Chapter 24: Busy Farming in the Last Days

Ji Cha was so exhausted yesterday that he slept very deeply, but now he woke up and opened his eyes to see the darkness in the room. He thought it was still very early. He tilted his head and looked to the side. He was the only one on the bed. The thin sheet covered his navel horizontally. There was still cold wind from the air conditioner, but the temperature was already 23 degrees.

He picked up the phone to check the time and sat up, but when he raised his hand and pressed the screen, he jumped up from the bed because of the display on it.

11:39 am!!!

Where did the alarm clock he set early go? What about the others? Why didn’t Wang Qinxue call him? All kinds of terrifying ideas poured out in Ji Cha’s mind in an instant. He jumped to the ground barefooted, rushed to the window, opened the curtains and looked down. The gate of the yard was locked tightly. Zhang Xing, squatting on the ground, with a straw hat on his head, and a small hoe in his hand, was digging a hole in the piece of land to plant the potatoes.

Ji Cha breathed a sigh of relief. He turned off the air conditioner and came out of the room. He ran all the way to Wang Qinxue’s room, and there was no one in it.

“Grandma, where’s Wang Qinxue?” He ran downstairs and asked.

Grandma didn’t lift her head, “he went out with Jincheng to pick up people, there is still rice in the pot, you can eat it yourself.”

“When did they leave?”

“Left before seven o’clock.”

Liang Jincheng… Ji Cha was still a little worried when he remembered his abnormal state last night. But the rumbling of the stomach, which is already hungry by now, brought him out of his uneasiness. He walked to the kitchen by himself and took out the food in the pot.

There were still a lot of food left in the pot, and he thought that grandma might have prepared it for Liang Jincheng and Wang Qinxue.

There are several small rooms on the first floor of the factory building, but the main occupants are all on the second floor. In the kitchen on the first floor, there are only double-door cabinets, and the large freezer Ji Cha bought is placed in a special room upstairs, where it is used for storage, and the refrigerator downstairs is used for daily food.

After he finished eating, he checked his mobile phone. It was already twelve o’clock, and it had been five hours since the two went out. Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com. Read there for the real latest chapters. Wang Qinxue’s home is not far from here. It should take about three hours to drive back and forth. Even if there is a delay in the middle, they should be back by now.

Ji Cha felt a little unsettled in his heart. What he was most afraid of was that something would happen at this time.

In order to keep himself from thinking too much, he simply got up and found some work for himself.

There are a total of ten pigs in the pig sty. Including the time when they were raised in the farm he bought them from, they are now almost three months and less than four months old. Each pig is less than 100 catties, and its height is no more than Ji Cha’s knees. , The fur all over their bodes was pink and tender, and they were playing around inside the fence. When they saw someone coming, they thought it was feeding time, and immediately swarmed up, begging for food from Ji Cha.

Piglets eat three meals a day, and the amount is calculated according to their size. In the hot summer, the pig food prepared by grandma in the morning has been eaten, and Ji Cha has to feed again at this moment.

The pig feed in the farm is enough for about a year. By then, Ji Cha would be able to use crops to complete self-sufficient feeding.

Now the outside world is a mess. He remembered that during the apocalypse in his previous life, the world had completely lost all order. All kinds of things in the supermarket were basically sold out, not to mention the major markets and warehouses.

Ji Cha has already prepared everything he needs early, so he is not going to go into this muddy water. However, he would like to take the time to go to the farmstead. If there are still people there, he will trade grain with the other party. If there are no more living people there, he plans to bring back some feed and tools.

The pig feed was mixed with a small amount of well water and poured into the feeding bin. The ten piglets immediately gathered around and ate with their heads down and to their hearts’ content.

“Remember to grow meat after eating.” Ji Cha whispered silently.

Although the breeding area is separated by the high walls, in fact, chickens, ducks and rabbits pens are all connected together. In particular, this type of poultry needs to be allowed to roam around.

Meat rabbits are left outside for a period of time a day to let them graze and hang around by themselves. Chickens and ducks are more easier to handle. Except for being locked in the cage after dark, they can peck freely in the grass at other times.

In order to prevent them from spreading their wings and flying away, Ji Cha only wrapped another layer of iron nets outside the high wall, and occasionally chickens fluttered their wings and flew to the top to step on them. The green grass in the chicken coop was originally planted without weeding, and the chickens usually dangle around there all day after eating the feed. Of the ten chickens, seven are females, and three are roosters. The roosters will crow in the morning, but it is still bearable. If there are more than three roosters crowing, not only will the people living in the factory find it troublesome, but it will also attract the attention of outsiders, especially that of the zombies.

Ji Cha made a plan early, and kept only three roosters at any time. If the hens can successfully hatch eggs in the later stage, then the roosters whould be killed and eaten early to avoid future troubles.

The layout of the duck coop is similar to that of the chicken coop, but there is a small pond in the duck coop, about three square meters in size, with a depth of roughly one meter, which is enough for the eight ducks in it to play back and forth.

Ji Cha inspected all the livestock and after inspecting all of them according to the signs of disease mentioned in the book and the teaching video, he was relieved, and turned to go to his grandma to help farm the land.

At this moment, two beeps of different lengths sounded at the door.

It is the infrared sensor device installed at the door that senses that someone is approaching.

This device was very simple to install. Ji Cha bought it from the internet. It was originally used for anti-theft purposes. Now, it is still similar to anti-theft use, but most of the time he wanted to use it to remind someone approaching.

He hurriedly ran to the door, first opened the inner door, and then looked out from the glass door of the outer door. The glass here has also been transformed into one-way glass for him. The project is very simple. The one-way glass stickers on the internet are cheap and easy to install.

Fortunately, the car parked outside are familiar to him, and the people are also familiar to him.

Ji Cha then manually opened the exterior door so that Liang Jincheng and the others could come in.

The car drove in slowly, Ji Cha closed the doors and noticed the two middle-aged people sitting in the back seat of the car, a man and a woman; they were Wang Qinxue’s parents. ho lo lo novels dot com. The burden on his heart was lightened by more than half in an instant.

Although the end of the world is still here, at least this time, the fate of many people has undergone tremendous changes. He only hopes that the future would be more different than what it was in his previous life.



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