Chapter 8: TGCIR

Shen Cheng harvested the rice in the space field, and stacked the newly harvested rice together with the previously harvested good rice in the warehouse. When she wasn’t around, her cub was surprisingly diligent? In just five short days offline, cub had already spontaneously harvested the grain four times, and most importantly, planted new ones every day after harvesting. With this snowball effect, a shallow layer had already accumulated at the bottom of the granary.

Shen Cheng tried to check the price of the rice: buying seeds cost 2 gold coins per piece, and selling them cost 4 gold coins per piece. Deducting the cost of buying the seeds, it meant that cub had planted the equivalent of 20 pieces of land, and the daily income from planting was 40 gold coins?

This was much more stable than the previous main mission, and could be considered a task that could be done once a day.

Shen Cheng secretly decided to set an alarm for every harvest time, to ensure that the efficiency of each piece of land was maximized. For her, harvesting the rice was a daily routine, while for her cub, it would probably take a lot of effort. Moreover, she had been offline for five days, but still received payment for four harvests. The time wasted in between was probably when her cub was busy in the fields.

In the game, gold coins had to be carefully managed and not spent recklessly.

The cheapest and easiest rice to grow was 2 gold coins, while the next level up was vegetable seeds, with the cheapest cabbage costing 4 gold coins per piece, and a planting time 1.5 times longer than that of rice, taking 36 hours.

Vegetable and fruit seeds were more expensive and had longer planting times, but for now, they were not within Shen Cheng’s consideration. Although she didn’t know everything about the game’s overall background, Shen Cheng was well aware that it was not in an era where the characters could afford to consider food types and flavors too much. Before she could completely fill her cub’s storage space with the main grain she had harvested, she temporarily had no plans to plant other types of crops.

First, she had to make sure her cub’s belly was full before considering anything else.

Moreover, Shen Cheng remembers that in her previous main quests 2 and 3, she helped her little cub collect more than twenty subordinates. With so many mouths to feed, she’s worried that the output from her space won’t be enough.

Some covetous eyes glanced at the apple seedlings in the system store, which were displayed as “100 gold coins, mature period: three-day harvest cycle, 1/hour”. Shen Cheng added it to her priority purchase list, and her worried gaze fell on the icon of Li Weilan on the map.

This map is different from the previous one. Shen Cheng tried it and found that Li Weilan’s target location this time has a red system mark next to the word “Walmart”.

“Sweeping location: Walmart. It is said that there are advanced mutant beasts here, and many abilities have disappeared here. Danger level: high.”

The word “high” is orange and flickers slightly in Shen Cheng’s vision, making it very prominent.

Looking at this line of words, Shen Cheng frowned slightly.

She had played this type of mobile game before, and although the explanatory words in the system seemed to have a certain probability.

On Li Weilan’s character interface: he was still wearing the black uniform that he received as a first-time purchase. The introduction on top of it was written clearly:

“A set of military uniforms left over from the pre-apocalyptic era. It is of excellent quality, with durable fabric that absorbs sweat in the summer and resists cold in the winter. It is a must-have for traveling. But do you really think you can go and fight monsters in this?”

Apart from this good-looking and durable uniform, Li Weilan’s weapon, equipment, and additional items were all blank.

Wait… his equipment…

Shen Cheng glanced at the additional items he carried, and a little guilt for being too careless on raising her child arose in her heart.

Li Weilan only had one additional item with him:

“Never-disappearing lollipop: This is a lollipop that was given to Li Weilan by a mysterious person and has an extraordinary meaning to him.”

The four words “extraordinary meaning” made Shen Cheng inexplicably blush.

She knew that she was not needed by anyone in real life.

After her parents passed away, the people who truly cared about her were no longer around.

The remaining people who showed even a little bit of care for her, even if it was just a few words, were mostly for their own interests.

She only spent one yuan on raising her cub, but the little thing in that one yuan was treasured and carried with him.

Shen Cheng thought about it and finally made up her mind: Although it seemed to be a little bit over her budget, should she… spend 168 yuan to make a top-up?

The recharge in the game is divided into four levels: 38, 68, 128, and 168.

Apart from the first recharge reward, there are different rewards for purchasing these four gift packs for the first time.

And the 168 yuan gift pack has a very powerful weapon: a plasma gun that looks imposing at first glance.

In reality, Shen Cheng has never seen such a powerful weapon, after all, plasma weapons are still in the early stages of research in reality, and it is said that there is still a gap from mass production.

But she has heard of the power of plasma weapons, so when she sees the plasma gun in the game with a price tag of only 168 yuan and some other supplies, she feels a little itchy to buy it.

However, before she impulsively spends her money, Shen Cheng sees the weapon lottery tickets she accumulated in the main mission 3 earlier.

She opened the weapon lottery roulette and took a look.

The equipment on today’s roulette seems pretty good!

Shen Cheng rubbed her hands, devoutly washed them, and then returned to her phone, carefully clicking on the two shining golden words “Lottery Draw”.

With a pleasant ringing sound, the pointer gradually slowed down, and finally, the pointer on the roulette jumped one by one, and finally stopped in front of a huge knife.

This knife was surrounded by thunder and lightning, and when Shen Cheng just drew it out, the blade trembled constantly, as if an indomitable soul was jumping on the blade.

And after a moment, the clear and mirror-like blade slowly reflected the word “Thunder”.

Originally, Shen Cheng preferred the long-range weapons that could be drawn from the lottery pool. After all, in her impression, her own child was still a relatively fragile beauty.

And a fragile beauty is more suitable for holding a wooden box in the back and going up to bathe in blood, which is not suitable for her own cub.

Shen Cheng thought: how about hoarding this Thunder for now… and see if there is anyone more suitable to give it to later?

While Shen Cheng was hesitating, she suddenly heard a strange and subtle sound coming from the window.

The sound was very light, but in the quiet night, this slight weird sound suddenly attracted all of Shen Cheng’s attention sitting on the bed in the room!

She suddenly looked up and looked out the window, just in time to see a black dot withdrawing from the gap.

A camera?

Shen Cheng’s expression changed.

The shadow that rushed away from the window turned out to be a camera.

Fortunately, Shen Cheng was just playing games in the room just now. Her clothes were tidy and she was not in a mess. Otherwise, at this moment, she would have been nervous about what the camera had captured!

She didn’t have time to care about the game anymore. She couldn’t even put on her shoes. She rushed over and opened the door, but the person in the corridor had obviously disappeared without a trace. Only the slightly opened window of the room told Shen Cheng that what had just happened was not her imagination.

She was already planning to move out next month.

But now it seems that the landlord can’t even wait for the last month’s rent, and there have been frequent small movements recently.

What makes Shen Cheng scared even more is that it seems the landlord has more than just the intention of raising the rent. Judging from the situation of the secretly recorded footage, the landlord might be planning something shady in private!

Shen Cheng suspects that the landlord has figured out that she is planning to move out, and is now showing his true, sinister face impatiently. He doesn’t even bother to pretend anymore.

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Moving out is easy.

The worst-case scenario is that she will spend a few hundred more dollars a month to rent a nicer single room or move further away from the core area, and her budget will still be more than enough.

But what about the landlord?

Does she have to surrender to someone like him, a “propertied class” who frequently engages in small despicable acts and takes advantage of his age, and just run away with her tail between her legs?

Once she leaves, the landlord will naturally find his next prey.

She has enough savings to rent another house, but what if the next girl is a completely vulnerable group, without even the ability to break the contract and run away?

Enabling evil is itself a sin.

Shen Cheng’s eyes sank, and she pursed her lips slightly: she was unwilling.

At this moment, her phone suddenly rang.

The words “landlord” on the screen seemed to pluck the string of reason in her heart.

Shen Cheng took a deep breath before answering the phone.

“Hello?” she said.

“Miss Shen,” the landlord’s oily voice hissed like a venomous snake. But in that smiling tone, there was not even a hint of fear or remorse for being caught peeping and filming just now. This made Shen Cheng gradually feel a burning sensation in her eyes. What could she use to fight against such a shameless old rogue? “Someone is coming to see the house tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Please be prepared and remember to stay at home.”

Shen Cheng responded with a “okay.”

The old rogue seemed to want to say something else, but Shen Cheng was already impatient with him: “Is there anything else?”

“No, no,” the voice on the other end turned embarrassed. The landlord said, “Miss Shen, if you want to renew the lease, please let me know as soon as possible. The location of this house is good, but it’s in high demand. If I rent it out and you come to me later to renew the lease, it will be too late. Even if I want to, I can’t find another one like it. The price in this area is 110,000 yuan per square meter, and your rent doesn’t even cover half of the mortgage I have to pay to the bank.”

Shen Cheng felt a wave of discomfort and nausea in her chest.

Her lips parted and the words she had been brewing for a long time blurted out: “I won’t renew the lease. I’ll be moving soon.”

“Oh, I see. Okay then…” The landlord seemed surprised by her blunt response, perhaps feeling a loss of face, as his voice carried a hint of coldness. “Remember to open the door tomorrow or the day after!”

“Okay.” Shen Cheng didn’t ask about the tenant who had offered 2,000 yuan earlier. She carefully checked the locks on the windows and doors before returning to bed.

Since she had promised to move out, she needed to be careful with every penny she had. Moving was a physically and mentally exhausting process for a girl from the slums. It not only represented a significant reduction in her savings but also meant several days of fatigue and wasted energy.

But since it was unavoidable, Shen Cheng knew she had to be mindful of every cent and save as much as possible. Who knows when she might need it in the future?

Buying a weapon for 168 yuan was out of the question. Shen Chen silently equipped “Thunder” onto Li Weilan’s weapon slot and looked at his figure holding a sharp long knife for a while before sighing apologetically, “Cub, I’m sorry, but you’ll have to make do with this weapon for now. I’ll get you a better one next time.”


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    Thanks for your hard work translating!

    1. See that’s also my fear with Airbnbs. I only stayed in two Airbnb before and after the awkwardness of passing thru someone else’s living room and the news of airbnbs being bugged, I just chose to stay at hotels. Better service too and much cheaper. Airbnbs be charging so much hidden fees and if u leave a tiny piece of trash, they’d give a low rating wtf

      1. sadiewoods9 says:

        The problem (besides, you know, the perverts themselves) is how easily cameras and even tracking devices can be hidden these days. In a screw holding the outlet cover, the smoke detector, a button on the teddy bear in the kid’s bedroom, a small magnet able to be attached under the car… it’s a dangerous world out there.

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