Ch 50: TGCIR

Li Weilan stood with his back to the direction of the tentacles, unable to see their movements. But Shen Cheng, with her keen eyes, could see everything clearly. She directed her character to charge forward, and a huge bear pushed him aside with its bulky body, roaring as it charged towards the tentacles.

The tentacle monster was clearly startled.

Li Weilan fell on his back as the bear’s plump butt pushed him away. When he stood up and turned around, all he saw was the huge bear slapping the water, sending splashes of water flying everywhere. The lake water was dark, and he couldn’t see the fighting figures of the bear and the tentacles, which made him frightened.

Shen Cheng commanded the fat bear to jump into the water, only to discover that the tentacle monster’s body was surprisingly large: it had eight waving tentacles, and the one she slapped was one of the smaller ones.

She sat on it with her butt, pressing it firmly, and then used her claws to tear it apart. With a “puchi” sound, the sharp claws cut off half of the large tentacle.

The monster’s body felt pain, and there was a loud rumble in the water. The creature retreated hastily and disappeared into the water.

Shen Cheng crawled out of the water with the tentacle in her mouth, shaking off the thick fur on her body and then walked slowly to Li Weilan’s side, nudging him with her plump body. With a “pasi” sound, she let go of the big tentacle in her mouth.

Li Weilan reached out and rubbed her wet head, unafraid of her fierce appearance, burying his face in her bear face and letting out a long sigh.

“… What’s wrong with him? Why is he acting cute?” Shen Cheng thought.

She felt anxious when he was rubbing her.

It took Li Weilan a long time to calm down. When he turned around just now, he saw her rushing into the water without any care or consideration, which caused him to panic. He heard the sound behind him and had already grasped Thunder in his hand. However, to his surprise, her movements were faster than his reaction. In that instant when she rushed towards him, he looked at the black lake surface behind her and felt a deep sense of fear.

At that moment, he already knew that he couldn’t lose her.

No matter how subtle their connection was, no matter how elusive their relationship was, he only had one thought, and that was that he couldn’t accept losing her.

Suddenly, Li Weilan let go of the bear.

The bear, with its human-like gestures, scratched its head and obediently pushed the octopus tentacle towards him. Its voice sounded cheerful and relaxed: “Shall we grill the octopus tentacles? They should be delicious!”

Her words made Li Weilan laugh and cry.

He gave the bear a deep look and sighed slightly before nodding reluctantly. “Okay.”

Xu Zhou brought a firestone, and Li Weilan’s space still had some spices such as chili powder and salt. They lit a small fire in the house, and Li Weilan cut the tentacles into small pieces and sprinkled some cumin and chili powder on them before grilling them over the fire. The bear sat next to him, scratching its chubby paw on its face, and a subtle expression of grievance could be seen on its bear face.

Li Weilan didn’t know if he was thinking too much, but he couldn’t help but wonder: grievance? She knew that her soul wasn’t in this body anymore… It was probably just an illusion.

But Shen Cheng was indeed feeling a bit sad. She looked at her watch and saw that it was almost midnight. Although the mobile game had only pictures and no taste, looking at the status and description of “grilled octopus tentacles,” as well as the sizzling sound, made her feel like her mouth was watering.

It’s not fair to poison people in the middle of the night, cub ah!

The little crying person in her heart had just cried for a while, but she saw that Li Weilan had already grilled the first batch of tentacles. He carefully blew on them and picked one up, pinching it lightly and then feeding it into the bear’s mouth.

Xu Zhou, who was standing next to him, was about to cry: Can people and bears show affection like this? Why do I feel so jealous? He was thinking earlier that this big boss was so attentive, but it turned out that he was feeding the bear himself! He was even afraid that the bear might have difficulty eating, so he directly fed it into its mouth one by one. He felt like he had eaten so much dog food in his heart.

On the other hand, Shen Cheng was stunned for a moment before thinking in her heart, “AWSL.”

Ah, why is her cub so considerate!

The first bite of the roasted food was fed to mom, and she felt so pleased! This is what it means to have a well-behaved and considerate child, and mom is willing to spend as much money as needed to raise them.

Li Weilan watched the little bear eat with satisfaction and finally relaxed.

He did all of this purely out of impulse, and only thought about her inability to eat their food after he had fed her. Seeing her happily munch away, he smiled, and a small dimple appeared on his lips.

Shen Cheng couldn’t resist any longer and sat down next to him, resting her large head on his shoulder – it was a sweet burden.

The little bear rubbed against his shoulder in a human-like way, even brushing her mouth with the cumin-flavored tentacles she had just finished gnawing on, before rubbing her head against his chest twice. Li Weilan patted her head and both of them ignored the stunned and confused expression of Xu Zhou on the other side.

Shen Cheng watched this heartwarming scene on the screen and thought to herself, “This is filial piety!”

Although she hadn’t actually tasted the food, her heart was filled with sweetness and joy!

Neither Li Weilan nor Shen Cheng noticed that the surface of the lake began to churn with anger when they took the first bite of the tentacles.

The tentacles were particularly large and fatty, and after they finished eating, both of them were lazily lying on the ground. Bear Cheng even stretched and rubbed her stomach like a human. Shen Cheng looked at her own state and realized she was full.

They would have to fish early in the morning, and originally, both Li Weilan and Shen Cheng had planned to go into the water to fish – the idea was to transform into bears and simply dive into the water to fish, but now that there were monster tentacles in the water, it was obvious that making a net or using a hook would be a better choice.

Li Weilan’s space didn’t have a fishing net.

But the materials to make a fishing net were readily available.

Soon, Xu Zhou watched the seemingly clumsy bear use a badminton racket to dismantle the net inside the racket, then roll up the old gauze on the window bit by bit, and finally stick it on the racket to make a small net.

The chubby brown bear tilted its head and stretched out its big paws to gently pat the surface of the net, until it confirmed that the net was sturdy enough before handing it to Li Weilan. With its clever and nimble hands, it didn’t seem like just an ordinary chubby bear.

During this process, the bear didn’t give him any chance to intervene, and its cleverness and flexibility were like that of a snail girl.

(Note: “The Story of a Snail Girl” is a Chinese folk tale about a poor farmer who discovers a magical snail in his field. The snail transforms into a beautiful girl as a result of the farmer’s kindness. The snail girl uses her magical powers to help others, becoming known for her kindness and healing abilities.)

Li Weilan took the tennis racket and fishing net and said thank you. Xu Zhou, who had been watching the whole time, could only twitch his face, filled with the feeling of being crushed by the bear even in handicrafts. Even though he knew that the bear was once a human, the feeling was the same.


The night passed quickly.

Apart from the small episode where the tentacles dressed up as ghosts were eaten, nothing strange happened in the second half of the night. When dawn broke, Shen Cheng’s skill CD had also reset, and she first turned her druid projection back into a human form, holding a staff and returning to the lakeside with Li Weilan.

The lake was beautiful during the day, with calm and peaceful waters, and it was hard to imagine what had happened last night.

Li Weilan used the net to fish for a bit.


He fished again, still empty.

Were there no fish in the lake?

Shen Cheng didn’t believe it.

She remembered that when she was reading the introduction to this abandoned lake, it said “abundant fish resources,” so it was impossible not to catch any fish!

Could it be that the tentacled monster from last night was still causing trouble?

Was it possible that without killing the tentacled monster, they wouldn’t be able to catch any fish?

Shen Cheng is not very superstitious.

But as far as the eye can see, there are no fish at all…

As a long-range archer, Xu Zhou’s eyesight is better than the others. At this moment, Xu Zhou saw a small group of fish about several meters away on the right side. He pulled on his sleeve to signal them to go over. However, when they arrived, they found that the fish had all disappeared once again.

The next spot they went to with fish was the same.

Even if they walked as lightly and quietly as possible, there was no change.

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Now everyone confirmed that it seemed that it was not that there were no fish in the lake, but that they couldn’t catch any fish until they dealt with the octopus monster. Either that monster was a protector of all the fish in the lake, or it considered all these fish as its own private property. Either way, if they wanted to eat fish, they had to negotiate with it first.

Shen Cheng licked her lips: “Cub really got skills. Last night, I even had grilled squid in my dream!”

Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, with an umami flavor!

But the most annoying thing was that when she woke up this morning, she could only lick her lips, feeling very hungry!

The fragrance still lingered on her lips, just like she really ate it in her dream.

Thinking about that taste, Shen Cheng felt…motivated to fight the octopus monster again today.

Li Weilan looked at the calm lake water but became a little worried: if this were a land monster, it would be relatively simple. But a monster under the lake…and now looking at the lake’s surface, it didn’t seem to have any intention of coming up. How could they fight it?

A new task prompt appeared on Shen Cheng’s phone at this time:

【Help the protagonist complete the fish-catching mission. Task reward: 200G, and a building can be constructed: Fish Pond (Primary)】

Shen Cheng blinked her eyes, looked at the calm lake on the screen, clicked on the game store, and found the task assistance tool she remembered: the underwater breather.

【Underwater Breather: Single use. Allows breathing underwater for 6 hours. Price: 30G】

30G is equivalent to thirty Yuan, but Shen Cheng earned 200G from completing yesterday’s mission, so she bought two of them, one for Li Weilan and one for herself.

Li Weilan put on the breather, looked at her, and they both jumped into the water with a splash.

Ripples appeared on the surface of the water, and Xu Zhou standing on the lake suddenly felt… that he seemed to be redundant.

As soon as they got into the water, Shen Cheng saw circles of mosquito-eye icons representing “dizziness” appearing on her projected body.

Huh? What’s going on?

Seeing the question marks popping up on her head, Shen Cheng became anxious, but she controlled the joystick and found that the projection was swaying uncontrollably, just like someone who was drunk.

Fortunately, Li Weilan noticed her abnormality in time and pulled her up.

Unable to speak in the water, circles of question marks kept popping up on Shen Cheng’s projected head, and the screen was shaking. At this time, she vaguely heard a strange sound wave, which was so powerful that it made her dizzy in reality when it came out of her headphones.

What is it?

After a while, she saw a small bubble floating up from the darkest center of the lake, with a line of words floating on it: “Why chase the fish?”

It also had a crying face attached.

“…?” Can monsters in the lake talk?


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