Chapter 4: TGCIR

Bright red blood slowly flowed out from under the car body.

Shen Cheng was silent in front of her phone for a while, then sighed lightly, and put it down.

She needed to take a break.

It wasn’t that she had sympathy for the little hooligans who wanted to kill and set fires, or any regret for her behavior of protecting her cub and his followers in the game. It was just that Shen Cheng knew very clearly that in her reality, she didn’t have such luck of someone silently guarding her.

When she saw the blood flowing out, what filled her chest was not disgust or fear, but a sense of reconciliation with her past self.

It was like drinking a cold Coke on a hot day. When she let out a burp, even the lingering discomfort in her chest disappeared.

The things that happened when she was a child had turned into vague images, but the fear and powerlessness at that time, perhaps because she had never successfully retaliated in reality, still lingered in her heart like a ghost, occasionally haunting her without completely disappearing.

But now, looking at the flowing blood, the anger and eagerness from before gradually dissipated. As she carefully tasted it, she felt a bit satisfied in her heart.

Shen Cheng put down her phone and said, “It’s time to cook.” With the danger around her cub finally cleared, she finally breathed a sigh of relief and began to feel hungry.


“You, you, you are a psychic ability user?” The little hooligan, who was a step behind and the only one who didn’t rush up and therefore escaped when the car crashed down, widened his eyes in fear.

Everyone present saw the process of the car flying up and crashing down on its own. This little hooligan was grateful for his escape but also made a precise judgment on Li Weilan’s ability, and he thought he was right. He saw that Li Weilan was about a person’s distance away from the car just now. If lifting a two-ton car was something that a strength-type ability user could do, then lifting something so heavy without laying a finger on it could only be done by a psychic-type ability user!

No wonder, no wonder he dared to be so arrogant to them despite his injured hand, no wonder the man who tried to sneak attack and kill him earlier was kicked away by a kick out of nowhere!

He must be one of the rare physic ability user in the apocalypse!

It’s just too rare to come across such an ability, so they didn’t think about he could possibly have this ability at all. Otherwise, they would have avoided him and wouldn’t have provoked such a fierce opponent!

Li Weilan lifted his eyelids, and the light in his eyes shown bright. After a moment, he smiled slightly: “You know too much.”

“…” I’ll shut up! Boss, spare me, don’t smile at me like that! It’s too scary!

The little lackey stood by trembling, and at this time, Xi Nan came up and kicked him. He then whispered to Li Weilan, while looking towards the small building behind them: “Boss, that should be their base. Do we want to search over there?”

Li Weilan’s space was now empty.

They didn’t know what the “Noah” base they were going to was like, but in this world, resources were always in short supply. Looking at this group of robbers, they had the strength to shout and kill, and they must have made a lot of money from passersby.

This group of small thugs didn’t have strong abilities, but their location was quite good. It was at a north-south traffic hub, and with the waterways blocked, many people passed through this small road. He don’t know how many passersby they had robbed to live so well during the past year, but judging from their appearance, they could also rob other robbers.

Li Weilan smiled and kicked the only thug who survived because he was slow: “Lead the way.”

As soon as they entered the small building, a dark, damp environment and a nauseating smell hit their noses.

Li Weilan’s footsteps slowed down slightly.

As adult males, they all knew what that pungent, disinfectant-like odor was. They didn’t know how long this building had been closed without opening doors or windows. Everything was dark, and the smell was like the fermented dregs that had been sealed up for too long. As soon as the lid was opened, it rushed into their noses and made them nauseous.

Suddenly, the bright sunshine turned into the darkness of the small building, but Xi Nan’s reaction was not as quick as Li Weilan’s. He fanned his nose and said to the leading thug in annoyance, “What’s that smell? Even if you’re a bunch of grown men, you shouldn’t be so nasty!”

Just as he spoke, his vision suddenly became clear.

As soon as Xi Nan saw the situation inside the small building, his face turned pale.

Li Weilan didn’t say anything. His tall figure blocked the entrance, and he turned around with a deep and cold look in his eyes, glanced at Xi Bei, and said to Xi Nan, “Take your sister and wait for me at the door.”

“Boss…this…” Xi Nan hesitated. His sister had gone crazy and had a damaged brain after being burned. She lived day by day in a daze, and he naturally wanted to protect her from seeing the dirty scene inside. But since he called Li Weilan “boss” and he was still new to the gang, he had not even held onto Li Weilan’s thigh firmly yet. Would he be resentful for only taking care of his sister at this critical moment?

With just one glance, Li Weilan knew what Xi Nan was hesitating about. He calmly said, “Wait at the door.”

Xi Nan stepped back and left with his sister.

The thug who led the way looked at Li Weilan’s face, which had suddenly turned cold, and his heart was filled with fear. He stammered, “I didn’t participate…”

Before he could finish speaking, the chain around the woman’s neck suddenly snapped, and she stood up with a “whoosh.” She raised her hand and threw a fireball.

When the fireball left her hand, it was only the size of a ping-pong ball, but after a second, it seemed to absorb the surrounding fire elements, and instantly gathered into a basketball-sized ball of fire. Just by looking at the orange-red core, you could tell how terrible its power was. The woman who had been tied up like a dog on a pillar was at least a second-level or higher ability user!

The thug was scared out of his wits, and he was about to run away using both his hands and feet. He had yet to remind the psychic ability user not to break the lock randomly when this guy had already opened it. He didn’t even have time to stop him!

Listening to the wind and discerning sound, the woman’s ears slightly moved, she swung her hand and the fireball rushed towards the direction where the small gangster was escaping, leaving only the sound of air explosion along the way.

It’s over!

The small gangster stared at the pair of desperate eyes and couldn’t run anymore. He stood rooted and closed his eyes.

But a few seconds later, he realized something was wrong. Why didn’t the pain and burning sensation come?

He secretly opened his eyes a little and heard the indifferent voice of the physic ability user Boss in front of him, “Untie your blindfold yourself.”

It was a strange voice. The woman shuddered and pulled off the blindfold, it took her a while to adapt to the environment in front of her. When she saw Li Weilan, she still shrank a little.

These days, she had deeply engraved the voices of those who had humiliated her in her mind.

This person was not one of them.

But he was still a man.

“Have you seen clearly?” Li Weilan’s voice was indifferent, “If you want to kill him, you can do it, but just remember, he only deserves to die if he assisted those tyrants.”

The woman hesitated.

She turned to the small gangster who had just escaped the fireball, still shaking on the ground. A little suspicion gradually appeared on her beautiful face, “Xiao… Xiao Chu?”

The small gangster just escaped from the dangerous situation and now he realized it. He didn’t know how the fireball disappeared, but he nodded heavily, “Yes, it’s me, Sister Yan!”

The woman’s face gradually turned cold.

She gritted her teeth.

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Xiao Chu is indeed the only one among the group who hasn’t done anything to her, but what this stranger said is true – assisting the tyrant is just as bad as being the tyrant. He deserves to die.

She did indeed receive a little bit of care from him in order to survive until now, but the other people in their group, they all…

Li Weilan looked at her coldly.

What he was thinking in his heart, though, was something else entirely: since his “guardian angel” saved him, why didn’t they make a sound when it came to helping another poor person?

Oh. When he realized this, a chill ran through his heart: indeed, even angels have their own choices.

Shen Cheng only just returned to her phone now.

Lately, she has been eating very perfunctorily. Although she didn’t order takeout today, she can’t really make anything fancy by herself. She just made a chicken wing steamed rice with a Tajine pot. As she gnawed on the chicken wings and flipped through her phone, a series of main quest progress bars appeared on the screen.

[Main Quest Three Progress: 1/20, 2/20, 3/20…]

The progress bar refreshed on the screen for a while.

Shen Cheng was stunned.

Main Quest Three was about having her cub recruit 20 followers, and she thought that even if she could kill someone with one action, it wouldn’t necessarily be easy to recruit 20 followers. But now the progress bar was updating itself while she wasn’t looking? What did cub do while she was away?

On the screen, behind the cub, flames rose up to the sky. Standing beside him was a beautiful and dignified woman, even though she was drawn in a Q version and her body was covered in a bunch of mosaics, her heroic spirit couldn’t be concealed. Although her clothes didn’t cover much of her body, she stood tall and straight. She stood behind Li Weilan, watching the flames rising into the sky, with fire snakes crawling in her hand, tears suddenly rolling down her eyes.

And behind her were a string of women, with only one cowardly man.

Shen Cheng counted them: exactly 20.

Is this the group of people her cub had recruited on his own?

While Mother was away for just a moment, her child has managed to gather 20 little brothers. How impressive.

At the end of this scene, Main line Task 3 changed to 【Completed】.

Shen Cheng looked at her wealth: Mainline 2 and 3 had brought her a total of 30 gold coins. What should she buy?

She glanced at her child and felt that his injured hand was still bothering him. There happened to be a 【Universal Healing Ointment】 in the system store for treating external injuries, priced at only 10 gold coins. She clicked on it and bought the medicine first.

A cool sensation suddenly rushed over Li Weilan’s hand.

He was startled and gently turned his arm. His arm, which was in pain and useless just a moment ago, was now completely healed?



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