Chapter 38: The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

“People haven’t come yet, what are you doing with the tools?” Xu Qing watched Li Changfeng put the tools he bought yesterday on the table in the hall.

Li Changfeng found a piece of wood suitable for making a spoon, and using the tools, he made a big spoon in a short while, “I want to take advantage of this time to make a colander you said last night, and it will be convenient for you to use in the future.” If you’re not reading this on hololonovels, the ending will be missing.

Xu Qing saw the wood in Li Changfeng’s hands looks a little familiar, “Is this pine?!”

Li Changfeng moved swiftly, “Yes, aren’t they all made of pine wood?”

Li Changfeng felt that Xu Qing was really interested, so he stopped his movements and pointed to the small bench they were sitting on for Xu Qing, and pointed to the beam on the house, “Look, isn’t it all pine wood?”

Only then did Xu Qing realize that he had lived in this house for so long. Anything wood related, pine wood is used. The bucket for water was made of pine wood, and the stool he sat on was also of pine wood. Even the house door and courtyard door were made of pine wood. Pine wood galore.

“My God! Could it be that no one uses other woods to make wooden furniture??” In the history of China, antique furniture has a very long history!

Li Changfeng rubbed Xu Qing’s puzzled face in a funny way, “At least, so far, I haven’t found any other wood to make wooden stuff.” After speaking, he lowered his head and fiddled with the colander that was about to take shape.

After Xu Qing got a positive answer, he was shocked at first, and then his eyes were almost glowing with golden light! God, there are so many good woods in the back mountain, but nobody even uses? This is a huge business opportunity!

“Come and see, is this what it looks like?”

Li Changfeng finished the colander, blew off the excess wood particles on it, and asked Xu Qing, who was having a sweet dream.

Xu Qing was called back to the reality by Li Changfeng, but he wasn’t upset, on the contrary, he is in a good mood now. He took the simple colander made by Li Changfeng, “Hey, this is it, you’re amazing! The boy is so good! His future is bright!”

Li Changfeng put away the tools and washed his hands. Hearing this, he was a little puzzled, “How can you be fascinated by such a thing? It seems that no matter what I do, I still have a lot more to learn!”

Xu Qing is now completely used to Li Changfeng teasing him a little from time to time, and his face is getting thicker and thicker, “On this handle, yes, just here, poke a small hole, so I can hang it up.” There are no nails here, they are all wooden nails. It can be said that this area may be rich in resources, but the people here have never come to the back mountain to cut wood, otherwise they would not use pine wood to make wooden tools. They’re used to pine wood for generations and not innovative enough with other types of woods.

Li Changfeng followed Xu Qing’s instructions and used a tool to poke a hole at the far end of the handle. At this time, there was a loud roar from the courtyard door: “Second Li, Brother Xu, you guys home? I’m the second son of Wei. I came to deliver the wood!”

“I’ll go open the door.”

Although it’s just going out to the gate of the courtyard, the rain was still a little heavy, so Xu Qing had to carry an umbrella over there. When he opened the gate, he saw a tall and burly man standing at the door, also holding an umbrella.

“Second brother Wei, come in, Changfeng is inside.” Second brother Wei is one year older than Li Changfeng, so Xu Qing also called second brother after him.

“It’s good to talk, hey, I haven’t seen you for a long time, your face is really good now. I heard it in the village, but I still couldn’t believe it! This is great. Oh, I put the wood on the donkey cart. I’ll have to park the cart in the yard, is it okay?!” Second Wei and Wei Ama are similar in temperament, they are both outspoken and straightforward, but such people are sincere and trustworthy.

“Then I’ll open both of the courtyard gates so that you can drive the cart in, Chang Feng! Are you done? When you’re done, help Second Brother Wei to lay down the lumber!”


“Hey, what is this kid doing? I’m going to bring the frame in. Brother Xu, please go into the house. It’s raining heavily and it’s not good to get wet clothes. Just me and Chang Feng are enough,” Wei Lao Er said. After saying hello to Li Changfeng who came to the courtyard gate, he went to the roadside to bring in the donkey cart borrowed from the Wu family.

“Go in, just boil some water, you don’t have to worry about it here.”

“Okay, then be careful. Don’t get your clothes wet. Be careful of catching a cold later.”

Xu Qing went into the kitchen, added water to the pot, sat by the stove door and start the fire, then hurriedly went to the wooden bucket to pick two big fish. Yesterday, Li Changfeng went to catch it again and prepared it, and it was ready to use now!

“You’re so lucky, your wife…!” After Wei Lao Er put the donkey cart into the yard, he and Li Changfeng took down the wood and put it in the yard, while teasing each other.

“Of course, aren’t you getting married soon? When is the wedding, I’ll come to celebrate?”

Speaking of this, Wei Lao Er sighed a little, “You don’t know, there are more men coming back from the military, and the wedding dates are the same. I wanted to choose a day when fewer people are getting married but then those days are not good. I’m still discussing with his family.”

Li Changfeng smiled when he heard the words, “It seems that second brother, your temperament is very straightforward, and you will suffer in the future!”

Wei Lao Er hit Li Changfeng with his fist, but Li Changfeng flexibly avoided him, “You can’t say something nice! Alas, but I like this kind of temperament, alright, let’s just bring the wood in!”

Li Changfeng took the wood passed by Wei Lao Er and placed it firmly on his shoulders, “Congratulations, congratulations, let me know when you have chosen a date!”

Xu Qing had already scooped up the boiled water. Listening to the movement in the yard, he knew that they were about to finish, so he brought the bowl with boiled water into the hall, and greeted Li Changfeng and Wei Lao Er who were busy. “There is just boiled water here, and there is also hot water in the bucket over there. After you wash your hands, drink some boiled water to keep you warm! By the way, second brother Wei, you have to stay at my house for lunch today! “

Wei Lao Er winked at Li Changfeng who was smug, raised his head and turned back to Xu Qing loudly: “Good! I’m not a polite young master! Haha! Isn’t that right, Li Lao Er!”

“Yes, you’re busy, I’ll help you when we finish here.”

Xu Qing waved his hand and walked to the kitchen, “I’m good, just chat with Second Brother Wei after you’re done, don’t worry about me.”

After Xu Qing entered the kitchen, Second Wei moved the umbrella he was holding and whispered to Li Changfeng, “How is it, what does it feel like to be managed by someone?”

“Whatever, you don’t have a wife, no matter what I say, you wouldn’t understand!”

This choked Wei Lao Er heartbroken! “Look at your attitude! Lao Tzu will also have a wife soon!”

At noon, Xu Qing made boiled fish, mixed some salt with the oil residue left when he cooked last time. There is also a large bowl of his special pickled vegetables, “Second brother Wei, it’s a little simple today. Next time I’ll cook something more delicious for you!”

Wei Lao Er just heard Li Changfeng say that his wife is very good at making spiny fish! He smelled the fragrance at the moment, he was already drooling, “What nonsense! I know it’s delicious even just from the smell. You know how delicious your unique cooking style is and just showing off to me on purpose! “

Li Changfeng was swept away by Xu Qing’s eyes, and continued to say shamelessly: “I told you, it’s all the truth.”

“Come, eat quickly, second brother Wei, do you want to drink? If you want, let Chang Feng accompany you to drink a couple of sips, there’s nothing you can do in this weather, so don’t be polite.”

When Wei Lao Er heard this, he felt more and more that Li Changfeng was lucky to have married such a good ger! “That’s alright, Second Li, let’s have some! But don’t pour too much. I’ll be smelling all over the house later when I go back and get talked to again!”

“Alright then, eat first, I’ll go get the wine!”

There was still a small jar of wine left from the wedding day. After drinking it, Xu Qing wanted to try making a little rice wine himself. He’s not sure if the government here will let the residents make wine by themselves. In ancient China, it was impossible to make wine casually. It seems that he has to inquire about it one day.

They’re having a good time drinking and chatting.

Meanwhile, at the Lin family clinic in town, Lin Fangliang is packing up.

The old doctor Lin had just finished preparing the medicine for the patients. After waiting for the others to leave, he turned around and opened the curtain and spoke to his son who was stuffing clothes into the baggage!

“Are you planning to stay in someone’s house for a long time?” Looking at this situation, it looks like he can’t wait to move out of the house.

Lin Fangliang tucked the last piece of clothing into the bag and tied it with a strap, “I heard that there is a big mountain behind Brother Xu’s house! I wanna try my luck and see what herbs are there.”

When Old Doctor Lin heard this, he thought of the medicinal herbs that Xu Qing had sold to him. Although they were not particularly precious, they were of good quality and fresh. “Go, go, I’m OK with just Xiao Wang on my side, don’t worry.” Xiao Wang was an apprentice in the clinic, the shopkeeper who greeted Xu Qing last time.

“Wait! Wait! What’s the rush!” Old Doctor Lin, who saw Lin Fangliang was about to step out of the shop, suddenly remembered something, and hurriedly stopped his son, “What’s the matter?”

Lin Fangliang’s mind was full of Xie Yu at this time. He’s been thinking about him all night, so he was a little absentminded. He heard his father asked, “where are you planning to stay?”

“At Changfeng and Brother Xu’s house! Didn’t I tell you I was going there?”

Hearing this, Old Doctor Lin really wanted to slap Lin Fangliang on the head, “They two just got married and still in the honeymoon period. I don’t care if they have any spare room. You living there, it’s not good to disturb them!”

Back then when he and Lin Fangliang’s mother got married, he hated someone to stay at their house, making him not dare to move too much at night, so annoying!

Lin Fangliang was only thinking about Brother Xie, and everything else was at the back of his mind. Click “NEXT” at the bottom of the page for the actual ending.

He really didn’t think about bother others, “that’s true. Well, I’ll see today, if not good, I’ll rush back, they came in the donkey cart that day, and then I’ll take the donkey cart back. If everything works out, I won’t come back, take care at home! I’m leaving!”


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