Chapter 30: Busy Farming in the Last Days

Ji Cha: If the ML keeps stealing my underwear, I might have to go commando soon.

“Murder, murder!” The old woman lives in a village with no information. How can she know that zombies are dangerous? In her opinion, although these people bite and eat people and it is terrifying, but they can move, walk and listen to sounds, which is not much different from ordinary people.

They were just sick, and it was said on TV that they would find corresponding treatments in the future. Translated on ho lo lo novels. Now, she looked at the neighbors she had known for decades. Their palms were facing down, but their heads were twisted upwards, and they seemed to be looking at the sky unwillingly. There is a rotten smell on the aging faces, but their features can still be seen as they used to be.

The old woman was terrified, for fear that the tall young man in front of her would do the same and break her own head in the next moment.

Her voice was high and sharp, hoping to get the attention of those around her and ask for a little help. However, besides the zombies, where is the home she is familiar with?

Of course, only the zombies responded to her request.

The young man who was sitting on the ground hurriedly stood up, “Fuck, Grandma Zhang Qiang, you are courting death and pulling your back!” Checking the situation of the zombies behind him, “I was confused when I tried to grab something, so let me go!”

The young man’s face was full of guilt and fear, and Liang Jincheng had no desire to care about him. He turned slightly sideways to make way for the young man to leave.

The zombies have been pouring in continuously because of the old woman’s howl just now. Liang Jincheng stood there and watched the zombies who were getting closer and stretched out their thin hands to the old woman. Their cloudy eyeballs slowly turned, revealing the desire for flesh and blood close at hand.

Liang Jincheng still couldn’t bear to throw the old woman on the spot, even though all these troubles were caused by her ignorance.

He bent down and stretched out his hand to help the old woman up, and was about to turn around and take her away, when suddenly a force rushed out, intending to hit Liang Jincheng, but unexpectedly bumped into the old woman who wanted to hide when she saw this force coming. She was completely pushed towards the zombie group by this force. A dozen zombies rushed up and drowned her in the middle.

“Go to hell!” The cowardly young man shouted these words with an ugly face, but he obviously did not expect that Liang Jincheng did not fall into the zombie group as he expected, but instead quickly dodged a few times and jumped to the high wall.

He was so frightened and overwhelmed. Afraid of Liang Jincheng’s revenge, he turned around and wanted to run, but unexpectedly, the escape route that was not surrounded by zombies also began to flood in like a tide because of the screams of the dying old woman.

There were man-eating monsters in front and back, and the young man had no choice. His sweaty hands climbed on the low wall and wanted to climb up, but because his hands were weak, he couldn’t get up.

Liang Jincheng walked to the side steadily and looked down at him condescendingly, his eyes calm.

The young man had no choice but to beg, “I was wrong, I was really wrong! You save me, give me a hand!” The last two voices gradually changed as the zombies got closer.

However, such shouting can only attract more zombies.

Seeing that Liang Jincheng had no intention of helping him, the young man lost his confidence and had the idea of fighting for the last time, trying to rush out of the zombie group. The result can be imagined. Liang Jincheng stood on the wall and listened to the painful cries from below as the two people were bitten alive.

Finally, the gnawed body with only a small portion of flesh and blood attached slowly and stiffly stood up from the ground and joined the walking dead.

Liang Jincheng calmly accepted the whole process.

The apocalypse is like a big melting pot, smelting and disappearing everything it deems unqualified, erasing the different personalities they once had, and finally leaving them in a daze with only one goal, eating and killing.

Suddenly there was a gasping sound that was so small that it could be ignored. Liang Jincheng turned around and saw a little girl about six or seven years old standing in the yard. At this moment, she looked at him with ignorance and fear.

She then turned back, as if trying to call out the others in the room. Liang Jincheng raised his finger, put it on his lips, and smiled again.

The little girl was stunned, opened her mouth silently, and watched Liang Jincheng jump off the wall.

The adults in the room rushed out at this time, pulled the little girl into the room, and scolded in a low voice, “You just had to go out. Do you want die, didn’t you hear what it was going on outside?”

Zombies are densely surrounding this small yard at this time, and no one knows when they will disperse.

Liang Jincheng fell silently to the ground, attracting the attention of four or five zombies who were close by. Translated on ho lo lo novels. He didn’t dodge or flinch, but just shot like lightning. The slightly slow movements of the zombies were not his opponents at all.

Liang Jincheng walked back and forth in the crowd with a vigorous body, and the zombies fell one by one. The death of thirty or forty zombies seems to be just an instant.

The village regained its calm, so calm that even the original dead creatures lost their anger.

The sky gradually darkened as the sun dimmed. Liang Jincheng rushed back to the factory before dark.

The darkness gave the factory a better cover. Under the pitch black, the lights inside did not leak at all due to the thick light blocking curtains and high walls.

Ji Cha looked around with binoculars on the top floor since early, and when Liang Jincheng didn’t come back a minute after another, Ji Cha couldn’t help but come up with terrifying plot scenes. Fortunately, even though it was a little late, he saw Liang Jincheng’s figure from a distance moving towards their direction.

The route he took back was completely different from when he left, and Ji Cha thought it was deliberately to prevent anyone from following.

Of course, Liang Jincheng had already seen the figure moving on the rooftop, and even more clearly saw Ji Cha running downstairs after putting down the telescope. Before he could run to the door, Ji Cha had already opened the door.

Then he looked at Liang Jincheng expectantly, with a sincere tone, “You’re finally back!”

Ji Cha didn’t feel like Liang Jincheng was only gone for a day, but it felt more like three autumns ago. He could not wait to go up and hug Liang Jincheng to vent his excitement.

Unexpectedly, this idea has not completely dissipated, and as Ji Cha’s previous sentence was about to fall, Liang Jincheng strode forward and hugged him. Liang Jincheng felt that he was too lucky. Ji Cha did not become a member of that group of living dead. His Ji Cha was still alive and well, and he was waiting for him to come home.

At this moment, in addition to being moved, Liang Jincheng felt something he had never experienced before. He wanted to hug him, kiss him, possess him, and ‘beep’ him crazy!

Liang Jincheng had to lower his eyes at this moment to hide the too clear and direct desire revealed in his eyes.

Ji Cha didn’t know the other party’s inner dilemma, let alone how many positions he had been rehearsed by Liang Jincheng in his mind. He only smelled a strong odour of blood and rancidity on Liang Jincheng, which showed that Liang Jincheng did not have a very peaceful time in the village.

“Are you a little scared?” Ji Cha asked in a low voice, then reached out and patted Liang Jincheng’s shoulder as if to comfort him, soothe him.

The situation outside must be getting worse and worse, Ji Cha felt that even if Liang Jincheng was frightened, it was normal. After thinking about it, people like Liang Jincheng having a fragile reaction now, making him a little… contrastingly cute?

Ji Cha’s own thoughts jumped, and finally all turned into a light gesture of patting Liang Jincheng’s back.

“Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, our home is very safe.” He comforted him with all his heart.

Liang Jincheng originally expected that Ji Cha would escape in panic or embarrassment after being hugged by him, but he didn’t expect him to hug him back. The undercurrent that was forcibly suppressed in his heart immediately stirred up, and he said in a low voice, “Yeah.” At the same time, he clasped his hands even tighter.

Ji Cha slowly guided Liang Jincheng into the door with a gesture of hugging him, and stretched out his hand to close the door. Liang Jincheng’s pestle was like a big mountain in front of him, making his movements a little difficult.

From a distance, it looks like Ji Cha is hugging Liang Jincheng hard.

Zhang Xing came out of the house with his rice bowl, intending to enjoy the shade in the yard. He just took a mouthful of rice and almost choked when he saw this scene.

He looked around, and everyone else was still preparing to eat in the house, but Zhang Xing himself was the only one who saw this scene as in the morning.

He quietly retreated his feet, and slandered in his heart again, how deep their feelings were, acting all crooked at the door…

Zhang Xing figured it out by himself. Except for Xiao Chao brought by Zhang Qinqin, none of the people in the room had a lesser relationship with Ji Cha than him. He thinks that other people can’t know their relationship later than himself, right?

Ji Cha’s family is simply a model of emerging ideas. Zhang Xing is stunned, such a tolerant family. Ji Cha is really lucky.


Thingyan: OK, now I see why people call Ji Cha naive. THE GUY IN FRONT OF YOU IS TRYING TO EAT YOU!!!!!


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