Chapter 20: The Culinary Tycoon

Past events and surprises

Yu Qingze setting up the stall topless

Hearing that sound, Yu Qingze and Chang Hao were both stunned.

Chang Le rushed over, and at the moment when the black-clothed boss’s hand just grabbed Chang Hao’s back collar, the parasol was thrown out, hitting the black-clothed man. Taking advantage of the gap between the man and the parasol, Chang Le rushed over and pushed the man away. If you’re not reading this on h olo lo no vels, the ending might be missing.

He was so strong and anxious that he pushed the man away ten feet in one fell swoop. The man was caught off guard, and was pushed and fell onto his butt, he was stunned.

Chang Le quickly pulled Chang Hao up, looked up and down, and anxiously gestured to ask how he was doing.

Chang Hao was still immersed in the shock of hearing his brother’s voice. Now that he saw his brother’s gesture, he felt that it was his hallucination just now? Didn’t his brother call him by his name? Why is it now…

After a while, he realized that the situation was critical, and quickly said, “Brother, I’m fine, I just got hit on the back.”

Chang Le listened, heaved a sigh of relief, and hugged him tightly.

Over there, Yu Qingze was also stunned for a while, and then he lost his mind. Just this moment, the pole in his hand was thrown away by a man in black. The pain in his hand made him recover, and he quickly stretched his arm to block it. The opponent’s stick kicked another person, and when he turned his head, he found that the black-clothed boss had already climbed up, and angrily raised his hatchet and slashed towards Chang Le.

“Brother Le! Careful!” Yu Qingze shouted, ignoring the stick behind him, and used his fastest speed ever to pounce on Chang Le.

Chang Le and Chang Hao were pushed to the ground.

“Hmm!” Yu Qingze groaned, feeling a tingling pain in his left shoulder, and he was hit.

“Big Brother Yu!” Chang Hao exclaimed in surprise, and then saw the man in black coming over again, he hurriedly shouted: “Behind!”

Chang Le and his younger brother were taken aback by Yu Qingze. At this time, he also saw the black-clothed boss slashed over again, so he stretched out his foot and kicked the black-clothed boss away temporarily, and then picked up the blade that had fallen on the ground and threw it at the man.

The black-clothed boss didn’t dodge in time, and his left arm was slashed by a flying blade, and blood suddenly poured out.

He got angry and yelled at the stunned younger brothers behind him: “What are you still doing? Waiting for me to die!”

The group of brothers were stunned just now, only when yelled at, they wake up in an instant, and immediately came over with a stick.

At this time, Yu Qingze and the Chang brothers got up, and the two brothers also found that Yu Qingze’s left back shoulder had been cut and the exposed skin was so bloody, soaking a large piece of clothes.

Chang Le’s eyes were red, he picked up the parasol on one side and swung it horizontally, keeping Yu Qingze and his younger brother behind him, with the aura of a husband.

Yu Qingze’s left shoulder was hurting severely, but this was not the time to feel pain. The bad guys gathered around again. He bared his teeth, looked around, picked up a wooden barrel, and stood on Chang Le’s left. Chang Hao also picked up a ‘weapon’, a stool in his left hand, a wooden basin in his right hand, and his chest puffed.

“Go!” The black-clothed boss roared while holding his left arm.

The group of bandits glanced at each other, the situation was obviously beyond their expectations, but the boss said go, so if they rushed up together.

Yu Qingze and Chang Le blocked Chang Hao behind and fought with the masked man in black.

Chang Hao would learn to be smarter now, so he followed Yu Qingze and threw the stool and wooden basin in his hand at the enemy. After throwing it, he picked up the stones on the ground and threw them too, trying to distract the enemy’s sight and give his own brothers a chance.

The chaotic situation continued for a while until a figure appeared on the other side of the road.

That man was Yu Dahe from Niutou Village. He worked as a porter on the pier in the north of the city, and now he has just finished his work.

He was carrying a pole on his shoulder with a bag of things on it. When he saw someone fighting in front of him, he wanted to go around, but the next moment, he found out that it was the two Chang brothers from the same village and Yu Qingze who lived in Chang house.

He immediately threw his stuff, ran over with the pole, rushed into the battle circle, and started beating people while waving the pole.

He is big and tall, and he has been doing farm work all the year round to develop a f body of muscles.

The people on both sides were a little confused at first, who is this person?

Chang Hao was the first to see who was coming, and he exclaimed in surprise, “Brother Dahe!”

Yu Qingze and Chang Le looked over, and Da He joined them while fighting, and asked, “What’s going on?”

Yu Qingze replied: “I don’t know, seems robbery!”

Dahe frowned and said nothing, but he was using more energy in his hands.

With Yu Dahe’s help, Yu Qingze and the others became very imposing and quickly gained the upper hand.

Later, those few people were beaten up and screamed, and two of their masks could not be hung and dropped.

Da He looked at the two Rao faces, his brows furrowed tightly.

Seeing that the situation was not good for them, the black-clothed boss yelled angrily, “Let’s go!”

The six men in black fled in despair.

Yu Qingze and the others were relieved when they saw the men in black running away.

Chang Le lost the parasol in his hand and immediately walked to Yu Qingze’s side. Seeing that the wound on his left shoulder was bleeding profusely and half of his clothes were dyed red, he gestured anxiously to ask him how he was doing.

Chang Hao ran over immediately and said, “How are you, Brother Yu? My brother, let’s go to the city to find a doctor.”

“Hey…” The pain in his shoulders became clear at once, and Yu Qingze frowned and looked back, even though he couldn’t see clearly, but he felt that it was just a flesh wound and no bones.

“I’m fine, just a little hurt.” Compared with this injury, he was more concerned about another issue. He looked at Chang Le and said, “Brother Le, you shouted loudly just now, can you speak?”

Chang Hao was also very excited when he heard this, and said, “Yes, brother, can you talk now? Can you say my name again?”

Chang Le looked at Yu Qingze, then at his brother, shook his head, and made a gesture: Did I just say something?

Yu Qingze:  …

Chang Hao:  …

Dahe on the side: Brother Le can talk?

Looking at Chang Le’s confused look, Yu Qingze frowned and said hesitantly, “You, don’t you know?”

Chang Le shook his head, he really didn’t know.

Yu Qingze didn’t give up and asked again, “You really don’t feel anything at all?”

Chang Le frowned, only then did he realize that his throat was a little sore, he reached out and touched his throat, and then made a gesture. Chang Hao translated.
Yu Qingze’s eyes lit up, “Your throat hurts? That’s it, it shows that you really made a sound just now.”

Chang Le looked suspicious.

“Try again, can you say something?” Yu Qingze encouraged again.

When Chang Hao heard the words, his eyes also lit up, gleaming brightly, looking at his brother expectantly.

Even Dahe is full of expectations.

Chang Le looked at the three of them, and was also a little moved. He opened his mouth and tried to think of something to say, but his throat was sore, there was only a whistling breath, and no sound.

Chang Le looked at the three apologetically, shook his hand, and couldn’t express it.

“Brother, try again?” Chang Hao implored, grabbing his brother’s arm.

The desire in his younger brother’s eyes was too obvious. Chang Le always loved his younger brother, so he tried again, but the result was still the same.

Chang Hao’s eyes suddenly dimmed. He thought that his brother would be able to talk in the future, that he would be able to chat with his brother and hear his brother calling out his name.

Chang Le touched his brother’s head, feeling a little distressed for him. He had experienced this kind of disappointment many times. He was used to it, but it was just the same as usual. However, the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment. It was the first time his brother had this kind of hope, but he couldn’t satisfy him.

Yu Qingze frowned, a little confused.

Dahe also looked a little disappointed and discouraged.

Chang Le glanced at them, smiled apologetically, then pointed to Yu Qingze’s wound and made two gestures.

Chang Hao: “Brother Yu, my brother said let’s go to the city and find a doctor for you.”

Yu Qingze shook his head and said, “You don’t have to go to the city. It’s closer to the village. Just go back and ask Doctor Yu to take a look.”

Chang Le looked at the wound, which was at least three inches long.

Yu Qingze comforted him and said, “Brother Le, I’m fine, but the bleeding was a bit heavy just now. Now you help me with a simple bandage. I won’t move, and the bleeding will stop later. Let’s pack up and go home, Grandpa must be waiting.”

Yu Qingze simply took off his clothes, made a long strip, went around his shoulders, armpits and neck, and asked Chang Le to help him wrap the wound.

Chang Le wrapped the wound and looked at him with a frown. Such a big wound seems so painful and terrible to look at.

“It’s really okay, I promise!” Yu Qingze patted Chang Le’s arm and said, “if I don’t go back now, my blood will flow even more.”

Hearing this, Chang Le nodded quickly, turned around and quickly picked up the things scattered on the ground and packed them up again.

“Is this your purse?” Da He came over with a purse that he had just found on the ground.

“It’s mine, thank you, brother Dahe, if we hadn’t met you today, we wouldn’t know what to do.” Yu Qingze took the money bag and put it in his arms, thanking the man.

Da He scratched his head, glanced at Chang Le, and said, “Everyone is from the same village, you’re welcome. Go hurry, your wound is quite long, it needs to be dealt with quickly.”

Yu Qingze nodded.

Chang Le collected the things, came over, and gestured to Da He, Chang Hao translated that his brother was thanking Da He.

Da He glanced at Chang Le, then lowered his head, shook his hand and said in a low voice, “No, no thanks.”

Yu Qingze raised his eyebrows, this Dahe seems…

Everything was packed, Dahe helped them push the cart, Chang Le pulled the cart, and the group walked home.

Along the way, Yu Qingze didn’t think about the robbery, but kept thinking about Chang Le.

In fact, the pronunciation that Chang Le shouted before was not clear, it was more like the pronunciation of ‘ao’, but Yu Qingze knew in his heart that in that case, Chang Le must be calling his brother’s name – ‘Hao’.

He always thought that Chang Le couldn’t speak at first, but he never thought that he would be able to speak.


Judging from the previous attempt, Chang Le can no longer speaks as of now.

Yu Qingze glanced at Chang Le who was pulling the cart and walked in front, frowning slightly.

Chang Le’s voice before… Well, that voice is really not good, rough, hoarse, like an old blower being pulled, and like a lot of coarse sand being stirred in a pot, even if Yu Qingze put on a thick filter, he’s sorry to say that the voice isn’t good, not even a smoky voice.

However, for a person who has been unable to speak for a long time, even if the sound is unpleasant, it is still beautiful at the moment.

Yu Qingze thought about it, this kind of voice, if he guessed correctly, it should be a vocal cord problem. Just don’t know what kind of damage can cause a person to lose their voice?

He looked at Chang Hao, who was closely following Chang Le.

The young boy was obviously very shocked that his brother could talk, but after just now, he was disappointed again, and now he just follows Chang Le quietly, looking at his brother from time to time, the expression on his face is very tangled, guess he really wants to ask something but doesn’t know whether to ask or not.

He would take some time to talk to Grandpa Chang to find out what’s going on, and then invite a better doctor to see Chang Le. Yu Qingze thought to himself.

He thought about it all the way back in a mess, and before he knew it, they were home.

When they got back, Grandpa Chang saw that half of Yu Qingze’s body was covered in blood, and he was taken aback. Knowing that something was wrong, he quickly asked Dahe to get a doctor. Then he went to the kitchen to get a basin of water, wrung out a towel and wiped Yu Qingze face first.

“What’s the matter? How did you get hurt so badly?” Looking at the blood all over, Grandpa Chang frowned.

Chang Le went to the kitchen to wash his hands and face, then returned to the main room to take the towel from Yu Qingze’s hand, and then changed the basin of water to wipe off the blood on Yu Qingze’s back. He didn’t move the clothes that wrapped the wound before the doctor’s arrival. He was afraid that the wound would bleed again when he took it off.

“Appreciate it, Brother Le.” Yu Qingze thanked Chang Le, and then said to Grandpa Chang, “we encountered a robber on the way back.”

“Robbers?” Grandpa Chang was surprised. “For so many years, I have rarely heard of anyone being robbed on this road.”

Yu Qingze said: “Maybe it’s the Mid-Autumn Festival.”

Grandpa Chang was silent for a while, and then said: “well, next time you encounter a robbery, you should give them the money directly. Money can be earned again, but human life is the most important thing, so is your well-being!”
Chang Hao also came over after washing his face. Hearing this, he replied, “No, Grandpa, Brother Yu did give them the money first.”

Grandpa Chang was puzzled, “Then why are you still injured?”

Chang Hao said angrily: “Those people want to keep my brother!”

Grandpa Chang was stunned for a moment, and then became angry, “What? Those bandits, bastards … actually…”

Grandpa Chang was so angry that his words were incomplete, and his hands kept shaking.

Chang Hao said again: “So Big Brother Yu fought with them!”

Grandpa Chang looked at Chang Le, his grandson was well in front of him, and he was not injured, then he turned his head and grabbed Yu Qingze’s hand gratefully, thanking him: “Aze, thank you so much, thank you for being here, otherwise, otherwise …”

Grandpa Chang’s eyes were all red. He couldn’t imagine that if Chang Le was kept by those bandits…

“Grandpa, don’t thank me, that’s what it should be.” Yu Qingze patted Grandpa Chang’s hand with his right hand, comforting the old man.

Chang Hao said again: “Grandpa, I would like to thank Brother Dahe, he helped us drive the bandits away.”

“Okay, Grandpa will thank him later.” Grandpa Chang touched his grandson’s head and replied.

After a while, Da He arrived with the doctor.

The doctor cleaned Yu Qingze’s wound and applied medicine to bandage it. Grandpa Chang pulled Da He on the side and thanked him.

Da He is a straightforward man. He is usually quiet in the village. He doesn’t make any polite words. He just keeps waving his hands saying no need to thank him.

After the doctor applied the medicine and bandaged the wound, he prescribed medication and asked Chang Le to follow him back to get the medicine. Yu Qingze has to take medicine to prevent infection.

Da He has been waiting by the side, and when the doctor and Chang Le left, he did not go back.

Grandpa Chang sent the doctor away, and then said to Da He, “Da He, you have worked so hard today, stay for dinner tonight.”

“It’s ok.” Da He shook his head, was silent for a while, then raised his head and asked Yu Qingze, “That, Brother Aze, have you offended someone?”

Yu Qingze raised his eyes and asked, “Why do you ask that?”

Dahe frowned and replied, “Two of the bandits’ face masks fell off. I recognize them. They are the gangsters who have been in the city all the year round. Did you offend them at some point?”

Yu Qingze was puzzled: “Gangsters? Not mountain bandits?”

Dahe replied with certainty: “No, they are gangsters. I often see them at the pier.”

Isn’t the mountain bandit actually a gangster?

Yu Qingze frowned and said, “We didn’t offend anyone, but someone came to our food stall to make trouble yesterday and wanted to blackmail for money, but he didn’t succeed in the end.”

Grandpa Chang guessed: “It may or may not be a group.”

Da He frowned and said: “As far as I know, those gangsters never pay for food, and they would blatantly eat free food, but they don’t deliberately find fault to get money, they would just ask it directly, and they don’t cover their faces. Many vendors on the street dare not speak out and offend them, for fear of getting into trouble with them.”

Hearing this, Yu Qingze couldn’t help but ponder.

According to Dahe’s words, the behavior of those gangsters is very strange. They are usually not afraid, so why are they covering their faces and acting like bandits?

They didn’t even take the money? and……

Yu Qingze recalled that at the beginning, the gangster didn’t seem to have any idea of ​​Chang Le, and the leader started talking about keeping brother Le only after watching him give the money so bluntly.

He feels that the purpose of those gangsters is neither money nor pleasure. If you want money, you should let them go after taking the money, but if not, then…

He felt like a lightbulb suddenly turned on. Yu Qingze’s eyes narrowed gloomily, his right fist clenched unconsciously.

Stealing, planting bugs to find fault, and now they beat people, it seems that their food stall really is in the way of some people’s eyes!

Yu Qingze snorted coldly in his heart, a tree lives by wrapping within the bark, and a person lives by breathing in and out. The more they push, the more he wants to continue the food stall, not only to continue, but also to make it bigger and stronger!

Seeing his gloomy face, Grandpa Chang asked, “Aze, did you think of something?”

Yu Qingze returned to his senses and said, “Grandpa, I probably know what’s going on. The business of the food stall is too good, and some people don’t like it.”

“So that’s the case.” Grandpa Chang frowned and worried: “What are you going to do after that?”

These consecutive incidents, he can’t help but worry.

Yu Qingze pondered for a while, and then said: “It’s okay, I will find a way, don’t worry. Anyway, I’m injured, so I will go rest now.”

Grandpa Chang nodded, “You have to rest well, the wound is so deep, you can’t mess around.”

Yu Qingze agreed, thought for a while, then turned to Dahe: “Brother Dahe, are you going to the pier tomorrow?”

Dahe nodded, “I’m going.”

“I want to ask your help with something.”

“You say it.”

“When you go tomorrow, the young man who sells tea eggs next to our food stall, please tell him that I’m injured and need to rest and that I promised to bring him the sour chili. You know our food stall’s location?

Dahe nodded and said, “Okay. I know.”

After that, Da He went back, and Grandpa Chang couldn’t eat his meals properly. Looking at Da He’s back, Grandpa Chang shook his head and sighed.

When Chang Le came back with the medicine, he boiled one does first, and then the family had dinner.

After the meal, Yu Qingze unloaded the cart and took inventory. The wooden basin was broken and had to be redone; the parasol that Chang Le used as a weapon was also broken, so he had to buy a new one; some seasonings and remaining materials were spilled during the fight and had to be re-prepared; The wooden barrel that Yu Qingze later used to fight was very strong and not broken.

Anyway, he has to rest for a while, but he is not in a hurry.

Because of the shoulder injury, he took a half bath in the evening and only wiped the upper body.

After he finished washing, and Chang Le went to take a bath, Chang Hao secretly pulled him into the room and asked him in a tangled voice, “Brother Yu, do you want to tell grandpa about my brother?”

Yu Qingze raised his eyebrows: “Don’t you want grandpa to know?”

Chang Hao pursed his lips and said, “I don’t want Grandpa to be disappointed.” He has tasted the disappointment, and he doesn’t want Grandpa to be the same as him, it doesn’t feel good to be full of expectations.

Yu Qingze touched his head and said, “I think it’s better for us to tell Grandpa about this.”

Chang Hao looked at him, a little embarrassed, “But, Grandpa will definitely be sad.”

Yu Qingze asked, “Has grandpa explained to you why your brother can’t talk?”

Chang Hao frowned and said, “Grandpa said brother used to be able to talk, but when he was injured once, he couldn’t talk anymore. He didn’t get hurt very much, and he was not allowed to ask my brother, so I never asked.”

Yu Qingze was silent, thinking that Chang Le must have suffered some injury during the turmoil before, and his voice was probably affected at that time?

“Brother Yu, can my brother’s throat still be cured?” Chang Hao asked with his head raised, his eyes trembling with a little anticipation.

Yu Qingze shook his head and said, “I don’t know either, but we can try. In short, we should listen to grandpa first about this matter, eh?”

Chang Hao thought for a while, then nodded and said, “Well, I see.”

“Brother Yu, I really hope my brother can talk. He only called me once today, and I want to hear him call my name and listen to what he has to say.” Chang Hao raised his head and looked at Yu Qingze, his eyes filled with longing.

Yu Qingze patted his head and said, “So we have to ask grandpa what’s going on first and know the reason before we can find a way to help your brother. In addition, we have to ask a doctor to take a look at your brother’s throat.”

Chang Hao was very urgent, “When?”

Yu Qingze was about to answer when Grandpa Chang’s voice came over.

“What are you two doing in the room? Aze, come out to drink medicine.” Grandpa Chang placed a bowl of Chinese medicine on the table and shouted in the main room.

Yu Qingze responded and dragged Chang Hao out of the room.

After drinking the medicine, Yu Qingze pulled Grandpa Chang to sit down, and then he and Chang Hao sat opposite Grandpa Chang with serious expressions.

Grandpa Chang was a little stunned: “You guys, what’s the matter?”

Yu Qingze was still thinking about what, Chang Hao had already exported.

“Grandpa, my brother called me by my name today, he called me ‘Hao’!”

Grandpa Chang was shocked. He looked at Chang Hao and then at Yu Qingze. Seeing that both of them were serious, he confirmed, “Did he really? You both heard it coming out of his mouth?”

Both nodded.

Grandpa Chang frowned and his expression became serious, “Did something happen when you fought in the evening? Tell me everything.”

Hearing this, Yu Qingze and Chang Hao looked at each other.

Yu Qingze went through the process again. After listening, Grandpa Chang was silent for a long time and finally sighed.


This sigh was full of helplessness and vicissitudes.

Yu Qingze asked: “Grandpa, Brother Le, why can’t he talk? Back then, when he saw that Hao was in danger, and he became stimulated, so he suddenly made a sound, but he didn’t even realize that he was shouting. Then after the gangster ran away, and we asked him to talk again, but he could not anymore.”

When Grandpa Chang heard this, he sighed again and said, “I didn’t want Hao to know about this, but I didn’t expect that you would come across it.”

Both of them sat upright, waiting for Grandpa Chang to tell the story.

Grandpa Chang took his dry tobacco stick, lit it, took a deep breath, and blew it out slowly, and then said, “there was originally a brother named Hai, the second child, who is three years older than Le.”

Chang Hao’s eyes widened, this was the first time he had heard that he had a brother.

Grandpa Chang: “Back then, the war spread to our hometown, and everything was chaotic. I heard it was much better in the south. More than 20 households in our village were going to relocate together. There were riots along the way, and several households were scattered. During a riot, Hao was taken away, and their father and mother rushed to save him, leaving Hai and Le with their uncle to watch them over, but after they came back with Hao, the two children were gone. When they were found, Hai was already out of breath, and Le was lying on the ground covered in blood and passed out.”

“Le’s forehead was seriously injured, and he almost died several times. Fortunately, his life was saved, and he escaped death narrowly. When he woke up, he was silent, and we couldn’t ask what happened.”

“We moved here after that. For the first two years, Le was dumbfounded, as if he had lost his soul. Because he was silent and had a wound on his forehead, he was often bullied by other children. When he went out, he wouldn’t play with other children. It wasn’t until Hao was born that his condition improved. He hugged his younger brother and stayed by Hao’s side every time. So yeah, Hao was brought up by Le.”

Chang Hao’s mouth was wide open, and tears were falling down. It turned out that his brother had suffered so much before.

Yu Qingze was dumbfounded, and what happened to Chang Le’s loss of voice was obviously something that happened in that accident that greatly stimulated him, and this should also be the cause of Hai’s death.

Looking at Chang Le, who is now gentle and kind, Yu Qingze can’t imagine how he spent his time. He couldn’t imagine how Chang Le at that time had transformed into such an autistic personality into what he is today, but after a little thought, he knows that there must be a lot of bitterness in it.

Yu Qingze felt a burst of sadness in his heart and distressed for Chang Le.

“Le also made a sound a few years ago.” The two of them hadn’t recovered from what they heard just now, but Grandpa Chang said another thing that surprised them.

Grandpa Chang didn’t wait for them to ask, and said: “When Hao was two years old, their parents went back to their hometown to worship the ancestors during Qingming festival, but who would know they would be separated forever. At that time, when Le saw his father and mother in the coffins, he called out. The situation is similar to today, and he didn’t remember it afterward. “

Yu Qingze asked, “Did you ask a doctor to see him?”

Grandpa Chang nodded, shook his head again, and said: “I did, but it is useless. The doctor couldn’t do much, and later Le refused to let me find other doctors.”

Yu Qingze was still thinking about something, when there was a noise in the kitchen, Chang Le came out after taking a shower, so he hurriedly shut his mouth.

When Chang Le arrived in the main room, he saw his brother in tears hugged him in his arms.

Chang Le was inexplicable, hugging his brother’s shoulder and looking at his grandfather and Yu Qingze in confusion.

Grandpa Chang said calmly: “He misses your parents.”

With the Mid-Autumn Festival approaching soon, it is normal to think of relatives who have passed away. Chang Le gently patted his brother on the shoulder and comforted him gently.

He could replace their parents’ love for his younger brother.

When going to bed at night, Yu Qingze and Grandpa Chang talked about taking Chang Le to see the doctor again to see if there was any change.

Grandpa Chang thought nothing really wrong with trying.

Yu Qingze was silent, could Chang Le be cured he wasn’t sure. But this matter, he took it to heart.


The next day, it has been raining heavily in the afternoon, bringing a touch of coolness to this hot summer.

They steam noodle cakes, which is a kind of sacrifice to worship here. The dough is made into the shape of pigs, cattle, sheep and fish, steamed and offered to the ancestors, so that they can also eat pigs, cattle and sheep in another world and have enough for the entire year.

On the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Yu Qingze went to the mountain to worship with Chang family.

Chang Le’s parents were buried together, on the sunny slope of the mountain behind Niutou village, and Chang Hai was also buried there. They had to follow the mountain road by the stream through the valley and up the mountain.

Chang Le walked in front with a dung pan, and there were sacrificial items, one end was incense, candles, paper money, and the other end was various offerings.

Chang Hao and Yu Qingze walked together, with Grandpa Chang in the back.

It was the first time Yu Qingze entered this mountain, and he looked around curiously from time to time.

Because it rained yesterday, the ground was still a little wet, and with dead branches and leaves, it was easy to slip.

“Hey, Aze, be careful.” Yu Qingze didn’t pay attention under his feet, and almost slipped, but fortunately, Grandpa Chang who was behind him helped him stabilize his body.

Chang Le and Chang Hao glanced back, and Chang Hao urged, “Brother Yu, the road is slippery, be careful.”

Yu Qingze nodded, he was, well, he was just looking around and wasn’t paying attention to the ground very much, so he slipped.

This time, he didn’t dare to look around, and focused on the road under his feet.

Soon the group reached the hillside behind. There were many graves on this side. Some villagers were already offering sacrifices.

Chang Hai and Chang parents’ graves are close to each other, only 20 to 30 meters apart, and there is a forest behind them.

Chang Le and Chang Hao took out offerings and began to worship. Grandpa Chang took a hatchet and chopped off some messy bushes and thorns on the side of the grave. Yu Qingze picked up a hoe and helped Grandpa Chang hang up all the branches he cut off. .

When the two brothers had almost finished burning the paper, Grandpa Chang began buring the papers. Yu Qingze also joined in, kowtowed three times to Chang Le’s parents, offered incense, burned some papers, and said something to the two of them silently in his heart.

The two Chang brothers were a little moved. Yu Qingze, an outsider, didn’t need to do this.

How did they know that Yu Qingze actually had some thoughts in his heart, although he didn’t say it out, he asked the two elders in advance to give Le Ge’er to him.

When it came to the old man Chang’s side, it was almost the same, but this time, Grandpa Chang stayed for a long time, and his eyes were a little wet.

He’s thinking of Chang Hai.

The three generations were silently waiting for him. Chang Le thanks you sincerely for

When going down the mountain, they had to pass a bend in the valley, Chang Hao pointed to a landslide in front of him and said, “Brother Yu, look, you were stuck there before.”

Yu Qingze looked at the place where Chang Hao pointed, it was a slope opposite the stream, the mud and rock landslides above all sloped down to the bottom of the stream, and at the foot of the slope, there were two deep pits, and there were two large openings in the middle with the traces of digging. On the open space by the stream two meters away, two large stones rolled on one side, and there were obvious mud marks on them.

A disaster scene.

This time, Yu Qingze finally saw the “very very big” rock that Chang Hao had gestured to him when he first woke up. He now finally knew that the boy really didn’t lie.

It’s really big. It is estimated that two adults chould hug each other around the rock, which is also very tall. But to remove them from the buried soil, Yu Qingze felt that at least all the surrounding soil should be removed, and then use a pole.

But looking at the two pits, the stones were directly pulled from the inside!

His eyes unconsciously looked at the person beside and wondered how could those two thin arms and that thin body have such great strength? !

No wonder Chang Hao is so proud praising his brother to him, it’s not just bragging.

There, Yu Qingze suddenly remembered something.

“Grandpa, are there many fungi on the mountain?”

Grandpa Chang nodded, “Yes, it rained yesterday, there should be some on the mountain, and there are usually a lot of fir trees on both sides of the stream below. What, do you want to eat mushrooms?”

Yu Qingze smiled and said, “Don’t we still have half of the chicken at home? I just want to pick up some mushrooms and go back and stew it together. It will taste very good.”

Grandpa Chang waved his hand and said, “I’ll pick it up, you guys go back first.”

“Grandpa, I’m going too.” Chang Hao was very energetic when he heard that there was something delicious.

Yu Qingze also smiled and said, “I also want to go see it.”

Grandpa Chang simply said: “Then let’s go together!”

Then he took the lead and went into the fir wood.

It was the first time for Yu Qingze to pick up mushrooms.

So when he found that Chang Le and Grandpa Chang picked up a bunch of them casually in the grass, he suspected that he was lame!

The dead leaves and grass are very thick in the forest, and the fir tree fungus grows the same color as those dead leaves, so it is hard to find it easily.

Grandpa Chang taught him the secret, to stare at the foot of the fir tree and the haystack, where the fir tree fungus is there.


Yu Qingze felt that his eyes were about to fall out of his sockets, where are they? !

Isn’t it all dry grass and dead leaves? !

After searching for at least half of the time, his waist was sore, and Yu Qingze couldn’t find a single fungus!


There was also Chang Hao who was also lame, but he found it one step ahead of Yu Qingze.

“Hahaha, I found it, I found it! Big Brother Yu, I’m faster than you!” Chang Hao bent over to pick a fungus, raised it, and showed off to Yu Qingze proudly.

Yu Qingze: …I’m the only lame one!

Grandpa Chang and Chang Le looked at them and laughed, but ignored them, carrying a dung pan and picking mushrooms happily.

If you count on those two, you won’t be able to have a meal until it’s dark! Ch

Although Yu Qingze was crippled in picking mushrooms, he found a good thing – a jelly fruit! (T/L: 凉粉果, a pomegranate like fruit)



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