Chapter 24: The Culinary Tycoon

Old Master Cai

The North Street is very lively today, and the passers-by are excitedly talking about the biggest new thing trending at the moment – Yu Ji’s Fresh Bites has reopened and also launched two new items on their menu called ‘jelly’!

While people are sighing at the icy cold flavor of the jelly, they are also guessing how this jelly is made. Not only does it look good, but it also tastes good.

The sweet, white and transparent jelly tasted fruity, and the salty green fairy jelly tasted fresh, but they couldn’t guess what it was made of, so they could only shake their heads and sigh, this boss Yu, How can he always come up with such delicious, fresh and novel food!

The food stall was not open for five or six days, and when some regular customers who came frequently saw the food stall open, they all came to ask with concern: “Boss Yu, I haven’t seen your food stall open for several days, we all thought that It would be a pity if you don’t open it again.”

“Yeah, I can’t find cold noodles and Liangpi that taste as good as here.”

Yu Qingze heard the words and said with a smile: “Thank you everyone, something happened these days, so I rested at home for a few days. Don’t worry, the food stalls will still be open as usual.”

“That’s good, on this hot day, we are all used to your food, otherwise we will lose our appetite.”

“Hahaha, that is, today’s new jelly is also delicious. I feel that this summer is finally not so difficult.”


Some are happy and some are sad.

There is a lot of excitement on this side, but on the other side, Boss Wang is about to explode.

In the past few days, Yuji has not opened. He is the only one in the city who has cold noodles. Although the taste is not as good as Yuji’s, the business has recovered a lot. He thought that Yu Ji’s people were beaten up, and they didn’t dare to come again after being taught a lesson. Who knows, after only a few days, they came back!

Even launched two new items!

The key is that the new food is so popular!

Seeing that the number of customers has dropped a lot, Boss Wang looked at the man in front of him and said, “Didn’t you say that the surnamed Yu was injured? Look at his neat movements, how does he look like he is injured?”

The man bowed his head and said, “He was indeed injured and was cut on the left shoulder.”

Boss Wang slapped the table and said angrily, “How useless, and the group you hired was also useless!”

The man’s body trembled and whispered: “Father, why don’t we find someone to teach them another lesson, maybe they don’t even know why they were beaten, but what if they are clearly threaten and reminded of the reason?”

Boss Wang blew his beard and stared, pointed at the man, and said, “You, you, you pig brain, doesn’t this clearly tell people that we are the ones behind, ah?”

The man pouted and said, “What are you afraid of, they have no money and no power. In this city, even if they knew it was us, they would not dare to do anything.”

Boss Wang glared at him and scolded: “You forgot what your uncle said? He wants to go higher, and if someone catches the handle and uses it to threaten him, he will have to peel your skin!”

Hearing the words, the man was silent, and asked after a long time, “What should we do then? We can’t just watch the surnamed Yu take away all our guests, right?”

“I can’t be found out anyway so …!” Boss Wang was also very irritable. He walked around the room and couldn’t think of a good solution.

After a while, he said, “Come here, find someone…” Boss Wang whispered in his son’s ear.

At the end, he asked, “Do you understand?”

The man nodded, “Understood.”

Boss Wang waved his hand and said, “Okay, go, go find someone who is more reliable, don’t mess it up again!”

The man walked away.


In Liu Ji Noodle Restaurant, Boss Liu looked at the food stall diagonally across from the window and fell into silence.

Behind him, his eldest son stood respectfully.

After a long time, Boss Liu finally asked, “Has it been made?”

“…Not yet.” The eldest Liu replied, tightening his skin instantly, ready to be scolded. It’s been more than ten days, and they haven’t replicate Liangpi, so it’s no wonder that his father is angry. Please read on ho lo lo novels.

However, to his surprise, his father didn’t scold him this time, he just replied softly, and then said, “Go to Yuji and buy a few bowls of jelly and come back.”

After speaking, Boss Liu turned around and was about to go back to the kitchen. He stopped just after taking a step, frowned and added: “…By the way, can you ask Boss Yu if he sells dry Liangpi noodles? If so, buy a pound and bring it back.”

The eldest of the Liu family was stunned for a moment, then he reacted and walked towards the opposite side in a hurry.

There was a carriage coming up the North Street, pulled by two horses. The spacious carriage was a little wider than a normal one. There was a coachman sitting in front of it, and a handsome little ger was sitting beside. The curtains on the car window were opened, and through the window, you could see an old man sitting inside, with a youthful appearance and in high spirits.

People on the street recognized the carriage and the old man, and they all gave way. When the carriage passed, they began to discuss with the people around them.

“It’s such a hot day, why did the old master Cai come out? I haven’t seen him go out for a long time.”

“Look in this direction, do you think he’s going out of the city to the pier to take a boat to Yunzhou?”

“It doesn’t look like it, I didn’t see old Master Cai’s husband inside. If they were going out of town, wouldn’t they go together? Why would old Master Cai leave his husband at home alone?”

“Hey, did you see the second young master of the Cai family? Would he be here?”

Speaking of the second young master of the Cai family, everyone shook their heads and sighed, not knowing whether this person was lucky or unfortunate.

Being the second son of Cai family, with such a background, he was more fortunate than 99% of the people. However, he was unfortunate enough to suffer from such a troublesome illness, which has not been cured until now. Since he came back to Yunzhou due to his frail body, he has not been out of the house for more than ten years, and no one outside even knows what he looks like.

Ten years ago, his father Gao Sheng became the prefect of Yunzhou. Originally, the whole family moved there, but because of his illness, when he first arrived, he was seriously incompatible with the soil and water. With no choice, the Cai family had to let him return to Tongshan City.

Grandfather Cai and his husband, Old Cai Furen, felt sorry for their grandson, so they also returned to Tongshan City together to take care of him.

“It’s so pitiful, Old Master Cai and his family, they are separated from each other all year round…”

“Isn’t it…”

The carriage slowly and leisurely reached the most crowded section of the street, and finally stopped in front of a lively food stall.

The little ger and the driver got out of the carriage, and the little ger pushed aside the curtains of the carriage and said to the inside, “Master, we are here.”

The old man bent down and got out of the carriage.

When the people around the food stall saw him, those who knew him respectfully called him “Master Cai”, and some people greeted him cordially: “It’s been a long time since you came to the streets.”

Master Cai sighed and said, “The weather is too hot, and the old man doesn’t like to move anymore.”

“Then what are you doing here today?”

Master Cai smiled and said, “I heard that Boss Yu has a new food, so I came to take a look.”

When everyone saw the little servant who was supporting him next to the old man, they immediately understood that this little maid was also a frequent visitor of the food stall.

It was Mi Ge’er.

He helped the old man through the crowd and walked to the stall. Someone had already stood up and gave up an empty table. Mi Ge’er thanked the man and helped the old man to sit down first, then he went to the stall to meet Yu Qingze and said, “Boss Yu, three bowls of jelly please, one sweet and two salty.”

When the carriage arrived, Yu Qingze saw Mi Ge’er and an old man came out, and already guessed who the old man was, but he didn’t go up to say hello.

“Okay, coming right up.” Yu Qingze replied with a smile, quickly prepared three bowls of jelly, brought two bowls by himself, and Chang Hao brought the other bowl.

“Please enjoy.” After saying that, he prepared to go back to continue cooking noodles.

However, Mi Ge’er stopped him and introduced him: “Boss Yu, this is my master’s grandfather.”

Yu Qingze said very politely, “greetings, Master Cai.”

Chang Hao imitated Yu Qingze and called out, and afterwards, he went back to continue his work.

Master Cai smiled and said: “Don’t be so polite, our family likes the food you make, and I just want to come to thank you in person today when I have time, and also to thank you for the recipes you gave, my grandson finally eats regularly. “

When the people around heard what Master Cai said, they were all surprised. Can the second young master of the Cai family now eat regularly? The reason is the recipes given by Boss Yu?

No wonder Master Cai came to thank him in person on this hot day.

They saw that Mi Ge’er took several gift boxes from the driver, and after Master Cai finished speaking, he handed the gift boxes to Yu Qingze in a timely manner.

Boss Wang, who happened to hear that Master Cai had arrived at North Street, had just rushed over and was stunned when he saw this scene.

When did the surname Yu from the countryside get acquainted with the Cai family? He also gave other people recipes to ‘cure’ the second young master who was sick?

Looking at Master Cai’s attitude towards the surname Yu, he seems to appreciate it. Boss Wang’s heart sank,this is not good.

Over there, Yu Qingze was stunned when he saw these gifts. They had already given gifts, but again this time…

He looked at the old man sitting with a smile, his heart moved, and he pushed his hands slightly to refuse, and said to Master Cai: “Master Cai is too polite, there are only a few recipes that are not worth mentioning, and you have already given me gifts, and I really can’t accept anymore.”

Master Cai waved his hand and said with a smile: “Keep it, keep it, I also expect you to be a guest at the residence when you are free, and give more guidance to Fu Bo. According to Mi Ge’er, the dishes you cook are better than those made by Fu Bo. It’s too delicious. I wonder if this old man can have the pleasure of trying it sometimes?”

Yu Qingze smiled and said, “Then I would like to thank Master Cai. I must visit the residence some other day.”

Seeing that he agreed, Master Cai said happily: “Okay, go ahead, there are still so many people waiting, we should go back after eating this jelly, and we will have a good chat when you visit.”

Yu Qingze nodded and said, “Okay. Then you eat well.”

When the people around heard the conversation between the two, they immediately understood that Master Cai was interested in Boss Yu’s cooking skills, and this man is going to be lucky.

Boss Wang, who was on the side, was not so beautiful. He originally wanted to say hello to Master Cai and get familiar with him, but at this moment, he just turned around and hurried to his shop. He had to get his son back quickly and cancel the plan.

On the other hand, the eldest of the Liu family bought jelly and returned to the shop in a hurry, telling his father what he had just seen.

Boss Liu listened and said quietly: “Really? The second young master of the Cai family can eat normally? That’s good.”

The eldest son of the Liu family couldn’t help but ask, “Dad, aren’t you worried?”

Boss Liu glanced at him, then turned to look at the jelly on the table, and asked, “What are you worried about?”

The eldest replied: “If that Boss Yu has a good relationship with the Cai family, what can we do? We have been having fewer guests recently.”

Boss Liu glared at his son and scolded: “What are you thinking about all day long? If you have such thoughts, why don’t you study how Liangpi is made, and how they make this jelly! The most important thing in a noodle shop is the craftsmanship, if the craftsmanship is not as good as others, doesn’t it deserve to have no customers!”

The eldest of the Liu family was stunned. Was this what his father was worried about? He thought wrong. He quickly apologized and ran to the kitchen in a hurry.

Boss Liu hates that iron can’t become steel. How can this son become a tool like this? !

(T/N: iron can’t become steel = failing to meet expectations.)

What’s the difference with him and that fatty Wang?


Thingyan (Translator-in-chief): now, I’m curious what Boss Wang was originally plotting, something cheap and lowly most likely *snort


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