Chapter 7: TGCIR

Shen Cheng closed the door, she learned her back against it in exhaustion.

“It’s time to move,” she thought.

Shen knew that she couldn’t stay where she was living now. Even if the landlord didn’t come to evict her next month, there would always be another rent increase. The landlord was greedy and she found it troublesome to move and find a new place, but it was even more troublesome to be leered at by creepy men.

Moreover, her compromise this time was a rent increase of 200 yuan per month. Two hundred yuan! If she had that money, couldn’t she buy better food and drinks for her game avatar?

She had only just begun to enjoy the game, but she was always tight on money, so she had only spent one yuan on her cub so far. But if she could save some money on rent, she would definitely spend more on the game!

Shen thought about it and decided to download a rental app and search within her budget.

Choosing a place to live was a matter of timing, location, and people, especially when funds were limited. It was difficult for a girl to find a clean, safe, and responsible landlord within her budget.

Shen contacted a real estate agent and looked at many apartments, but found that each one had its own issues. She spent her precious free time after work running around in the scorching sun, and had to temporarily give up playing her game.


Li Weilan had recently noticed something strange: his secret “guardian” had disappeared since he entered the Noah base.

After entering his name into the control panel of the Noah base, he found that her authority made him the only person who could decide who had the right to enter the base.

The entire Noah base was built completely underground. At first, not only he, but other survivors also found it uncomfortable to live in such a mouse-hole-like environment. However, they soon found it to be a safe haven.

Living underground has far more benefits than above ground.

Since the Earth entered the apocalypse, nighttime has become the most dangerous time. This danger is not only brought by the wandering zombies on the ground, who occasionally gather in groups, but also the mutated beasts and human companions roaming the wasteland.

Before the appearance of the Noah Base, perhaps due to habitual thinking or the human instinct for sunlight, almost all bases were built on the ground. But the steel fortresses built on the ground often become the most obvious target in the face of the vast waves of zombies.

It was better when there were firearms available, but recently, firearms have gradually been depleted, and it is basically up to the ability users to fight against the waves of zombies, risking their lives. Before Li Weilan, there were already many reports of apocalypse bases being attacked and overrun by zombie waves.

On the other hand, the underground base almost perfectly avoids zombie attacks.

Li Weilan didn’t know how the mysterious person who saved him did it.

The entrance to this base is almost non-existent when not opened, perfectly blending in with the surrounding ground and mountains, and zombies can hardly detect it.

Even if a few stragglers follow, after they are eliminated and unable to form a group, they do not pose a threat to the base personnel.

With this worry lifted, the hearts of the people in the base gradually settled down.

However, Li Weilan’s mind began to stir restlessly. His rice in the space grew rapidly from small seedlings to mature plants, with heavy rice ears hanging down and bending the branches. But the mysterious person who planted the rice never appeared to harvest it.

On the first day, Li Weilan breathed a sigh of relief for the disappearance of the surveillance.

On the second day, he entered the space again and looked at the unchanged golden rice in front of him in silence.

On the third day, he began to suspect whether that person had completely forgotten about him.

On the fourth day, he picked the rice and stacked it in the granary, leaving a little behind, and replanted the seeds. He coldly said to himself in his heart, “Maybe that person won’t come back, and you need to be prepared.”

On the fifth day, he began to be silent, even vaguely worried that something had happened to that person.

His unusually quiet behavior was also noticed by the people around him.

As for the other members of the base, they mostly respected, admired, and trusted Li Weilan.

The twenty girls, who were rescued by him from the fire pit, although they did not dare to express their gratitude to him in person due to their past shadow, anyone could see that if anyone dared to harm Li Weilan, these girls would fight to the death.

Xi Nan came from a scavenger background, and his psychological defenses against people were inevitably heavier. It wasn’t until he arrived at Noah’s base and saw the entire situation of the base with his own eyes that he completely let go of his heart, and the title “Brother Li” was called with sincerity.

Since it was sincere, he observed Li Weilan even more carefully than the girls did. Sensitively, he discovered that Li Weilan’s mood seemed to be shrouded in dark clouds.

“Brother Li,” realizing this, he decided to find a time to talk to Li Weilan, “Do you have something bothering you lately?”

Li Weilan couldn’t talk to Xi Nan about his space issues or the mysterious person who gave them Noah’s base and had never shown up.

That person had never reappeared, and even if he told them there was such a person, would they believe him?

Besides, he had to admit that he did have selfish motives.

That person only saved him, only cared about him, and for some reason, Li Weilan didn’t want to share this with anyone else.

So he lifted his long eyelashes slightly and asked, “There isn’t much left of the supplies in the base, right?”

Indeed, this is currently the biggest problem for the base.

Xi Nan nodded solemnly, “The supplies we got from those gangsters earlier are enough for us to eat for about two weeks, but after that, there will be nothing left. Currently, the base does not have a stable source of food.”

Li Weilan also nodded lightly.

There are some blank areas on the main console that currently cannot be clicked or opened.

He had seen the photosynthesis hydroponic room and the towering trees in the phantom image of the base he had seen before, so he guessed that the base would have a very stable source of cultivated food in the future.

But not now.

He didn’t know how to open those areas, maybe… only the mysterious person who saved him knew?

After the apocalypse, there are two types of food sources in some large bases. One is meat from hunting, which is unreliable and may cause casualties. The other is vegetables and fruits grown by plant ability users, but they are expensive and generally consumed within the bases, as the quantity is limited and rarely sold outside.

There are not many options for Noah’s base.

As the controller of the base, Li Weilan quickly made a decision, “We need to save some of the reserve food and not eat it all. Go ask Xiao Chu if there are any areas nearby that have extra food. He is a local and should know better than us.”

Xiao Chu is the only one who survived among those small group hooligans.

Xi Nan quickly went to call him over and after listening to their question, Xiao Chu thought for a moment and immediately came up with an answer that fit their problem, “There is a Walmart not far from here, but… it is said that there is a highly-ranked mutated animal inside, and any ability user who goes in never comes back. We didn’t dare to go there before!”

“Oh?” Li Weilan’s interest was piqued by his words: a high-ranking mutant animal?

After his ability outbreak, his space ability was upgraded. From the last time he tried to carry a fireball, he discovered that his space function was even stronger than he had imagined.

This kind of loading was almost equivalent to devouring abilities.

Moreover, if he couldn’t beat the mutant animal, he could just hide in the space. The lifespan of space ability users was extremely strong. When he heard what Xiao Chu said, he immediately thought of something and curled his lips: “Let me go alone and take a look.”

“Brother Li!” Xi Nan was scared by his words.

Everyone in the base knew that Li Weilan was a vulnerable spiritual ability user. It was almost a universally recognized fact that spiritual ability users were not good at close combat and also weaker bodies.

Spiritual ability users were strong in fighting against other humans in remote control, but they were not effective against mutant animals. Now Brother Li was the backbone of the base. He was going to the mutant animal nest alone?

Xi Nan and Xiao Chu looked at each other, and they saw the thought “Is the boss crazy?” in each other’s eyes.

Li Weilan stood up.

His black uniform fits snugly on his strong body, outlining the flexible muscle shape. It was at this moment that Xi Nan and Xiao Chu realized that the boss they were shouting about was actually a powerful ability user who had already killed more than a dozen people easily.

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Yes, he has been low-key and quiet during this period, but that doesn’t mean he is weak and hesitant.

They shouted “boss” to him, but it didn’t mean they could interfere with his decision.

Xi Nan immediately corrected his attitude: “Brother Li, shall I prepare some dry food for you before you leave the base?”

Li Weilan glanced at him, feeling a bit more satisfied with this little follower he picked up on the way.

“Good,” he agreed.

Watching Li Weilan’s figure disappear into the morning fog, Xi Nan and Xiao Chu looked at each other. After a while, Xiao Chu suddenly thought of something else and asked Xi Nan with a worried face, “Brother Xi, do we only have access to the base through Brother Li’s permissions? If Brother Li is not here, can’t we even leave the door?”

Xi Nan realized this only now and couldn’t help but knock on Xiao Chu’s head. “Why are you only thinking about this now? What’s the point of saying it now that Brother Li already left?”

“What should we do then?” Xiao Chu’s face turned gloomy.

“What can we do?” Xi Nan rolled his eyes. “Go back and pray to the gods and Buddha for Brother Li’s safe return!”


Shen Cheng opened the game again, and the screen displayed a map once more.

The last time a map and a progress bar appeared was when Zai Zai and the others were heading to the Noah base. This time, there was a map loading again. Could it be that while she was not playing the game for these few days, Zai Zai went somewhere else?

Shen Cheng felt worried and opened the game to check. This time, the central location of the map had become the Noah base, and Zai Zai’s avatar was moving towards the position of a place marked “Walmart” to the north.

She checked the time: Zai Zai was already halfway there, with two hours and forty-five minutes left.

During the loading of the map, she couldn’t do much besides accessing the home system in the game. Shen Cheng clicked on the home system while absent-mindedly wondering if the rice and other crops that no one took care of for these few days had withered.

As soon as she entered her home, Shen Cheng was stunned: she was greeted with a planting area that had doubled in size and a shallow layer of rice piled up in the barn!

In addition to this, a new batch of rice was already ready for harvesting.



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