Chapter 6: TGCIR

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Li Weilan stood alone on the spot where the words “Noah Base” were written on the map, looking at the black soil under his feet with a blank expression.

There was nothing here.

No matter who gave him the token, they were playing him for a fool.

Maybe that person was watching him from the shadows, perhaps to that person, his trip here was just a joke.

Noah Base?


The screen in front of Shen Cheng had already switched to the game scene, showing a small character with a blank expression standing on the ground, but emitting black smoke from its head, obviously about to explode with anger. Curious, she poked the character’s cheek with her finger, leaving two small dents on the character’s face.

Why is the little guy so angry?

Curiously, she pulled the game camera back and forth, left and right, and suddenly realized the reason for the character’s anger: was it because he couldn’t find Noah Base?

“Little guy, you have the city-building token in your hand. If you don’t use it, how can there be a base?” Shen Cheng was a bit anxious, but Li Weilan stood still, bowed his head in silence for a long time, and finally said nothing, just threw the token with the words “Noah Base” on it to the ground and turned to leave.

He had misunderstood. Even if that person was trying to deceive him, he didn’t even know who that person was, so what could they do to him?

In such an unequal relationship, even if that person wasn’t deceiving him now, they could still toy with him when they wanted to.

It was best if that person never appeared again. Otherwise, it would all be for nothing in the end.

The ferocity in his eyes had just surfaced when he suddenly heard a “rumble” behind him, as if the earth was shaking slightly, and the ground behind him slowly opened up.

Li Weilan turned around in disbelief, and was stunned.

A massive steel fortress was taking shape right in front of him.

Room after room, tightly divided, artificial sunlight rooms, hydroponic rooms, water purification rooms, control room, energy rooms…

Although many rooms disappeared like bubbles after showing only a glimpse, the precise mirage was a magnificent sight that Li Weilan had never seen before, more like a human’s fantasy home, an immortal land that does not exist in this world. He could even vaguely see humans walking in that home, wealthy, happy, not having to fight for daily food, not having to fight each other for a piece of meat, and not having to sell themselves for a small profit.

Li Weilan was stunned.

This kind of base was truly worthy of being named after “Noah’s Ark.”

Although the appearance and disappearance of the steel fortress seemed extremely bizarre, Li Weilan did not hesitate, but took step by step into the entrance of the base, and only heard a “hiss,” a white mist enveloped his body.

He closed his eyes.

On the screen, Shen Cheng couldn’t help but laugh “hee hee” as she watched this scene.

Her cub was really shocked when he was sprayed with disinfectant and biochemical scanning just now. The expression on his face, which was always neither smiling nor angry, showed such a rare startled expression.

It was really worth seeing her cub’s face with such an expression.

Shen Cheng chuckled twice, quietly took a screenshot, saved the picture for keepsake.

Li Weilan heard the mechanical and rigid voice of the AI saying, “Welcome to Noah. Identity scan has passed. Please go to the control room to set base permissions.”

Li Weilan’s mind was in a state of turmoil, reaching its peak at this moment.

“What does it mean to set base permissions?” he wondered.

If his judgment was correct, this meant that the large base still had no controller, and that mysterious person had essentially handed the entire base over to him.

But how could this be possible?

Even if everything he had just seen was just an illusion, it was a priceless illusion that countless people would be willing to exchange their lives for. How could anyone simply hand over such a steel fortress?

Almost instinctively, he stumbled his way to the control room and, upon sitting at the console, his eyes turned slightly red when he saw the prompt to enter the name of the controller.

This would be his home in the future.

Shen Cheng looked at the expression on Li Weilan’s face and blinked: “This game is really well-made, isn’t it?”

The tears in the child’s eyes rolled, looking like he was wishing for his old mother to pat his head and comfort him.

After hesitating for a moment, Shen Cheng opened the system store again and purchased a first recharge gift pack worth one gold coin.

“Alright, alright, it’s just one yuan. Mom will buy it for you, so stop crying,” she said.

The one-yuan first recharge gift pack fell into Li Weilan’s arms.

As the starlight dissipated, it revealed its contents: an endless lollipop and a black uniform that would never get dirty.

Li Weilan was stunned for a moment.

He picked up the lollipop, his eyes teared up with mixed emotions. After hesitating for a moment, he opened the wrapper and put the candy in his mouth.

As the sweet taste flooded his taste buds, Li Weilan felt a rare moment of emotion.

Shen Cheng looked at the little person on the screen with the lollipop in his mouth, his cheeks bulging. With mischievous intent, she couldn’t help but poke the bulging cheek with her hand, earning a big eye roll from the little person.

She chuckled, rubbed her hands together, and finally extended her guilty hand to change the little person’s outfit. Li Weilan had been wearing the same outfit since he had been taken off of the cross, covered in blood and sand. It was not as nice as the black uniform from the first charge.

Unfortunately, changing the outfit was just a click away. The military uniform outlined the little person’s slender waist and long legs, and even the Q-version couldn’t hide the perfect body proportions. For a moment, Shen Cheng almost became a fangirl instead of a fanmom.

Thankfully, she restrained herself.

She did not want to become a sugar mommy by flirting with the digital character on the phone.

While Shen Cheng was laughing on her end of the screen, Li Weilan’s face was slightly flushed. He didn’t know why the other person wanted to change his clothes, or what kind of ability they had to make it so easy to change clothes for others, but thinking about it still made him feel a bit embarrassed.

Compared to the other’s generous gift of a base and a thoughtful gift of a lollipop, changing clothes… was just changing clothes.

He licked the lollipop, savoring the rare sweetness of the post-apocalyptic world, then carefully wrapped it up and put it back in his pocket. With a serious expression, he sat back at the control panel and entered his name. Finally, Shen Cheng’s main task 4 in Noah’s Base jumped to the state of 【completed】.

You can draw weapons now!

After completing the fourth main storyline, Shen Cheng got a free draw for a weapon.

She didn’t rush to draw it – it seemed like it was hard to get a lottery ticket, so why not wait until her cub needed a weapon or until she had properly washed her hands before drawing?

Otherwise, if she drew the worst weapon in the weapon pool – a wooden stick, she would really have no face to see her cub.

If she saw her cub disappointed, she might just spend money to buy a medium-level weapon.

Shen Cheng seemed to have no confidence in her self-control.

It was just at this time that someone knocked on Shen Cheng’s door.

Her face suddenly darkened.

Shen Cheng slowly turned off the game. The person at the door was obviously impatient, knocking harder and harder from the slow start until the frequency increased. They had used up their patience.

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Shen Cheng knew she had no choice but to answer the door. She went to open it, and sure enough, the fat landlord was standing there.

The balding landlord, with a big belly, held some fruits that had already begun to soften and showed Shen Cheng a greasy smile. “Miss Shen, I see you’re at home. I came to say hello to you.”

Shen Cheng didn’t want to take his fruit.

For some reason, this kind of thing happened to her a lot throughout her life. Perhaps it was because her parents died early, leaving a child without protection, which made her character inevitably weak and introverted. And this weakness and introversion in the eyes of many people became an easy target.

But she was indeed a soft-hearted person, and at the moment she couldn’t bring herself to refuse outright. She forced a smile and said, “Sorry, I have a lot of work to do in my company, and I’m still working overtime right now. Thank you for your concern.”

“Oh, working overtime,” the landlord’s eyes flickered. “Miss Shen is so beautiful, and yet her boss is willing to treat her like this.”

He lingered on the word “treat” for a moment.

Shen Cheng’s face grew even darker.

She had understood the landlord’s insinuation, and being leered at by a greasy old man like him made her sick to her stomach.

But what could she do? This was the most suitable house she could find within her budget and the distance her company required.

If she wanted to move out, not only would she not be able to get her previous deposit back, but finding another house that required a deposit and rent upfront was also a problem.

“It’s just overtime, nothing serious,” Shen Cheng said calmly. “Do you have anything else to say? If not, I’ll get back to work.”

“Well, Miss Shen,” the landlord’s tone changed as he realized he wouldn’t be able to take advantage of her today. He went from being smiling and friendly to hard and uncompromising. “The reason I came to see you today is because someone else asked me about renting the place, and they offered me 2K. I only charged you 1.8K, so it’s not insignificant to be short 200 per month. Our lease is up next month, so think about it.”

Shen Cheng knew exactly what “think about it” meant.

It seemed that if she let him take advantage of her today, he would have just covered the difference of those 200 yuan. But if she refused outright, he would use those 200 yuan to pressure her.

Shen Cheng felt disgusted and sick to her stomach. She said, “Okay,” and slammed the door shut with a bang.

The landlord stood at the door, looking at the closed door for a long time before revealing a sinister smile.


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