Chapter 23: Busy Farming in the Last Days

The door of the factory opened and closed quickly. Only when the two thick doors closed, the heart that Ji Cha had carried along the way fell back to its original place.

At this point, Liang Jincheng in the passenger seat has almost fallen into a coma.

Ji Cha quickly jumped out of the car, “Second dog, help me lift senior down first.”

(T/N: Second dog = nickname of Wang Qinxue)

Wang Qinxue hurriedly walked to his side, helped Ji Cha get Liang Jincheng out of the car, and then carried the man into the house, one lifted the legs and the other one lifted Liang Jincheng by his arms.

They were both in a sorry state, and many parts of their bodies were stained with blood. Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com. Zhang Xing stood beside him with his rice bowl in a daze, “You are coming back from the slaughterhouse?”

Ji Cha didn’t have time to explain too many details to him, and only said, “It’s a mess outside.”

Grandma was watching TV in the house, waiting for the end of the evening news to start the nighttime dog blood country drama, when the TV suddenly jumped and a blue screen appeared. Ji Cha and the others’ footsteps hurried into the room, she turned back quickly, “Cha Cha, this TV…”

“Hoo!” Grandma gasped after seeing their appearance, stood up from the stool and asked anxiously, “How did you guys become like this, there was a car accident?”

“Grandma, I’ll put senior in the upstairs room first then I’ll tell you,” Ji Cha said, taking a deep breath and carrying the person upstairs.

When Liang Jincheng was settled down, Ji Cha walked out of the room and explained what happened to him outside without waiting for grandma to ask. Grandma was taken aback for a while, “Why doesn’t this feel real?”

Wang Qinxue corroborated Ji Cha’s statement from the side, “Grandma, really, if Ji Cha didn’t come to pick me up at the airport, I might not have escaped.”

After thinking about it, he was very terrified, and then turned to Ji Cha and said, “Fortunately, you asked me to come back… No,” Wang Qinxue recalled Ji Cha’s words and pulled him aside, “You said something happened at home, What the hell is going on?”

Ji Cha said vaguely, “What can be more important than the chaos outside? You go upstairs to have a good rest, you have to pick up your parents tomorrow. It’s such a mess outside, and I don’t know if tomorrow’s trip will be smooth or not. Let’s just hope everything will go well.”

Speaking of his parents, Wang Qinxue’s expression became even more solemn. After thinking about it, he had no choice but to do as he was told.

Ji Cha comforted his grandmother, and then took out the hard drive with the TV series he downloaded earlier for his gramma, played it on the TV, and then closed the blackout curtains in each room, so that no light could be seen in the factory, and the entire building become completely hidden in the darkness.

After doing all this, he went upstairs to fetch water from the bathroom and prepared to bring it into Liang Jincheng’s room to wipe his body. Zhang Xing stopped him at the door with a rare serious expression, “Did you know there would be chaos outside?”

Ji Cha glanced at him inexplicably, “You think I could have foreseen the future? My project was originally a school project. It was a coincidence.” He avoided Zhang Xing and took two steps forward, then stopped and asked again, ” Do you still have family members outside, and if there is one, you can pick them up tomorrow.”

Zhang Xing waved his hand, “I have enough to eat and drink. I have nothing else to worry about.”

Ji Cha then ignored him and went straight into the room where Liang Jincheng was.

The air conditioner was turned on in the room, and the temperature was only 18 degrees, but before Ji Cha approached Liang Jincheng, he could see how hot Liang Jincheng was now. His skin was flushed red. Ji Cha approached with the washbasin, put it down, reached out and touched Liang Jincheng’s skin, and withdrew his hand from the heat.

This is definitely not a body temperature that a normal person can withstand.

Ji Cha’s eyes widened, and in disbelief, he stretched out his hand and tried to touch his skin again. The first touch was not a hallucination. Liang Jincheng’s skin was hot as if it was about to burn.

Ji Cha quickly unbuttoned Liang Jincheng’s shirt, he found the body underneath the clothes was no longer sweating, and he didn’t know if the sweat was dried by his scorching body temperature or what. If it goes on like this, it will only take a moment for people to burn out.

Ji Cha simply stripped off Liang Jincheng from top to bottom, leaving only a pair of tight underwear. He didn’t have time to notice how similar this underwear was to the one he owned before, so he hurriedly wrung out the towel to help wipe the scorching hot body all over. Liang Jincheng’s eyes were tightly closed, and he didn’t respond at all to any of these actions. It wasn’t because he still had deep and steady breathing, Ji Cha might have thought he was dead.

“Senior, senior?” He couldn’t help calling Liang Jincheng in a low voice.

Liang Jincheng, who thought he wouldn’t wake up, suddenly opened his eyes in an instant, and his gaze fell directly on Ji Cha’s face. There was only a small table lamp on in the room. Under the dim light, Liang Jincheng’s eyes flashed an unusual red light. If he hadn’t spoken, Ji Cha would have thought that the person in front of him was an advanced zombie.

“Ji Cha?” Liang Jincheng murmured, his eyes misty, “Where am I now?”

“In my room,” Ji Cha hurriedly asked, “Senior, how are you feeling now, where are you uncomfortable?”

Liang Jincheng closed his eyes slightly and frowned, but a smile appeared on his face. Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com. He took a deep breath and said, “I feel very uncomfortable but also feel very comfortable…”

Wouldn’t this just stupid?

Ji Cha hurriedly put the towel into the cold water and soaked it again. This time, he didn’t wring it too dry, and rubbed it directly on Liang Jincheng’s chest. Liang Jincheng, who didn’t react at all before, groaned softly at this moment.

Ji Cha was startled, and immediately stopped, and asked cautiously, “Senior, did it make you feel uncomfortable?”

Liang Jincheng helplessly raised his hand to cover his eyes, and said in a low voice, “No, it’s not uncomfortable.”

No need for other touches at all, just knowing that it was Ji Cha who was touching his body now, Liang Jincheng felt that his whole body was about to burst.

Ji Cha still felt that Liang Jincheng might have been burnt stupid, so he simply put down the washbasin and ran outside to get a bunch of ice cubes from the refrigerator, and wrapped several packs in a towel to cover Liang Jincheng up and down.

Ji Cha then set the alarm clock and woke up every hour to help Liang Jincheng change the ice cubes and towels until it was dawn, and the temperature on Liang Jincheng’s body finally faded.

Only then Ji Cha fell into a deep sleep.

Liang Jincheng got off the bed. In Ji Cha’s room, there were old-fashioned furniture that his parents used when they got married. There was a floor-to-ceiling mirror outside the large wardrobe in the style of the 1990s. Standing in front of the mirror, he could clearly see the changes in his body.

Throughout the night, his mind was sometimes awake and sometimes confused, but when he woke up, the feeling was completely different.

In the mirror, the structure of Liang Jincheng’s body became more vigorous, displaying infinite power. His eyes became clearer, a difference that was almost invisible to the naked eye. In Liang Jincheng’s line of sight at the moment, even the tiny, barely visible dust on the floor-to-ceiling mirror is very clear. He used to have some nearsighted eyes, but now he seems to have re-understood the world. In his ears, he could clearly hear the low sound of water falling from the taps in the bathrooms outside several rooms away.

He squeezed his fist, and he had noticed this change as early as yesterday.

The change in strength is the most obvious. In order to verify it, Liang Jincheng took a one-yuan coin from the side table, put it on his fingertips and squeezed it gently. The small coin was twisted into a shape with his effortless movements, folded in half.

Liang Jincheng didn’t know why, but he was very satisfied with the changes in his body. Now the chaos outside may be the end of the world that Ji Cha was talking about, so in such an environment, the stronger his strength is, the better he can protect Ji Cha.


Wang Qinxue didn’t get much rest all night. He was worried for his parents, so he got up early in the morning and waited for Jicha. When there was no movement in Ji Cha’s room until 6:30, he was stepping forward to knock on the door, and the door was opened from the inside first.

“Wait outside.” Liang Jincheng looked at him blankly, looking terrifying.

Wang Qinxue was frightened by the momentum on the other party’s body, and quickly stepped back.

Liang Jincheng returned to the room, took out Ji Cha’s clothes from the closet and put them on his body, then picked up Ji Cha’s mobile phone, turned off the alarm clock that had been set to ring in five minutes, and finally walked out of the room.

“Ji Cha is still sleeping, don’t disturb him.”

“But I’m going to pick up my parents with him. It’s so chaotic outside, we can’t delay.” Wang Qinxue stood up quickly and said anxiously.

“I’ll go with you.” Liang Jincheng couldn’t say anything, and made his own conclusion.

Downstairs, although grandmother was a little worried about things outside, it was safe inside the factory. When she woke up in the morning, she first fed the pigs, chickens and rabbits, and then dragged Zhang Xing to plant potatoes together.

Seeing Liang Jincheng and Wang Qinxue came downstairs, she asked, “Jincheng, Qinxue, why hasn’t Chacha come down yet?”

Standing beside Liang Jincheng, Wang Qinxue who didn’t dare to speak at first, hearing grandma’s question, he quickly said, “senior said to let Ji Cha sleep for a while.”

He felt that Liang Jincheng’s attitude would not be any better with Ji Cha’s grandmother, but unexpectedly Liang Jincheng, like the Sichuan Opera, changed his face and smiled. Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com. He said to grandma, “I had a fever last night, and Ji Cha took care of me. How can I not let him sleep? I think he deserves to rest a little longer. Anyway, I am better now, and in a while, I will go with …”, turning to look at Wang Qinxue, and asked softly, “What is your name?”

Seeing his cold eyes, Wang Qinxue hurriedly reported his name, “My name is Wang Qinxue!”

“I’ll accompany Wang Qinxue to pick up his parents in a while.”

Grandma still felt distressed for Ji Cha, and was very satisfied with this arrangement, she nodded again and again, “It’s still Jincheng’s thoughtful arrangement.”

Thinking of what happened at the airport yesterday, Liang Jincheng decided from the bottom of his heart that there was no way he would let Ji Cha go out in this current situation.



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