Chapter 54: Busy Farming in the Last Days

Unexpectedly, before everything was back on track, the partially repaired defense measures of the base were put to a great test.

During the night when Liang Jincheng did not return, Ji Cha had insomnia. He tossed and turned in bed for a long time and couldn’t fall asleep, so he couldn’t help but complain about himself.

Normally, when Liang Jincheng disturbed his sleep, Ji Cha wished he could go to the ends of the earth, but when the real situation came, it turned out that Liang Jincheng couldn’t even adapt after just one night.

It was also fortunate that because he couldn’t fall asleep, Ji Cha heard the gradually rising turmoil outside very early. There were screams of men and women and sporadic gunfire. He jumped out of bed and opened the door to run towards the rooftop without saying a word.

Strict no-light strategy was being imposed in the S City base at night, but at this time, many people forgot about this rule when the commotion started and almost everyone found a way to illuminate things. The entire base was dotted with dim lights flashing everywhere, almost becoming the horn of death ignited at this moment.

The recent period was too smooth-sailing that Ji Cha almost forgot that they had not completely escaped the shadow of the zombies, and the S City base was not yet strong enough to deal with such zombie attacks as in the later days.

Ji Cha kept calm and looked around the factory building. Fortunately, there were not many people around the factory building, except for the wandering zombies near the wall. He couldn’t see any injured people. There were only two options at this time: either go out and kill the zombies or stay quietly in the factory building.

Ji Cha chose the second option without hesitation, but then he became worried because the daylight was about to begin. The rooster crowing in the factory was about to start in a while, and he lifted his telescope to look at the distant road where zombies were still streaming in.

The peace of the factory building was shattered, and everyone gradually woke up. After learning about the situation, everyone was worried and couldn’t think of a good countermeasure. At this moment, a rooster crowed almost breaking through the sky.

Zhang Xing trembled all over and immediately stood up from the sofa, “Rooster…”

“Why don’t we kill it?” Wang Qinxue continued, “We also have a batch of fertilized eggs on hand, and after hatching, we can still keep some for breeding.”

“But we don’t know if the egg incubator can be successful now,” Zhang Qinqin said, “What if it fails? Where do we find another rooster?”

The poultry had been raised for a long time, and everyone vaguely felt that the fortress they were in was strong enough to stop zombie attacks, so they were not willing to kill the rooster as their first choice.

Because they couldn’t come up with a decision, everyone turned to Ji Cha at this moment.

“We have fewer people here, so attracting zombies might be a good thing to some extent,” Ji Cha said, knowing that the factory fence could withstand several rounds of zombie attacks. “On top of that, if we can kill zombies at a safe distance, that’s the best option.”

“The key is to aim for the head,” Zhang Xing said. “We just need to find the right tool.”

Having watched many zombie movies and played zombie games, he knew a lot about how to deal with zombies, but he lacked courage.

The group made a decision and scattered around the factory to find suitable weapons that could quickly kill zombies with one blow while ensuring safety.

In the end, they settled on the steel pipes left over from the decoration, sharpened at the head with a metal file and wrapped with cloth at the tail to prevent friction with the hands.

Even the elderly grandparents who were waiting on the side did not sit idle. They were ready to lend a hand when needed.

The factory’s two doors played a big role at this time. Ji Cha and Wang Qinxue first moved a large wire mesh from the house. This was a small piece left over from making the fence, with each hole about four or five centimeters in diameter. They opened the first door and then told grandma Ji to immediately close it and not to open it randomly. Then, they fixed the wire mesh in front of the first door and slowly opened the first door to a gap of about thirty centimeters.

Zhang Xing held a thick rope that connected a hook on the ground between the first and second doors, keeping the first door open in this arc. After the rope was fixed, it would not be easily broken by zombies.

The door slowly opened, and there were not many zombies at the entrance, only one or two immediately surrounded them. Ji Cha took a deep breath and whispered, “We cannot be soft-hearted at this time. The head is the key, and it is safest to pierce directly through the skull.”

“If it doesn’t work, just stick the steel pipe into the zombie’s eyes. It’s effortless,” Zhang Xing whispered in Zhang Qinqin’s ear, fearing that she would not be able to make a decisive move.

Zhang Qinqin silently glanced at Zhang Xing, then wordlessly plunged the steel pipe she held through the hole. A muffled sound followed, and the steel pipe easily pierced through the zombie’s skull. With Zhang Qinqin pulling it back, the zombie that had blindly charged forward just a moment ago fell heavily to the ground.

Zhang Xing was lucky to stand far away, otherwise he would have been disgusted by the pus and fluid that might spray out.

Zhang Qinqin’s actions proved that Zhang Xing’s concerns were completely unnecessary.

With someone taking the initial actions, albeit a bit nauseating, it stirred up the emotions of the crowd. In addition, as the zombies heard the commotion from this side, they began to rush towards them. Wang Qinxue and Ji Cha struggled to hold down the wire mesh, allowing Zhang Qinqin and Zhang Xing to kill a wave of zombies first, and then the four of them exchanged positions in pairs to conserve their strength.

For a while, the only sound heard was the sound of flesh and blood splattering, as a dozen or so zombies fell down, almost blocking the entrance. However, the zombies showed no fear or retreat at the sight of their kind dying, and they continued to surge upward, full of desire for fresh meat.

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As time passed, the sky gradually began to brighten, and the previously intermittent crowing of roosters inside the room became less and less frequent. The corpses of the first zombies that fell in front of the main gate had piled up to several dozen, which to some extent slowed down the zombies’ movements, forming a pile of corpses.

Ji Cha took a breath and wiped the sweat from his forehead. “Let’s close the door and take a break.”

At this point, everyone’s strength was exhausted to varying degrees, and it was time to rest for a while.

The two of them struggled to push the door closed, cutting off the zombies’ bites from outside. After locking the door, the four of them relaxed their nerves and could rest for a while.

The first thing Ji Cha did when he returned to the factory was to run to the roof with a telescope to check the surrounding situation. After seeing clearly, he finally relaxed. The current situation was much better than he had expected.

Because it was already fully bright, the surrounding situation was also clear to Ji Cha. Military vehicles had already started to scatter and control the zombies. There were only five or six zombies left at the entrance of his factory, and the pile of corpses made up of zombies was even more eye-catching.

With some free time, Ji Cha was now only worried about what kind of situation Liang Jincheng would encounter when he left in this situation.


Thandar: For the people who have been living in the safe factory compound since the beginning, I think the group did a great job.

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