Chapter 3: TGCIR

Li Weilan never believed in guardian angels.

He didn’t even know what he was thinking at the time. He blurted out that person’s good deeds. As for referring to this mysterious person as his “guardian angel,” it was just a perfect lie he made up to deceive someone like Xi Nan who still had some light in his eyes.

In the quiet of the night, Li Weilan took the initiative to take the first half of the night watch and let Xi Nan take the second half, even though he knew very well that keeping watch was completely unnecessary. With the presence of the protective shield, as long as the shield was active, nothing could harm them. But Li Weilan was aware that he could not let Xi Nan and the others develop a sense of dependence. He was not their protector, and in this world, no one should be responsible for someone else’s life. So even if it was unnecessary, he would propose a fair and just watch schedule.

Fortunately, Xi Nan agreed without hesitation.

At this moment, it was the first half of the night. Xi Nan and Xi Bei went to rest by the campfire, and their faint snoring could be heard.

Li Weilan turned his head and saw that he and his sister were hugging each other for warmth, like two small beasts rolling into a ball. The scene was heartwarming.

After making sure they were both asleep, Li Weilan flashed into his space.

As soon as he entered his space and saw the situation inside, Li Weilan was stunned.

He knew what his space used to look like: it was full of supply boxes filled with food and other necessities, but all of these things had been taken away before he was betrayed by those people.

When he picked up the scraps of wolf meat earlier, he just piled them up in his space without bothering to organize them, so his original expectation was to enter a messy, bloody space.

But now it was not like that.

In his space, the sky was gray and gloomy, but the wolf meat that should have been piled up in a mess was neatly hung up, with several large pieces of wolf skin already tanned and hanging under the eaves. The old thatched hut was spotless and clean.

His ability outbreak had stopped, and the space had been upgraded already. But no matter how upgraded it was, he had never heard of anyone’s space having the ability to automatically organize like this.

Who did all this?

Li Weilan’s heart began to ripple faintly.

Could it be that the person who was secretly watching him could enter his space at will?

No, that’s too scary.

This couldn’t be possible.

The space of an ability user could only be entered by themselves. This was an iron law. Even if the person who saved him had extraordinary powers, it would be impossible for them to enter his space.

Li Weilan calmed down, but he tasted a bit of bitterness and unease in his mouth: no, he couldn’t store anything in the space for the time being. An uncontrollable space was something he would rather not have.


It wasn’t until after work the next day that Shen Cheng had time to log back into the game.

Calculating the time, it had almost been 24 hours since she first used the protective shield for the little one.

Being a corporate slave, her day was very busy. Shen Cheng had a boss who treated her like an aninal but still claimed to “value and train” her. During the day, she was as busy as a top, and even taking a breath or drinking water was a luxury. Eating was just a quick few bites, and she had no time to open the game until she got on the subway and found a seat. Only then did Shen Cheng click on the icon on her phone.

The screen that popped up made her pause for a moment: what’s going on? Is someone bullying my cub?

On the phone screen, the progress of the protective shield had just reached 0:0:0.

And the system gave a new task:

[Main Quest 3: Investigate the bandit stronghold and rescue the refugees. Current completion: 0/20.

Task reward: 20 gold coins.]

Shen Cheng only glanced briefly at the task requirements before quickly shifting her attention back to the game itself.

Li Weilan was standing next to a car. In front of the car was a roadblock lined with spikes, and next to the roadblock was a group of men with colorful hair, each holding a bat or flamethrower.

Shen Cheng’s impression of Li Weilan was still stuck in the moment when she first entered the game and saw him being tied up in a miserable state. She was afraid her character would get hurt again. When she saw the sharp spikes on the road on the screen, a surge of anger rose in her heart.

If the purpose of the roadblock was only to force people passing by to stop, then putting spikes on the road was truly cruel! This completely disregarded the driver’s safety!

Once the car ran over these spikes, the tires would be damaged. If a tire burst while driving at high speed, the vehicle body might not be able to maintain balance, causing it to stall, leak oil, spin out of control, and even causing the driver’s death.

Moreover, according to the background of this game, her character would be unlikely to find a place to replace the tires. Shen Cheng didn’t even know how her cub worked so hard to find an intact vehicle to hit the road. She felt sorry for the car, and also felt sorry for her cub who would be bullied again if she wasn’t present.

Li Weilan could feel the disappearance of the protective shield.

A flash of coldness flickered in his eyes, and he looked at the group of arrogant thugs in front of him. However, the expression on his face was a helpless smile: “If you want the car, take it. We really didn’t bring much with us. If you take the car, just let us pass.”

When Shen Cheng heard him say “take the car if you want”, she couldn’t help but laugh at the cartoon “angry twisted” lines that appeared above his head. But then she suddenly realized that she was in the train, so she quickly covered her mouth like a little hamster and looked around, revealing an embarrassed expression.

Hey, my cub speaks with insincere words, but is really cute.

Although She doesn’t want her cub to give up the car, there isn’t much of a choice.

The way the car looks, it’s clearly a Hummer. If it was her, she would really reluctant to give it away!

The next second, Shen Cheng saw little speech bubbles popping up above the heads of the group of ugly men across from the cub, each with their own unique features: “spineless.”

“One disabled person, one weakling, and one woman, hehe, perfect.”

“Kill the useless disabled person, and keep the woman for us, it’s is just right…”

The dense malice rushed toward her like a tornado.

My cub is not disabled! His hand is just injured!

Shen Cheng angrily poked the language bubbles above their heads and, seeing those dirty words on the screen, felt her hands trembling with anger. If it was just for the materials, it would be one thing, but these people’s hearts clearly don’t want to let go of either the car or the people!

Shen Cheng’s heart was in her throat: Cub, you must not have a soft heart. Don’t think that giving in a little will make everything better. You can’t just tolerate these riffraff!

One of the people blocking the way pushed through the crowd. Swinging a club and his face full of malice, he walked toward the car.

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“Brother…” Behind Li Weilan, Xi Nan felt the unfriendly eyes of those people and worriedly called out to Li Weilan, his concerned gaze falling on Li Weilan’s softly drooping right hand. “How about you take my sister and go? I’ll cover you guys from behind…”

Li Weilan’s eyes went from helpless to cold in an instant, but Shen Cheng’s heart was put at ease. Although she didn’t know what Li Weilan’s special ability was, a person who could kill a mutant wolf and even had extra wolf meat to feed them couldn’t be the naive and sweet person he appeared to be!

Shen Cheng didn’t know if her cub could see it, but she could see clearly in front of the screen: the thug approaching had something flashing faintly in his hand. Judging by its sharpness and length, it was probably a knife!

He wants to ambush my cub!

In a moment of panic, Shen Cheng’s fingers frantically swiped across the screen, not knowing where she had touched. On the screen, the gangster had just approached Li Weilan, preparing to strike with a sure hit, when a sudden burst of force kicked him in the rear, causing him to topple headfirst into the muddy ground beside the car with a “thud.”

In his hand, the dagger glinted in the sunlight.

The scene suddenly became silent as a chicken. There was no one else around, so the only person who could have kicked the thug like this was Li Weilan!

A disabled person dared to be so arrogant?

The leader of the group of thugs, who had been standing idly by, was taken aback. He spat out the grass root in his mouth and realized that since the ambush had been revealed and the other side was now aware, it was impossible to deal with them peacefully. With a gleam in his eye, he raised his arm and shouted, “Charge with me! Kill the men, and you can have your way with the woman later!”

When the thug toppled into the mud, Li Weilan was also taken aback. He had deliberately made a few minor mistakes a few hours ago, but the person behind the scenes had not shown up, and he thought that the person had given up monitoring and following him. But now, how did they appear again?

Li Weilan felt a sinking feeling in his heart, but at this moment, he no longer had the patience to play around with these useless people.

Shen Cheng, however, did not know what her cub was thinking. She looked at Li Weilan’s lowered arm and the group of thugs charging towards him, feeling both nervous and worried. She thought, “My son is all alone, and he’s injured. How can he fight against such a fierce and evil group of people!”

She felt a bitter taste in her mouth, what should she do?

When Shen Cheng’s gaze fell on the car beside her, she suddenly remembered something: since she could lift the wolf meat with a swipe of her screen, and she could find the right position to kick the thug earlier, could she also lift the car?

With a vague understanding of the game’s controls, Shen Cheng frantically tried to swipe her fingers to lift the car beside Li Weilan, pulling it up and down.

What no one noticed was that the car beside Li Weilan suddenly lifted off the ground, hovering about two inches above the ground.

Only Li Weilan noticed.

He restrained his power that was ready to burst forth and curled up on the ground, dodging the first blow that came from the small gangster with the force of a thousand catties.

“??? Are you such a coward, big brother?”

Behind him, before Xi Nan could even ask this question, he had just started to wonder if he had follow the wrong big brother. However, the Hummer, which weighed over two tons, flew up into the air and then landed heavily with a loud “bang” as Xi Nan stared in shock.

The scene was, for lack of a better word, a complete mess.

A total disaster.

Li Weilan smiled slightly in front of this mess.

“Ah,” his voice was as sweet as honey, “I told you, I have a guardian angel.”


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