Chapter 23: The Culinary Tycoon

One Step Forward

In the evening, after Yu Qingze took a bath, Chang Le changed his dressing.

Every time the dressing was changed, Chang Le looked at the scars on Yu Qingze’s back, feeling sad and moved at the same time.

The bruises on his body have not subsided, but the discoloration and scars look terrifying. The incision on the left shoulder was better in the morning, but maybe because Yu Qingze went to the mountain today, it reopened a little.

These scars were all suffered to save him. In his twenty-two years of life, no one but his family would protect him like this. Please read on hololo novels, it’s much better there.

When he was a child, he was mostly ridiculed and bullied. Although he could not speak and was dumbfounded, his memory was very good, and he still remembers it vividly. When he grows up, although he gets better, he can still see the pity and disgust in people’s eyes, especially in the past few years, when those matchmakers and his own uncle wanted to arrange his marriage, he already knew it very well from their actions.

However, it seems that Brother Yu is different from others. He knows that he can’t speak, and he also saw his ugly scars, but there is no disgust in his eyes, and yet, he took risks to save himself. Even when he was hurt, he didn’t care about his own injuries and put his (CL) safety first. If you’re not reading this on origin translation website, there will be irrelevant sentences/spoilers embedded throughout the chapter.

Chang Le felt that Big Brother Yu also had pity and regret in his eyes, but they were was a kind of emotion that could warm his heart, just like how Grandpa, father, and mother looked at him back then, it was the look of doting.

Chang Le was startled when he realized his own thoughts, then he shook his head. How could he think of the word doting? He and Big Brother Yu have nothing to do with each other. How can Big Brother Yu look at himself that way?

It’s because Big Brother Yu is so nice – he not only taught him and his younger brother to read, but also taught his younger brother boxing and kung fu. Now, he also tells them the recipes that could allow them to earn some silvers and takes them to make a living.

How can there be such a good person in the world!

Ugh, these scars are really annoying! Chang Le frowned, carefully wet the cloth with warm water, and wiped around the wound. For fear of touching the injury, he moved very carefully, for fear that if he didn’t pay attention, he would use too much force. After all, his strength is stronger than ordinary people.

Yu Qingze felt Chang Le’s cautiousness, his heart pounding, and he said, “Brother Le, it’s okay, it doesn’t hurt much now, and I have thick skin, you don’t need to worry too much, I guess the mud won’t be wiped off if we don’t exert any force there.”

Chang Le pursed his lips, ignored him, and continued to wipe carefully.

You say what you want to say, I wipe how I wanna wipe.

After cleaning around the wound, he also carefully wiped Yu Qingze’s back again. Because of the injury, Big Brother Yu probably couldn’t wash the back with one hand, and also because of the fear of getting the wound wet, Chang Le took over the job of wiping Yu Qingze’s back every day while the dressing is changed.

Yu Qingze’s face was extremely helpless, he couldn’t even tell what he’s feeling.

Why is Brother Le so considerate and gentle, it tickles his heart…

After changing the medicine, Chang Le gestured with Yu Qingze with a very serious expression.

After getting along for a while, Yu Qingze can already understand some of Chang Le’s simple movements, but he can’t guess the slightly more complicated ones.

At this moment, Chang Hao was not around, he went to take a bath. Grandpa Chang was boiling water in the kitchen. After thinking about it, Yu Qingze tentatively said, “Are you telling me to pay attention to the wound?”

Chang Le nodded, shook his head again, and made two more gestures.

Yu Qingze looked at his gestures, the first one meant ‘don’t’, and he couldn’t guess what came after.

No, no what?

It happened that Chang Hao came over after taking a shower, so he quickly called Chang Hao to translate.

Chang Hao looked at it and said, “My brother said that your wound has opened again today. I want you to have a good rest tomorrow, don’t run around, especially not allowed to go to the mountains.”

Yu Qingze snorted, so he meant not to go up the mountain. He said, “It’s alright, Brother Le, I feel much better, and I want you to take me to pick some white fungus tomorrow and come back for drying.”

Chang Le shook his hand with a very serious expression and refused. Moreover, he didn’t wait for Yu Qingze to speak again, he turned around and walked away with the washbasin in his hands, using his back to express his rejection!

Chang Hao looked at it, snickered, and said, “My brother won’t take you there. Brother Yu, you should stay at home tomorrow to recover from your injury.”

Yu Qingze: …Sometimes, this little temper, is quite cute.

After a while, Yu Qingze said to Chang Hao, “Xiao Hao, teach me sign language. I don’t even know what your brother is talking about when you and grandpa aren’t around. It’s too inconvenient.”

Chang Hao heard the words, his eyes lit up, “Do you want to learn? Okay, okay, I’ll teach you.”

After speaking, Chang Hao began to tell Yu Qingze what this gesture meant, what that gesture meant…

When Chang Le came over with the medicine and saw his younger brother teaching Yu Qingze to learn sign language, he was stunned in place.

Under the dim light, there were two men, one big and one small, one made serious gestures, the other looked at it seriously, and there were occasional laughter.

Brother Yu is actually learning sign language with Xiaohao? Is this, in order to be able to read your own gestures?

(T/N: In case I haven’t mentioned before, Xiao is a term of endearment you use in front of the name of someone familiar. Eg., Chen Hao = Xiao Hao).

Chang Le felt warm in his heart, the scene in front of him made him feel so touched and moved.

Maybe, in the future, I can also communicate with Big Brother Yu without barriers? Like with grandpa and Xiaohao? He pursed his lips and smiled, and he couldn’t help but look forward to it.

Chang Le didn’t know why he was so happy, anyway, his heart seemed to be dipped in honey.

The next day, Chang Le did not take Yu Qingze to the mountains, but went alone and picked up most of the tremella.

Yu Qingze was helpless.

Since he couldn’t move his arm much and wasn’t of much help around, he decided to visit the village chief’s house to see how their rice beds were doing.


It was very busy at the village chief’s house. The four men along with the village chief’s husband were all rushing to work in the old house. They were very serious. When Yu Qingze entered, no one even noticed him.

Later, it was Dajian who saw him when he got up to get a tool.

They have already made more than 30 rice beds. After getting familiar with them, they began to assign people to take charge of some parts. They divided the labor and cooperated well, and the speed was much faster than before.

Yu Qingze looked at their finished product and thought it was very good. Seeing that they were so busy, he was embarrassed to disturb them and slipped back home.

In about two days, Yu Qingze’s injury was already much better. He decided to rest one more day before going to the street to buy the seasonings since a lot were damaged during the fight, also bought two jars of sugar syrup, and the wooden tubs and parasols that were ordered head were also ready for him to pick up.

Yu Qingze also went to the officials who managed the stalls on North Street in advance and paid one month’s rent, and rented out their previous location for a long time, so that even if they were a little late, they would not be afraid that someone would rob the spot.

The stall usually doesn’t get busy until later in the morning, so it doesn’t matter if they go late. In this way, they can make the jelly at home first, which not only saves time, but also prevents others from knowing how to do it.

As for the fairy tofu, they can make it the night before and soak it in the water. The longer the fairy tofu soaks in the water, the better the taste will be.

Everything is ready and they are all set to reopen.


The night before the reopening, Yu Qingze called Grandpa Chang, Chang Le and Chang Hao together to sit at the table, and said to them, “Grandpa, Brother Le, Xiaohao, I want to discuss something with you.”

Grandpa Chang: “You say it.”

Yu Qingze asked solemnly, “Are you willing to partner with me to open the food stall?”

“What?” The three of them stared at him, surprised.

Yu Qingze said it again: “How about opening a food stall with me, and the costs and benefits are divided equally?”

The three of them are in a state of you look at me and I look at you, they all think that Yu Qingze’s wound is not healed yet and that’s why he is being muddleheaded!

Such a profitable business, why do you want to partner and lose half of the revenue to others?

The three were silent for a while before Grandpa Chang said: “Aze, you are very capable, the food stall is very profitable, and you can definitely make more money with your skills, and you deserve it. Us selling sour beans and sour radishes is an accident. It’s already very satisfying, and you still pay wages for Xiaole and Xiaohao, that’s enough. You, understand? “

Yu Qingze’s eyes flickered. He expected that Grandpa Chang and the others would refuse, but he could not have imagined the reason. He thought they would hesitate because of too much risk or the issue of principal, but unexpectedly they just did not want to take advantage of him.

They were so unpretentious that he was ashamed.

Yu Qingze calmed down and said, “Grandpa, I made this proposal after careful consideration. According to my plan, the food stall will become a snack bar in the future. If the snack bar makes enough money, I will open a restaurant. I will open the best restaurant in Tongshan City, then in Yunzhou, and even in the capital one day.”

The three of them were stunned when they heard his plan, what a magnificent dream this is.

That’s right, they think this is a dream, a great idea that they can only dare to dream about it.

Yu Qingze saw their expressions, smiled, and then continued: “Grandpa, Brother Le, Xiaohao, do you think it’s impossible?”

The three of them reacted and shook their heads in unison, not daring to think about it.

Yu Qingze was amused and said, “Then you can think about it now, because I hope you can participate in this plan.”

The dumbfounded faces of the three were even more stunned. Grandpa Chang, as the backbone of the family, could only ask, “Why?”

Yu Qingze said earnestly and sincerely: “As you think, to realize this plan, there must be many difficulties. I have the skills, and I can do it by myself, but, grandpa, brother Le, think about it, when the food stall becomes a snack bar, maybe I can hire a few helpers, and I can manage it all by myself, but when the second and the third snack bars open, and finally the restaurant, then I alone won’t be able to manage all of these.

The three of them listened, thought about it, and nodded, but they really didn’t think they could help with management of all these businesses.

Seeing that they were in a situation, Yu Qingze continued: “At that time, I will need someone to help me manage it together, and in this world, the only people I trust most are you guys.”

The three of them sighed and understood.

Grandpa Chang said: “You can also hire someone to manage it. For example, there are shopkeepers in many shops, and they are also hired by the boss, and they just need to be paid monthly.”

He appreciated Grandpa Chang’s insight, but he has his own ideas. Yu Qingze smiled and said, “However, it is still your own people who will always be more dedicated than others, don’t you think so?”

Grandpa Chang nodded, “That’s true.”

Yu Qingze continued to lobby: “So I hope that we will partner together. You don’t have to worry, you don’t have to think too far now, the food stall will make money anyway, and if you don’t want to partner at that time, we will just separate again. There will be no loss.”

“But isn’t this taking too much advantage of you?” Grandpa Chang was very confused.

Yu Qingze smiled indifferently and said, “Human and material resources are also a type of cost. I have the skills, but if I can’t find the right person, I can’t do much.” Such a thing as not being able to find the right person is pure deception.

Grandpa Chang frowned and looked at Chang Le and Chang Hao. He felt very entangled in his heart that he simply asked his two grandsons, “What do you think?”

Chang Hao said first, “I believe that Brother Yu will be able to make money.”

Little fan boy unconditionally believes in his idol.

Grandpa Chang glared at him, “I didn’t say he couldn’t make money! I was asking if you would like to partner with him!”

Chang Hao smiled and nodded, “Yes, I want to make money.”

Grandpa Chang turned his head and asked Chang Le, “Xiao Le, what do you think?”

Chang Le looked at his grandfather, then at Yu Qingze, thought about it, and made a few gestures.

Grandpa Chang looked at it, nodded, and said, “It makes sense.”

Yu Qingze: … I haven’t finished learning sign language, so I don’t understand much.

Grandpa Chang said: “Aze, Xiaole said that even if you are a partner, you can’t evenly share the money you make. You can take eight and we take two, so that’s fine.”

Yu Qingze frowned, “This ratio is not good, yours is too low.”

Grandpa Chang said: “Where is it low, we have two people, and we can’t do anything without you anyway.”

Yu Qingze and Grandpa Chang had a good deal of bargaining, and finally set the ratio at seven to three.

Yu Qingze didn’t bother anymore. If he worked hard, married Brother Le, and became a family member, it wouldn’t matter how they divide the money.

The ‘Husband and husband’ project is moving a step further!

After discussing things well, the next day, they set up a stall.

As they expected, the sweet jelly and the salty fairy tofu were very popular with the guests. Fairy tofu is actually a kind of jelly, and it is also called jelly in many places.

Fairy Tofu
Sweet Jelly

The icy cold taste, whether it is sweet or salty jelly, once again set off the trend in Tongshan City.

Mi Ge’er happily flew into the Cai residence and told Old Master Cai that Yuji was reopen and there were jelly for sale!


Thingyan (Translator-in-chief): Finally the stall is reopen with a new vengeance. Good luck trying to copy two more dishes, stupid Boss Wang *smirk *smirk *smirk


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