Chapter 38: The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

“Nobody has arrived yet, why are you holding tools?” Xu Qing looked at Li Changfeng placing the tools he bought yesterday on the table in the hall, somewhat puzzled. Second Wei’s wood hasn’t been delivered yet, but Li Changfeng couldn’t wait?

Li Changfeng found a suitable piece of wood for making a slotted spoon and quickly turned it into a large spoon using the tools. “I thought I’d take advantage of this time to make the spoon you mentioned last night. It’ll be convenient for you to use it too.”

Xu Qing recognized the wood in Li Changfeng’s hand. “Is that pine wood?!”

Li Changfeng continued his nimble movements. “Yes, isn’t pine wood commonly used for wooden utensils?” Xu Qing was taken aback. “All made from pine wood?”

Li Changfeng realized that Xu Qing was genuinely interested, so he stopped his work and pointed to the small stools they were sitting on and the large beams on the house. “Look, aren’t they all made of pine wood?”

Only then did Xu Qing realize that in the house he had been living in for so long, anywhere there was wood, it was made of pine wood. The wooden barrel for holding water, the chairs they sat on, even the doors of the house and courtyard were made of pine wood!

“Oh my god! Does that mean no one uses other types of wood to make wooden utensils?” In the history of China, there has been a long tradition of antique-style furniture!

Li Changfeng chuckled and rubbed Xu Qing’s perplexed cheek. “At least, as far as I can see, I haven’t found anyone using other types of wood for making wooden utensils.” After saying that, he lowered his head and continued working on the slotted spoon that was almost taking shape.

After receiving a definite answer, Xu Qing was first shocked, and then his eyes almost sparkled with excitement. Oh my, there are so many good wood materials in the mountains behind them, and they’re not being used! This is a huge business opportunity!

“Come, take a look. Is this the shape you were talking about?”

Li Changfeng finished making the slotted spoon, blew off the excess wood shavings, and asked Xu Qing, who was still deep in his dreams.

Xu Qing was brought back to reality by Li Changfeng’s call. He wasn’t annoyed; on the contrary, he was feeling extremely good at the moment! He took the rudimentary slotted spoon that Li Changfeng had made. “Hey, I have to admit, you’re really good! Young man, you’ve got talent!”

Li Changfeng put away his tools and washed his hands, a bit puzzled by Xu Qing’s reaction. “Why are you so impressed by making such a simple thing? It seems like no matter what I make, I have to study and do more for you to like it even more!”

Xu Qing had become completely accustomed to Li Changfeng’s occasional teasing and had grown a thicker skin. “On the handle, yes, right here, poke a small hole so that I can hang it up.” There were no nails here, only wooden pegs. It could be said that this world was rich in resources, but the leaders here had never exploited them. Otherwise, one person wouldn’t be making wooden utensils using pine wood, and everyone wouldn’t have been using pine wood for generations. Innovation seemed to be lacking.

Li Changfeng followed Xu Qing’s suggestion and poked a hole with the tool. Just then, a rough and loud shout came from the courtyard gate: “Second Li, Brother Qing, anyone home? It’s Second Wei, I’ve brought the wood!”

“I’m here, I’ll go open the gate.”

Although it was just at the courtyard gate, the rain was still quite heavy, so Xu Qing held an umbrella and opened the gate to see a tall and rugged man standing there, also holding an umbrella.

“Second brother Wei, come in quickly. Changfeng is inside,” Xu Qing called him “second brother” because Second Wei was one year older than Li Changfeng.

“No problem, hey, long time no see, you’ve really improved, huh? I didn’t believe it when my Ama told me! But it’s good to see! I’ve put the wood on the cart, I need to bring the cart into the yard to unload the wood!” Second Wei’s personality was just like Wei Ama’s—straightforward and quick-tempered. But such people were honest and worth knowing.

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“I’ll open both doors of the courtyard so the cart can come in. Changfeng, are you done? After you’re done, help Second brother Wei unload the wood!”

“I’m coming!”

“Hey, what’s this kid doing? I’ll bring the cart in. Brother Qing, you go inside first. The rain is heavy, it’s not good to get your clothes wet. Just the two of us, Second Li and me, will handle it.” After Second Wei greeted Li Changfeng, who had arrived at the courtyard gate, he went to the roadside to bring in the donkey cart borrowed from the Wu family.

“Go inside, just boil some water. You don’t need to worry about anything here.”

“Alright, I’m going in. You be careful too, don’t get your clothes all soaked. Be careful not to catch a cold later.”

Xu Qing went into the kitchen, added water to the pot, and sat by the stove to start the fire. Then he quickly picked out two large fish from the wooden bucket. Li Changfeng had caught them yesterday and prepared them in advance. Now they could be used!

“You’re a lucky guy. Isn’t your wife great?” After Second Wei brought the cart into the courtyard, he and Li Changfeng unloaded the wood into the yard while teasing each other.

“Of course he’s great. Aren’t you getting married soon too? When’s the date? We’ll come and share the joy!”

Speaking of this matter, Second Wei sighed, “You don’t know, there are so many men coming back now, and the dates they choose are almost the same. Well, my idea was to choose a day when fewer people are getting married. But the days when fewer people are getting married aren’t very auspicious. So, my Ama is currently discussing it with their family.”

Li Changfeng chuckled, “It seems like your future wife has a straightforward personality. You’ll have your hands full in the future!”

Second Wei threw a punch at Li Changfeng, but Li Changfeng skillfully avoided it. “Can’t you say something nice, you brat? Ah, but I do like that kind of personality. He suits me! Come on, keep going!”

Li Changfeng took the wood that Second Wei handed over and placed it steadily on his shoulder. “Congratulations, congratulations. Let me know when you’ve chosen the date!”

On Xu Qing’s side, he had already scooped up the boiling water and heard the commotion in the courtyard, indicating that they were almost done. He carried the bowl of hot water into the main room and greeted Li Changfeng and Second Wei, who were busy, “Here’s freshly boiled water, and there’s hot water in the bucket over there. After you’re done, wash your hands and have some warm water. Oh, Second brother Wei, you must stay for lunch at my house today!”

Second Wei winked at Li Changfeng with a smug expression and replied loudly, “Alright! I’m not a polite person! Haha! Right, Second Li?”

“Yes, you go ahead. I’ll come and help you after we’re done.”

Xu Qing waved his hand and walked towards the kitchen. “Don’t worry about helping. After you’re finished, chat with Second brother Wei. I don’t need you to worry about anything here.”

Once Xu Qing entered the kitchen, Second Wei adjusted the umbrella in his hand and whispered to Li Changfeng, “How does it feel to be bossed around by someone?”

“It’s alright. You, without a wife, no matter how much I say, wouldn’t understand!”

Those words struck a chord with Second Wei. “Look at your attitude! It won’t be long before I have a wife too!”

For lunch, Xu Qing made boiled fish and mixed some salt with the leftover oil residue from last time. He prepared a large bowl of it, along with a bowl of pickled vegetables. “Second brother Wei, let’s make do with this for lunch today. Next time, I’ll make something even more delicious for you guys!”

Second Wei had just heard Li Changfeng say that his wife at home made a delicious spicy fish. Now, smelling the aroma of the food, it made him drool. “What nonsense are you talking? Just by smelling this aroma, I can tell it’s incredibly delicious. You have no idea how good Li Changfeng was showing off this dish to me earlier!”

Li Changfeng, unaffected by Xu Qing’s gaze, shamelessly continued, “Well, it’s the truth.”

“Alright, let’s have a few sips, Second brother Wei. Changfeng, join us. With this weather, there’s not much else to do. We finally gathered, so let’s not waste it.”

Second Wei, feeling even more convinced that Li Changfeng was lucky to have such a capable wife, said, “Sure, second Li, let’s have a drink or two! But not too much. If I go home smelling like alcohol, I’ll be nagged again!”

“Alright, you guys eat first. I’ll go get the wine!” There was a small jug of wine left from the wedding day. After finishing it, Xu Qing could try making some rice wine on his own. He wasn’t sure if the local authorities allowed residents to make their own wine. In ancient China, it was not allowed to brew alcohol without permission. He thought he should inquire about it when he had the time.

In the meantime, they drank small glasses of wine and chatted while Lin Fangliang was packing up his things.

Old doctor Lin had just prepared medicine for a patient and, after they left, he turned and pulled aside the door curtain, finding his child stuffing clothes into a bundle.

“Are you planning to move in with someone permanently?” He couldn’t help but feel that his child was trying to bring the entire household there.

Lin Fangliang finished stuffing the last piece of clothing into the bundle and tied it up. “I heard that Brother Qing’s family has a big mountain behind their house. I thought I’d take the opportunity to try my luck and see if there are any medicinal herbs.”

Upon hearing this, Old doctor Lin recalled the medicinal herbs that Xu Qing had sold to him. Although they weren’t particularly precious, they were fresh and of good quality. “Go ahead, take a look around. I have Xiao Wang here. Don’t worry about it.” Xiao Wang was an apprentice in the pharmacy, the same guy who welcomed Xu Qing last time.

“Wait! Wait! Don’t rush!” Old doctor Lin, seeing that Lin Fangliang was about to step out of the shop, suddenly remembered something and hurriedly stopped him. “What is it?”

Lin Fangliang’s mind was filled with thoughts of Xie Yu. He had missed him all night long. “Where are you going to stay?”

“I’m staying at Li Changfeng and Brother Qing’s house. Didn’t I say I was going there?”

Old doctor Lin felt like slapping Lin Fangliang on the head. “They’re newlyweds! Regardless of whether they have extra rooms or not, it’s not right to disturb them!” When he and Lin Fangliang’s Ama got married, they hated it when someone stayed at their house. They couldn’t make any loud noises at night. It was so annoying!

Lin Fangliang was so focused on Xie Yu that he hadn’t considered this aspect. “Alright, I’ll go and see today. If it’s not possible, I’ll come back. They came here by donkey cart, so I can take the donkey cart back. If it works out, I won’t come back. Take care at home! I’m leaving!”


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