Chapter 55: Busy Farming in the Last Days

Gunshots rang out outside shortly after, causing the people in the factory to tense up, but then they all relaxed together. The sound of footsteps grew closer and closer, and then someone knocked forcefully on the door. “Is everyone inside okay?”

“No, there are no casualties inside,” Ji Cha quickly replied.

“Did you kill all these zombies?” the person outside asked.

Ji Cha confirmed it, and the soldiers outside murmured a few words before speaking up loudly, “Stay inside for now and wait for further instructions.”

With the number of zombies that came and most people having houses to defend themselves, there were only a few unlucky ones who died because they were caught within the range of the zombie attack. The rest of the people were unharmed.

The military quickly disposed of the remaining scattered zombies and took away a few injured people who had not yet turned into zombies.

“I was bitten on my hand, please amputate it! I don’t want to die!” someone shouted, but most people just hung their heads in despair. After living in the apocalypse for so long, they knew that once the virus entered the body, turning into a zombie was only a matter of time. They had already wasted several hours, so amputation or similar treatments were no longer an option.

Before, both the military and individuals had faced the rapid transformation of dead bodies into zombies. It was better to eliminate the risk early on rather than leave a potential hazard. Therefore, more people just turned their heads and didn’t look, creating a surprisingly silent scene.

It wasn’t until around noon that the soldiers came knocking on the door again. It was Zhao Tiankuo, who had some injuries on his face and looked a little unwell. But when he saw Ji Cha staring at the wound on his cheek, he smiled easily and said, “Don’t worry, this was just from the chaos, and has nothing to do with the zombies. I came to tell you that we don’t need to make tofu today. Let’s start tomorrow. Two of the six workers here have died, so remember to go to the recruitment point and find two more workers tomorrow morning.”

Ji Cha’s heart sank. He had been employing them for some time, and compared to the other people outside the base, he felt a greater resonance with those he knew personally who had died.

Zhao Tiankuo casually reported their names, his expression already numb to death.

“Oh, and the technicians we were supposed to bring today, they haven’t come yet. We’ll wait until the security facilities around here are completed and the walls and dormitories are built before bringing them in, ensuring their safety first.”

Although the technicians did not arrive on schedule, the military did send several large agricultural machinery in the afternoon, parked outside the factory gates, and set up protective barriers around the area.

“You can modify it outside here. I’ll leave a soldier behind to ensure your safety. If you need anything, just tell us and we’ll find a way to get it for you.”

Zhang Xing was very excited as he stood in front of the armed soldier. He walked around the agricultural machinery several times, very satisfied with this work. He didn’t know how to farm, but he was very familiar with these things.

So he even had more confidence when he spoke, “Alright, I’ll make a list later and give it to you. I still have to take it apart to see what I need specifically.”

The factory was less busy today, and there were no outsiders around. Everyone sat in the living room, feeling worried about the zombie attack.

Li Xiuzhen sighed, “If they keep coming like this in the future…”

“It won’t happen,” Wang Qinxue said, “The protection outside will only get stronger, and the zombies didn’t cause too much damage today.”

Ji Cha walked to the window and looked up at the setting sun, then at the clock on the wall. It was already four o’clock in the afternoon, and Liang Jincheng hadn’t returned yet.

Although he had told himself earlier that Liang Jincheng might not come back this soon, Ji Cha couldn’t help but worry.

Ji Cha even regretted a little that he didn’t agree to Liang Jincheng’s more excessive demands last night.

“Let’s just stick to moral kidnapping. You’re the one who’s always pretending to be righteous.” In his heart, Ji Cha repeatedly blamed himself, and was afraid that his grandmother would notice something wrong, so he could only hold back his emotions and went upstairs after dinner.

Because of the tension during the day, falling asleep was not difficult. However, because of his worry about Liang Jincheng, Ji Cha woke up shortly after falling asleep.

He sat up in bed and thought for a while, then got up in the darkness, opened the door lightly, and walked to the living room.

Ji Cha felt very lost and uneasy due to the uncertainty of Liang Jincheng’s whereabouts and safety. He walked carefully to Liang Jincheng’s door and looked around. Everyone else was sleeping in the dark.

He then cautiously opened the door and sneaked into Liang Jincheng’s room.

Liang Jincheng’s room was very simply furnished. Compared with Ji Cha’s room, which had a more lived-in feeling, his room was incredibly empty. Apart from a wardrobe, a bed, and a stool, even the desk had been moved out. In its place were several heavy and terrifying pieces of exercise equipment, lying quietly on the ground.

Ji Cha walked to the bed, picked up Liang Jincheng’s blanket, and sniffed his scent on it. This gave him some comfort, and he slowly lay down on the bed, falling asleep at some point.

The night was deep.

Two jeeps drove down the main road, kicking up dust behind them. They stopped at the wall of the S base and were inspected by soldiers.

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When the soldiers saw the symbols on the two jeeps, they didn’t dare to make things difficult for them and simply greeted the people in the cars before allowing them to pass.

The people in the two jeeps did not look tired at all, and instead were full of energy, joking and laughing.

“Can we take a day off tomorrow?” Qin Shuang asked. “This trip has been really tough.”

“We led away several thousand zombies, which we risked our lives to do. Shouldn’t that earn us a break?”

“Boss,” Qin Shuang leaned back in her seat with one hand, grinning at Liang Jincheng who was driving, “They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. When you go back this time, Ji Cha is bound to be thrilled to see you.”

Liang Jincheng heard Ji Cha’s name, and a faint smile appeared on his previously expressionless face. He spoke slowly, almost sparingly, “I hope so.”

The jeeps soon parted ways at the factory gate, and Qin Shuang and the others got out of the car.

Liang Jincheng easily climbed over the wall and then climbed up to the rooftop, without even gasping for air. It was as easy as walking on flat ground.

Without disturbing anyone, he quickly walked to the second floor. Liang Jincheng went to the bathroom first and freshened up a bit, then slowly walked to Ji Cha’s door and pushed it open, only to find that there was no one inside.

Liang Jincheng thought that something might have happened, and he became alert. But he soon noticed that there was breathing coming from his own room. Could it be…?

This hypothesis made his heart race. He walked faster and faster until he twisted the doorknob of his own room.

Ji Cha was indeed curled up in his bed.

His sleeping posture was not very good. At this moment, his legs were entangled with the cotton quilt that Liang Jincheng brought, his cheek was crooked on his pillow, and the collar of his pajamas was unbuttoned, revealing his alluring collarbone.

This scene was like washing a little white rabbit and sending it to the mouth of a big bad wolf for Liang Jincheng at this moment. Who could resist taking a bite?

He chuckled lowly, and slowly began to unbutton his own clothes.

In the darkness where he couldn’t see his fingers, Ji Cha slept defenselessly, not knowing that danger was approaching him.

He rolled over in a hazy sleep, turned his back to Liang Jincheng, and his feet also stretched out from between the futons and placed them horizontally on his back. Liang Jincheng walked over silently, and at this time the shirt on his body had been almost dragged off by him with brute force and thrown aside.

The button fell to the ground with a soft tinkling sound, stirring Ji Cha from his slumber and causing him to wake up slightly, feeling a sense of unease.

At this moment, it was already too late.

Liang Jincheng’s fingers seized Ji Cha’s ankle tightly, gripping it with increasing force as he pulled him closer. Ji Cha felt a surge of fear welling up within him, ready to cry out for help, but before he could, a searing kiss descended upon his lips. Liang Jincheng’s breath was scorching, and Ji Cha instantly recognized who it was.

“How do you…” Only came back at this time … Ji Cha’s words were cut short as he finally regained his senses. He wanted to inquire about the situation, but before he could utter a complete sentence, Liang Jincheng took advantage of the opportunity. His tongue swiftly darted into Ji Cha’s mouth, skillfully locating and entwining with Ji Cha’s tongue, pulling it inside and sucking hard.

Liang Jincheng’s calloused fingertips traced along the edge of Ji Cha’s sleepwear, ascending until they rested upon the two crimson dots on Ji Cha’s chest. What was previously a gentle caress and probing instantly transformed into a ferocious kneading, as if driven by a fervent desire to tear away a piece of Ji Cha’s flesh.

This caused Ji Cha some discomfort, but more than that, it was the scorching sensation brought by the rough fingertips rubbing against his tender and sensitive area. Unable to restrain himself, he arched his chest forcefully and let out a soft moan through his nose. His movements were a combination of evading and accommodating.

Liang Jincheng’s movements were urgent. After thoroughly exploring Ji Cha’s tongue, he shifted his kisses downwards. He trailed kisses along Ji Cha’s neck and gently latched onto his Adam’s apple, tenderly nibbling and sucking on it.

This almost emptied Ji Cha’s rationality. He lay on his back in the darkness, panting uncontrollably, passively accepting all the passion that Liang Jincheng bestowed upon him. It continued until Liang Jincheng’s other hand couldn’t resist the longing to explore further down his body.

“No, it can’t.” Ji Cha’s intermittent attempts to resist and catch his breath seemed feeble at this moment. The fingertips placed on Liang Jincheng’s wrist trembled uncontrollably in response to his actions.


Liang Jincheng grasped Ji Cha’s hardened penis. He had imagined this scene countless times before and knew how excited he might be when this moment finally arrived. He underestimated Ji Cha’s influence on him.

At this time, just touching Ji Cha’s genital and feeling his excitement under his own strokes, Liang Jincheng felt that even his breathing was so hot that he felt like he was about to burn, and his own penis began to swell, clamoring to go galloped in Ji Cha’s soft little hole.

“I want to see you down there.” Liang Jincheng breathed heavily, and his hot breath spraying against Ji Cha’s ear. Following that sentence, Liang Jincheng licked his earlobe, producing a provocative and sensual sound. “Chacha, I want to lick it…”

Ji Cha’s emotions surged in the sea of desire stirred up by Liang Jincheng. His face was flushed to the point where his original color was almost unrecognizable. He never expected that the intense passion he had experienced before was only a fraction of what Liang Jincheng was capable of. At this moment, he found himself uttering such audacious words…

“No, don’t,” Ji Cha was forced to tears by the unbearable intense pleasure, he put his hands on Liang Jincheng’s shoulders, and said softly with a trembling voice, “Liang Jincheng, I’m afraid, don’t be like this…”

“Chacha,” Liang Jincheng slowly stopped his movements, and even withdrew his hand from Ji Cha’s pants. In an instant, all the intense waves of emotion came to a sudden halt, leaving Ji Cha with a faint sense of disappointment in his heart.

He rubbed his eyes and tried to free himself from Liang Jincheng’s grasp when he heard Liang Jincheng’s voice slowly by his ear, “When you cry, I want to fuck you to death on the bed.”

Almost as soon as the words fell, Ji Cha was suddenly turned over and lay on the bed like a small turtle. Liang Jincheng took off his pants almost as easily as breathing and dragged Ji Cha’s pants to his ankles. He then pinched Ji Cha’s waist with both hands and pushed his fleshy butt up high.

Ji Cha exclaimed, and before he had time to react to how shameful his actions were, Liang Jincheng had already begun a new round of attack.

His one hand reached in front of him and quickly stroked Ji Cha’s hard and straight sex organ while the other hand first erotically rubbed his ass cheeks, and then spread them aside to reveal the unexplored flower hole. Lin Jincheng slowly rubbed his thumb at the entrance of the small hole without hesitation.

Ji Cha’s waist was almost soft at once, and the pleasure coming from behind almost overshadowed the joy of the penis. He had no idea that a place that no one had touched could be so sensitive.

Ji Cha’s reaction stimulated Liang Jincheng’s movements even more. He jerked Ji Cha up and put him in a 69 position, and then touched his hard unbearable sex organ to Ji Cha’s lips. Panting, he said, “Chacha, take me in your mouth, huh?”

Ji Cha was in a daze, seeing a big cock knocked down in front of him, he was about to cry and wanted to say no, but when he parted his lips to speak, it felt as if he was granting the man an opportunity. Ji Cha’s mouth was instantly filled with the head of Liang Jincheng’s penis.

The head alone was already huge, almost taking up most of Ji Cha’s mouth, he subconsciously refused. The tip of his tongue pressed against the glans wanting to push it out. Unbeknownst to him, this gesture elicited a heavy snort from Liang Jincheng.

Having been under Liang Jincheng’s control all along, Ji Cha finally grasped a lifeline, realizing that escaping Liang Jincheng’s clutches might not be possible today. This realization filled him with a hint of anger, so he went all out and held Liang Jincheng’s genital. Clumsily, he stroked it up and down and began to suck neither light nor heavy.

Just this move alone was almost enough to suck the soul out of Liang Jincheng. Without anything else, just knowing that it was Ji Cha doing this made him feel so satisfied that he felt he could die.

The thing in his mouth that he thought had swelled to the maximum suddenly became bigger at this moment, Ji Cha snorted and almost burst into tears.

At the same time, Liang Jincheng’s fingers, which were just lingering at the entrance of the cave, abruptly slipped in. Ji Cha’s back stiffened, and he was just about to break free, he felt Liang Jincheng’s fingertips twirling in his back acupoint. When the fingers suddenly pressed on a slightly different spot, Ji Cha almost jumped out of bed.

He couldn’t help opening his mouth to moan, but his mouth was still blocked by Liang Jincheng’s sex organ, and he could only let out a lewd cry from his nasal cavity that changed its tone to extremely erotic.

Liang Jincheng’s fingertips were quickly pulled out and pushed in again, this time directing at the sensitive point he found just now.

Ji Cha was so fucked that he was at a lost for words. He fell limply. He was so overwhelmed with pleasure that he almost lost consciousness and couldn’t control his own cries.

“Mmm, ummm…mm!”

Fortunately, there was a big thing in his mouth, and he subconsciously knew that he couldn’t yell out loud now.

Liang Jincheng patiently carried out thorough foreplay. He smeared all Ji Cha’s semen on his back hole and slowly turned two fingers into three. When Ji Cha swallowed all four fingers without hindrance and pain. Liang Jincheng picked him up and put his penis against Ji Cha’s hole with the two of them facing each other.

Ji Cha was rendered completely powerless by this actions, feeling limp all over. With freedom between his lips and teeth and the lingering pleasure still coursing through his body, Ji Cha intermittently let out soft moans in response to Liang Jincheng’s touch.

Panting, Liang Jincheng whispered into Ji Cha’s ear, “Who is fucking you?”

“Liang Jincheng, Liang, Jincheng…” Ji Cha covered his eyes with the back of his hand in shame. He knew what was going to happen, but he couldn’t control his lustful reaction, so he could only use a little cover to deviate from what he couldn’t control now. He needed to do something to alleviate this embarrassment.

The thick cock pressed against the soft hole and then slowly drilled into it uncontrollably. Although it has been fully expanded by the fingers, Ji Cha’s hole still seemed a bit reluctant to take in the huge object. Ji Cha only felt that his asshole was so swollen.

Liang Jincheng’s kiss fell on his lips, “Don’t be afraid…”

As he spoke, he began to rub Ji Cha’s penis very gently, and lowered his head to suck the nipple. Only when he fully inserted the entire length inside and Ji Cha showed a relaxed expression again, did Liang Jincheng slowly began to move.

His movements went from slow to fast, and in the end, he hit Ji Cha’s buttocks almost uncontrollably, and he couldn’t help but lean back.

Liang Jincheng’s thick and hard genital was faintly visible between Ji Cha’s ass cheeks, bringing out a rush of slapping sounds. At first, Ji Cha bit his lips and silently endured the pleasure that was so intense that he almost lost all self-consciousness, but soon he couldn’t control himself from moaning from the corner of his mouth.

It is particularly noticeable in the silent night.

Although Ji Cha knew that the sound insulation in the room was very good, he still tried his best to cover his mouth for fear of being heard by others.

“You, slow down,” he said with tears streaming from the corners of his eyes, afraid that Liang Jincheng’s violent movements would wake up others.

Their entangled bodies felt like two blazing flames, growing hotter and larger as they merged. There was no trace of reason left amidst the rising flames.

Ji Cha’s back hole tightly held Liang Jincheng’s dick, swallowing and sucking them, every stroke could bring out Liang Jincheng’s life. Every push of his can get Ji Cha’s enthusiastic response. The two hugged each other face to face, and Liang Jincheng’s movements below the waist almost turned into shadows. Every push could accurately rub Ji Cha’s sensitive inner walls.

Layers of pleasure accumulated, and amidst the constant penetration, Ji Cha hugged Liang Jincheng’s back unbearably, raised his head, searched for Liang Jincheng’s lips, and kissed him deeply.

The two of them ejaculated almost at the same time when the pleasure became so intense that they couldn’t contain themselves.

At the end of their lovemaking section, the two piled up on top of each other, like two mountains, drenched in sweat. They couldn’t move for a while.


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