Chapter 37: The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

“It’s getting late. Let’s go back,” Uncle Xie just returned from the street. He went to buy some things for Xie Yu to eat and nourish his body.

Xu Qing and Xie Ama helped Xie Yu up and thanked Doctor Lin before preparing to leave. “Wait!” As they turned around, they saw Lin Fangliang walking towards them with a piece of clothing. “It’s cold outside, and your clothes were wet before. Use this to cover yourself on your way back.”

Xie Yu hesitated as he looked at the clothes in front of him. “It’s alright. The road isn’t far, and I’ll be fine. Thank you, Doctor Lin.”

However, Lin Fangliang didn’t back down. He directly handed the clothes to Xie Ama. “Take it. My name is Lin Fangliang. Don’t call me Doctor Lin. Li Changfeng and I are also good brothers. If you need anything, feel free to come to me.”

Lin Fangliang nodded at Xu Qing as well. “I just heard that Changfeng got married. Congratulations to both of you. If you have time, let’s get together.” Xu Qing smiled and nodded. He encouraged Xie Ama to take the clothes, realizing that Lin Fangliang’s gaze towards Xie Yu held some intention. If Xie Yu and Lin Fangliang could be together, it wouldn’t be bad. At least, in the short time they had interacted, Xu Qing felt that Lin Fangliang was trustworthy. It all depended on whether there was fate between them.

“Thank you. We’re leaving,” Xie Yu said. He knew his own body, and even if Lin Fangliang had good intentions, it would be disrespectful to refuse his offer.

“You’re welcome. It’s the least I can do,” Lin Fangliang suddenly felt reluctant to see Xie Yu leave. He didn’t know when he would be able to see him again. Li Changfeng helped Uncle Xie and them put the things on the cart and brought them into the shop to find Xu Qing. Seeing the expression on his good friend’s face, Li Changfeng chuckled silently and approached Lin Fangliang, who was staring at Xie Yu intently.

“Come to our house to hang out when you have free time,” Li Changfeng subtly moved his hand in a way that Lin Fangliang could see, indicating towards Xie Yu and Xie Ama’s figures. “We’re close by!”

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Xu Qing also smiled and said, “Yes, we’re close by!” Lin Fangliang immediately understood what he meant. “Good, my brother! I’ll come bother you in a few days!”

“We’ll take our leave now. Goodbye,” Li Changfeng and Xu Qing bid farewell to Lin Fangliang.

“Goodbye! Take care on the way!” Thinking about being able to visit Xie Yu with this excuse, Lin Fangliang’s mood was lifted, dispelling his previous melancholy and filling him with joy.

“Why, have you set your sights on that young man?” an aged voice came from behind Lin Fangliang.

“Yes, I’ve liked him for five years. Back then, there was no chance, but now even fate has arranged for us to meet. Isn’t this an opportunity for me?” Lin Fangliang watched the cart carrying Xie Yu and the others as it gradually disappeared, while answering the old Doctor Lin standing beside him.

“Heh, I didn’t expect you to hide it so well! Then you better act quickly and marry the young man before the official matchmaker comes knocking. Otherwise, you’ll have a hard time, my boy!”

The old Doctor Lin also had a good impression of Xie Yu. He only had Lin Fangliang as his son, and his wife passed away early. He had raised him as both a father and mother. Finally, when Lin Fangliang found someone he liked, he had to support him. As for the young man’s health, well, their family was in the medical profession. As long as he married into the family, nothing would be a problem!

After Li Changfeng and Xu Qing helped Uncle Xie with his things and supported Xie Yu to the Xie residence, they politely declined Xie Ama’s invitation to stay for dinner. The two of them walked back home under the umbrella.

It was already late, and the rain was still drizzling. “This rain hasn’t stopped for the past couple of days. We haven’t been able to work in the fields. It’s been bothering me,” Li Changfeng said as he boiled water, his mind preoccupied with the matters in the fields. Unfortunately, the weather remained gloomy.

Xu Qing rinsed the corn and filled the pot with hot water. Since they ran out of boiled water at home, they needed to heat some more. The remaining water would be used to cook porridge. “Don’t worry, even if you’re in a rush, this weather won’t change. Hurry up and go take a bath.”

Li Changfeng lifted the water and looked at the busy Xu Qing. “How about we go together?”

“Get lost!!”

Xu Qing couldn’t stand the idea of taking a bath together now. Last time, it was a miserable experience for him. Finally, he had some peace and quiet. No way he was going to let that go!

Sitting in front of the stove, Xu Qing added a few more pieces of firewood. After the water in the pot boiled, he scooped up some hot water and poured it over the corn. Then he took out the pig liver that had been soaking in water and carefully cut it into small pieces. He was preparing to make pig liver porridge!

“Are you done washing? Go to the backyard and pluck some green onions and ginger for me. Don’t take too much, don’t waste it.” Hearing Li Changfeng’s footsteps entering the kitchen, Xu Qing gave instructions without even looking up. “Alright!” Li Changfeng knew that Xu Qing’s tone meant they were in for a delicious meal tonight.

He put the thinly sliced pig liver into a bowl, added sweet potato starch, a little bit of wine, and a pinch of salt. He mixed everything well. “Here, it’s all washed.” Li Changfeng handed the washed green onions and ginger to Xu Qing. Xu Qing was pleased when he saw them. It was true, this person paid attention to details, and it warmed his heart.

“Alright, you’re clever!” Xu Qing chopped the green onions and ginger and put them in the bowl. “Start heating up the other pot too.” They hadn’t used the other pot before, but now that they had two people and a piglet in the house, they needed to make use of it.

When the pot heated up and the pig fat was about 50-60% hot, Xu Qing used his hand to scatter the pig liver slices into the pot. Then he used chopsticks to separate them. When the pig liver slices were half-cooked and he was about to scoop them out to drain the oil, he suddenly remembered something.

“Oh, my forgetful mind! I forgot we don’t have a slotted spoon here!” Xu Qing had no choice but to put the pig liver slices into a bowl first and then pour the excess oil into another clean small bowl. Li Changfeng, who was watching nearby, heard Xu Qing mumbling to himself, “What slotted spoon?”

slotted spoon

The corn in the pot had already expanded, and as Xu Qing added the pig liver slices, he described the appearance of a slotted spoon to Li Changfeng. “It’s a big spoon with small holes on it. When I want to scoop up the pig liver, I can use the slotted spoon directly. There won’t be much oil left in it. It’s used in the opposite way compared to a regular spoon.”

“You keep an eye on the pot, I’ll go take a bath.” Xu Qing was wet from today, and taking a hot shower would be comfortable. “Sure, go ahead, but shower quickly. It’s cold outside.”

“I know, I know.” As long as you don’t bother me, I’ll shower as fast as I can! Xu Qing made up his mind.

When Xu Qing finished showering and came out, Li Changfeng had already scooped up the pig liver porridge and placed it on the table. He was now bringing the pickled vegetables they had just picked. “Hurry up, let’s eat. We must be starving by now.”

“Mmm, it smells delicious!”

“Of course, my wife made it. It must be delicious!” Li Changfeng placed Xu Qing’s bowl of porridge in front of him and then took a sip from his own bowl. “Mmm, not bad, just a bit hot. Be careful not to burn yourself!”

Xu Qing blew on the steaming porridge carefully. “Do you think I’m like you, just opening my mouth and drinking? By the way, what did second Wei say?”

Li Changfeng quickly finished a bowl of porridge along with the pickled vegetables and was now drinking his second bowl. “I’ll deliver the wood for making the cabinet to his house tomorrow. Just carve ‘Happiness’ and ‘Good Luck’ on the doors, and it will be fine.”

Xu Qing was surprised. “Is it that simple?” Li Changfeng served some pickled vegetables for Xu Qing. “That’s how most of the wooden crafts in the village are made, aiming for good luck.”

“Can we carve other things on it?” If they followed second Weiโ€™s suggestion, it would be the same as what most woodworkers did. It lacked creativity!

“We can, as long as the design is generous and the wood is durable.” Li Changfeng found his wife’s cooking delicious. He had three bowls of porridge before feeling full.

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“You’re already full?” Xu Qing couldn’t believe it. He hadn’t even finished his first bowl yet. Is this guy a cow or something?!

Li Changfeng placed his empty bowl and chopsticks on the stove. “I’m done eating. I’ll go check on the chicks and piglet. Take your time.”

By the time both of them finished tidying up and lay down on the bed, it was pouring rain outside. Listening to the sound of rain through the window, Xu Qing snuggled closer into Li Changfeng’s embrace. “Feeling cold?”

“No, it’s just that having someone by my side feels comfortable,” Xu Qing playfully lay on top of Li Changfeng and didn’t want to move. Li Changfeng indulged him.

“You know, do you think Lin Fangliang and Brother Xie would make a good couple?” Xu Qing couldn’t help but gossip with Li Changfeng, thinking about the way Lin Fangliang looked at Xie Yu.

“I think so, but it also depends on whether both of them are willing. It takes two hands to clap. At least for now, I haven’t seen any signs that Brother Xie has romantic feelings for Lin Fangliang.”

“I just feel that they would be good together, but we are even better.” Xu Qing buried his head in the crook of Li Changfeng’s neck, occasionally nuzzling against him, feeling at peace and happy.

Li Changfeng held the restless Xu Qing and told him not to move around. “Otherwise, you’ll end up waking up at noon again tomorrow.” This finally made Xu Qing settle down. Before long, Xu Qing fell asleep. He had been busy running errands with Xie Ama’s family today and was a bit tired.

Li Changfeng adjusted the blanket over Xu Qing and closed his eyes, calming the restlessness in his heart. After a while, he also fell asleep.

The rain stopped the next day, but due to the heavy rain last night, the road was muddy and wet. Unable to go out, Li Changfeng and Xu Qing stayed indoors, waiting for second Wei to deliver the wood.


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