Chapter 17: The Culinary Tycoon

Porridge Recipes

When the stall opened in the morning, Chang brothers were still a little worried. They didn’t know how the people behind the thief would react after they learned that robbery was unsuccessful. When they passed by Liu Ji Noodle House, people inside even looked over, as if it was no different from usual.

Chang Le was still very worried, and looked over there from time to time, for fear that a few people would suddenly rush out from inside and come to beat them with sticks.

“Brother Yu, brother, look, look!” Chang Hao called them nervously while holding a stool.

Yu Qingze and Chang Le heard the words and looked over there.

At the door of Liu Ji Noodle Shop, a tall and thin middle-aged man stood at the door for a while, looking over to them.

Chang Le and Chang Hao quickly lowered their heads and pretended to be busy, but they were still observing from the corner of their eyes. If you’re not reading this on hololonovels, the ending will be missing.

They saw Yu Qingze and the boss staring at each other for a while, and then the boss went left.

The two brothers looked at each other, full of respect for Yu Qingze in their hearts.

Dare to face the provocation of malicious opponents, he’s a real man! Really powerful!

Yu Qingze turned his head and saw their eyes, not knowing why, “What’s wrong?”

The two shook their heads in unison, like nothing happened.

“…” Yu Qingze walked over to Chang Le, patted him on the shoulder, and comforted him: “Brother Le, don’t worry, they don’t dare.”

Chang Le gestured, meaning that if those people were reasonable, they wouldn’t do such a thing in the first place.

Yu Qingze smiled, touched Chang Le’s head, and said, “It’s alright, if it becomes a big deal, let’s switch to a different kind of food, and I know more than these noodles. Don’t worry, eh?”

The smile on Yu Qingze’s face was too relaxed, his attitude was too indifferent, and his expression was too confident. Suddenly Chang Le was no longer afraid. He was even blushed by Yu Qingze’s gesture of touching his head and the coaxing and affectionate tone of his words.

How could Big Brother Yu treat himself like a child, he’s embarrassed. Chang Le lowered his head warmly, feeling a little shy, he was so old, and he was coaxed like this.

However, there is a feeling of happiness and warmth in his heart. After Dad and Ama passed away, apart from Grandpa, Big Brother Yu was the first person to coax him like this.

“Don’t worry about it” Yu Qingze said to Chang Hao after comforting Chang Le.

Chang Hao nodded and continued to set the stool.

“Brother Le, what’s the matter with you? Why are you blushing? Are you hot? There are no guests at the moment, so you can sit down and rest for a while. I put up the parasol, and these days, you have tanned a lot again.”

Yu Qingze just touched his head to appease Chang Le completely unconsciously. He didn’t realize how intimate his behavior was. He thought it was because he was on his way in the morning and was busy opening a stall just now. He hurriedly pressed Chang Le to sit at the table, ready to go open up the parasol that he got back yesterday. If you’re not reading this on ho lolo novels, this chapter is not complete; the ending will be missing.

Chang Le hurriedly waved his hand, saying that he was fine, and helped to move the rocks to stabilize the sunshade.

“You sit. Let me.” Yu Qingze stretched out the parasol and inserted it into a custom-made tripod, and then moved a big rock to fix it.

With three umbrellas, one covers their booth and the washing area in the back, and the other two cover the tables and stools, now they don’t have to do business in the sun.

As soon as the stall was set up, Mi Ge’er arrived with a food box.

These days, Mi Ge’er comes twice a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, and every morning, he would come very early, and every time, he buys several cold noodles and Liangpi, he has become a loyal customer of the food stall, Yu Qingze and the others all recognize him.

“Brother Mi, it’s so early today, we’re just getting ready.” The young Chang Hao greeted him warmly when he saw the other coming.

Mi Ge’er smiled and said, “I just wanted to wait and buy the first one. Boss, today I want one small bowl of Liangpi, two medium bowls of Liangpi, and two bowls of cold noodles, and another pound of sour radish.”

“Okay, wait a moment.” Yu Qingze responded and started to prepare.

Chang Hao continued to chat with Mi Ge’er: “Brother Mi, how many times have you eaten in a row?”

Mi Ge’er nodded and said, “Yeah, your food tastes very good. My second young master is not interested in anything other than your food. We finally found something that he is interested in, and we can’t wait for him to have more.”

After these few chats, Yu Qingze also had some understanding of this second young master. Knowing that the other party eats very little all year round, he immediately frowned and asked, “Brother Mi, if your second young master usually eats less, doesn’t his stomach suffer? It’s not too good.”

Mi Ge’er nodded, “Yes, the doctor said he’s relatively weak.”

Yu Qingze said: “In this case, it would be better for your second young master to stop eating cold noodles and Liangpi.”

Mi Ge’er asked, “Why?” No one asked customers not to eat the food they sold.

Yu Qingze said: “He has a weak stomach and is not suitable to eat cold and hard food. Even if he eats less, if he eats more, he will have a stomach upset. It is best to drink some porridge and soup that nourish the stomach, adjust the stomach and then slowly return to a normal diet.”

Mi Ge’er frowned, worried: “But the second young master has high requirements for food, and he can’t eat it if it doesn’t taste good. Our chef also tried to make a lot of delicious food, and we also have porridge, and all kinds of delicious food from the whole county. We’ve searched all over, but nothing quite suits his appetite. From the beginning of spring this year to now, he’s only shown interest in your cold noodles and Liangpi.”

“What kind of food your family make?”

Mi Ge’er roughly described their diet.

Yu Qingze knew then. He’s been to the most famous restaurant in the county before and knew that this dynasty did not develop too many food, and the taste was not very good. When he encounters a picky person like the second young master of Mi Ge’er’s family, these foods will naturally not attract him.

Yu Qingze said: “In this way, I will teach you a few ways to nourish the stomach, you go back and let your chef make it and try it out.”

Mi Ge’er’s eyes lit up, “Okay, thank you.” As long as there is new food, even if there is a glimmer of hope, they will never let it go.

Yu Qingze has made several common stomach-nourishing porridges, as well as a few more delicious salty porridges.

(credit: cooksillustrated)

Mi Ge’er was dizzy, and hurriedly said: “Wait, wait, boss, I can’t remember so much.”

Yu Qingze was also helpless, and said, “Go get a pen and paper, and I’ll write it for you.”

“Okay, I’ll go right away.” Mi Ge’er ran away like a wind. After a while, he bought a set of the Four Treasures of the Study and came over. He also laid the paper and polished the ink very neatly.

Yu Qingze sat at the dining table, without using the brush that Mi Ge’er bought, he directly dipped a bamboo stick with ink, and wrote down the ingredients and methods of several porridges.

Yam and red dates and glutinous rice porridge, eight-treasure porridge, lentil, yam and lotus seed porridge, lotus seed porridge, seafood porridge, boat porridge, salted bone vegetable porridge, yam radish porridge, both salty and sweet, there is always one that can attract this second young master.

Seafood Porridge
(credit: soupeduprecipes)

After writing, Yu Qingze warned again: “Don’t let him eat cold noodles and Liangpi again. It doesn’t matter if you eat them. People who are weak can’t stand it. If there is something you’re unclear of, come to me again.”

Mi Geer gratefully returned with the food box and the porridge recipes.

When Mi Ge’er left, Chang Hao asked inexplicably, “Big Brother Yu, why did you teach Mi Ge’er your recipes?” If Big Brother Yu made it and sold it, it would definitely sell well. The little boy is full of confidence in his big brother Yu’s cooking skills!

Yu Qingze smiled and said, “to form a good relationship.”

That Mi Ge’er is the close servant of the second young master of the Cai family, but he dresses more delicately than most people on the street, which shows that his master’s family is either rich or powerful.

At this time, he only contributed a few porridge recipes. If he can help and form a good relationship, he will be able to get some help in the future.

Moreover, the food culture of China is rich and splendid; he has a lot of porridge recipes in his head, as many as he wants!

During this whole time, Mi Ge’er did not appear again, and the Liu Ji Noodle House diagonally opposite was also very quiet. Chang Le’s worried heart eased slightly.

However, they met many people from the village, all came to see if their food stall was really doing well. When they saw it with their own eyes at the scene, they were very surprised that it was selling so well!

In addition to being surprised, many people’s eyes became hot, including Chang Le’s uncle Wenli.

When he got home, before his butt was hot, Wen Li came and inquired how to make cold noodles, Liangpi, sour beans and sour radishes, and how much money they make.

Chang Le and Chang Hao ignored him and sat at the table while resting and writing on a sand wooden plate.

Not only the Chang Le brothers, but also Yu Qingze couldn’t maintain the superficial courtesy.

In the end, it was Grandpa Chang who blocked his words.

“Ask so much, to make money and find a way to do it yourself, why should we tell you the secret recipe of others!”

Wen Li couldn’t hold his face anymore, and complained to Grandpa Chang. “Father, you can’t be so biased, Chang Sheng is also your son, there is a way to make money, so you shouldn’t just focus on the eldest son, we also have a family to support!”

Grandpa Chang didn’t even look at him. He knocked on his tobacco stick and said, “You’d better put away your thoughts. The way to make money is what A Ze thinks of, and the business is also his.”

It means that it has nothing to do with the old Chang family at all! Don’t be fooling around!

Wen Li heard the words and knew that it was impossible to pry it off from Grandpa Chang’s side, he rolled his eyes, then turned to ask Yu Qingze: “That, Aze, I think you are so busy at the food stall, only three people can’t handle at all. , Brother Le can’t talk, and he can’t greet guests. Look, do you still need help? How about I ask my son Yue Ge’er to help you? Don’t worry, he is very clever and diligent.”

Hearing this, Chang Hao rolled his eyes. If Brother Yue is diligent, there will be no lazy brother in the whole village!

Chang Le glanced at his brother and patted him. Chang Hao helplessly lowered his head and continued to write.

Yu Qingze, who was sitting beside them, saw the movements of the two clearly and understood a little in his heart.

He didn’t want to get involved in the topic at first, but the demeaning of Chang Le in Wen Li’s words made him very uncomfortable.

Originally wanted to fight directly, but considering he was Chang Le’s uncle, he had to say: “Uncle, my business really can’t afford anyone.”

Wen Li paused and said again: “Hey, Aze, what are you saying, Brother Yue is to help you, no wages, everyone is so familiar, talking about money will hurt feelings, right?”

Yu Qingze said solemnly: “But talking about feelings hurt money.”

Hearing this, Chang Hao’s shoulders shrugged, his writing hand trembled, and the corners of Chang Le’s mouth also curved up.

These two bad guys. Yu Qingze felt helpless when he saw their expressions.

Wen Li was stunned for a moment, not knowing how to answer this sentence.

Grandpa Chang waved his hand impatiently and said, “Okay, go back quickly, no need to cook?”

“Hey, no, that, Aze, you should think about it again, you really don’t need to pay wages…”

Wen Li was chased away by Grandpa Chang.

“Go back quickly, don’t invite anyone to work for Aze. Also, let Brother Yue be more diligent in the future and stop being silly, and see who is willing to marry him being like that!”

Wen Li failed to achieve his goal and left with a sigh.

When he left the courtyard and walked away, the Chang brothers couldn’t bear it any longer and burst into laughter.

“Talking about feelings, hurting money!” Chang Hao imitated Yu Qingze’s appearance with a sullen face. After finishing, he asked cheerfully: “Brother, Big Brother Yu, have you seen Uncle’s expression? He was so stunned! Hahaha… …”

Yu Qingze couldn’t help laughing either, poked his forehead, and scolded with a smile, “Slick! After writing the words, go do the horse stance!”

“Okay!” The slippery boy smiled and went to the yard to make a horse stance.

Grandpa Chang sighed and said embarrassedly, “Aze, I’ve caused you trouble.”

Yu Qingze replied, “Don’t worry, grandpa. It wasn’t you, I know it well.”

Grandpa Chang said: “That’s good. In fact, many villagers came to ask in the afternoon, and they were all curious, but I blocked them.”

“Thank you, grandpa.” The villagers asked curiously, this was within Yu Qingze’s expectation, he said: “The business of cold noodles and Liangpi depends on the season, at most it will work until September; when the weather is cold, there will be no one eating.”

Grandpa Chang was stunned for a moment, then understood again, and said, “then what …”

Chang Le also heard that and looked up at Yu Qingze.

Yu Qingze smiled and said, “It’s okay, I will have other ways to make money then.”

After hearing this, the grandfather and grandson felt relieved.

The next morning, as soon as Yu Qingze and the Chang brothers arrived at their North Street stall, they saw Mi Ge’er waiting for them.



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