Chapter 18: The Culinary Tycoon

Finding Fault

As soon as Mi Ge’er saw them, he greeted them enthusiastically: “Boss Yu, you guys are here.”

Seeing Mi Ge’er’s expression, Yu Qingze knew that the porridge should have a good effect, but he still asked, “How is it, what do you think the porridge tastes like?”

Mi Ge’er smiled and raised his eyebrows, handed the gift box in his hand to Yu Qingze, and said, “Yesterday I asked the cook to make three kinds of porridge, red jujube, glutinous rice porridge and yam radish porridge. My second young master drank a bowl. The grandfather and the old husband also liked to drink it. Except for the seafood porridge that the second young master thought it had too much fishy smell and did not drink. So, Boss Yu, I came here specially to thank you. This is Master Cai’s thanks to you. He would like to invite you to visit the residence when you are free.”

Yu Qingze pushed it back and said, “Master is too polite, it’s fine as long as your second young master likes the food, nothing to worry about.” If you’re not reading on h olo lo novels, the ending will be missing.

Mi Ge’er directly put the gift box into Yu Qingze’s hand and said, “Oh, Boss Yu, you have to take it. It’s a small effort for you, but it’s very important to us.”

Yu Qingze held the gift box and said with a smile, “Then thank you so much!”

Seeing that Yu Qingze spoke generously and his attitude was neither humble nor arrogant, Mi Ge’er secretly wrote it down in his heart. “Then thank you so much!”

Putting the gift box on the table that was just set aside, Yu Qingze frowned again and said, “Why does your young master think it’s fishy when eating seafood porridge? No, it shouldn’t be.”

Mi Ge’er nodded and said, “It did smell fishy, ​​I also think so when I ate it. Is it because our cook didn’t do it well?”

Yu Qingze frowned and said, “It’s possible, maybe the steps to get rid of the fishiness in the early stage weren’t in place, but it doesn’t matter, just let him try it a few more times.”

Mi Ge’er also nodded and said, “I’m thinking, if he doesn’t do well, Boss Yu, can I bring him here to ask you for advice?”

Yu Qingze nodded and said, “that’s fine.”

Mi Ge’er was very happy and bought some cold noodles, Liangpi, some sour beans, and radishes.

When he got home in the evening, Yu Qingze opened the gift box sent by the Cai family. The first box contains dim sum from a well-known traditional dim sum shop in the city, and the other box contains a good-year ginseng.

For farmers, the gift of ginseng is too valuable, but Yu Qingze does not plan to return it. Grandpa Chang’s health is not very good, heard that he tends to get sick in winter, so the ginseng will be good for the old man in the future.

Over the past few days, Yu Qingze has respected this sensible old man from the bottom of his heart, and it also reminded him of his grandfather. He misses grandpa so much that he treats this old man as his own grandfather.

He shared the snacks with everyone and then handed the ginseng to Chang Le, “Brother Le, here, please put it away.”

Chang Le had nothing to do, so he took it and went into the room. These days, in addition to business expenses, Yu Qingze’s extra money has also been collected by him. He thought Yu Qingze was just asking him to help keep it, so he put the ginseng away. He never thought that Yu Qingze was saving this precious thing for his grandpa to eat.

After that, two days passed without incident. The Liu Ji Noodle House diagonally opposite was unusually calm, as if nothing had happened.

Just when Yu Qingze and the others thought that the people behind stopped talking and gave up plotting, an accident happened at the best time of business at noon.

“Oh, why is there a bug in this side!” A middle-aged ger was eating cold noodles when he suddenly shouted loudly.

When the guests sitting at the table with him heard the insects, they all stopped their chopsticks and looked into his bowl.

“Look, is this a bug? Just here, take a look, isn’t it?” The middle-aged ger fiddled with his chopsticks, and there was a green bug curled up in the noodles, and there was some red oil on his body.

When the other people saw it was true, and they couldn’t get enough of the noodles in their bowls.

“Hey, boss, there are bugs in your food, it’s not clean, how can we eat it! It scared me to death!” The middle-aged ger threw his chopsticks and shouted loudly.

He shouted so loudly that all the customers who were still queuing up to buy cold noodles and Liangpi heard it and rushed over. When people in the surrounding heard the movement, they all stopped and watched curiously.

Yu Qingze and several others also heard it and hurried over. The food is not clean. As a food seller, this is bad enough to smash the signboard.

Approaching, Chang Hao glanced at the worm in his bowl, scratched the back of his head, and frowned: “It’s strange, we only have cold noodles and Liangpi, and we don’t have green vegetables, where did this worm come from?”

When the middle-aged ger heard it, he pointed his finger at the bugs inside, and said, “Isn’t this a cucumber worm, maybe it’s from a cucumber, a bean sprout, or a green onion! You made it yourself, who knows how there are bugs! Let me tell you. I heard your cold noodles are delicious, so I came here to eat them, but who would have thought there’d be bugs, it’s really disappointing!”

“Hey, there are really bugs. I don’t know if we have eaten anything. We just ate it all and we didn’t see it carefully.”

“Yeah, I feel sick in my stomach when I think of eating worms.”

“Look at you, I have eaten here several times, and I have never found any bugs. Boss Yu’s place is very clean.”

“In the end, it’s just a food stall, not as clean as a real restaurant.”

“You just spend a few coppers and want to be as clean as possible?”


There were more and more discussions around, and the faces of both brothers and Yu Qingze darkened.

Chang Hao opened his mouth to speak, but was pulled by Yu Qingze and stopped.

Yu Qingze looked at the middle-aged man and said apologetically, “I’m sorry for this guest, I’ll give you a free bowl.”

Who knew that the middle-aged ger immediately refused, saying: “Hey, no need, no need, how can I still eat it after knowing it’s dirty!”

Yu Qingze apologized: “I’m sorry, then I will give you a pound of sour beans and a pound of sour radish as an apology.”

Who knows that the middle-aged ger waved his hand and said, “No, no, who knows if there are insects in it. I can’t trust your food.”

Yu Qingze frowned, he didn’t really think that this person would just let it go, he said, “Then you…”

“Just give me the money directly! I don’t want more, just a tael of silver.” Before Yu Qingze could finish his words, the middle-aged ger asked for compensation of a tael of silver.

“Hey! A tael of silver!” The onlookers were startled and gasped.

This ger is obviously looking for trouble. Yu Qingze frowned, looked at the bug carefully, and said, “This customer, a tael of silver is too much. This bowl of cold noodles is only five coppers. Besides, the bug is not our fault.”

The middle-aged ger glared, and immediately said: “What is it that is not your fault?! Hey, everyone, listen to me, I ate worms from their food, look, these worms are still in there. Well, it’s not their fault that the boss is talking nonsense. If its not their fault, is it I who wronged them?”

The onlookers echoed and shook their heads, all watching the play.

This kind of thing often happens on the street, and they have seen it a lot. Whether it is true or false, whether it is deliberately corrupting money or there are really bugs, it is not very clear. Anyway, when this kind of thing happens, the boss can only admit that he is unlucky. .

Yu Qingze glanced at the bugs in the bowl and said, “Our cold noodles and Liangpi are all boiled, while the cucumber, pickled beans, and pickled radishes, including chopped green onion, are either shredded or diced. If it is our fault, then this bug is either burnt to death or cut into pieces. This worm, which looks so green and also intact, it is definitely not from our food.”

Yu Qingze said a long paragraph, which is well-founded and convincing. Many people couldn’t help nodding their heads when they heard it, thinking it was very reasonable.

The middle-aged ger didn’t seem to think that he could analyze it like this. He was stunned for a while, and after reacting, he said, “Anyway, you will be responsible for what you put out or lose your face and money!”

At the same time, he also stretched out his hand and asked for money.

In the space between their words, Chang Le kept observing the middle-aged ger and the bowl of noodles, and he found the problem with this observation.

Seeing that Yu Qingze still wanted to talk to the middle-aged ger, Chang Le quickly tugged at his sleeve and gestured.

Chang Hao translated his brother’s words: “Brother Yu, my brother said that this bug is still alive.”

Yu Qingze was stunned for a moment, then picked up the chopsticks next to him and stirred up the worm. Sure enough, he saw the worm squirm a bit, climbed onto the head of the chopsticks and grasped it firmly.

Yu Qingze:  …

“Wow, this bug is still alive!” Someone shouted.

The people next to them started to talk again, and many people started to say that the middle aged ger was defrauding money.

Yu Qingze held up his chopsticks, stretched it out in front of that person, and said, “The bugs in my family are not so strong. If it is scalded in hot water or cut with a knife, everything will die. Is this yours?”

“Hahaha…” Everyone around was amused by Yu Qingze’s words.

The middle-aged ger naturally heard it and was a little panicked. He stretched out his left hand and slapped away the chopsticks in front of him, and said, “Are you going to give the money?!”

This is going to be tricky. However, immediately, his left wrist was held by a slender hand.

“What are you doing?” The middle-aged ger turned his head angrily, and found that the mute ger was holding his wrist, so he roared fiercely.

Chang Le ignored him, and the middle-aged brother suddenly couldn’t move from the strength.

Immediately, under the watchful eyes of the crowd, he squeezed out a handkerchief cloth bag from the cuff of the person’s left hand.

The middle-aged ger was even more panicked when he saw the cloth bag being taken out, and reached out to grab it, “What are you doing, taking my handkerchief indiscriminately!”

This fierce reaction seems to be trying to hide it. Chang Le separated him with one hand, and quickly opened the handkerchief cloth bag on the table with the other.

Immediately, everyone was shocked.

In the middle of the handkerchief, five or six green worms were stacked on top of each other, squirming, and they looked exactly the same as the worm in the bowl before.

“Whoa, so many bugs! It turned out that he brought them here himself!”

“This old ger is too bad! Talking about blackmailing!”


Seeing that his ugliness was exposed, the middle-aged ger took advantage of Chang Le’s inattentiveness, used all his strength to break free of his hand, quickly got out of the crowd, and ran away.

If he didn’t run again, he would probably be drowned by people’s saliva.

Seeing that man ran away, Chang Le wanted to chase, but was blocked by Yu Qingze.

He shook his head towards Chang Le, and then said to the onlookers: “I’m sorry, everyone, I was shocked, good thing it was a false alarm. Please rest assured, our Yuji’s cold noodles and Liangpi are all made by ourselves, and our family also eats them, absolutely clean and hygienic, please rest assured to eat.”

When everyone saw this, they naturally knew that the boss was wronged, so they all agreed, and then went back to do their own thing. After a while, the crowd dispersed.

In an old house on East Street, a middle-aged ger angrily reprimanded a young man.

“What kind of people did you find, do you have any brain? Success is not enough and failure is more possible!” Then, the middle-aged ger pointed at another man: “You, go find some clever people, and then do it again. Now, don’t come back to see me!”


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