little octopus’s head was still desperately emitting speech bubbles.

Shen Cheng estimated that cub couldn’t see it, so she read it to him word by word: “This place seems to be my old home.”

“Sob sob sob, there are just a few fish missing.”

“I love raising fish the most. If you throw in more fish, I will take good care of them…”

“It would be best if you could give me a pond… My fish life would be complete.”

After reading the last sentence, Shen Cheng couldn’t help but sarcastically remark, “Does an octopus count as a fish?”

“Hey, you can understand me!” The small octopus’s head once again produced a text bubble, and it happily floated up a bit. The remaining six tentacles scratched the rock, “Since you’re the first human who can understand what I’m saying, I won’t blame you for eating my tentacle!”

“…” What if I say I still want to eat it?

Yesterday, when Shen Cheng was crazily craving, she even wanted to click on “Octopus Takoyaki” to see if the game would really send her a serving of fried octopus balls.

Previously, the orange she received every day was basically part of a premium fruit platter, priced three times higher than the regular one, but there were still repeat customers. They say that after eating it, they could even lose weight and their acne would disappear.

She suspected that this game company wasn’t really making games, but making food.

But if octopuses were intelligent creatures, it felt a bit cruel to eat their tentacles, didn’t it?

Sob sob, it seems that there will be no stable supply of fried octopus balls!

After listening to her words, Li Weilan his head, and Shen Cheng didn’t know what he was thinking. Then he suddenly said, “But if you’re not here, no one can communicate with it.”

This was a relatively big problem.

Shen Cheng suspected that the reason only ‘she’ could understand the octopus was because Druids had a ‘communicate with animals’ skill, and her projection could only be used for 24 hours. She herself didn’t know if she could still understand what the octopus was saying after the projection disappeared.

Li Weilan looked at her silence, his expression slightly dimming, and a sad expression appeared on his face. There was no dimple.

Her silence only meant one thing, and that was that she could still leave.

She couldn’t stay, so she didn’t say “I will always be here”.

Li Weilan felt an impulse surge up from within, causing him to grasp the hand of the projection, but his gaze was fixed on Shen Cheng outside of the void, muttering, “One day is not enough…”

Shen Cheng’s heart pounded fiercely twice.

“Master, please don’t leave me,” he whispered softly and gently as he looked into her eyes.

“…” Yes…I’m sorry, I have a nosebleed.

Cub, mother won’t leave you behind!

Shen Cheng recalled the primary contract she signed, and she had already promised him that she would not abandon him. So now when she answered, Shen Cheng was a little more courageous, and no longer felt indebted: “I will not abandon you!”

In the crystal ball, Quan Quan patted the wall, and then began to applaud crazily, like a mentally disabled: “It looks good! It looks good! Act more!” Shen Cheng froze, and then remembered that there was this octopus that can act cute and understand human language. She stared ferociously at the octopus that was shining like a big light bulb beside her, grinding her teeth fiercely Said: “You! Hand! No! It’s gone!”


Sandy: Oh cub, you flirt shtoppp *shy

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