Chapter 5: TGCIR

Shen Cheng didn’t know Li Weilan’s conflicted feelings.

Shen Cheng happily applied the medicine to the *Zaizai’s shoulder, watching the white ointment disappear quickly after sticking to the litter person’s skin. Then she clicked on Zaizai’s head, and the “injured” debuff tag on his body finally disappeared.

*(T/N: Zaizai = cub cub. I’ll be using either Zaizai or cub in later chapters).

The annoying injury was gone, so Zaizai shouldn’t be in pain anymore, right?

After the main quest 3 was completed, system did not issue a new task for a while. Instead, a map appeared on the page with a Q-version of Zaizai’s face on the screen and a row of words below:

[Time remaining to reach Noah’s Base: 1 day 2 hours 23 minutes]

Shen Cheng poked the map, but there was no response.

So does that mean that Zaizai is on his way to Noah’s Base, and the next stage of the main quest can only begin after he arrives at Noah’s Base?

In the upper right corner, the icon for “Home” was lit up, and Shen Cheng’s heart moved, so she clicked on the “Home” button.

This time, when she entered the “home,” she saw something different from the last time.

As soon as Shen Cheng entered, the first thing she saw was a big fireball!

What is this?

The fireball, which looked like a deadly weapon, was just lying in the middle of the small house. Shen Cheng frowned and could feel the air around the fireball crackling.

She thought for a moment and clicked on the fireball, only to see a row of system prompts:

[One first-order fireball (Note: recyclable)]

“???” Recyclable?

How to recycle it?

Burn down the house?

Shen Cheng felt a thin layer of sweat on her forehead. But when her gaze fell on the wolf meat hanging on the rack, she suddenly realized what was going on. Roasting meat, yeah! This game system is amazing! Although she didn’t know where this first-level fireball came from, Shen Cheng estimated that it was a sign that the game would develop a barbecue and cooking system in the later stage. She couldn’t help but whisper to herself, “The game planner is so creative to think of this.” She moved the fireball under the wolf meat and happily roasted it piece by piece.

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The game system was so intelligent that it could even control the heat and the strength of the flame. The first few pieces of meat that Shen Cheng roasted were burnt black and not very successful, but the later pieces were crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, with a beautiful color.

She happily opened the roasted skewers in her hand and looked at the system introduction: “Perfectly roasted mutant wolf meat.” Then she glanced at the fireball that had disappeared into the air after being used up and couldn’t help but swallow her saliva, suddenly feeling a little hungry.

Apart from the wolf meat, Shen Cheng suddenly found that the fog around the cabin had dissipated a lot, revealing a black piece of land – a total of ten squares, obviously for planting!

Has the planting system opened?

Shen Cheng enthusiastically opened the system mall again and carefully looked through it, only to find that there were already seeds and fruits of grain in the system mall’s products. With a total of ten squares of land, anyone who has played management games would know that the highest utilization efficiency must be to maximize the use of all ten squares of land.

Currently, there are only 20 gold coins left for Shen Cheng. Based on this price, if the seeds cost 2 gold coins each, she can only afford the cheapest rice. As for the more expensive and long-growth-cycle seeds like improved rice and spiritual rice, Shen Cheng can neither afford nor grow them for the time being. She can only look at them longingly and prevent herself from spending money on them. A single spiritual rice seed costs 500 gold coins, which is not only expensive, but also has a planting condition of “requires spiritual spring watering,” which would be useless even if she spent money to buy it!

After buying the rice, Shen Cheng planted the seeds and saw the green seedlings sprout up. She confirmed that the rice would take a full day to mature. She was surprised at how slow the planting system in the game was and looked at the time before shutting down and going to sleep.

Soon after she logged off, Li Weilan entered the space.

“Has that person been here?” Li Weilan noticed that the fireball he had previously collected in the space was gone.

In its place was neatly roasted wolf meat placed on a shelf. He picked it up and looked at it, except for a few that seemed to have been burnt black, the others were perfectly roasted!

This really shattered his impression of that mysterious person.

Was this really the same person he thought was trying to harm him, the person who saved him and even cooked meat for him when he had his arm injury and not convenient to move around?

But even more surprising things happened. Li Weilan discovered that on the newly added land in his space, tiny seedlings had grown!

How is this possible!

He squatted down, with an extremely shocked mood, dug up the soil until he saw the roots of the things, and only then did he confirm that what he saw was not an illusion: rice had actually grown in his space!

Before, his space didn’t have this function at all.

Not to mention his space, even after the apocalypse, when spatial ability users appeared, he had never heard of anyone being able to grow grains in their space!

If it weren’t for this, their spatial abilities wouldn’t be treated as “human cargo carriers”, and he wouldn’t have become a complete outcast after his ability went out of control.

But where did the grain seeds in his space come from?

After the apocalypse, the seeds of grains had undergone changes, from mutating to gain attack power to taste and appearance, all of which were completely different from before the apocalypse.

He was not mistaken. All the grains grown here were in their old form. Where did the mysterious person who treated his injuries get the rice seeds from?

His previous worries about the mysterious person had come true. They could indeed enter and exit his space at will. While he was worried about the situation getting out of control, he felt a complex emotion that he couldn’t describe as he looked at the batch of rapidly growing rice.

He thought that when he reached the Noah Base, even if that person wouldn’t want to see him, he would definitely ask to meet them. The feeling of not being in control of everything was really unsettling.

He felt like he was walking on clouds and mist, happy for his good fortune but also worried that he would fall into an abyss in the next minute.

Li Weilan flashed out of the space and walked a few steps before returning to the bonfire they had lit before.

He glanced around and saw the survivors divided into three distinct groups. Xi Nan and Xi Bei were sleeping in a cuddle, and the girls he had just saved were sleeping by the bonfire. They wore either oversized or ill-fitting clothes, and their faces dirty. Half of them were still on patrol and guard duty. When they saw him, although some still had fear and disgust towards men on their faces, more were grateful. Xiao Chu, the only thug left from the original group of gangsters, was crouched in a corner, curled up in a ball, sleeping soundly despite his situation.

Li Weilan nodded at the girl who was still patrolling diligently and sat down by the bonfire on his own.

Before long, the girl carefully brought a bowl of soup, always keeping her head down. Li Weilan could feel that her body was still trembling slightly, but her voice, though weak, was very firm: “Brother Li, you should have a bowl of soup to warm yourself up. We’ll be able to get to the base tomorrow, so rest early.”

The fire-type ability user in a red dress was named Yan Hongyu. Li Weilan didn’t know the name of the girl who brought him the soup, but seeing her arm, which was tender but covered in bruises, Li Weilan furrowed his brows slightly and took the soup from her hand, saying in a deep voice, “Okay.”

Li Weilan still remembers the past.

The role that spatial ability users could play was nothing more than human cargo carriers. Everyone was wary of them eating up the supplies, and someone would be watching when the supplies were put in and taken out. The distribution of supplies to these human cargo carriers was minimal, but they were the ones put on most patrols and duties. The others called it fair and just. The more effort you put in, the more you get.

It’s funny to think about it now.

Li Weilan did not desire power or respect before, as he felt that spatial ability users were not particularly effective in combat. However, the result was not entirely satisfactory.

Li Weilan put the soup back into the space with his backhand and took out a piece of wolf meat to gnaw on. For ability users, the meat of mutant beasts was the best tonic, and his space was not lacking in these things.


The next day after work, Shen Cheng promptly opened the game.

She felt that this game was really friendly to players: unlike other games that require grinding and spending money, the grain in this game had such a long maturity cycle that players didn’t need to worry about it much, but the plot was still thrilling and worth following. It’s not like some games that force people to grind and require them to set alarms to refresh within a few seconds.

After entering the game, the distance between Zaizai’s icon on the map and the location of the Noah base is only 1% away. Watching the progress bar display that 99% has been completed, Shen Cheng inexplicably becomes excited, feeling like she is witnessing a historical moment.

“Why am I so excited?”

As the map jumps, the new main task appears on Shen Cheng’s screen:

[Main Task 4: Establish Noah Base. Task Reward: One weapon roulette lottery.]

“!!!” A weapon!


Shen Cheng’s eyes lit up in an instant.

From the perspective of the space she could enter, she guessed that her Zaizai might be a spatial ability user. She was worried before that the fighting power of the Zaizai would be too weak, but if she could draw a good weapon for him, then everything would be different!

Shen Cheng took a bite of the apple in her hand, opened the [Weapon Roulette Lottery], looked at it, and then compared the prices in the system mall. She couldn’t help but start drooling.

On the weapon roulette, the highest level “ionic weapon” is very expensive to directly purchase. Although the probability of winning the lottery ticket is only 1%, it is still considered a free chance. What if she really drew it and her Zaizai could immediately reach the pinnacle of life?

Main Task 4, let’s go!


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      3. Akira says:

        Hello! This might be shameless but can you pls translate “What to Do When I Become a Koi and Fall into the Male God’s Bathtub”. It’s been so long since the last translation and i’ve been hoping this will be picked up. It has the same premise as this one albeit different. It’s BL. Mc gets to take care of ML via his computer and also virtually which makes their interactions more precious.

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