Chapter 19: The Culinary Tycoon


After the “bug” incident, Yu Qingze and the others began to tense up again, and they all vaguely felt that this was like a signal that the person behind the thief had not given up.

Although they didn’t have clear evidence to prove that the middle-aged ger had a relationship with the person behind it, they couldn’t prove that he wasn’t.

But the business still has to continue. If you’re not reading this on ho lolonovels, the ending will be missing.

Yu Qingze comforted the Chang family: “That person ‘values’ us so much only shows that our craftsmanship is really good! It makes them feel scared.”

The next day, the three opened their stalls as usual.

In the middle of the morning, they found that there were not as many guests as before. After inquiring a little, they learned something: Wangji Noodle House has launched cold noodles!

Many guests were curious about the taste of the cold noodles introduced by Wang Ji, so they went there to eat, and there were naturally fewer guests.

Yu Qingze raised his eyebrows. Yesterday, they had the “bug” incident. Today, Wang Ji has launched cold noodles. It seems that things are a bit different from what they knew before.

Chang Le and Chang Hao both looked at Yu Qingze with some concern. Originally, their cold noodle and Liangpi were an exclusive business, but now someone has launched it, and the customers have been robbed.

“What are you both looking at me like this?” Yu Qingze laughed and felt warm in his heart, so he comforted them and said, “Don’t worry, I have already expected this. Whatever we do, there will always be someone else who will copy it sooner or later. It’s okay, there are fewer guests, we don’t have to be so tired, don’t worry. “

Chang Le quickly made a gesture.

Chang Hao translated and said, “My brother said that Brother Yu’s craftsmanship is the best. I think so too! We all believe in you!”

“You two!” Yu Qingze’s whole heart was warmed by them, he stretched out his hand to embrace the two of them in his arms, and said, “Brother Le, Hao, thank you!”

He patted their backs hard, then let go, and said, “That’s right, we are the best! Come on, keep working, the guests are still waiting.”

Chang Le and Chang Hao were both blushed by Yu Qingze’s straightforward embrace, and hurriedly nodded heavily and continued to work.

Chang Hao is okay, he’s not too old, but Yu Qingze is now the person he admires the most. When he was hugged him like that, he only feels shy and excited, as if he was hit by something.

As for Chang Le, he was thoroughly embarrassed. He is a ger, Yu Qingze is a man, and both of them are of marriageable age. This hug is too embarrassing.

This is the first time he has hugged by a man since he grew up. After the age of twelve, even his father and Grandpa will not hug him at will!

Yu Qingze’s broad shoulders, the strong arms that hugged him, and the masculine aura that belonged to a man made Chang Le panic.

His heart was beating non-stop, Chang Le quickly reached out to cover his heart, feeling that his heart was about to pop out.

His cheeks were too hot, Chang Le was afraid that his younger brother and Yu Qingze would see his strangeness, so he quickly scooped up a ladle of water and washed his face.

But this scene was still noticed by Yu Qingze.

He blinked, and a smile slowly formed on the corner of his mouth. He didn’t expect that from his inadvertent action, he’d got an unexpected harvest.

The mood suddenly improved – what Wang Ji, no big deal!

When the stall was closing in the afternoon, Mi Ge’er brought a man in his fifties to them.

That man is the old cook of the Cai family, called Fu Bo, who has been with the main family for decades. Today, he came because he is learning the porridge recipe provided by Yu Qingze for the second young master of the Cai family.

He wasn’t able to make seafood porridge and fish porridge well. He has done it countless times but always fail to completely remove the fishy smell of the seafood porridge, and he has wasted a lot of materials.

But with his years of experience as a cook, he felt that if they were made well, these two kinds of porridges would definitely be delicious. He couldn’t figure it out by himself, so he had to follow Mi Ge’er to ask for advice.

When he saw that the young man in front of him was the one who provided the porridge recipes, he was shocked. This was beyond his expectations. He thought that the people who could create so many porridge recipes would at least be forty. He has many years of experience as a cook.

Yu Qingze was also very straightforward. Seeing that there were not many customers at the moment, he handed over the business to Chang Le and went to communicate with Fu Bo on how to make seafood porridge.

After chatting with Chang Hao for a while, Mi Ge’er learned that Wang Ji began selling cold noodles, and Yuji’s business was affected, so he said, “Wait a minute, I’ll go take a look.”

After that, Mi Ge’er went to Wangji Noodle House.

When he came back, Yu Qingze and Fu Bo were still chatting.

“Boss Yu, don’t worry, it is estimated that your business will recover again.” Mi Ge’er said with a smile.

Yu Qingze smiled and said, “What?”

Mi Ge’er waved his hand and said, “The cold noodles over there are completely incomparable to yours, and their sour radish, oh, smells of vinegar. Don’t worry, they only have cold noodles. There is no Liangpi yet, and many people eat it said it doesn’t taste good, don’t worry, it won’t take away much of your business. Only those who are afraid of the heat will go there.”

Although Yuji has parasols, the two parasols still cannot completely cover the three tables. It is so hot that there is no way for the guests to be not affected.

Hearing this, Chang Hao said, “Of course, it’s still the best when made by Big Brother Yu!”

Chang Le was finally relieved.

Yu Qingze laughed. The Wangji Noodle Restaurant only has cold noodles, but no Liangpi. It is estimated that they launched cold noodles first before they have researched the method of Liangpi. The boss is also smart.

However, this also reminded Yu Qingze that the heat will pass soon, and Liangpi recipe may be copied by others at some point. It’s time to think about other businesses.

If you are prepared in advance, you will not be in a passive situation when the time comes.

Because of Wang Ji’s incident, they closed the stall a little early.

Due to the Mid-Autumn Festival, they are not going to set up a stall tomorrow.

There are shops selling festival items all over the street. The three of them pushed the cart and bought everything they needed in the familiar festival supplies store on West Street, and bought some food, and they quickly walked out of the city and went home.

At this time, the sun was gradually setting, and there were fewer pedestrians on the main road. Most of the people who went out to the city to go to the market went home in the afternoon.
Especially on such special days before and after the Mid-Autumn Festival, people will go home early and will not go outside at night.

The three of them were on their way, even Chang Hao, who was too tired to speak, just wanted to get home before the sun completely went down.

But they were stopped by the accident happened five or six miles away from the city gate.

Six black-clothed and masked men blocked their way with long clubs in their hands, and the man in the lead also had a hatchet in his hand.

The three were stunned for a moment, this is, encountering a robbery?

Chang Hao was still at his young age. Seeing so many people holding sticks and hatchets, he was unavoidably frightened, and he subconsciously leaned on Chang Le’s side.

Chang Le protected his younger brother behind him. In fact, he was also very afraid. Although he was strong, he was blocked by so many men, who looked like bandits, so it was no wonder he was afraid.

Yu Qingze calmly stood in front of the two brothers, clenched his fists and said, “Brothers, I don’t know why you are blocking my way?”

These people have been watching them since they jumped out, and no one said anything, and they didn’t know what they were going to do. Don’t the bandits always report what they’re after first thing?

Hearing this, a man next to the leading man cleared his throat first, and then shouted: “I own this mountain, here, this tree is planted by me, if you want to cross this road, pay road fee!”

The man in the lead heard his brother’s unremarkable words, kicked him, then turned to the three and shouted, “Robbery! Hand over all the money on your body!”

Yu Qingze looked at their figures and weapons, and then thought of Chang Le and Chang Hao behind him, and decided to just pay the money to eliminate disasters.

He took out his money bag and threw it into the open space in front of him, and said, “big brothers, this is Al we have, and I hope the big brothers will let us go.”

The man who took the lead glanced at the purse, then raised his chin to the man beside him, motioning him to pick it up.

The man walked over and retrieved the money bag smoothly. He handed it to the man who took the lead, and then asked, “Boss, what should we do now?” They didn’t really come to rob, the robbery was just an excuse.

The boss obviously didn’t expect Yu Qingze to hand over the purse so easily. The series of plans they designed earlier to clean up the other party when they didn’t give money could not be used anymore.

He frowned, looked up to see Chang Le, rolled his eyes, pointed at Chang Le and said, “He stays, you all go!”

This is very hateful.

It couldn’t be more obvious what it meant to let a ger stay!

Yu Qingze’s eyes narrowed, his hands clenched into fists.

These bastards, they even put their minds on Le Ge’er, they are scumbags!

Chang Le was stunned when he heard the words, and looked at Yu Qingze at a loss.

A few people over there saw that Yu Qingze didn’t respond, and immediately surrounded him. One of them said with a wretched expression: “How about leaving this ger and having a good time with us, then let you all leave?”

Hearing this, Chang Hao suddenly rushed up and stood in front of his brother, with his hands open to protect his brother. He stared at those people fiercely. Although his body was trembling, he firmly protected his brother behind him.

Chang Le saw him, and quickly pulled him behind.

Yu Qingze was so angry that his seven orifices were about to smoke. He pulled out a pole from the scooter and whispered to the two of them, “Hurry up and hide.”

Then, he rushed up with the pole, and while waving the pole, he swung it towards the bastard who had just uttered obscene words, and cursed: “Fuck your uncle!”

Yu Qingze’s speed was too fast, and the two were so close that the man didn’t react for a while, he was hit on the shoulder, and suddenly screamed: “AHHH, this grandfather’s!”

When the others saw their brother being beaten, they immediately rushed towards Yu Qingze.

Instantly a melee broke out.

Some people were hit by Yu Qingze. Fortunately, he knew how to punch and kick, and he beats others a lot and suffers less.

However, with six people against one, he was still struggling. He suffered several blows on his body, and he couldn’t stand it for a long time.

The two brothers were anxious and scared when they saw Yu Qingze fighting with the six people, but they couldn’t help him.

Chang Le looked at the melee in front of him, his pupils dilated suddenly, his body couldn’t help shaking, he hugged Chang Hao tightly, as if another picture appeared in front of him, a picture from a long time ago.

So many people, the screams, fires, sticks, and the bloodshot eyes … it hurts…

“Brother, brother! What’s wrong with you? Don’t be afraid, brother, Hao is here, Hao protects you!” Chang Hao felt that his brother was trembling all over and his eyes were slack. There was no response, and he seemed to be caught in a daze. He shook his brother’s shoulder vigorously, patted his brother’s face again, and screamed anxiously.

After a while, Chang Le’s eyes gradually regained clarity.

When he saw Chang Hao and the surrounding environment clearly in front of him, he hugged Chang Hao into his arms tightly.

“Brother, what’s the matter with you?” Brother’s situation was obviously wrong, Chang Hao patted his brother on the back and gently comforted.

Chang Le shook his head and just hugged his brother tightly.

After a while, Chang Hao said, “Brother, are you alright? Shall we go and help Big Brother Yu, he’s already been hit many times.”

Hearing his brother’s words, Chang Le came out of his emotions and looked at the chaotic scene.

Yu Qingze was one against six, attacked on the back and stomach. It was already very difficult. He was so good at kung fu, and he fought with two sticks. Although the six suffered more, it was very distressing in the eyes of the two brothers.

Seeing this, Chang Le looked at his younger brother and then at Yu Qingze, gritted his teeth, pulled Chang Hao to the back of the cart, took out the catcher from the barrel and handed it to Chang Hao, and then gestured for Chang Hao to hide, holding the catcher for self-defense, then he went to help Yu Qingze. He also told Chang Hao to call them when he saw something was wrong, otherwise, run away.

Chang Hao looked over, his hands were trembling, and his voice shaking, but he nodded firmly and said, “Mm! Brother, be careful!”

Chang Le looked at the things on the cart, stretched out his hand and took out the parasol. This is the most handy weapon in the cart at the moment. Although it is a bit cumbersome, Chang Le has great strength. The weight isn’t much of a problem for him.

He was still very scared. The image that flashed in his mind just now lingered, and his hand holding the parasol was shaking.

But, it doesn’t matter, he told himself in his heart that you have grown up, you are strong, you can definitely protect your younger brother, the tragedy cannot be repeated, and now, it cannot be allowed to happen again to big brother Yu.

Chang Le took a deep breath, rushed up with the parasol, and pushed open the parasol at a person who was about to attack Yu Qingze’s back. Very brave!

Yu Qingze heard a scream behind him, turned his head, and saw a man in black wailing on the ground clutching his … waist and Chang Le, who was holding the parasol, was fighting another person. Although the fight was out of order, he seemed to be holding back a load of anger. The enemy could not get close to him for a while.

“Nice job!” Yu Qingze shouted, looking at the man on the ground, and deeply sympathized with his… waist, whether it can be used in the future is unknown.

With the addition of Chang Le, Yu Qingze was relieved of a lot of pressure. He quickly moved to Chang Le’s side, and the two shouldered the burden together back to back.

The six people surrounded the two of them, and the man who was hurt in his waist stared fiercely at Chang Le while covering his waist, as if he was going to eat him.

The battle was on the verge of breaking out, and they rallied again.

Seeing that the six of them couldn’t take advantage, the black-clothed boss rolled his eyes and swept to the child behind the cart.

He turned around and rushed towards the cart .

When Chang Hao saw someone coming towards him, he held his short legs and ran quickly, and he and the black-clothed boss circled around the cart.

After turning two circles, the man in black became angry and smashed the contents of the cart directly. Chang Hao avoided the wooden basin and stool, and was about to run away, but was smashed to the ground by a bucket.

Seeing that the black-clothed boss had succeeded, he rushed over with a grin.

“Bunny, see where you’re going!”

Here, Chang Le saw his younger brother fall to the ground, and the man was rushing towards his younger brother with a hatchet, and his eyes were split. Click ‘NEXT’ at the bottom of the page for the actual ending.


The hoarse and tearing voice crossed the sky, startling the birds in the forest. Chang Le overturned the person in front of him with a parasol, and rushed in the direction of his brother impatiently.

When they heard that voice, both Yu Qingze and Chang Hao looked at Chang Le’s figure in shock.

The rough sound that seemed to have been grounded by sandpaper just now was from… Chang Le?!


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