Chapter 29: Busy Farming in the Last Days

Ji Cha: So you’re telling me you’re wearing my small underwear right now? Wouldn’t it be like a thong on you?

Ji Cha hid behind the binoculars and looked at Liang Jincheng, who was wearing dark clothes, and was deeply worried. But he also knew that even if Liang Jincheng didn’t go out, they couldn’t stay in place forever.

“Ji Cha, come down and see if this place is okay,” Wang Qinxue waved at him from the courtyard downstairs. Ji Cha responded quickly, turned around and ran downstairs.The potato spot had already been sowed up early, and Wang Lixin couldn’t stop. He was driving the cultivator all the way to loosen the soil. Anyway, these places will be planted in the future, so Ji Cha did not stop them.

Seeing Ji Cha, Wang Lixin gestured with his hands, and said with confidence, “If you want to grow potatoes, you need to put some fertilizer on the land. It has not been planted for many years. At least it takes two years to cultivate good soil.”

“Makes sense,” Ji Cha nodded, Wang Lixin has more experience than him, and Ji Cha is willing to listen to what he has to say, “When the potatoes are planted, the greenhouse can be added in October, and when the weather gets colder, cover it directly with the awning film.”

“Anyway, you can grow enough and eat it, so it’s all good,” Wang Lixin stood beside the ridge, looking at the surrounding land, and sighed, “Now that the farmers have all gone out to work, it is the young people who don’t want to stay at home farming.”

Ji Cha could see that from the bottom of his heart, Wang Lixin didn’t feel that there was no way out of this apocalypse. In their minds, the current riots were just out of control for a while. When the situation returned to normal, it was time to go back to work and make money.

This mentality can only change after experiencing the impact of external forces.


Liang Jincheng didn’t know why his body had undergone such a transformation, but it was gratifying that there was no sign of this transformation. Wearing dark clothes, he picked a route to run to the village. When looking from the rooftop of the factory building, due to visual errors, the village felt very close. But now that Liang Jincheng is actually outside running towards the village, he can barely see the factory building if he looks back.

This is also due to the fact that Jicha painted an earthy color outside the factory building, and people would casually think that it was a piece of land. This is actually a good thing.

The closer he got to the village, the more cautious Liang Jincheng’s actions became.

The village was obviously in chaos, and there were several old zombies with slack eyes wandering between the streets and narrow alleys of the village. The sun shines through the branches of one or two trees in the village, and the mottled tree shadows fall. The breeze blows, and the village is surprisingly quiet and peaceful. However, as far as the line of sight can be seen, there is a sense of ruin and death.

Liang Jincheng moved forward slowly against the foot of the wall. He didn’t want to disturb the zombies and cause unnecessary riots, thus causing unnecessary harm to himself or the people still alive in the village.

He came out this time to check the surrounding losses and the current situation of casualties. Liang Jincheng originally thought that at least half of the pre-apocalyptic population would remain in this village, but after walking around for more than half of the lap, the losses here were obviously much more serious than he expected.

Ji Cha said that there are about 400 people in this village, but young people are all working outside, so there are not many elderly people and school-age teenagers left in the village. Liang Jincheng counted, and when he came down just now, there were fifty or sixty zombies just wandering outside, all with old faces, and there was even a baby-faced zombie crawling on the ground, even hissing when he saw Liang Jincheng. The screams sounded too childish.

In order to prevent from exposing himself and attracting the attention of the zombies, Liang Jincheng climbed the edge of the wall with his five fingers almost embedded in the wall, and then quickly climbed up the old-fashioned Hui-style building.

The other zombies who were alerted by the cry of the baby zombie only saw the blue sky and dark gray bricks when they raised their heads.

Now that he was on the roof, Liang Jincheng simply abandoned the road below and quickly shuttled between the houses. Then he discovered that there were actually many survivors in the house.

His hearing increased greatly at this time, and he could clearly hear the people in the room talking in low voices. It was estimated that after walking over a dozen roofs, he also found the positions of six or seven survivors.

However, Liang Jincheng didn’t plan to expose himself for the time being. Translated on ho lo lo novels. He didn’t regard himself as an almighty savior. To be selfish, he wouldn’t be willing to take risks if it wasn’t for Ji Cha.

Even if he has some sympathy for the survivors below, what Liang Jincheng puts first is Ji Cha’s safety and well-being. Any decision he makes at this time is based on this basis, and any accident to him means that the protection of Ji Cha will be less.

Fortunately, the situation in the countryside seems to be much better than that in the cities in all aspects of the apocalypse.

First of all, farmers often have a lot of grain in their homes. After all, the surrounding farmers are still farming and eating, and they have the habit of saving grain. They can last for a few months just by eating rice.

Secondly, the rural population is small. Compared with the density of the urban population, the rural area is almost sparsely populated. Under such circumstances, even if the zombies break out, it will greatly reduce the uncontrollable infection.

Liang Jincheng tried to contact his friends in city A a day ago, but the communication in city A has apparently been temporarily interrupted, and he was unable to contact anyone. But just like his father, Liang Jincheng wasn’t overly worried about their safety.

If those people were lucky not to become zombies, they would have been carefully protected long ago.

However, such protection is obviously not sustainable. At least in such a chaotic world, Liang Jincheng doubts that such a void power can still be preserved by virtue of this so-called identity.

Liang Jincheng jumped down from a low eaves and landed lightly on the ground. The narrow alley was empty, and he was about to leave here before neither people or zombies noticed him.

It was at this moment that a muffled curse sounded into Liang Jincheng’s ears.

“You’re immortal, even if you give me some rice, you’re courting death! You don’t have to eat meat and vegetables!”

“There’s not much rice left. You still have something to eat at home,”

Liang Jincheng silently took two steps forward and stood in the corner to look at the source of the sound.

Not far from the corner, an old woman was pulling with a young man. She was about to be pulled to the ground, but she still refused to let go.

“Don’t, don’t rob!” The old woman begged bitterly, her voice involuntarily getting louder, and instantly attracted the attention of a few zombies wandering not far away, their throats let out a roar, with a thirst for fresh flesh.

The young man also knew how terrifying zombies were, so he was obviously anxious. He stretched out his foot to kick the old woman’s arm. He wanted to grab something and ran as fast as he could to prevent some inexplicable losses. Liang Jincheng, who had planned to stay out of the incident, finally stood up uncontrollably when he saw this scene.

He moved very fast, and he was in front of the young man almost in the blink of an eye. Then he strode forward and grabbed the young man’s arm, turning his kicking action into a posture of leaning back because of the unstable center of gravity.

The young man didn’t expect an outsider to appear at this time. He was unprepared for a while, and he let go of his hand in panic and wanted to run.

Liang Jincheng took advantage of the situation to help the old woman up, and then pulled the bag that was snatched by the young man and handed it back to her.

Although the expression on the old woman’s face was painful, she still hugged the bag Liang Jincheng handed her tightly with both hands and was reluctant to let go.

The zombies have been surrounded by the movement here, and they are more and more excited to see the living people.

Young people bully the soft and fear the hard, so they would do something vile to the old people. But facing Liang Jincheng in front and zombies in the back, the going man was in fear more than anyone else.

But anyway, Liang Jincheng is a less scary human being. Translated on ho lo lo novels. The young man hurriedly stood up from the ground and wanted to run away from Liang Jincheng.

Liang Jincheng grabbed his collar and took the old woman with the other, and led them into the narrow alley beside him. One to help, one to throw out later.

“Don’t make a sound.” He whispered to the two of them.

Then he turned back, his hands and feet neatly twisted the heads of the three zombies who had followed them, and his movement was so fast that it had not been able to attract any other zombies.

The young man who showed his mighty presence in front of the old woman just now saw Liang Jincheng twist the heads of those monsters into half a twist, without a change in expression. When he thought of the thug like things he had done in front of this person, he was so frightened that his head would also change positions 180 degrees.


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