Chapter 22: The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story


Chen Qi sighed weakly while lying on the bed. Since that day when Xiao Hong cried because of his own words, his little brother still looked depressed until now. No matter how he apologized, no matter how he tried to make him happy, it wouldn’t work. What made him worried was that Xiao Hong had a low-grade fever for a while this afternoon. ho lo lo novels. Fortunately, there was a doctor in the village not far from their home, otherwise…

“Why aren’t you sleeping yet? You have to send Li Changfeng to the wedding ceremony tomorrow!”

Chen Qi’s wife listened to his husband’s sigh and helplessly persuaded the other.

Chen Qi turned over and hugged his wife’s warm body, “I’m thinking about Xiao Hong. He had a low-grade fever this afternoon. Don’t you it’s a little strange?”

Chen Qi’s wife rubbed in his husband’s arms, “I also think it’s strange. The little brother said it was not because of you, but his body has gotten weaker until he got sick.”

Chen Ama and Father Chen didn’t think much at first. In their opinion, it was not a big deal. It was because Chen Qi’s nonsense that Xiao Hong felt unease. Who knew that after a few days, he was not better but even worsened! No matter what, Chen Hong wouldn’t come out of his room.

“The atmosphere at home has been very heavy these days, there is no harmony from the past…”

“It was my fault. I shouldn’t have said it that day!”

Chen Qi’s wife shook his head, “The little brother has already grown up. I’m afraid he has something going on in his heart!”

Chen Qi was surprised and looked at his wife in his arms, “What do you mean?”

“How do I say this, a ger’s intuition. You don’t understand even if I say. Just hurry up and go to sleep! You have to get up so early tomorrow!”

“Old man, are you asleep?”

Mother Li pushed the old man Li who was sleeping on his back. His heart sank when he thought of the second child leaving home.

Old man Li turned over, lying on his back, he said, “You are not asleep either.”

“I can’t sleep. When I think that my second son is going to be someone else’s son-in-law, and I have to wait until he returns home with his wife to see him again. My heart … tsk tsk!”

If only Li Changfeng would marry a wife in like the eldest and the third sons, he will feel more relieved. At least he would know who the ger is, what his character is like, and his family conditions.

“Do you think that ger is from our village or from another village?” If it is someone from their village, he would be more at ease.

“How would I know!” Mother Li pushed Old Man Li and felt dissatisfied when he heard the other’s words. “I was asking to see if you have guessed someone.”

“What’s the use of guessing? Go to sleep, we have to prepare for the banquet tomorrow. We have to get up early!”

Their family also has someone getting married the next day, but since they were only inviting few people just to inform them as a custom, there were few tables planned.

A big red cloth is hung at the entrance of the courtyard to indicate that their house also had a happy event, but overall, it was not as troublesome as marrying a wife in.

When it was still dark the next morning, Aunty Xie brought Wei Ama and Liu Ama over, as well as Butcher Liu, who knocked on Xu Qing’s courtyard door. Xu Qing squinted and sat up quickly. He almost went out wearing the clothes he wore at night. He tossed around to dress properly. By the time he was done, Xu Qing was grinning painfully from waking up so early.

“Who is it?”

Xu Qing removed the culprit, that kept him awake late last night, from under his butt with his hand. “Because of this booklet,” Xu Qing threw the thing out as if he had burned his hand!

“Brother Qing! Get up and open the door!!”


Xu Qing hurriedly jumped out of bed and ran. ho lo lo novels. When he reached the bedroom door, he turned back and hurriedly stuffed the booklet, that had just been thrown on the ground, into the closet. Only then he rushed to open the courtyard door.

“Good morning, Wei Ama, Liu Ama, Aunty Xie, and Uncle Liu!” Xu Qing was always polite to the elders.

“Morning! Wow, Brother Qing’s face really improved!” Wei Ama’s straight-forward character was still so refreshing!

“Good, good!” muttered Liu Ama. The more he sees, the more he’s satisfied with Xu Qing.

“Come on, Liu Ama and I will help dress up Brother Qing. Wei Ama, you go to the kitchen to boil the water. Just ask if there is anything you need, and my old man will come to the door with the vegetables in a while!” Aunty Xie neatly arranged everyone their respective tasks. He then turned his head and said to Butcher Liu, “Butcher Liu, can you place the red cloth flowers and double 囍 stickers inside and outside the courtyard? Sorry to trouble you!”

“No problem! No problem! Leave it to me!”

“Let’s go! Time is running out!”

Under the double attack of Aunty Xie and Liu Ama, Xu Qing was taken back inside the house.

“What’s this?!”

Aunty Xie took out something like wool from the bag he brought. When Xu Qing saw it clearly, it seemed …

“It’s the intestines! This is specially used to shave the fluff off of the face!” Liu Ama explained while finding out Xu Qing’s dress.

“Shaving the fluff? Me? Thanks, but I don’t think I need it! You see, I don’t have anything fluff on my face!” He’s almost twenty-one, but he didn’t know where the fluff they spoke of was coming from!

Aunty Xie looked closer, “It seems that there is nothing.”

Seeing that he had hope to escape, Xu Qing immediately pointed to his white cheeks, “And my face recently became better. What if this shave thing irritates the skin and the pimples come back out?”

Hearing this, Liu Ama thought some more and stepped forward to persuade Aunty Xie, “this is also true, forget it, it won’t be good if the skin becomes inflamed!”

Xie Ama helplessly put down the shaved “intestines.”

However, he did take out another thing that cause Xu Qing to have respiratory distress.

Aunty Xie heated the silver needles, over the oil lamp, for disinfection. Seeing that Xu Qing’s eyes almost popped out, he explained with a smile, “This is the tradition. Every ger has to get ear piercings when they get married. This is the symbol of a married ger.”

He then looked at the ears of Xu Qing and Liu Ama, “You can rest assured that even if you’re not wearing any earrings, there will be a shadow of the hole when it heals!”

Then he took out two small beans that Xu Qing didn’t know what they were, put them on both sides of Xu Qing’s earlobes, and rubbed them. Xie Amo had one earlobe, and Liu Amo had another.

Xu Qing’s body was trembling, but then again, Aunty Xie said that it was a sign of marriage, so he could only swallow, “Thank … thank you, Liu Ama and Aunty Xie, please be gentle!”

“Don’t worry, I promise you won’t feel it at all!”

Xie Ama and Liu A-ma slowly used the beans to put pressure on Xu Qing’s earlobes at the same time. This was to squeeze all the blood away and numb the nerves there. Xu Qing’s was screaming from pain and wanted to run out, but Liu Ama and Xie Ama held on firmly as if they knew it beforehand!

“It’s all right now! Just tolerate it a little longer! Don’t move, or we’ll poke it in the wrong place accidentally!” Xu Qing didn’t want to move either, but it hurt. Suddenly Xu Qing only felt a tingling pain in both ears, from being pierced with a needle! A red thread must be tied behind the needle, which would be pulled through the hole, and when the bleeding stopped, it will be tied in place to secure.

“Alright! Alright!”

Aunty Xie patted Xu Qing who was squinting from pain and comforted, “You can’t bear this pain, but you’re about to feel more pain later this evening, depending on what you do!”

Xu Qing trembled with pain and remembered that Aunty Xie said it wouldn’t hurt. He was paying attention to what Aunty Xie just said.


Liu Ama turned around after hearing Aunty Xie’s words and laughed!

Xu Qing’s eyes were hazy from painful tears. After listening to Liu Ama’s hearty laughter, the whole person seemed a little worse.

Suddenly he felt something cold on his earlobes, and the tingling sensation slowly receded. After a while, the pain disappeared. Xu Qing touched his ears in surprise and looked at the things in Xie Ama’s hands, “What is this amazing thing?”

He dared not use the spring water in front of others to heal his ear holes. He didn’t want to suffer the second sin!

“It doesn’t hurt anymore? I bought it back a few days in the town. Didn’t I promise you? Take it, it will be useful!” Aunty Xie put a square wooden box in Xu Qing’s hand with a weird smile on his face.

When Liu Amo heard this, he almost couldn’t hold back from laughing until his shoulders trembled.

“Thank you!”

Xu Qing didn’t mean anything; he just thanked the other happily because his ears no longer hurt. Everything is fine now!

“Is everything all right? The hot water is ready!”

Wei Ama knocked on Xu Qing’s door and yelled loudly.

“Okay! Okay! We’ll be there soon!”

Liu Ama hugged Xu Qing’s new white shirt, and Aunty Xie pulled Xu Qing out of the door for the reason only known to them.

Not long later, they returned to the room with Xu Qing whose face was red and his hair wet. ho lo lo novels. He was washed from head to toe by Aunty Xie and Liu Ama!

“I feel that my skin is almost rubbed off!” Xu Qing, wearing a white shirt and drenched hair, looked at Liu Ama and Aunty Xie grievingly with his watery eyes.

“You can’t stand even this!”

Liu Ama looked at Xu Qing, who was so innocent and seductive. He put a dry towel on Xu Qing’s head and wiped the wet hair.

After drying Xu Qing’s hair, Aunty Xie took out another box from her bag; Xu Qing was a little bit frustrated, “What’s this?”

Aunty Xie smiled slightly and walked to Xu Qing, “This is the wedding gift given to you by your aunt and uncle.” Then he opened the box and revealed a pair of leaf earrings inside. They were not big, but coated with a shiny material, “this is silver?”

Xu Qing looked at the pair of earrings in surprise; such a small pair of earrings is not cheap for farmers! You couldn’t get a pair without spending one or two silver!

“This is from the heart of our couple, don’t refuse! Otherwise, I won’t be happy!”

Xie Ama put on the leaf earrings for Xu Qing after seeing that Xu Qing’s earrings did not bleed or swell up.

Liu Ama also took out a bronze mirror from nowhere! Xu Qing was taken aback; his family didn’t even own one.

“This is a wedding gift from my husband and I, so don’t dislike it.”

Xu Qing waved his hand again and again, “Why would I!  Thank you, Liu Ama and aunt. I have to say that Changfeng and I are both grateful to you all. You guys helping me on my wedding is already the best gift! Yet, you still give me more, this is really!”

Liu Ama’s family didn’t have much contact with Xu Qing, but because of their mutual friendship with Aunty Xie, not only did the Liu family lose money by giving Xu Qing a discount when he bought the piglet, the other even ran errands as a middle person between himself and Li Changfeng!

“Don’t say that, come and take a look!” Liu Ama put the mirror in front of Xu Qing’s eyes. Xu Qing also saw what he looked like inside. Although it is far inferior to modern mirrors, it is still decent: a gift he didn’t think he would receive. Xu Qing felt he was lucky to meet so many people who treated him sincerely.

“It looks good!” Xu Qing nodded at the mirror, it was unknown whether he was saying that he looked good in the mirror or it was the mirror that looked good!



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