Chapter 10: TGCIR

In front of the phone, Shen Cheng could clearly see a blast-like object rushing towards Zai Zai!

What is that?

Judging from the direction, the fleeting blast came from upstairs. However, before Zai Zai went up the stairs, the map upstairs was still pitch black. Shen Cheng’s heart tightened as she worried about Zai Zai’s situation. He was facing an invisible enemy. What was happening upstairs?

In that instant, Li Weilan felt a sharp pain, like a needle prick.

The pain was very clear, as if warning him not to take another step forward.

Li Weilan almost instantly predicted the situation in his mind. He might have encountered a physic mutant beast.

The rumors about Walmart were true! There were indeed high-level mutant beasts lurking here. Moreover, this mutant beast could command people and cause them to kill each other.

The mutant’s attack lasted only a few seconds, more like a silent warning, but it did not attack directly.

If it were someone else, they would probably hesitate to retreat after considering what they had collected on the first floor. But Li Weilan stood in front of the elevator to the second floor, only hesitating for a moment before making up his mind to step forward. In his hand was the weapon given to him by the mysterious person, which gave him a sense of security and confidence.

“…” Zai Zai, you are really brave. Although Shen Cheng knew that the game routine would surely make Zai Zai move forward instead of retreating, she still felt a little suffocated in her heart, especially when Li Weilan stepped onto the second floor, and she could finally see it clearly.

This Walmart seemed to have four floors. The third and fourth floors were still pitch black. The second floor used to be where fresh food was stored, but after the power plant was destroyed and the electricity disappeared, the fresh food had completely spoiled, causing a mess on the ground. The part left in the freezer emitted a disgusting smell.

Shen Cheng tried to follow the footsteps of the cub and placed her hand on the screen. The system prompts that popped up were very consistent:

[Rotten Pork]

[Rotten Chicken]

[Rotten Beef]

[Rotten Apples]

Looking at those blobs of things, it was impossible to tell what they originally looked like.

Although the cub’s face still looked cute and lovely, a debuff suddenly appeared above his head. “-1, -1, -1…” The red blood kept appearing, and his HP dropped bit by bit. Although he didn’t show any abnormal behavior, Shen Cheng knew that the cub was not as calm as he appeared.

What’s going on?

What is this debuff?

If it was a rapid blood loss, it could have been an attack from a boss monster, but Shen Cheng panned the camera around and didn’t find any trace of a boss. She looked closely at the cub’s face and saw that he was suppressing something with all his might: his throat was rolling, and he seemed to be trying not to vomit! And his nostrils only took a breath after a while. Was it because it was so stinky?

The cub didn’t say anything, but Shen Cheng felt sorry for him. How stinky could it be to make him repeatedly suppress his urge to vomit?

She might not be able to help with other things, but looking at her cub’s slightly pale face, Shen Cheng checked the system store: if she remembered correctly, there was a relatively cheap small item that was within her budget.

Found it!

Shen Cheng’s eyes lit up.

She had found a small item in the system store that only cost three gold coins. Though it was equivalent to three dollars in RMB, she didn’t mind spending it since she could earn 40 gold coins a day from farming. Even when she wasn’t online, her virtual child had earned her some money, and she was happy to spend it on her child.

Meanwhile, Li Weilan struggled to move forward through the decaying flesh and bones. The stench was so overpowering that it overwhelmed all his senses. Li Weilan didn’t know that the smell of rotting meat could be so strong.

He furrowed his brow and felt his mind become cloudy, as if he had forgotten everything he had learned before. He trudged through the muddy, greasy mess, even though he, a man of iron will, couldn’t help but wonder if he should turn back. Was this nauseating, “squishy” sound that greeted him with each step worth the unknown reward that lay ahead? It made him want to retreat.

But the next moment, the smell disappeared.

In its place was the faint scent of cedar, like the fresh air after the first snowfall. It was neither putrid nor nauseating. The smell that had made him feel so sick disappeared suddenly, just as it had appeared.

However, the decaying flesh beneath his feet remained the same. The filthy darkness around him remained the same. The only thing that had changed was his sense of smell.

Li Weilan was stunned.

His nostrils even fluttered with self-doubt, and he sniffed twice more before confirming that the scent was indeed gone.

What was going on?

Was his sense of smell malfunctioning?

Li Weilan lifted his hand as if trying to catch something, staring blankly at the empty air in front of him, his gaze becoming unfocused.

“Could it be that the mysterious person has wind abilities? Top-level wind abilities could possibly achieve this, completely replacing the one-meter square of air around him, like wrapping it up in an air balloon, isolating it from all air exchange with the outside world. But this would require an unbelievable amount of energy consumption to isolate the air. Was it worth it just for his comfort? Is that person crazy?”

Li Weilan was stunned, not sure whether to be grateful or to think that the person went to too much trouble for him. He pursed his lips and ultimately swallowed the sentence, “I’m not that delicate.”

Shen Cheng, looking at the debuff that had finally stopped draining on her phone, saw the little one’s face return to its normal color. She smiled with satisfaction, glad that she had bought the “portable air purifier” for three gold coins in the store, which had a hidden function.

She didn’t expect the air purifier to work so well. She had originally thought that it didn’t matter to waste three gold coins, but seeing her child’s relaxed expression and restored calm, she couldn’t help feeling happy as a mother.

Suddenly, Li Weilan realized what had been bothering him earlier. Near Walmart, there were no zombies or even animals and birds. The silence was so noticeable that the creature in the supermarket liked to eat rotting flesh, perhaps even using zombies as food. If that was the case, why were there so many rotting meats on this floor? Was the creature being picky about what it ate?

Even if it was picky at first, as the number of zombies decreased, and the food available became scarcer, it wouldn’t have much room for pickiness, would it? If the mutant beast wanted to survive and evolve, it would have to eat, and this one was no exception. As Li Weilan thought about this, a hint of something strange seemed to seep through the pungent smell.

Li Weilan remained calm and covered his nose with one hand, tightly gripping the handle of the “Thunder” with the other. But unlike before, he no longer forcibly suppressed the movement of his throat and, after a moment of self-hypnosis, he heard a “gag…”

The screen in front also witnessed this scene.

Shen Cheng was stunned for a moment, doubting herself: “Didn’t I just see the little one getting better? The debuff is gone, why is he vomiting again?”

She opened her inventory and checked: Everything seems fine, the portable air purifier still has more than three hours left!

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Is cub still feeling sick? Could it be that this item is really useless?

Stupid game, give me my money back!

Almost jumping up, she criticized the game for having a bug, while poking Li Weilan’s face with her hand and sighed softly: “My cub’s life is so difficult, so pitiful, wuwuwu.”

As if Li Weilan couldn’t bear it anymore and bent down to vomit, the bloody and messy mud on the ground suddenly seemed to have self-awareness and swiftly merged into a huge thorn flower, splashing a green gas in front of Li Weilan with a “swoosh” sound!

Although he couldn’t smell the gas, Li Weilan’s face turned green. He stumbled and suddenly fell down with a “thud.”

“!!!!” My cub is such an acting genius!

Watching her cub perform these fake actions smoothly, Shen Cheng’s face twisted slightly: she felt her knee hurt a little, what’s going on?

The acting genius couldn’t get up after falling down. The ground of the second floor shook slightly, and at this moment, Shen Cheng finally saw the whole second floor moving slowly, revealing the monstrous true form of the monster: it was actually a huge tree.

This giant tree has countless forked branches. Just now, the thorn flower joyfully picked up Li Weilan, and went straight up to the fifth floor where its core resides.

The speed of going up is comparable to taking an elevator. Shen Cheng, though realizing that her little rascal is just acting, doesn’t know what he wants to do, so she just watches this plot rushing along, passing several resource points without doing anything, afraid of alerting the Boss and finding out that her little rascal is just pretending to be unconscious.

Li Weilan’s head droops as if really knocked out, not moving at all.

A few minutes later, the thorn flower loosened its grip and threw him into a room.

“Teacher…” a young voice trembled nearby.

“Another one,” said another elderly voice. Shen Cheng heard him sigh deeply and say, “I don’t know how much more evil that thing will create, sigh.”

“Teacher, we can live one more day…” the young person said.

“Shut up!” The old man’s voice sounded a little angry as he scolded the young person next to him. “We are all humans. When rabbits die, foxes mourn. How can you say that? Although living one more day may increase our chances of survival, how can we be happy about it?”

The young person fell silent.

Shen Cheng carefully listened to the sound outside, then opened her eyes, just in time to meet the shocked gaze of the young man.

“Teacher, he’s awake!”



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