Chapter 22: Busy Farming in the Last Days

Liang Jincheng: Daddy’s back 😉

Ji Cha remembered a saying that the earth does not need to be saved by humans, and what humans need to save is themselves.

Indeed, regardless of the origin, most people were raised in the environment in which they claimed and believed that the world was under the rule of humans, and only after the catastrophe broke out did people suddenly realize how ridiculous this idea was. Human beings are too small to be mentioned in comparison to the earth, violent winds and waves of doomsday viruses, the end of mankind is just another innocuous stroke in the long history of the earth.

According to the research news he later learned at the base in S City during his previous life, the zombie virus has long permeated the air, and it only caused such a concentrated and large-scale outbreak after accumulating a certain concentration in the human body, so that the results were almost irreversible.

Ji Cha dodged left and right to avoid the panicked crowd around. The airport became a mess in an instant, and the direction of the crowds to avoid is unpredictable, and he would inevitably have some collisions with people.

It has been a long time since he exposed himself to the environment surrounded by so many zombies. ho lo lo novels. He couldn’t help but sweat on his forehead, and a thin layer of goosebumps appeared all over his trembling body.

The confusion of the zombies is only a process of dozens of seconds. The nature of starvation and eating quickly took over their brains, and the situation changed in an instant. In the chaotic airport, people who could not escape were surrounded by zombies, screams sounded one after another.

The smell of fresh blood and howls attracted a large number of zombies. Ji Cha took the opportunity to run to Wang Qinxue’s side, grabbed his wrist, and raised the other hand to make a silent motion.

At this moment, the chaos at the airport has only increased. Ji Cha and Wang Qinxue hid behind a thick pillar, panting to look at where he parked, silently estimating the safest and shortest way to pass.

Suitcases of passengers lying on the ground, luggage carts, clothes, mobile phones, purses and even shoes are scattered all over the place.

Ji Cha took a fancy to the two luggage carts, and silently turned around and made a gesture to Wang Qinxue.

Wang Qinxue immediately understood his gesture and nodded.

“Go!” Ji Cha whispered, and then quickly rushed out with Wang Qinxue, holding the pusher of the luggage cart with both hands, and rushed out all the way without stopping.

Seeing the moving people, the zombies began to roar excitedly from far and near, and stretched out their hands to Ji Cha and Wang Qinxue.

The body of a newly turned zombie is not rigid, and even on the surface there is no particularly significant difference from a normal human. They can still run with their knees bent, bend their arms freely, and have a drive that they didn’t have before birth because of a strong urge to eat human flesh.

Ji Cha has experienced the end of the world and knows that these things cannot be regarded as normal people. Along the way, he tried his best to block the approaching zombies with the luggage cart, but Wang Qinxue still hesitated.

He didn’t know where the current turmoil came from, and the zombies in front of him were still the same kind as him in his opinion.

Wang Qinxue looked back and saw that the pure white marble floor tiles were covered with blood. The soles of their shoes were stained with blood from someone who had run all the way, and there were bloody footprints. They were mixed with other people’s. It exuded an unreal feeling.

A young man lay on his back on the ground and stared at the ceiling. He seemed to be alive, even though he had been eaten by six or seven zombies from his chest to his stomach. His mouth was moving and so were his hands.

Wang Qinxue recognized the sneakers on the feet of young men. They were big names. He used to like this pair of shoes very much, but he was not willing to buy them because they were too expensive. His heart was full of mixed feelings, fearful and dazed, followed by great sympathy.

Suddenly, the young man turned his head to look at him, only then did Wang Qinxue realize that his eyeballs had gradually become cloudy.

First a group of people went mad, and then the people who were bitten went mad.

A terrifying guess rushed into Wang Qinxue’s mind instantly. He stared at Ji Cha with wide eyes, his mouth moved silently and felt his hands tremble for a moment.

Ji Cha has long accepted all of this, and doesn’t think much about Wang Qinxue. Seeing that the car is in front of him, he slams the luggage cart forward, knocking down the two nearby zombies, and then pulls Wang Qinxue’s wrist to the side.

There were luggage carts blocking them, and several nearby zombies failed to catch them immediately.

“Get in the car!” Ji Cha pushed Wang Qinxue to the back door, while he opened the front door and drilled in. ho lo lo novels. Unexpectedly, a pair of hands suddenly stretched out from the bottom of the car and held his ankles tightly. If it wasn’t for Ji Cha’s hand holding the car door tightly when he was frightened, he would have been pulled over almost instantly by this force. .

Seeing this, Wang Qinxue wanted to get out of the car to help, but Ji Cha hurriedly drank to stop him, “Don’t come down.”

As he said, he stepped on the wrist with his other free foot, and after a moment’s delay, two zombies had already circled in front of his car.

Ji Cha was panting rapidly, it was too late to escape. He quickly pulled out a baseball bat that he had bought early and prepared in the car, and greeted the zombie directly at the head.

The zombie was beaten by Ji Cha and fell to the ground, but still did not give up the action of rushing forward.

Ji Cha ignored it, put away the baseball bat and immediately got into the car and closed the door tightly. Then he started the car and was about to leave the chaos immediately, but the wheels got stuck for some reason and couldn’t move forward.

It might be the zombie under the car just now, Ji Cha gritted his teeth and looked around. The movement he made when he was fighting has attracted a lot of zombies around him. At this moment, there are at least six zombies in front of his car, either successfully driving the car and rushing out, or waiting to die in the car.

Ji Cha took a deep breath and was about to step on the accelerator hard, but the zombie that had been clinging to the glass of his front car was dragged out by a force from somewhere. He took a closer look and found that it was Liang Jincheng!

He was sweating profusely at the moment, his cheeks were a little red, and he looked very tired. But exhaustion obviously did not affect his actions to deal with the zombies. Liang Jincheng just hurriedly glanced at Ji Cha who was sitting in the car. Seeing that he seemed to be wanting to get out of the car, he resolutely said two words, “Don’t move.”

The simple two words made Ji Cha’s original worries and uneasiness dissipated.

Then, Liang Jincheng’s following actions made Ji Cha and Wang Qinxue stunned on the spot.

They saw that Liang Jincheng almost threw the zombies aside one by one as if he was carrying a chicken, not even leaving the one under the car.

Innate divine power… it’s something like that, right?

It was not until Liang Jincheng got in the car that Ji Cha realized how wrong his condition was.

Liang Jincheng’s eyes were red with blood, and his cheeks seemed to have a fever, showing an abnormal blush. He was breathing heavily, as if he was going to run out of oxygen and suffocate in the next moment.

“Senior, are you okay?” Ji Cha asked Liang Jincheng as he started his car and drove out of the chaotic area.

Liang Jincheng shook his head laboriously and whispered, “I’m just a little tired, I’ll be fine…”

Ji Cha was moved, stepped up the accelerator, and drove the speed-limited road as a highway, “We will go back immediately, and you can rest when we get back.”

Thinking of going home, he suddenly remembered something important. Zhang Xing is still in the factory! He was sure that his grandmother would not become a zombie, but what about Zhang Xing? This, Ji Cha didn’t consider this possibility before.

This was a huge omission. He blamed himself in his heart and immediately took out his mobile phone and called his grandmother.

The call was quickly connected, and Ji Cha spoke in a burst of fire, “Grandma, where is Zhang Xing now?”

“It’s me,” a male voice sounded across from him, and Zhang Xing answered the phone, “grandma is cooking now, and I’m watching TV in the living room, why?”

Ji Cha heaved a sigh of relief, “nothing really!” He hung up the phone casually.

Wang Qinxue couldn’t help but ask in the back seat, “Ji Cha, do you know what’s going on?”

Ji Cha glanced at Wang Qinxue in the rearview mirror and said calmly, “You should call home now and ask them if there is an accident. If there is no accident, tell them not to go out at home and lock the door. Well, we’ll find time to bring them to my side.”

Wang Qinxue was reminded, and quickly took out his mobile phone. He remembered what he had seen and heard at the airport just now, and his heart was beating wildly and uneasily.

While waiting for the connection, he looked out of the car window. There were few people around the airport, but the traffic on the road was also a mess. Some cars were parked in the middle of the road, some were in a car accident, and there were a few zombies sporadically wandering around.

The world has completely changed.

But luckily his phone got through.

At this time, Wang Qinxue’s parents had already returned home from the small factory, and they were about to eat, and the evening news was still playing on the TV. What happened in those ten minutes has not been known to most people in the traditional media.

“Mom, dad, listen to me, now close the door, turn off the lights, and don’t care about any noise outside, I’ll probably be back tomorrow morning to pick you up.”

Father Want was puzzled, “What’s going on?”

Wang Qinxue knew that his family usually leaves the front door open, and there would be people visiting from time to time. If the door was not closed, it would be a time bomb.

“Don’t worry about it. Hurry up and close the door. It’s a mess outside! I’ll go to Ji Cha’s house first, so don’t go out.”

Wang Qinxue’s tone was firm, and mother Wang on the other end of the phone got up, “Then I’ll go lock the door.”

Father Wang muttered, “You are so indulgent.”

After a while, mother Wang came back and said to the phone, “It’s closed, what’s going on outside?”

Just when she asked this sentence, there was a loud knock on the door outside, which startled both of them, and even Ji Cha, who was on the phone, was shocked when he heard it.

“Don’t make a sound, find something to block the door.” Ji Cha learned to Wang Qinxue.

Wang Qinxue felt relieved after his parents both promised in every possible way that the door would not be opened until Wang Qinxue come home tomorrow.

Ji Cha drove the car back to the factory all the way. There were not many people there, and there were hundreds of acres of semi-abandoned fields surrounding the factory, so the journey back was smooth.


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