Chapter 36: The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

“Then, if I get married and leave, can you really guarantee that I will be able to forget someone?” This statement from Chen Hong caught Chen Ama off guard.

“Even if you can’t forget completely, it will create distance between you two, and nothing more will happen!” Chen Ama tried to reason, but Chen Hong abruptly stood up. With his reddened eyes fixed on Chen Ama, he argued with some force, “There was nothing between us. As for distance, don’t you think it’s already far enough? I don’t know when I’ll be able to be at home, in the village, and see Li Changfeng like before. I can’t calm down when I think about him being with someone else.”

“I’m just worried, you know?” Chen Ama was startled by Chen Hong’s reaction. “Worried? Worried about what?” Chen Hong didn’t know what else to say. “Do you really think I’m shameless and just cling to anyone who comes along? Am I just someone who throws myself at others?”

“I-I was wrong! I overthought it! I didn’t agree to the proposal from Xia Ama, did I? Ultimately, it’s your decision, and we can only make a real decision once you give your consent. Do you really think I, as your Ama, could be so heartless towards you?” Chen Ama realized that he had been too hasty, but there had been similar incidents in the village before!

Chen Hong closed his reddened eyes. “Please leave. I want to be alone for a while.”

Seeing that he truly didn’t want to talk anymore, Chen Ama had no choice but to let him rest. After leaving the room, Chen Ama closed the door behind him.

Alone on the bed, Chen Hong covered his face with his hands, and tears streamed through his fingers. He was just unable to forget. That day, he wanted to secretly see Li Changfeng and Xu Qing at the back door, just to help his heart let go. He wanted to see what kind of person could make Li Changfeng willingly leave this place.

In the evening, aside from the tense atmosphere between Chen Ama and Chen Hong during their argument in the afternoon, the rest of the Chen family didn’t sense anything unusual. They calmly finished their meal, and after Chen Hong helped Chen Qi’s wife clean up the table, he looked at the family sitting in the main room and spoke up.

“The Ma family that came for a proposal today from the town, I’ll marry into their family.” This statement left everyone dumbfounded.

“What are you saying! Do you know the situation of the Ma family? Do you know the people in the Ma family?” It was Chen Qi who couldn’t hold back his words. He never expected Chen Hong to say something like this.

“That’s right, don’t make a decision based on what I said today. Although the Ma family has good conditions, but, but he has been divorced before!” Chen Ama thought Chen Hong was sulking because of their conversation in the afternoon and was joking about his lifelong happiness.

“What are you talking about!”

When Old man chen heard this, he understood everything clearly and stared at Chen Ama, demanding an explanation.

This was about Li Changfeng and their own son, how could Chen Ama find the words to say!

Seeing Chen Ama’s hesitant appearance, Chen Qi and the others became even more anxious. What kind of words could have made Chen Hong say such things!

“It’s not Ama’s matter, it’s my own decision to get married,” Chen Hong’s calm tone only confused them even more.

“It’s just a divorce, and the reason for his divorce is because his ex-wife couldn’t have children. He’s the only child in their family. I can accept this kind of divorce. Apart from this, their family’s situation satisfies me.”

“Aren’t you afraid of gossip from the people in the village?”

“What am I afraid of? He is currently unmarried, and I am not yet married. It’s not something scandalous. This is my business, and I won’t make hasty decisions. I haven’t had many opportunities to make decisions for myself since I was young, but this time, I can make a decision.”

Now, no one in the Chen family said anything. It seemed that Chen Hong wanted to marry into the Ma family, so what else could they say? Chen Qi’s wife, who hadn’t spoken from the beginning to the end, couldn’t help but feel a pang in his heart when she thought about the reason for the Ma family’s divorce being the lack of children.

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“No matter what you mean, we need to meet the Ma family before you make a decision. Getting married is not something you can just decide on your own. You have to be responsible for yourself, for our Chen family, and for me as your father!” Old man chen’s words made everyone reluctantly agree.


Chen Qi called the teahouse owner to pour another cup of hot tea. After moistening his throat, he continued, “The next day, before we informed Xia Ama, the three members of the Ma family came to our house personally to propose. With their attitude alone, my Ama was already satisfied to a large extent. And looking at Ma Fugui’s demeanor and all, it’s true that he grew up in the town, better than us villagers. He can even read, which made my father even more satisfied. Xiao Hong is also relatively satisfied with Ma Fugui. I asked him again about the divorce matter, and well, the marriage was settled.”

Xu Qing and Li Changfeng didn’t know what to say after hearing this. Xia Ama’s words were not wrong. The reason for Ma Fugui’s divorce was indeed that his wife couldn’t bear children. However, it was Ma Fugui’s family that had caused trouble and damaged Xie Yu’s health in the first place. Moreover, they didn’t discuss the divorce with Xie Yu in advance but directly informed him. And because Xie Yu’s uncle, who was working in the yamen, threatened him after Ma Fugui hit him, Xie Yu didn’t want to divorce, but…

“I also went to the town today with Ama and father. They went to buy things for the wedding. After finishing what I had to do, I came out for a walk, unexpectedly running into you. Since you want to talk to me, is there something about the Ma family…”

So Xu Qing and Li Changfeng told Chen Qi about Xie Yu and Ma Fugui’s situation. However, to avoid future trouble, Xu Qing didn’t reveal Xie Yu’s identity, only mentioning that they happened to know the family where Ma Fugui divorced, so they had some understanding of the matter.

“No wonder! No wonder the Ma family arranged the marriage so early! We originally thought they wanted to marry Xiao Hong into the family soon, but it turns out they are afraid of their dirty secrets being exposed! They have shown their true colors!” Chen Qi couldn’t drink the tea anymore after listening. He had to go and talk to Ama and his father about this matter. They needed to make a new decision while things weren’t fully prepared!

“Thank you both. I have to go and discuss this with my family. Goodbye! Goodbye!” After saying that, Chen Qi hastily left the teahouse with an umbrella in hand. They couldn’t afford to delay this matter!

“Let’s go. We’ve said what we needed to say. As for what they think and how they make their decision, it’s none of our business.” Li Changfeng held onto Xu Qing’s hand and picked up the umbrella. They also needed to buy some woodworking tools. They had already discussed it and decided to finish Second Wei’s work. Once they had a good start and produced quality pieces, who would hesitate to come to them for furniture?

After they finished purchasing the items, they happened to pass by Butcher Liu’s pork stall. The piglets were all sold out now, and Butcher Liu had started buying pigs from households and then slaughtering them to sell in town.

“Hey, young couple, are you here in town to buy things? Take this, although it’s not much, it’s enough for a meal!” Butcher Liu warmly handed a piece of pork to Xu Qing, scaring him into repeatedly declining, “Uncle Liu, you shouldn’t do this. Changfeng!”

Li Changfeng quickly stepped forward and pushed Butcher Liu’s hand away. “Uncle Liu, please don’t. If we take your meat today, we won’t dare to pass by your stall to buy pork in the future.”

“That’s right, Uncle Liu. If you want to have a long-term customer, you can’t do this. You might end up losing out!” Xu Qing followed up on Li Changfeng’s words. Although Butcher Liu’s family sold pork, they also put in a lot of effort and hard work. They shouldn’t take advantage of them for nothing.

“Haha, Changfeng, you’re becoming more eloquent with your words. Fine, I won’t force you to take it. But if you buy from me in the future, I’ll give you a good price. Just don’t say no anymore.” Butcher Liu saw that Li Changfeng and Xu Qing really didn’t want the meat, so he put it back. However, he still offered them a friendly price.

Li Changfeng and Xu Qing exchanged a helpless glance. Butcher Liu was too enthusiastic, and they couldn’t resist it. “Oh, Uncle Liu, how much do you sell the pig liver for?” Xu Qing looked at the pig liver hanging on the meat board and suddenly felt a bit hungry. When cooked well, pig liver was delicious.

“For this, it’s three copper coins each. It’s not easy to handle, so people usually buy it to feed their cats and dogs, help them grow stronger,” Butcher Liu explained.

Li Changfeng looked at Xu Qing’s drooling eyes and said, “We’ll take two!” He directly took out the money and bought the two pig livers from Butcher Liu.

Xu Qing quickly snapped out of it and said, “We don’t need that many. One is enough. We won’t be able to finish two, and they won’t taste good if they’re kept for too long!”

“Alright, just one then.” Li Changfeng paid the money, bid farewell to Butcher Liu, and then they returned to Lin’s pharmacy with their purchases.

Xie Yu had already woken up and changed his clothes. He was drinking the freshly brewed Chinese medicine. “Brother Xie, feeling better?” Li Changfeng went to put the things on the donkey cart, while Xu Qing went into the shop. When he saw that Xie Yu was sitting up and drinking medicine, he quickly approached to ask about his condition.

After finishing the medicine, Xie Yu nodded at Xu Qing and said, “I feel much better once I took the medicine. Thank you and Li Changfeng for bringing me here.”

“It’s nothing. As long as you’re okay. Doctor Lin said that as long as you take good care of yourself and rest, you’ll recover your health soon.” Drinking the Spiritual Spring water that he provided, as long as the mental obstacles were overcome, the body would naturally recover. The Spiritual Spring could slowly restore Xie Yu’s physical condition, but it couldn’t treat psychological problems.

“That’s right. Once you’re in good health, everything will be fine,” Xie Ama said, agreeing with Xu Qing. Doctor Lin had said that as long as their son’s body was properly taken care of, he would recover sooner or later.

Lin Fangliang lifted the curtain and looked at Xie Yu, who was talking with Xu Qing. He couldn’t believe that Xie Yu had been divorced for such a reason. Such a good person, the one he cherished in his heart, had been hurt by Ma Fugui like this. It was unforgivable!


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