Chapter 7: The Game Character I Raised is the Boss of the End of the World

Shen Cheng closed the door and leaned back tiredly.

Time to get ready to move.

Shen Cheng knows that there is no way to continue living in this place now. Even if the landlord doesn’t come back to rush her after her lease ends next month, there will be an increase in rent. The landlord is greedy. She thinks it’s troublesome to move and find a new place, but it’s even more troublesome to be swept around by a wretched man with that kind of lewd eyes.

What’s more, the price of the compromise this time was an increase of 200 yuan a month. Two hundred yuan! If she had that extra money, wouldn’t it be better to buy food and drink for Cub Cub in the game?

She has only started to play a little bit now, and her living expenses are already tight, so until now, she has only spent one yuan on the cub. If she can save a little bit on rent, and her living expenses are in check, she would definitely be able to buy more game coins.

Shen Cheng thought for a while, downloaded a rental app, and searched for a new place according to her budget.

When choosing a house, you have to pay attention to the right time and place, especially when the funds are not abundant. ho lo lo novels. It is indeed very difficult for a girl to rent a house by herself, even more so to find a place within her budget where the property is in good condition, the environment is clean and safe, and the landlord is okay.

Shen Cheng contacted an agent and after looking at a lot of houses, she found that they all have problems of one kind or another. She was busy running around in the scorching sun; the rest time, that the people were already relaxing after getting off work, was spent looking for a place, so the game had to be put on hold for now.


Li Weilan recently realized a strange thing: his secret “guardian” seems to have disappeared since he entered Noah’s base.

After he entered his name in the main console of Noah’s base, he found that he alone has the authority to decide who had the right to live in Noah’s base.

The entire Noah base was built completely underground. At the beginning, not only him, but also other survivors were not used to living this kind of cave-like behavior like mice, but it didn’t take long for them to really enjoy the place.

The benefits of living underground far outweigh those above ground.

Since the apocalypse arrival, the night is the most dangerous time. This danger is not only brought about by the zombies roaming on the ground, occasionally in groups, but also by the mutant beasts and humans with bad intentions wandering the apocalyptic wasteland.

Almost all bases were built on the ground before Noah base, either because people were used to living on the ground or because they preferred to live under the sun. When confronted with a large swarm of zombies, the iron and steel metropolis built on the ground is often the most obvious target.

It wouldn’t be so bad if there are combat-type ability users, but they have become more and more exhausted in recent years. To put it another way, they’re sacrificing the lives of ability users to combat the zombie horde. Many doomsday bases have also been destroyed by zombies; Li Weilan heard.

The underground base could easily avoid the attack from zombies.

Li Weilan didn’t know how the mysterious man who saved him built this whole thing.

When the base is closed, the entrance is nearly non-existent, and it is perfectly merged with the surrounding landscape and mountains, so zombies would have a hard time finding it.

Even if there are a few scattered ones that somehow manage to find the base, it does not pose a threat, to the people living inside, after they are cleaned up. This anxiety was alleviated, and the people at the base gradually returned to normal.

However, Li Weilan’s mind began to be restless. Even without any active input, the rice in his space quickly grew from a small seedling to a mature one, but the mysterious man who planted the rice seeds with his own hands never showed up to harvest.

On the first day, Li Weilan breathed a sigh of relief from not being under the surveillance anymore, but when he returned the next day and saw the neglected rice paddy field in front of him, he felt conflicted.

On the third day, he began to wonder if the man had completely forgotten himself.

On the fourth day, he harvested the rice, piled them in the barn, left, and sowed more seeds. He said to himself coldly in his heart: that person may not come anymore, you have to be prepared.

On the fifth day, he became silent and even somewhat worried whether something happened to that person.

His unusual silence also fell into the eyes of those around him.

Speaking of other people in the team, Li Weilan actually respects, admires, and trusts the majority of them. He didn’t say and ask anything about the twenty girls despite the fact that he was the one who rescued them from the fire pit with his own hands. Although they didn’t dare to express their gratitude to him because of their terrible experience in the past, if anyone dared to do anything harmful to Li Weilan, the girls would make sure that person goes down in minutes.

Xi Nan was born as a scavenger, so he was inevitably more defensive of people. He was with Li Weilan from the beginning of their journey to Noah Base and saw the whole base with his own eyes before he completely let go of his heart. This ‘Brother Li’ he called Li Weilan was out of complete sincerity.

Since he was genuine, he observed Li Weilan more carefully than the girls would, and was sensitive to discover that Li Weilan’s mood seemed to be shrouded in dark clouds. So, he decided to find a time to talk to Li Weilan, “Brother Li, have you been having any trouble recently?”

Li Weilan couldn’t tell him about the situation with his space, or the mysterious man who gave them the Noah base but never showed up again.

That person has never shown his face, even if he tells others there was such a person, would they believe it?

Besides, he had to admit that he did have some selfishness.

That person only saved him and only cared about him. Li Weilan didn’t know why, but he didn’t want to share this special treatment with others.

He cocked his head slightly and spat out the words different from what he had in mind,
“are there not many supplies on the base?”

This is indeed the biggest problem with the base right now.

Xi Nan nodded affirmatively, “the supplies we got from the gangsters before are enough for us to eat for about two weeks, and then that will be it. As of now, the base does not have a stable source of food.”

Li Weilan nodded lightly.

There are some blank areas on the main console, which are currently neither clickable nor accessible.

He had seen the photosynthetic hydroponic room and the towering giant trees in the base prototype the first day they arrived, so he guessed that the base would have a very stable source of cultivated food in the future.

Just not now.

He also doesn’t know how to open those areas, maybe… only the mysterious person who saved him knows?

After the end of the world, there are two types of food sources in some large bases. One is meat from hunting mutant beasts, but it is unreliable and can also cause casualties. ho lo lo novels. The other is the vegetables and fruits cultivated by plant ability users, but the price is high, and they are generally digested inside the base. After all, the quantity is limited and it is rarely sold to the outside world.

There are not many options for Noah base.

As the person in charge of the base, Li Weilan quickly made a decision, “we have to save the little bit of the grain reserve we have. We can’t eat all of it. Go and ask Xiao Chu if there is any area nearby that has surplus grain. He is a local. Should know better than us.”

Xiao Chu was the only one who survived among those gangsters.

Xi Nan quickly called him over. After listening to their questions, Xiao Chu thought about it and immediately came up with an answer, “there is a Walmart not far from here, but… But it is said that there is a high-level mutant animal inside living, and all the ability users who went in have never codme back so, no one dare to go there anymore.”

“Oh?” Li Weilan was stirred up by his words: A mutant animal with a high level?

After his ability riot, the space was upgraded. From the last time he experimentally put the fireball inside, he discovered that his space has functions more powerful than he imagined. It is at the stage that his space is equivalent to a swallowing ability.

If he can’t win in a fight, just hide in the space. The space ability user’s life is incredibly powerful.

When Li Weilan heard Xiao Chu’s words, he immediately thought of something; he curved his lips and said: “I’ll go take a look.”

“Brother Li!” Xi Nan was frightened by what he said.

Everyone in the base knew that Li Weilan was a weak spiritual ability user, and it was almost a well-recognized fact that spiritual ability users were afraid of being approached by others, and they’re not as strong.

Spiritual abilities are strong against ordinary humans and in remote control, but they are not so proficient in fighting against mutant animals. Brother Li is the backbone of the base; how could they let him go to the mutant beast’s lair alone?

Xi Nan and Xiao Chu looked at each other in dismay, and saw the look of ​​”Is the boss crazy?” in each other’s eyes.

Li Weilan stood up.

His black uniform fits his strong body extremely well and outlines the shape of his lean muscles. It was at this time that Xi Nan and Xiao Chu realized that the brother Li in front of them was actually a very powerful psychic who took more than a dozen lives with just a wave of his hand.

He was low-key and quiet usually, but it did not mean that he was weak and indecisive.

They called him brother Li, but that didn’t mean they could interfere with his decision.

Xi Nan immediately corrected his attitude: “Brother Li, can I prepare some dry food for you before leaving the base?”

Li Weilan glanced at him; in his heart, he was a little more satisfied with this little follower he picked up on the way.

“Okay.” He agreed.

Seeing Li Weilan’s back disappeared into the early morning fog, Xi Nan and Xiao Chu exchanged glances, and after a while, Xiao Chu thought of something, and he asked Xi Nan with a bitter face,”Brother Xi, our base… access rights … i it only Brother Li who has the authority to grant permission? If Li Ge is not here, are we not able to leave the base?”

“…” Xi Nan only realized this now, and he couldn’t help but reach out and knock on Xiao Chu’s head, “why do you only remember this now? What’s the use of talking about it? Brother Li already left.”

“Then what should I do?” Xiao Chu cried; he felt like he lost his face.

“What should you do?” Xi Nan rolled his eyes, “Go back and worship Buddha and pray for Brother Li to come back safely!”


When Shen Cheng finally had time to open the game, she saw another map.

The last time the map and progress bar appeared was when Cub and the others were heading towards Noah base. This time, the map and progress bar appeared again. Is it possible that it’s because she hasn’t played in a few days? Where is Cub Cub by the way?

Shen Cheng was a little worried. ho lo lo novels. When she opened the game, she saw that the center of the map this time had become Noah base, and Cub Cub’s avatar was moving towards a location marked ‘Walmart’ in the north.

She looked at the time, the cub was halfway through, and the remaining time was two hours and 45 minutes.

The little avatar was slowly moving on the screen; there’s nothing to do except the space. Shen Cheng clicked on the ‘home’ icon.

She didn’t think much of whether the rice paddy field that she neglected in the past few days could potentially be destroyed.

As soon as she entered the space, Shen Cheng was stunned. What greeted her was the doubled planting area and a shallow layer of millet in the barn!

In addition, a new batch of rice is ready to be harvested.


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