Chapter 25: The Culinary Tycoon

Courageous Brother Le

“Sup, gerl!”

Master Cai and the others went back soon after they finished eating. The total time they spent at the food stall was less than a quarter of an hour from getting off the carriage to leaving after eating. It was like they really came here to eat jelly, but the people don’t think so.

When the carriage was far away, a regular customer of Yuji asked Yu Qingze, “Boss Yu, have you really cured the second young master of the Cai family’s anorexia?”

Yu Qingze smiled and said, “I just provided a few recipes. I heard from Mi Ge’er that the appetite of the second young master of the Cai family has improved a lot recently.”

The man snorted and asked again, “Then you are going to work at Cai’s house? Are you gonna still open the stall?” Just now, Master Cai invited Yu Qingze to cook at the Cai residence. Let me tell you, best reading experience on hololo novels, baby, believe that.

Yu Qingze shook his head and said, “No, I’m just going to be a guest.”

Hearing this, the man said with a sigh and a pity: “It’d be very good to work in the Cai family. They treat people generously, and the treatment of the servants is also the best in the city. If you want to go, it’s pretty good. Let me tell you, if you can make the second young master of the Cai family like the food you cook, then the Cai family will not treat you lightly.”

The people around also nodded in agreement.

Yu Qingze smiled and said, “That’s true. I was just distressed for a long time and finally decided to open a stall by myself.”

The people around started talking. Some people said that it is good to go to Cai’s house and it’s hard work to open a stall. Others said that it’s better to set up a stall and be your own boss. Going to someone else’s house to work will always depend on the employer’s face.

For a while, both sides had their own rhetoric, and there was no reason to tell them apart.

As they talked, they started talking about the Cai family again.

Yu Qingze listened while he was working, but he heard a lot of news.

Chang Hao took back the empty bowls and the copper coins, went to Yu Qingze, pulled his clothes, motioned him to come over, and asked in a low voice, “Brother Yu, it turns out that Mi Ge’er’s master is the prefect’s family. ho lo lo novels. That old man just now is the father of the currrent prefect, right?”

Yu Qingze nodded, glanced at Chang Hao, and asked, “Yes, are you afraid?”

Chang Hao blushed a bit, but he nodded honestly and said, “The prefect is a little scary.”

For a small farmer in the country, the county magistrate, no, even a small clerk in the county government is very scary, not to mention the prefect who is so much bigger than the small clerk.

“Do you think Mi Ge’er and Fu Bo are scary?” Yu Qingze asked.

Chang Hao shook his head and said, “Mi Ge’er and Fu Bo are very good, very kind and not scary.”

Yu Qingze asked again: “Then do you think the old master Cai was terrible?”

Chang Hao thought about it for a while, the old grandfather had kind eyes and a smile on his face, and said, “He was smiling, it seems, he was not that scary?”

Yu Qingze touched his head and said to Chang Hao seriously: “Xiao Hao, the people of Cai Da’s family are also ordinary people, just like us, they also have to eat and drink, and there are times when they are happy and unhappy, you should just treat them like ordinary people, with courtesy and sincerity, and treat others like you usually do, don’t be afraid, you know?”

Chang Hao frowned: “Is that alright? Don’t they think I’m disrespectful to them?”

Yu Qingze shook his head, knowing from people’s comments on the Cai family, he said, “No, just be polite. We don’t owe them anything, and we didn’t do anything bad to them. People who really want to be friends with you don’t care about your background, status, or whether you have money. If they care, then you don’t need to be friends with them, and you don’t need to have deep friendships with such people, you know?”

Chang Hao was actually a little worried, but he believed in Yu Qingze very much, so he nodded and said, “I see.”

Well, get busy. “Yu Qingze rubbed the little boy’s head again and let him go. He didn’t tell him that people are created equal, which was too unrealistic in ancient times, but he hoped that the little boy would have a sincere heart that is neither humble nor arrogant.

Although they spoke in a low voice, Chang Le, who was washing dishes beside them, still heard it.

He glanced at his brother, and then took a deep look at Yu Qingze’s back, feeling a little touched.

In his impression, Xiaohao never asked him about such a question of dealing with the world, and he didn’t seem to have heard him ask his grandfather specially.

Since his younger brother is sensible, he naturally seems to have the ability to observe words and feelings. Those who are good to them and have good intentions, he will also be good to others, like a little honey pot in his mouth, he can coax people with a few words, but if they were malicious to him and the family, he never spared anyone.

He has grown up a bit in recent years, and Xiaohao has put on a heavy armor to protect him. Every time he sees that he might be bullied, he will rush to protect himself.

In the end, Xiaohao is only ten years old. He and his grandfather have never taught these principles of life and doing things. Presumably, when Xiaohao encounters problems, he also has a lot of questions he wants to ask.

However, even he and his grandfather would not be able to teach him like Brother Yu. If it were him and his grandfather, they might have told Xiaohao that they can’t afford to offend the Cai family, and they should respectfully and never offend others. Instead of telling him that those people are just like them, they are all ordinary people with joys and sorrows.

Brother Yu’s ideas are always different from others, very novel, but inexplicably convincing. Chang Le pursed his lips and smiled. With Big Brother Yu around, it made people feel very secure.

He washed the dishes in the basin, then picked up the bucket and went to fetch water in a good mood.

The public well is in another alley. When he was about to get to the well, he suddenly saw a man turn out from the alley in front of him. He looked a little familiar. He took a closer look and found that this man had framed them as having bugs not long ago. That middle-aged ger.

Seeing how he was walking in a hurry, Chang Le followed curiously.

That middle-aged ger is too bad. He wanted to catch this person last time, but he was stopped by Big Brother Yu. Now he doesn’t know what bad things this person is still plotting.

He carefully followed the man through the alley, and arrived at another remote alley. This is a residential area with no people. He finally saw the man enter a dilapidated yard.

He looked in curiously against the door, and saw a young man inside.

The middle-aged ger asked the young man flatteringly, “Young master Wang, is there anything you want me to do?”

That young master Wang glanced at him and said, “Last time you didn’t do well, my father and I were both dissatisfied, but considering that it’s not easy for you, I’ll give you another chance to make up for it.”

The middle-aged ger had a happy expression on his face and asked, “What do you have in mind?”

Then Young Master Wang looked around, took out a paper bag, and said, “You can put this in the food stall.”

Hearing this, the middle-aged ger glanced at the paper bag and asked, “This is?”

Master Wang said, “Laxatives.”

The middle-aged ger had a bitter look on his face and said, “Master Wang, it’s not that I don’t want to do it, but, you know, last time I was discovered by them, they all already knew me, and I couldn’t go even if I wanted to. “

Young Master Wang glared and said, “I didn’t ask you to go personally, you can find someone else to go. You have so many people in your family, just do whatever you want.”

The middle-aged ger is still hesitating.

Young Master Wang took another powerful medicine and said sternly, “Does your son still want to work at the county government office?!”

“Think about it.” Hearing this, the middle-aged ger didn’t hesitate any longer. He gritted his teeth, took the paper bag, and said, “Please rest assured, Young Master Wang, I will definitely get things done.”

“Well, remember to find someone smarter.”

“Yes, then I’ll go.”

Hearing that the middle-aged ger was about to come out, Chang Le hurriedly walked a few steps to find a place to hide, but the back doors of other people’s houses were closed, and in the end he had no choice but to hid in the toilet of another house next door.

From the crack of the door, Chang Le watched the middle-aged ger come out and go the same way. After a while, the young master Wang also came out and left on the other side.

Chang Le waited for a while, and when he saw that Young Master Wang turned a corner, he hurried out and ran in the direction of the middle-aged ger.

As soon as they heard the conversation between the two, they knew that the middle-aged ger was going to make trouble at their food stall. The middle-aged ger has already been seen, but if he were to find another person, they would not know who it was.

Put laxatives into the food, and when the guests have diarrhea, how can their food stalls continue to open!

He frantically carried the bucket and ran all the way, and finally saw him in the alley where he first met the middle-aged ger.

He followed not far and near through two alleys, and then turned into another residential area.

Chang Le was afraid that the middle-aged ger would be home soon, and it would be difficult to do it by then. He was in a hurry, seeing no one around, a bold idea popped into his mind.

He took a deep breath to strengthen himself, put down the bucket gently, pulled out the pole, rushed up and slapped the man’s leg.

The man screamed and knelt forward. “Who?!”

Seeing this, Chang Le dropped the pole and immediately stepped forward, covering the man’s mouth with one hand from behind to prevent him from making a sound, then pressed the man to the wall, and quickly touched the man’s sleeves with the other hand and finally took out the paper bag containing the laxative and put it in his own pocket.

The middle-aged ger kept struggling, Chang Le took out the man’s handkerchief and stuffed it in his mouth, pulled out the waistband of his trousers, and tied the man up.

He dropped the man down with the last kick, then he quickly picked up his pole, and before the man turned over and stood up, he grabbed his bucket with one hand and ran quickly.

He ran back to their food stall in one breath, and when he saw Yu Qingze, he breathed a sigh of relief.

“Brother Le, what’s the matter? How come you go fetch water for so long this time?” Yu Qingze turned around and saw that Chang Le was sweating profusely and his face was flushed red. However, the bucket was empty and there was not a drop of water. He didn’t go fetch water, obviously something happened.

“What’s the matter? What’s wrong?” Yu Qingze hurried over and looked at Chang Le up and down first. Seeing that he was all right, he felt relieved and took out a towel to wipe the sweat from his face.

Chang Le put down the bucket, took the towel in Yu Qingze’s hand, wiped the sweat on his face, pulled Yu Qingze aside, and asked Yu Qingze to call Chang Hao over, then carefully took out a paper bag from his pocket and handed it to him. Yu Qingze, then made a gesture of what he had just encountered.

Chang Hao whispered in Yu Qingze’s ear and translated everything.

After listening, Yu Qingze looked at the paper bag in his hand and frowned.

The so-called Young Master Wang, it must be someone related to Boss Wang. He didn’t expect them to be so restless, still want to do something so soon.

However, just now, when he saw Boss Wang leaving in a hurry after seeing Master Cai, from the look on his face, he knew that Master Cai valued them. In this city, no one should dare to offend the Cai family, and it was only a quarter of an hour before and after, and the two of them met too quickly…

It is estimated that Boss Wang planned it first, but he didn’t expect Master Cai to come suddenly, so he didn’t have time to stop it!

No matter what, this laxative was finally brought back. Yu Qingze asked, “Did the middle-aged ger see you?”

Chang Le shook his head and made a gesture, meaning he didn’t see the front face, but he should have seen the back.

Hearing this, Yu Qingze smiled and said, “That’s alright, he should have recognized you as well.” After all, who in the whole city would use such a big bucket to carry water.

Chang Hao asked worriedly, “Then will my brother be okay? Will they find someone to beat us up again?”

Yu Qingze shook his head and said, “It’s okay, they don’t dare to come like this again. Even if they want to make trouble, it is estimated that they will use a more concealed method.”

Chang Hao didn’t understand and asked, “Why?”

Yu Qingze smiled and said, “Wasn’t Master Cai here today to thank us? Boss Wang saw it, and he must not dare to offend the Cai family.”

Chang Hao snorted, used his little head to sort it out, and said, “Because the recipes you gave, Brother Yu cured the second young master of the Cai family, Master Cai is very grateful to you, brother Yu, and invited you to his house as a guest, It means that the relationship between you two is good, and then that Boss Wang does not dare to offend the Cai family. If he makes trouble again, he will offend the Cai family for not giving face to them, right?”

Yu Qingze touched his head and praised, “Yes, that’s it.”

“So it is!” Chang Hao was very happy, “Then we can finally set up the stall with confidence!”

Yu Qingze smiled, but turned his head the next second, and said to Chang Le very seriously: “Brother Le, next time you encounter such a thing, you are not allowed to act recklessly! If the other party finds you, then shout, get up and leave, otherwise, you will be surrounded and beaten, do you understand?”

Chang Hao also nodded, agreeing with Yu Qingze’s words seriously: “Yes, Big Brother Yu is right! Brother, next time you are not allowed to do such a dangerous thing alone! At least, at least, call Big Brother Yu!”

Chang Le looked at the worried eyes of the two and nodded. In fact, he was also afraid in his heart. It was the first time he did this kind of thing, his heart was still beating so fast, and his hands were still shaking.

Yu Qingze added: “Also, don’t go to the well in the alley over there to fetch water from now, we won’t know if it would get blocked. Let’s just use the well behind Boss Li’s house and give him ten cents a day. .”

The shop behind them is a shop that sells specialty products from the north and the south. There is a well in it, but the boss will charge them ten cents a day to fetch water.

Before, Chang Le didn’t want to pay the ten cents, so he went to the public well in the back alley to fetch water. Yu Qingze couldn’t stop him, so he let him go. But now that this happened, the back alley is absolutely not allowed anymore. There are also few people there.

Chang Le was still a little worried in his heart, but now he knew the importance, so he nodded and agreed.

Seeing Chang Le nod, Yu Qingze was really relieved, he was afraid that Chang Le would not be able to bear the cost of ten pennies.

Looking at Chang Le’s flushed face, Yu Qingze stretched out his hand, put a small lock of hair on his cheek behind his ear, and asked softly, “Are you afraid?”

Chang Le was startled by Yu Qingze’s actions, his face turned even redder, he didn’t dare to look at anyone, he just nodded lightly.

Chang Hao blinked, snickered while covering his mouth, and quietly retreated, there was still a lot of things waiting for him at the stall over there.

Yu Qingze patted Chang Le’s head lightly and sighed softly, “Little fool, remember to call me next time, don’t go by yourself, I’m very worried, you know?”

Little, little fool?

Chang Le was taken aback by the title, but the intimate tone made his ears turn red. Also, Brother Yu said he was worried about himself. ho lo lo novels. Although the big palms on the head were gentle, but the scalp was getting hot, Chang Le felt like he was going to burn up.

He nodded quickly, ran back to the stall like a small fly, scooped up a ladle of water, drank it, and threw a splash on his face after drinking.

Cool down a bit!

Yu Qingze saw it and smiled helplessly again, then turned around and went to the specialty store to discuss the water use with Boss Li.

After closing the stall the next day, Yu Qingze and the others went to a grain and oil store in the east of the city to buy flour. After Yu Qingze’s previous inspection, the flour in this grain and oil store is of the best quality and moderately priced, so he has been buying it here.

They just walked to the door of the grain and oil store, but they heard a quarrel inside.

Asking Chang Le and Chang Hao to wait at the door, he walked in curiously and found that it was Boss Wang and Boss Liu who were arguing.

The two of them had been arguing for a long time, and the owner of the grain and oil store stood helplessly by the side.

“This is obviously what I liked first, let it go!” Boss Wang said angrily, pressing a bag of flour under his hands.

Boss Liu glared at him and said, “I’ve put my hands on it first, what you like it first! Fatty Wang, don’t bully people with your connections!”

“I use my connections to bully people? So what? Why don’t I use it to bully others? Don’t you know who is relying on my brother-in-law to be a classmate of the eldest young master of the Cai family? I never look straight at people, and I’m not afraid of squinting!”

Boss Liu snorted coldly and said, “You don’t need to squint, I’m afraid to get my eyes blind!”

“You animal, let go!”

“You fat bastard, it’s unreasonable, I got it first!”


Yu Qingze raised his brows, walked into the store, raised his chin, and asked the boss, “What’s going on?”

The boss shook his head helplessly and said, “They been at each other’s throat for a long time, and they would start quarrelling just about anything.”

Yu Qingze glanced at the two of them thoughtfully. An idea flashed in his mind. He chuckled and turned to the boss: “By the way, boss, have the two bags of flour I ordered arrived?”

“It’s here, I was waiting for you.”

Yu Qingze followed the boss in to get the flour, and the two continued to quarrel over there.

Yu Qingze loaded two bags of flour onto the trolley and went home in a good mood.

Seeing him laughing all the way, Chang Hao couldn’t help asking: “Big Brother Yu, why are you laughing? You are so happy. Let us know to make us happy too.”

Yu Qingze chuckled: “It’s nothing, I just thought of a fun thing.”

Hearing the words “fun thing”, Chen hao’s interest was immediately aroused, “What’s the fun thing?”

Yu Qingze said, “I can’t tell you now.”

Chen Hao immediately stopped when he heard it. Generally, if Big Brother Yu said he couldn’t tell him, he really wouldn’t tell him.

But it’s really annoying to keep people hanging and not talk about it!


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