Ch 52: TGCIR

Quan Quan didn’t realize that it had already provoked Shen Cheng.

Shen Cheng was originally angry and wanted to hit it, but she realized that the octopus was a bit clever only after seeing Li Weilan being disturbed. Shen Cheng didn’t dare to translate the octopus’s words. Instead, she quickly began to ask questions while holding the crystal ball with the octopus inside: “Why did you bang the door yesterday?”

At this question, Quan Quan became a little shy and lowered its head to glance at Shen Cheng, then lowered its head again, and then even lower.

Even a fool could tell that it seemed to have something to say to Shen Cheng.

Although a giant octopus may be terrifying due to its fear of huge creatures, when it shrinks hundreds of times and becomes a small one, this action is particularly cute.

Shen Cheng looked at its particularly human-like movements and then saw that Quan Quan had lost two of its tentacles. She didn’t have the heart to do anything else to the small octopus and gently urged it, “Why did you do it? Tell me.”

“I’ve seen him!” The octopus waved one of its tentacles and happily pointed in Shen Cheng’s direction. “I’ve seen him! So I wanted to say hello to him! But now I look like this, he probably doesn’t recognize me anymore… sob, who knew you guys would attack me as soon as you came up!”

After Shen Cheng translated what the octopus said, Li Weilan was taken aback.

He still didn’t know the octopus’s name, but the octopus said it knew him?

He seemed to have no impression at all.

The octopus saw Li Weilan shaking his head and couldn’t help showing a little sad expression, “I was picking up discarded items to eat in the sewer at that time, and every time I swam through that section, I would see him…”

Shen Cheng saw the bubble clearly and suddenly froze: sewer? Discarded items?

This should have happened after the apocalypse, right?

Where did Quan Quan meet Li Weilan?

She was glad she didn’t immediately translate the sentence and instead asked, “Where is that place you mentioned? What are you doing there?”

“Of course, we’re doing experiments,” Quan Quan said, shaking its head and speaking, “If it wasn’t for the experiments, my body wouldn’t have become transparent. They say those people want to study the secrets of eternal life and gave me genes from jellyfish and earthworms and such, so I can be this powerful…”


Shen Cheng vaguely felt a slight pain in her heart: if they spliced together all sorts of genes from jellyfish and earthworms on the octopus, and it turned out like this, then what about cub? Her cub who experienced unknown experiments in the research institute like it did? In a place she couldn’t see, did cub also have unhealed wounds?

She didn’t want to bring it up again and changed the subject, “Who gave you your name?”

“My former owner,” Quan Quan said, its tentacles going limp when it mentioned this, “I was originally kept in a beautiful fish tank, eating and sleeping. Suddenly one day, I woke up and found my body was getting bigger and bigger, and some people were cutting my flesh. After they cut it off, they replaced it with some new parts, but that was also when my appearance started changing…”

Shen Cheng guessed that when it said it woke up, it meant it gained consciousness.

In other words, Quan Quan used to have an owner, and this pet octopus probably gained consciousness during the apocalypse and became a mutant creature, while its owner, for some reason, did not stay by its side.

Quan Quan said in a small voice, “I can come with you, but do you want the fish in the pond?”

“??? You can shrink all the fish and bring them with us?”

Quan Quan opened its huge mouth with an “ahh” and revealed its deep, bottomless interior. Its black mouth seemed to lead to some other dimension.

Quan Quan blinked its eyes mischievously, and its small eyes sparkled with cunning: “If you want fish, you must help me find my little master! Otherwise, I’ll…”

It hesitated for a moment, probably reluctant to eat all the fish in the “fish pond”: “I’ll eat half and bring half!”

“…” Shen Cheng doubted if they had made a loss-making deal.

With the appetite of this octopus, even if fish production increased by 100%, it might not be enough for it to eat.

She translated Quan Quan’s last sentence to Li Weilan and let him make a decision.

Li Weilan had been patiently waiting on the side, saying nothing.

Although he could only hear Shen Cheng’s words, he could infer from the octopus’s body movements and Shen Cheng’s words and phrases that the octopus knew him.

Thinking back to where he might have encountered this octopus…he could guess more or less.

He didn’t mind the fact that he had been through several labs and had lived with “monsters” before, but since she was avoiding the topic carefully and even brought up another topic to avoid upsetting him, he naturally accepted her kindness.

She wanted to avoid mentioning it, so he kept his mouth shut.

He just pretended that he had no idea what they were talking about until she carefully asked him, “The octopus said it wants us to help it find its little master. The condition is that it wants to take all the fish in the fish pond with it. Do you think we can agree to this condition?”

Find its little master?

When Li Weilan heard the word “master,” he thought of his relationship with her.

In fact, for him, whether she was called a master or a guardian angel, the title didn’t matter. What was important was that their bond still existed.

Since this octopus has an owner, it doesn’t have to worry about having other pets.

Li Weilan’s face showed a hint of a smile and nodded gently, “Okay. But we can only do our best. Before we find its owner, it can’t cause any trouble for us. Also, if we find the owner and they stand against us, it must at least not help them.”

“Wow, you have really detailed thinking, cub!” Shen Cheng praised.

Listening to his almost flawless reasoning, Shen Cheng nodded approvingly.

She repeated his words, and Quan Quan listened with almost drooping eyes. Although the octopus had developed intelligence, it seemed to have weak logic and intelligence, “What trouble? You just have to find them! I won’t rush you! And what do you mean by not helping? When the young owner becomes the old owner and you become the new owner, I can let the old owner help you, can’t I?”

“…” That seems to make sense.

Although Shen Cheng was unsure if Quan Quan could really be the octopus’s “old owner,” she agreed to Quan Quan’s proposal because she heard that the young owner was a cute and doting child.

After they agreed, Quan Quan crawled to the edge of the crystal ball and opened its mouth wide. The water in the lake surged like crazy through the channel and into the octopus’s huge mouth, with the fish jumping inside, occasionally splashing a few small drops of water.

When the lake calmed down, Li Weilan suddenly felt that the lake’s life had disappeared.

It was as if all the life in the lake had left with the octopus.

Was it because the octopus took away all the fish?

Shen Cheng asked Quan Quan, and Quan Quan patted its round belly and smiled, “There were no fish in this lake to begin with. These fish are all my little pets!”

Oh? That’s amazing!

From the attribute “Fish Farming Speed 80%” on Quan Quan, it can be seen that Quan Quan is of great benefit to the base. Similar attributes were only seen by the author in totems or artifacts in previous games. This octopus also has such attributes. What kind of monster did these experimenters raise when they did their experiments!

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Shen Cheng didn’t delve into it for the time being, but she noticed that when they left the lake, the map was completely closed and replaced by a name change from “Abandoned Lake” to “Polluted Lake”.

Shortly after Quan Quan left, this lake also changed from its original beauty to a lifeless state.

Not long after, a group of scientists stopped by the lake.

Among them was a tall man in uniform who found the leftover tentacle slices and mucus in the cabin. After his subordinates confirmed that these traces were indeed from the giant octopus they were looking for, the man’s face turned gloomy.

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The ability of the giant octopus should be invincible in water.

Whether it’s stealth, sneak attacks, or commanding fish schools, it makes it impossible for hunters to get close.

But now, the remaining giant octopus was only a mess of gnawed tentacle fragments?

Who could have treated their experimental subjects like this?

Could it be other monsters that escaped from the No.4 Research Institute?

“Sir…” a man in a white research uniform walked up to him and whispered, “One of the footprints disappeared halfway. We are still tracking another person.”

“Damn it.” He gritted his teeth. “Keep watch and report to me once there is a similar abnormal energy fluctuation.”

Shen Cheng and Li Weilan quickly returned to Noah with the octopus. Xu Zhou was another ability user from a different base who also wanted to catch fish. Shen Cheng and Li Weilan thought he had been through a lot on the way, so they didn’t mention the fact that the giant octopus had become their pet. Instead, they gave him a few fish, but they also told him that the fish in the lake seemed to have disappeared. Xu Zhou vaguely guessed that this change was related to them. Although the lake was relatively close to their base and used to be a stable source of meat, it was now gone. He saw that their abilities were strange and didn’t say much to them, but he did say he would report back to the base.

When they returned to the base, Shen Cheng found that the “Basic Fish Pond” was now available for purchase. She clicked “Purchase Basic Fish Pond” and saw a small deep blue lake appear at the bottom of the base. She and Li Weilan took the octopus to the location, but the octopus started to complain softly: “It’s not big enough to live in.”

Oh, right. Shen Cheng sighed and said, “It says next to the little octopus that it needs a ‘Medium Fish Pond’. Sigh, upgrading from Basic to Medium costs 500G!”

She had completed the “Fish Retrieval Mission” task yesterday, which gave her 200G, but she still needed another 300G.

She felt so sad that she had to spend a lot of money just to put the octopus in the base to start raising fish.

Li Weilan noticed that both she and the octopus had stopped moving and were murmuring to themselves. After a while, the fish pond expanded.

What was used in the process of expansion?

The base buildings were created out of thin air and expanded out of thin air… What was she using?


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