Chapter 21: Busy Farming in the Last Days

Root crops actually also have seeds, but because the method of directly using rhizomes to sprout and separate seeds is faster and more convenient, the step of seeds is usually omitted in actual planting.

Potatoes and sweet potatoes are stocked up in the warehouse. Because there is no cellar that is conducive to storage, and the number of storage is not large, the original purpose was only to store them for seeds. Anyway, the growth period of this type of crops is not long, and the storage period is relatively not short. If you want to eat, you only need to leave a part of the seeds for use each time.

The sweet potatoes in Ji Cha’s hands have not yet sprouted, but there are a few kilograms of potatoes that can’t be eaten after they have grown. He plans to plant the potatoes first.

He made a rough division of the large piece of land outside the factory area on the drawings, divided into staple food area, vegetable area, orchard area, and functional area. Functional areas refer to the basics : sugar cane can be used to make sugar, peanuts can be used to extract oil, cotton can be used to keep warm, and so on.

The land outside the factory is not hard, so Ji Cha first used a lawnmower to cut the long grass on the surface. ho lo lo nov els. The summer grass is tender and fresh, and the cut grass is not intended to be wasted. He used a forage grinder to break the grass into pieces, poured them into several compost bins, mixed with some kitchen waste and soil, and finally covered the compost bins.

Compost is a very common method of producing pure natural fertilizers. The materials can be very rough. Leaves, weeds, kitchen waste and even charcoal ash are good materials. The traditional composting process is long and cumbersome, requiring both temperature control and physical turning. Ji Cha has no such experience. He has only seen this type of compost bin in the base of S city. It was made by the master in the base.

Modern compost bins are convenient enough for almost anyone to use. After setting the position and putting in the required materials, cover the lid and leave it there for three months. When the lid is opened again, there will be the product of decomposition, which can greatly enhance the fertility of the soil.

Ji Cha bought 30 of this kind of good stuff without a flinch at the time. ho lo lo no vels, yeah baby. They were neatly placed at the foot of the factory wall, and a small cement top cover was built for the plastic box. He hoped it can avoid the wind and rain and be able to withstand many more years.

He also hoped that the fertilizer produced by it will enable the fields to achieve a certain degree of self-sufficiency in nutrients in the later stage.

After doing all this, it was almost four o’clock, Ji Cha was going to drive to the airport to pick up Wang Qinxue at about five o’clock. He didn’t plan to take a break in the hour-long gap in between.

There were cultivators, and Ji Cha called Zhang Xing to open up about 30 square meters of land with two cultivators. It only took more than an hour, and the soil inside was very soft.

Ji Cha then used a hoe to draw a flat ridge of thirty centimeters wide along the edge. Just look at this small piece without looking at other places, it really feels a little pastoral.

While they were busy, Ji Cha’s grandmother sat and used a kitchen knife to cut the sprouted potatoes into small pieces. A potato sprout has a potato nugget attached to it. When planting, the sprout is exposed and the roots extend from the original potato nugget.

“Grandma, Wang Qinxue is coming over today. I’ll go pick him up at the airport. You can have dinner with Zhang Xing later.” Ji Cha ran to the side after checking the time, washed his hands, and hurriedly took the car keys and went out.

Grandmother knew Wang Qinxue who used to come play at home. She thought it was the same thing as before, so she only asked Ji Cha, “Be careful when driving, and don’t eat outside at night.”

“Got it!” Ji Cha jumped into the car and turned to Zhang Xingdao, “Help me open the door.”

The factory has two doors, the one inside is electric, and the one outside is manual.

The airport in city S is not very far from the factory, about 20 kilometers away, about half an hour. Ji Cha arrived at the airport gate before six o’clock. Many people walked back and forth at the airport gate. Ji Cha sat in the car and didn’t even dare to roll down the window glass. He had a strange feeling that one of those people will pounce on him and bite him.

He didn’t get out of the car at all, but went straight to the parking lot and hid inside without getting out of the car.

He’ll go out after Wang Qinxue gets off the plane. If you go out one minute earlier, it will be a little more dangerous.

The lights in the parking lot were dim, and there were few people coming and going. Ji Cha turned on his phone and saw the text message from Liang Jincheng sent in the morning.

He said that he will come over immediately, to the city S?

Ji Cha slid his fingertips on the small call button and pressed it with a little hesitation.

The phone was picked up as soon as it rang.

“Hello,” Liang Jincheng’s voice on the other end of the phone revealed heavy exhaustion, and he was breathing heavily.

Ji Cha was stunned for a moment, and suddenly the thought flashed out that something happened to Liang Jincheng, “Senior, are you okay?”

“Ji Cha…?” The person opposite almost gritted his teeth and pronounced his name in a questioning tone, “Wait a minute, I’ll be at your house soon.”

“Senior, is there something wrong with you,” Ji Cha pressed, “I’m not at home now, I’m at the airport.”

“Okay.” Liang Jincheng said concisely, and the phone hung up for some reason.

How can Ji Cha feel at ease in this situation, he immediately dialed again, but the response he got was: the phone you dialed has been turned off.

It may be that the battery is out. Ji Cha suppressed the anxiety in his heart. In his previous life, Liang Jincheng was able to get to such a position, even if his rebirth had a butterfly effect, it would not let the big boss be anything less.

He comforted himself emptily, but he couldn’t change the fact that he had no confidence in his heart now.

Ji Cha took a deep breath and looked at the empty parking lot outside where there were only vehicles. The phone suddenly sounded a beep.

Fortunately, Wang Qinxue got off the plane smoothly.

Ji Cha started the car, turned around slowly, and was about to open the window to pay when he came to the toll gate, but found two figures wandering outside the railing of the parking lot, they were obviously not people. ho lo lo novels. His heart froze, his hands became more and more shaking to hand out the money, and then he stopped suddenly. Ji Cha quickly turned his head to look, why isn’t there anyone else in the toll booth where the toll collector would be sitting?


A gray-white face suddenly lay on the window that was only ten centimeters away from his face, and his fingernails had already squeezed in along the two centimeters of the window he had just opened. Fortunately, the car window was turned into one-way glass by Ji Cha, so zombies couldn’t judge anything by sight except smell.

Ji Cha gritted his teeth, carefully took the pair of rubber gloves he had left in the car, quickly put them on, and pushed the zombie’s hand away. Obviously, the zombie had just turned into a corpse, and his mind was not very clear. He pushed back Ji Cha twice and let it go.

Pay what money! Ji Cha gritted his teeth and stepped on the accelerator to break the railing, bypassing the two zombies and leaving the area.

There are three zombies hanging around in the parking lot, what will happen in the airport?

He didn’t dare to think about it, and quickly dialed Wang Qinxue’s number.

“Don’t worry,” Wang Qinxue answered the phone quickly, thinking that Ji Cha couldn’t wait to rush him.

Ji Cha hurriedly said, “Run out quickly and don’t let anyone next to you touch you!”

Wang Qinxue had already walked to the gate of the airport, and when he heard Ji Cha’s words, he thought it was strange and funny, “Why are you rushing, I’m almost there, where’s your car?”

Ji Cha has also seen Wang Qinxue at this moment, and at the same time, he has also seen two strange-looking people behind him.

“Watch your back! I’m here, hurry up and come over here.”

Wang Qinxue followed Ji Cha’s words and looked back, only to find that two people were following him, and one of them almost touched his shoulder.

“What are you doing?” he couldn’t help asking.

Ji Cha yelled at his friend on the other end of the phone, “You idiot! RUN!!!!”

His voice just fell, and the two “people” in front of Wang Qinxue also reacted suddenly, roaring and rushing towards Wang Qinxue.

Fuck it!

Ji Cha scolded in a low voice, he parked the car haphazardly, jumped out of the car, and ran towards Wang Qinxue.

Wang Qinxue was startled at first, but then he immediately remembered to run. He was quite flexible in dodging, and because there were many people at the airport, the two zombies in the back couldn’t catch up with him immediately.

He turned his head and saw Ji Cha running towards him.

“Those two are sick!” he shouted.

“Shut up and don’t talk!” Ji Cha shouted.

Zombies can determine the location based on the sound, and the noisy environment of the airport is a perfect cover, as long as Wang Qinxue keeps quiet.

These two people were on the same flight as him. Wang Qinxue had an impression of them. How could they suddenly get sick for no reason? And what is this disease? He thought of the woman in the waiting area, who seemed to be in exactly the same condition.

If the incident happened so suddenly, Wang Qinxue turned his head subconsciously to look around, and found that the normal people around him all showed a confused look one by one, and then this confusion suddenly turned into a strange expression. Almost everyone had an abnormality in an instant.

At this moment, the dozens of people who are just a few steps away from him and Ji Cha are still normal.

Ji Cha also noticed this. He has to hurry up, he thought.


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