Chapter 39: The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

Old Doctor Lin looked at Lin Fangliang’s anxious look, and said no more, “Go, go.”

Wei Lao Er and Li Changfeng drank the rest of the wine in equal parts, and the two of them didn’t even blushed. Xu Qing took Li Changfeng’s wine cup and smelled it. Sure enough, the alcohol content was very low. Wei Lao Er was eating fish and saw Xu Qing looking at the wine cup, he thought he wanted to drink it, “Brother Xu didn’t tell me earlier, let Brother Li keep some for you!” If you’re not reading this on hololonovels, the ending will be missing.

Just now at the dinner table, Xu Qing became well-acquainted with Wei Lao Er. Just one meal and Wei Lao Er is already calling Xu Qing brother. It was quite nice. The original body has no relatives alive, so Xu Qing is not afraid of others spreading foul words, Li Changfeng and Wei Wei are good brothers, so it is normal to call him brother.

Xu Qing put down the wine cup, pushed it in front of Li Changfeng, who was looking at him, and shook his head at Wei Lao Er, “No, I just want to know what it smells like, whether it’s strong or not.” Stop reading further down from here and go all the way to translator has something to say at the bottom of the page. You’re not reading the ugly ger’s farming story from this sentence forward. The hands hanging down on either side of his legs clenched into fists, he sat in his place, his eyes fell on the magazines on the table.

The magazine is spread out, looking at the past, it is a wonderful article, which is both in-depth and interesting. Moving from the content of the article to the author, Zhao Wenjie’s eyes darkened, and a dark tide surged inside.

It said “High School”, and he snorted with great disdain. This is his work, but it was stolen by the shameless person from the high school. If it was only once, it would be fine, but… Thinking of this, Zhao Wenjie’s heart was churning with anger and resentment.

Everything that the high school has obtained now should be his, it’s his!

“Bang”, with a loud noise, the people in the office turned their heads and looked over, but they didn’t dare to say anything. Zhao Wenjie has a gloomy aura all over his body, coupled with his hideous face, it really makes people feel timid.

Zhao Wenjie couldn’t sit still, got up and left the office. As he turned the corner, he seemed to hear sympathetic or disapproving words from his colleagues.

“This Zhao Wenjie is also pitiful. The editor-in-chief took over the things he worked so hard to write!”

“Humph! How big is his face? You don’t dare to put a fart in front of the editor-in-chief, what a face in front of us! Resign if you have the ability!”

And so on, Zhao Wenjie’s steps forward seemed to be filled with lead, which was extremely heavy, and it was difficult to move a step. His face was as black as ink, he pursed his lower lip and walked away gloomily.

It is a sunny day in May, the ground is scorched by the scorching sun, and there are few pedestrians on the street except for taxis and buses. Zhao Wenjie wore a meticulous suit, stepped on black leather shoes, and walked under the scorching sun, sweating like an open faucet, until the suit was soaked. He didn’t seem to feel the heat, standing beside the tree, his face lost the gloom before it was just confusion and pain.

“Why?! Why?!” He murmured in a low voice. It had been a few years since he left school and entered the society, but he still had nothing to do, struggling with rent, food and clothing every day. How much better is he than those without higher education?

Zhao Wenjie felt extremely uncomfortable, standing beside the tree in a trance. The scorching sun in the sky seemed to be blown by the strong wind, and the bright light swayed for a while, and no one knew that a wisp of white smoke from the extreme darkness rose up.

“Do you want to take revenge on the person who occupied your achievements? Do you want him to die? Come on, I’ll help you!” An inexplicable and seductive voice suddenly appeared, making Zhao Wenjie, who was in a daze, startled. Big jump.

He widened his eyes and looked around, but no one was there. He shivered and asked, “Who are you?”

“I’m the one who helped you, do you want revenge? Huh?” The voice sounded again, full of temptation.

Zhao Wenjie swallowed, and he pressed his voice and asked, “Really? What did you use to convince me?”

“Don’t you want to see him tortured? Don’t you want him to die?”

He was silent for a while, then gritted his teeth and said, “I want to make him suffer a thousand times more than I am!” His voice was still trembling, with deep hatred.

The next day, when my colleague saw Zhao Wenjie avoiding him subconsciously, he felt very uncomfortable. For some reason, Zhao Wenjie was a little dead, his delicate face was pale, and his eye sockets were slightly sunken. It’s only been a day since I haven’t seen each other, but the other party seems to be seriously ill.

A normally good-hearted female colleague saw her, hesitated for a while, stepped forward and asked, “Zhao Wenjie, are you alright? I think you look very bad…”

Zhao Wenjie pursed his lips and smiled, and said, “It’s fine.” Then he stared at the editor-in-chief’s office, as if there was a poisonous snake hidden in his eyes, which was very gloomy. The female colleague’s heart trembled and she became a little scared, she turned around and left in a hurry.

A few days later, Zhao Wenjie’s ghostly appearance made people in the same office feel prickly, both scared and disgusted.

After waiting for a few days, there was no movement, and he was a little anxious. He ran to the toilet and shouted, “Hey, why is that shameless guy still okay?!”

    There was no response even after shouting a few words, but the male colleague who later went to the toilet looked at him strangely. Zhao Wenjie was helpless, he smiled reluctantly at the person, but asked the other person to take a few steps back, zipping the zipper and walking away. He was stunned for a moment, turned his head to look at himself in the mirror, his face was pale, his eyes were sunken, his lips were chapped, and he smiled like a ghost.

    Zhao Wenjie’s eyes moved slightly, he opened his mouth and took a few steps back, standing there in a daze.

    Ever since he saw his own condition in the mirror, he has been absent-minded and keeps making mistakes in his work. Fan Fan stared, the sun went down and sank. When Zhao Wenjie came home, he was so tired that he didn’t want to move another finger, so he fell asleep on the sofa with a “huh”. Obviously, nothing has been done!

    Time passed, and the rental house was pitch black in the middle of the night, and something suddenly stood up on the sofa. The thing opened its eyes, its eyes were shining, and it smiled evilly.

    “It’s not bad to have a body! How long have I been without a body, two hundred years or one hundred?” The rental house was still dark, but the neon lights outside the window could still tell it was a person.

    The man giggled, and it wasn’t until dawn, when the darkness in the rental house was driven away, that it was clear that the man on the sofa was Zhao Wenjie.

    Zhao Wenjie took the subway to work with sunken eyes and a mysterious smile on his face to the magazine. He went upstairs and waited for a while, when he saw the editor-in-chief and a beautiful female colleague pulling and pulling, a green light flashed across his lips and eyes.

    With a light cough, he walked over and said mysteriously to the editor-in-chief: “Editor-in-chief, I have a shocking secret to tell you. Come on, come over and I’ll tell you!”

    The editor-in-chief raised his eyebrows in surprise, but he really listened.

    The two whispered for a while, the editor-in-chief looked uncertain, and finally asked in ecstasy, “Are you serious?”

    “Of course, how dare I lie to you about this kind of thing?” Zhao Wenjie nodded affirmatively and said.

    The editor-in-chief’s greasy face was full of smiles, he laughed and patted Zhao Wenjie’s shoulder with his sweaty hands. Said: “Xiao Zhao, it’s not bad for me to treat you normally! Okay! Let’s be together when we get off work!”

    After speaking, the editor-in-chief turned around and tugged at the female colleague again, and then half pushed and half entered the exclusive office. Zhao Wenjie giggled on the spot and whispered, “I can’t wait!” After speaking, he licked his lips with greed, and his eyes flashed.


    After get off work, all the colleagues looked at the editor-in-chief and Zhao Wenjie, walking out of the building talking and laughing, and all their jaws dropped in shock. What about hatred?

    Zhao Wenjie can drive. He drove the editor-in-chief’s car and took him through most of the city to a wilderness. The car drove slowly, and the stones on the road made the car shake. Finally, the car stopped in a field of grass.

    The editor-in-chief couldn’t wait to get out of the car and looked around for it. The anxious look made Zhao Wenjie, who got off the car slowly, smile.

    “Little Zhao, where is the gold you’re talking about? Could it be that you lied to me!” The editor-in-chief, who had not seen a single piece of gold, turned around and asked suspiciously.

    Zhao Wenjie stuck in his trousers pocket and kept following him. He smiled and licked his lips, his face filled with eagerness for blood.

    He didn’t know when his fingernails became extremely sharp, and suddenly he saw a flower in front of him, and a hot liquid spurted out.

    The editor-in-chief touched his neck subconsciously, and looked down to see red blood. He wanted to shout, but only made a “guru”. It turned out that Zhao Wenjie had also scratched his throat.

    Seeing Zhao Wenjie licking the blood stains on his nails, and showing a look of enjoyment, panic climbed onto the editor-in-chief’s face.

    He “gulugulu” tried his best to speak and wanted to speak, but it was a pity.

    “Delicious blood, stupid food, give everything you have!” Zhao Wenjie smiled and stepped forward. The editor-in-chief kept retreating because of fear, and the strands of blood that kept dripping from his neck also left traces on the weeds.


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