Chapter 9: TGCIR

When Li Weilan was hit in the face by the fallen Thunder, he was driving alone.

The journey from Noah’s base to Walmart took about two hours by car, and Li Weilan set out alone. He didn’t plan to directly confront the mutated beasts rumored to be in Walmart. He only planned to explore the situation there first. After all, as a space-type ability user, he was not proficient in close combat. He used to be the “human transportation” in his team, eating and taking less, but in the current Noah’s base, he was not willing to repeat the same mistakes. If, as Xiao Chu said, there was indeed a large amount of supplies in Walmart, he would leave a large part for the base, but he planned to first sweep some items that ensured quality of life into his own space.

The person who saved him had not appeared again, and although Li Weilan still had concerns about the mutation of space, he was more hopeful about his own independence.

Who knew a weapon would fall from the sky and hit him in the head, without any warning or indication of who threw it.

The originally steady steering wheel in Li Weilan’s hand turned crooked. With a long “creak,” the tires left long tracks in the mud, and the car tilted. It was just a little bit away from running into the stinky ditch beside it.

Li Weilan quickly applied the brake to stop the car. When the long knife fell from the sky just now, the scabbard hit him directly in the face, causing him to see stars and take a while to recover.

The knife lay quietly on his knee, as if it were meant to be there.

This fall knocked Li Weilan unconscious.

Even in the calm eyes of someone who remained composed in the face of great changes in life, there was a slight ripple: five days may not be long, but after the apocalypse, the fate of humanity became unpredictable. Those who are alive today may become the excrement of some mutated beast tomorrow.

When the person who rescued him from the cross suddenly disappeared for five days, Li Weilan actually had the thought that the person might be dead or would never appear again.

But living in Noah Base and looking at the newly-formed underground steel city, Li Weilan knew in a subtle way that the person would definitely reappear.

This investment was too big.

It made him feel so special and important.

And such an investment would not be easily abandoned.

However, now that he was hit in the face by a sudden weapon, even Li Weilan, who had always remained calm, had a momentary hesitation in his heart: Did this person really want to invest in him? Then why did he use this method to approach him when it was supposed to be a gesture of goodwill?

He rubbed his forehead, which was still a little sore, strongly suspecting that the other party saw his desire for the person to come out and meet him, and then hit him in the face, telling him to get lost with this idea.

He pulled out the knife from its sheath.

The blade was deeply engraved with the word “Thunder”, and it flickered like an electric dragon on the dark black blade before disappearing into the handle that he held.

Li Weilan’s pupils contracted slightly, and he reached his hand near the blade. The edge was thin and sharp. As soon as his hand approached, he felt a chill emanating from the blade. However, when his hand got closer to the blade, he could still feel a slight tingling sensation, indicating that a powerful thunder-type skill was sealed within the blade. This was quite in line with the name of the knife.

Among the various abilities, the least common were the spatial, physic, and relatively mutated thunder and ice types. With a weapon sealed with a high-damage thunder-type skill, his killing power would almost instantly increase by a level.

Li Weilan’s hand stopped on the hilt.

There were three beautifully carved characters on it.

“Li Weilan”.

That person knew his name!

This weapon was definitely made for him!

It was a powerful and deadly weapon, imbued with extraordinary abilities.

In this chaotic world, such a valuable and expertly crafted weapon was not something an ordinary craftsman could create.

Even the high-ranking ability users at the previous base couldn’t name anyone who possessed such a weapon, Li Weilan closed his eyes and thought.

This weapon…

His heart thumped with excitement. No man could resist the allure of such a supreme cold weapon, and Li Weilan was no exception.

Was the person giving him a gift to curry favor?

It didn’t seem necessary, did it?

Then… were they worried about his safety on this trip, and had specifically given him a weapon for protection?

On the blade that could clearly reflect his face, Li Weilan saw his own expression.

Weakness, hesitation…

With a clang, he sheathed the sword and placed it next to his seat, tightly pursing his lips.

Not far ahead, the Walmart sign stood alone, and the distant sunset cast a bloody glow on the few characters, reflecting a scene of age and decay.

When Shen Cheng logged back into the game, she saw this scene: her cub was already outside of Walmart, and the map interface had disappeared.

Looking down at the knife in his hand, for some reason, she didn’t feel completely happy about the expression on her cub’s face.

Could it be that in this game, as long as she doesn’t spend enough money on in-game purchases and her weapons aren’t bought with real money, cub will never be completely satisfied?

Or is it because this weapon, which is itself imbued with lightning, is not quite suitable for my cub? So he accepted it reluctantly…

Shen Cheng was uneasy, but then she saw her cub draw out the knife and look at it, and she didn’t know what he was thinking as he lowered his head and then put it back.

After a while, he suddenly exhaled deeply on the car window and wrote something on it.

Through the mist on the glass, Shen Cheng strained her eyes and finally saw the three words written on the glass, which were “Thank you.”

“Ah ah ah!” Shen Cheng almost turned into a screaming chicken.

Her cub was really warm-hearted!

The anger that she had been filled with by her landlord before was instantly erased by the three words that her character had written down so seriously and carefully. Shen Cheng held her face with joy for a while, but before she could fully enjoy the sweet feeling, a new mission popped up on the system:

[Daily Mission 1: Explore Walmart Supermarket and uncover the truth about it. Completion: 0%]

Shen Cheng’s spirit was lifted: the exciting and thrilling moment had arrived!

Li Weilan parked the car behind a giant tree outside of Walmart Supermarket.

The original scenery of this world has changed. Now there are towering trees and lush greenery everywhere.

Outside the Walmart supermarket, there is a tall forest. Just looking at the height of the trees, they must be at least a hundred years old. Some trees even grow straight out of the windows and roof of the supermarket. It’s as if the entire supermarket has been infiltrated and enveloped by these towering trees. However, unlike other places, there are no zombies here.

The cub stopped at the entrance.

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Shen Cheng was a little worried: to be honest, this place looks quite eerie.

It’s not the greenery that’s the main point of concern, but the fact that the lights in the supermarket are still flickering on and off. Electricity should have long disappeared from this world. How could these lights still be lit?

The flickering lights occasionally shine brightly, illuminating the entire supermarket like daylight, and then suddenly go dark again. This atmosphere is really eerie no matter how you look at it.

Perhaps because the cub hasn’t entered the supermarket yet, Shen Cheng can only see the first floor of the supermarket. She scanned the area and saw that there were still many goods on the shelves, albeit in disarray. However, she didn’t see any signs of monsters.

Shen Cheng thought for a moment and tried to pick up one of the goods on the shelf. As soon as she touched them, the system immediately popped up an error message:

【Character is too far away, unable to carry】

Li Weilan had already quietly circled the supermarket. He also sensed the strange and eerie atmosphere of the supermarket.

The most strange thing is that there are no zombies near or inside the supermarket. Even insects and animals cannot be seen.

He looked around and opened a small door quietly, then walked in without making a sound. The door closed behind him, shutting out the sunlight, and the scene inside the Walmart store came into his view.

It was clear that someone had been on the first floor of Walmart. Most of the items on display were clothes, and several shelves near the entrance had been turned over, leaving only a few pieces of clothing left on the racks.

Li Weilan’s ears perked up. He was listening carefully for any sound and walked quietly inside. Suddenly, the dark first floor lit up.

Shen Cheng laughed in front of the screen. The little character on the screen was obviously scared, his eyes widened and three exclamation marks floated above his head. The movement that was once stealthy also froze instantly. She had been staring at the screen and noticed the pattern: the entire supermarket would light up for about a second every thirty seconds or so. But she knew that the cub didn’t know!

Obviously, the cub was scared! For a mother, seeing her cub occasionally lose his calm and cool demeanor, she still thought that such a cub was cute.

If the usual handsome face made people want to lick the screen, then when he was scared, it made people want to comfort him and hold him in their arms and kiss his little chubby face.

She laughed for a while, but the little character was extremely serious. Suddenly, he flashed behind a shelf, his ears trembling slightly and his eyes squinting. Two seconds later, the lights suddenly went out again.

The entire supermarket fell back into darkness, and it seemed like Zaizai finally understood what was happening.

As Li Weilan looked around, Shen Cheng had already tried tapping the shelves around him. This time, unlike before, the items on the shelves could be taken!

The first floor of Walmart had probably been ransacked by the people who had come before, leaving very few things behind.

This floor used to mainly sell clothes, with women’s clothing as the main focus. However, there weren’t many practical clothes for the apocalypse that were both convenient for movement and durable enough to withstand sweat.

From Shen Cheng’s perspective as a mother, most of the products here were not suitable for her own child because they weren’t aesthetically pleasing enough.

As for the clothes her child wore, she was responsible. After all, coordinating outfits for her child was also one of this old mother’s hobbies.

But in this era, these things were all non-renewable resources, and if this batch was missed, who knows if there would be another.

Since that’s the case, when exploring, she decided to take all of these things and give them to the other people in the base, and see if she could raise some friendliness from other characters for her own child in the base.

Shen Cheng thought it was a good idea, so she basically swept up anything she saw. Soon, Li Weilan noticed that something was wrong.

It was his space, and he knew what was in it.

But the person, who gave him such an expensive weapon without even showing their face and even gave him a whole base without any conditions, actually was so down-to-earth that they wouldn’t even let a piece of ordinary clothing go by taking it all?

There was no need to doubt, they would take everything.

Not even a scrap of cloth would be left.

If it weren’t for the fact that his space was already large enough after the ability upgrade, he would have been able to go back to the base to sleep after disposing of the “trash” on this level.

Li Weilan couldn’t help but smile wryly in this tense atmosphere of battle because of the mysterious person’s down-to-earth behavior of sweeping, and he relaxed for a moment.

He originally planned to come quietly and investigate first, but since the mysterious person who came with him wanted to make a big fuss and not even leave a piece of cloth behind, it seemed that being low-key and secretive was unlikely.

If there are indeed monsters in this supermarket, and they are familiar with every inch of it, then they must have been alerted by now.

In that case, Li Weilan gave up his original plan and prepared for battle.

He would pause for a moment in front of every shelf until every item was stored neatly in his space. Only then did he move forward and soon he saw the escalator leading to the second floor.

It was almost at this moment that he suddenly felt a sharp pain, like a needle piercing straight into his mind!

Shen Cheng saw cub on the screen suddenly stop.



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