Chapter 56: Busy Farming in the Last Days

Ji Cha covered his eyes and didn’t move for a long time.

His body was soaked in slippery sweat, and even the sheets and covers on the bed had strange, indescribable stains. He couldn’t believe he had just slept with Liang Jincheng…

Slept with…

Liang Jincheng had just gotten out of bed and walked out the door quietly. Ji Cha felt even more ashamed and turned over, but his uncomfortable body touched a certain part, forcing him to grit his teeth and cover his face with a pillow.

The most shameful thing was his uncontrollable reaction just now, it was really embarrassing…

But before Ji Cha could feel sorry for himself for too long, Liang Jincheng came back in from outside. Through his fingers, Ji Cha saw him holding a basin of water with a towel on top, placing it on the floor as he half-knelt on the bed.

Liang Jincheng’s mood was obviously very happy, and it showed in almost every movement of his body.

“Chacha,” his voice was deep, but it made the hairs on the back of Ji Cha’s neck stand up, “Let me help you wash up, you don’t have to move.”

Liang Jincheng reached for Ji Cha’s ankle, trying to pull him closer to the bed.

Ji Cha quickly kicked his hand away and moved back, “No, no need. I’ll take a shower by myself later.”

Mainly because Liang Jincheng’s behavior just now was too scary, Ji Cha was afraid that he might turn into a cannibal again.

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Liang Jincheng sat on the edge of the bed and hugged Ji Cha tightly, kissing his forehead over and over again, saying in a low voice, “I’m very happy.”

At this moment, he had returned to his usual gentle and polite demeanor, not at all like the dirty old man full of vulgar words last night. Ji Cha’s heart was pounding, feeling like Liang Jincheng might have multiple personalities, but he couldn’t help but want to smile. His expression and body movements seemed a bit contradictory.

But he didn’t have time to think too much, because at this moment, there was suddenly the sound of someone opening the door and walking outside.

Ji Cha’s heart skipped a beat and he struggled to look at the clock on the wall. The hour hand clearly pointed to six, and it was already time for everyone to start getting up.

Liang Jincheng’s forehead pressed against his, “You probably can’t take a shower yet. Be good, let me help you wipe down, hmm?”

Ji Cha wanted to protest, but he couldn’t do much and could only nod in agreement.

After a tumultuous encounter that lasted for nearly half an hour, Ji Cha almost ignited Liang Jincheng’s desire for another round. Fortunately, Ji Cha resisted with all his might, his eyes turning red, and managed to temporarily subdue Liang Jincheng.

Around seven o’clock, Liang Jincheng went downstairs with light footsteps.

Grandma Ji saw him and said, “Oh, Xiaoliang, when did you come back?”

“This morning,” Liang Jincheng smiled. “Grandma, Chacha seems to have been tired yesterday, so he’s not feeling very well this morning. I let him rest upstairs, and I’ll help him with anything he needs.”

Grandma was also concerned about her grandson, so she nodded and wanted to bring breakfast to Ji Cha. Liang Jincheng naturally took on this task.

Although Ji Cha was embarrassed and a little angry, he ate his breakfast without hesitation. He put down his chopsticks after finishing half a bowl of porridge and exclaimed, “I almost starved to death…”

“Drink porridge all day today. I’m afraid you won’t feel well later,” Liang Jincheng sat by the bed, staring at Ji Cha, making him feel uneasy.

However, after last night, he felt he had a bit of leverage. He tilted his head and hummed, “So you want to starve me.”

“I was too reckless last night,” Liang Jincheng apologized and leaned in to give Ji Cha’s mouth, which still had some porridge, a kiss. He sincerely said, “I’ll go outside the base tomorrow to find a good lubricant.”

Ji Cha’s face, which had just calmed down, turned red again. He almost threw the bowl of porridge in Liang Jincheng’s face, “Get lost!”

He really couldn’t stand Liang Jincheng’s constant teasing.

Liang Jincheng first cleaned up the dishes and utensils used by Ji Cha, then tended to all kinds of poultry raised at home. Many leftover soybean dregs from making tofu couldn’t be used up, so Ji Cha dried them and stored them, not worrying about running out. As the scale of animal husbandry grew in the future, the amount of these feeds would increase exponentially, and they might not be enough.


Although the base was invaded by zombies, the impact was not significant because of its small scale, and the troops reacted fast. Except for a few civilian casualties, other losses were negligible.

Although this was good news, it also indicated that the construction of the base’s periphery was far from enough. Many families who had lost loved ones had not had time to mourn before being required by the army to participate in the new day’s production and construction.

The situation outside could not be estimated now, and wasting even a minute could bring unforeseeable consequences. Everyone understood this logic, and they were afraid of being the next one to die.

Liang Jincheng’s team of ability users played an irreplaceable and important role in this situation. To put it broadly, if they hadn’t led the zombies away last night, perhaps the S city base would no longer exist.

Although Ji Cha had gone through a night of “labors” yesterday, he couldn’t rest all day today. Just past noon, a junior officer from the army came to him. This time, for some reason, he unexpectedly relaxed his tone.

“The final result is probably out. You can leave the food you need here, and some straw-like resources can also be used for your animal breeding. However, breeding and planting must first meet the needs of the army to maintain the basic operation of the base. Then you can have the maximum scheduling power for the remaining livestock. As for food allocation, you will also have some say. You can have a certain degree of control over how much food is taken out of the warehouse. As for other small details, we can negotiate and compromise at that time.”

This result satisfied Ji Cha, who nodded and signed a simple agreement with the army. In fact, as far as Ji Cha was concerned, this agreement was useless. When the army wanted to keep its promise, they didn’t need this piece of paper. If the other party didn’t want to keep their promise, then what was the use of this paper? After all, this was not the pre-apocalyptic society, where whoever had the army had the most power.

Finally, the power plant was repaired after three days and basically restored its power generation function. With electricity, the slow pace of many manual labors increased significantly. This allowed many projects that were not moving very quickly before to increase their speed by several times almost overnight. The towering walls were finally completed around mid-November, and the construction of the S city base’s periphery was completed, leaving only its operation inside.


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