Chapter 21: The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

Evening approached, and the sky became hazy, darkening as a prelude to rain. The diligent farmers had already finished their work in the fields and hurried home. Along the way, they encountered their playful children and pulled their ears, leading them back home.

Chen Qi came back from the fields and sat at the entrance of the courtyard with his head down.

“What’s wrong? Sitting at the doorway and blocking everyone’s way!” Chen Ama, holding the vegetables prepared for dinner, glanced at his son sitting at the door.

“Amo, I said something wrong today and made Little Brother cry…”

“Smack, smack!” Chen Qi’s forehead gained a few bumps. “You really know how to do things! Even I’ve never made Xiao Hong cry!”

Chen Ama stuffed the vegetables into Chen Qi’s arms and hurriedly walked towards Chen Hong’s room. What kind of words should he say to make his own brother cry!

“Of course!”

Father Chen walked past Chen Qi without mercy, adding insult to injury!

Chen Qi touched his nose, knowing he was in the wrong. He carried the vegetables and walked into the kitchen with a dejected look.

Not long after, Chen Qi’s wife also entered the kitchen. It was not yet fully dark, so they didn’t light the oil lamp and immediately rolled up their sleeves to prepare dinner.

Chen Qi slowly moved closer to his wife, lightly bumping his arm. “How did it go? You’ve been in the room all afternoon.”

Upon hearing this, Chen Qi’s wife became furious and grabbed his prominent ears with one hand!

“Sss! Ouch! It hurts! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”

Enduring the pain in his ears, Chen Qi surrendered and repeatedly apologized.

His wife finally let go and looked at his husband, who was still rubbing his ears. “Honestly! Ama isn’t even in a rush about Little Brother’s marriage, but you, as the eldest brother, are so impatient! When have you ever seen Little Brother cry like that? His big eyes were all swollen!”

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“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I won’t say things like that again!”

Chen Qi was filled with remorse. He couldn’t control his mouth and said whatever came to mind. Now, sigh…

Chen Qi’s wife looked at his husband’s remorseful expression and sighed as well. His husband was good in every aspect, except for his habit of speaking without considering other people’s feelings. He always spoke thoughtlessly!

“The unmarried little brother heard his own eldest brother asking why he hasn’t prepared to get married yet. Isn’t that like chasing him away in disguise? How can he not be sad? Your mouth, really…!”

Chen Qi nodded repeatedly as his wife scolded him. It was his fault! It was his fault!

“If… we had a child…”

Chen Qi interrupted as soon as he heard those words and hugged his self-blaming wife tightly. “We will have one. He’s just too mischievous and coming late!”

This matter couldn’t be rushed. When they had just recently gotten married, he had also hoped for a child. But after so many years, he didn’t want his wife to blame himself and feel sad about this matter. It was something between the two of them, and he couldn’t let his wife bear it alone.

“Alright, alright! I won’t say it anymore. Later, apologize to Little Brother properly! Go, start the fire and cook!”

The people in the Li family’s courtyard had also returned. Li Xiao’er knew that the family members would come back early, and now the food was already on the table.

Li Laosan’s expression wasn’t very good. Today, several of his good friends pulled him aside and asked how he managed to separate second brother and make him leave with nothing!

“People who have been educated are different. Teach us brothers a lesson. I’ve been unhappy with my youngest brother for a long time!”

“Yes, yes, yes, Li Laosan, you can’t keep it to yourself!”

“What are you talking about! Li Laosan is an educated person, how could he break his promise! He will definitely teach us! Why the rush!”

“Yes, yes, hahaha…!”

Li Laosan explained with a gloomy face for a long time, but no one believed him. They were even insinuating that he was hiding something!

Finally, he couldn’t take it anymore and stormed off, leaving everyone behind. Unreasonable! It was simply unreasonable!!

“Is Lao San feeling unwell?”

Li Laosan was asked by Li Changfeng with a caring tone. He turned his head and looked at Li Changfeng’s face full of concern, with worry in his eyes.

“It’s nothing, maybe it’s the sudden cold weather recently, I caught a chill!” Li Laosan forced out the words, swallowing the inquiry at his lips.

“Then you need to take care of yourself. Catching a chill is not good!” Li Ama heard Li Changfeng’s words and noticed that Li Laosan’s complexion was a bit pale!

“Lao San, take it easy these days, your health is important!” Eldest Li also felt that Li Laosan was indeed sick. Just look at his face, so dark!

Eldest Li’s wife served some dishes for his two children, feeling unhappy. Li Laosan was always slow in his work, and now he had to take it easy!

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier? Here, drink some hot soup to warm up!” Li Wangshi believed it was true and quickly scooped a bowl of hot soup for Li Laosan.

Li Changfeng even took the few fried eggs in his own bowl and put them into Li Laosan’s bowl. These were the eight eggs that Li Xiao’er had fried, with the consent of Li Ama, to nourish their family’s bodies. They needed a strong foundation for the busy spring farming!

Li Laosan looked at the egg that Li Changfeng had put in his bowl, feeling a bit guilty. Why did he have such thoughts about his second brother? It must be that gossiping person in the village spreading rumors!


Xu Qing was checking the herbs and seedlings in the space. The herbs were growing stronger, and the seedlings were sprouting. This made Xu Qing quite happy!

After leaving the space, Xu Qing washed his face with the diluted spiritual spring water. “After I washed it this time, I can’t wash it again, otherwise, it will heal too quickly!” Even if he didn’t wash his face with spiritual spring water anymore, it would heal before the wedding day.

That night, it rained heavily. The sparse raindrops formed a lullaby, but Xu Qing was completely unaware of the arrival of the rain. He was sleeping soundly, wrapped in the blanket like a silkworm pupa!

Li Changfeng, however, hadn’t been able to sleep these past few days. Every day that passed without getting married, he couldn’t calm down. Apart from the blind date with Xu Qing at the market, he hadn’t seen him and didn’t know how he was doing. How could a young ger like Xu Qing with a frail body chop firewood, farm the land, and…

He couldn’t imagine how Xu Qing, with such a weak body, managed to live. The more he thought about it, the more his heart ached. Xu Qing’s body seemed to be about the same size as Xiao’er’s, and he wondered how much hardship he had endured! How many grievances he had suffered!

He also wanted to secretly meet Xu Qing, but he couldn’t. According to the customs, if one side of the couple went to meet the other side without permission after the wedding date was set, it would mean that the marriage was impure… He didn’t believe in such things, but he was afraid, because Xu Qing was the person he wanted to cherish in his hands for the rest of his life!

Chen Hong was also unable to sleep. He had cried all afternoon today, letting out all the pent-up feelings he couldn’t express about Li Changfeng!

His eyes were frighteningly swollen, yet they carried a kind of melancholic beauty. He had fallen in love with Li Changfeng since he understood things.

Li Changfeng had a handsome appearance, and although he didn’t speak much, he gave Chen Hong an unexpected sense of security. Perhaps it was because of Chen Qi’s unruly nature in front of him, in Chen Hong’s heart, Li Changfeng became the type of man he respected and desired.

Li Changfeng and Chen Qi were good brothers, Li Changfeng often visited Chen Qi’s house, and Chen Hong had more opportunities to see Li Changfeng. Unconsciously, he grew up and developed feelings for Li Changfeng!

However, he couldn’t show any of his inner thoughts. Five years ago, when Li Changfeng got engaged to the Wang family’s son, Chen Hong was ten years old. He felt that his beloved big brother had been taken away, and he was unwilling. So he worked hard to excel in everything, surpassing all the gers in the village!

He succeeded. Whether it was embroidery or appearance, he was the best in the village! When the Wang family’s son married Li Laosan, he was ecstatic in a way that he couldn’t believe himself. He knew that this way, Li Changfeng would be single again.

But this time when Li Changfeng returned to the village, he didn’t come to Chen Hong’s house. He wanted to see Li Changfeng, to show him how the little boy who used to follow him had grown up! He wanted to see the infatuation and admiration in Li Changfeng’s eyes for himself. He felt like he was going crazy!

But what he heard back was that Li Changfeng was engaged… Chen Hong knew that if Li Changfeng didn’t get engaged now, he would have to accept the official arranged marriage, so he thought about finding an opportunity to let Li Changfeng know his feelings and then propose to him!

But it was too late! Too late! Chen Hong covered his eyes with hands that could no longer shed tears. His heart ached like a knife. He couldn’t accept it! He couldn’t accept it!

The sound of rain outside grew louder, weighing down his heart even more…


Xu Qing was going crazy these past few days!! Ever since that day when the matchmaker Huang came to propose, more matchmakers have been coming every day. People’s words are really not to be underestimated!

“The Ma family has one of the few large blue-tiled houses in the village! If you marry into their family, you won’t have to worry about food and clothing!” Thanks, he will have his own large blue-tiled house in the future!

“The Wang family has surplus grain every year that can’t be finished!!” Thanks, even though he’s a glutton, he can grow his own food!

“Qian family’s eldest son is really strong and healthy!” Thanks, his family’s Li Changfeng is also strong and healthy; he fits his taste perfectly!!

“Mou family only has one son! Marry into that family, and all the property will be yours!” Thanks, but I’ve always relied on myself!!


Without any mercy, Xu Qing drove away the last matchmaker. It took him a large glass of water to calm down. These matchmakers are really persistent!!

“Knock, knock, knock!”

Xu Qing didn’t even want to move.

“Who is it?”

“It’s me, Xie Ama!”

As soon as Xu Qing heard the familiar voice, he almost tearfully opened the courtyard gate for Xie Ama!

“Look at you! I haven’t been here for a few days, and it’s become like this.”

These past few days, Xie Ama had stayed at the in-laws’ house in town and only returned today.

“You don’t know, these waves of matchmakers keep finding ways to come to my yard! I can’t stop them at all! Even when I go out to cut the pig weed, there are people waiting for me!”

Xu Qing bitterly poured out his grievances to Xie Ama. He had been tormented enough by this group of people. He even dreamed every night that someone was persuading him to get married!

Xie Ama frowned. If he and his old partner didn’t live so far away, they wouldn’t let those people hassle Xu Qing like this. “Oh, Brother Qing, your face!!!”

Xu Qing touched his smooth and tender cheeks. “It’s better now, isn’t it?!” It’s because his face has improved in these past few days that even more people have come to propose! He wished he hadn’t used the Spiritual spring water to wash his face that day!

All the red dots on Xu Qing’s face were gone, leaving behind fair skin, rosy lips, and a pair of shiny black eyes. Coupled with his petite figure, he looked even more cute and delicate. Although he wasn’t the most attractive person Xie Ama had ever seen, he was full of liveliness.

“Great! That’s great!”

“Ah, Xie Ama, don’t get too excited!” Seeing Xie Ama on the verge of tears, Xu Qing quickly jumped up to calm him down.

Xie Ama regained his composure but continued to gaze at Xu Qing’s face. “Tomorrow morning, Wei Ama, Liu ama, and I will come to help you to get ready. Xie Ama will bring vegetables tomorrow morning, so you just have a good night’s sleep!”

Tomorrow is the day when Xu Qing and Li Changfeng will get married.

“I’ve already talked to Village head, and as for whether he will come tomorrow, don’t think too much about it. There will be many people getting married in the village tomorrow, and even a sip of water will keep him busy!”

“Well, Xie Ama, you’ve thought of everything!” Xu Qing had been bothered by matchmakers these past few days and hadn’t expected this twist.

“Oh, and…”

Blushing, Xie Ama stuffed a small booklet into Xu Qing’s hands. “Take a look at this tonight!”

Without waiting for Xu Qing’s reaction, Xie Ama quickly left. “Get some rest early tonight!”

“I know! Goodbye, Xie Ama!”

Xu Qing returned to his room, flipped through the booklet Xie Ama gave him, blushed at a glance, and placed the booklet on the wardrobe. He wrapped himself in a blanket and prepared to sleep.

After a while, a hand quickly reached into the wardrobe and took the booklet!

Li Changfeng was also surrounded by Eldest Li and Li Laosan. “Hey, second brother, here, learn well!”

Li Changfeng was confused. “I can’t read. Why should I look at a book?”

Li Laosan chuckled, “It’s fine, this isn’t a book with words, it’s not words, haha!”

“Come on, let’s go! Brother, study it well! Haha!”

Eldest Li and Li Laosan handed the booklet to Li Changfeng and then ran off.

Li Changfeng opened the booklet with curiosity. Gradually, his face turned slightly red, and after a while, his eyes began to sparkle. Finally, with a calm face and a steady heartbeat, he lay on the bed, holding the booklet, and started studying it carefully!



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