Chapter 21: The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

In the evening, the sky became dark and hazy as a sign of incoming rain. The farmers who saw the color of the sky, picked up their work early and went home. When they saw their own child playing along the way, they would pull the child’s ears and went home together.

 When Chen Qi came back from the field, he sat at the gate of the courtyard with his head drooped.

“What’s the matter? Sitting like this at the door, preventing people from entering.” Chen Ama held the ingredients for dinner in his arms and looked at his son who was sitting by the door.

“Well, I made little brother cry by saying something wrong today…”

Chen Qi was knocked on his head, and a few ‘pops’ sounds could be heard. “You are really good. Even I have never made Xiao Hong cry.” Chen Ama stuffed the vegetables in Chen Qi‘s arms and walked eagerly towards Chen Hong’s room. ho lo lo novels. What kind of words could have made his little son cry?


Father Chen relentlessly stepped past Chen Qi and almost fell.

Chen Qi touched his nose guiltily, holding the vegetables, and walked into the kitchen.

After a while, Chen Qi’s wife also entered the kitchen. The sky was beginning to get dark, and the oil lamp was lit. He rolled up his sleeves and began to prepare tonight dinner.

Chen Qi moved closer to his wife in a cautious manner and lightly bumped the other’s arm, “how’s it going? He’s been in there for the entire afternoon.”

Chen Qi’s wife became angry when he heard it and he freed his hand to grab Chen Qi’s big ears.

“HISS! It hurts! It hurts! I was wrong! I was wrong!”

Chen Qi endured the sharp pain from his ears. He dropped his helmet and the body armor, repeatedly confessing his mistakes.

Chen Qi’s wife released the ear in his hand and looked at the man who kept rubbing his ears. “So, our parents are not even worried about the marriage of the little brother. You, the eldest brother, have been so anxious. When have you ever seen your brother cry like this? He cried until his eyes were big and swollen.”

“I was wrong. I was wrong. I will never say it again.”

Chen Qi was full of regret, and he couldn’t keep his mouth shut. What else could he say?

Chen Qi’s wife looked at the actions of her his old man, and he signed in his heart. His husband was good at everything, it’s just when he opes his mouth and speaks without looking at other people’s faces.

The unmarried brother heard his older brother asking him why he was not married yet. Isn’t this implying to drive him away? Why would he be sad? Your mouth… Really…

Chen Qi nodded frequently to his wife’s scolding. It was all his fault, his fault!

“If only I have a child, then…”

Chen Qi didn’t care about it anymore and hugged his wife who was in self-blame, “they will come. He’s being too naughty that’s why he’s coming late.”

At the beginning of their marriage, he was expectant, but after so many years, he became more reluctant to blame his wife and felt sad for the other. This is a matter of two people. How could he let his wife bear it alone? “OK, OK, I won’t say anything. I will go apologize to my brother later. Go, I’ll burn the fire, you cook.”

Everyone in the Li family also came back. Li Xiao’er looked at the sky and knew that the family would return earlier so, he made sure the food was ready to be served.

Li Laosan’s face was not very good. Today he was pulled by a few buddies, who asked how he pushed his second brother to separation to a point of even leaving the house.

“People who have read books are not the same. Hurry up and teach as brothers a few tricks. I have seen my fifth brother not pleasing to my eyes for a long time.”

“Yes, Laosan, you can’t keep it to yourself.”

“What are you talking about? Laosan is the scholar.  Don’t say anything anymore. He will definitely teach us. Don’t be in a hurry.”

“Yes, yes, ha ha ha ha…!”

Li Laosan explained with a dark face for a long time, but no one believed him. Some people would even say he was being a privateer. In the end, he really couldn’t bear it anymore. So, he threw his sleeves and left. It was unreasonable. It was simply and reasonable.

“Is the third brother feeling alright?”

Li Laosan was asked by the worried Li Changfeng. He turned his head and looked at his second brother‘s concerned face and the care in his eyes.

“It’s nothing. Maybe it has been chilly lately, and my body felt a little cold.” Li Laosan swallowed the question from the tip of his tongue and responded bluntly.

“Then you have to pay attention to your body. If you caught a cold, it will not be good. When father Li heard Li Changfeng’s words, he looked at his third son and thought the other’s complexion was a little blue.

“Third son, you have been working hard these days, but your body is also important.” Mother Li also felt that Li Laosan was indeed sick after looking at the face that appeared a little dull.

The eldest daughter in law prepared the food for her two children. She was upset; Li Laosan usually did not work hard, and now they will also let him relax.

“Why didn’t you tell me? Come, drink some hot soup to warm yourself up.” Wang Li believed it to be true and hurriedly scooped a bowl of hot soup for Li Laosan and placed it in his hand.

Li Changfeng even picked up a few pieces of omelette from his bowl and put them in Li Laosan’s. It was Li Xiao’er who took 8 eggs and fried them under the approval of his mother to make enough food for the entire family. Spring plowing was going to be busy, and they needed to have a healthy body.

Looking at the egg that Li Changfeng just dropped in his bowl, Li Laosan felt a little guilty. His brother really cared about him. Those broken mouths in the village were too much.

Xu Qing was checking the herbs and the seedlings he planted in the space. The herbs grew very well, and the seedlings as well, which made Xu Qing happy.

After leaving the space, Xu Qing washed his face again with the spring water. “After this time, I wouldn’t have to use it anymore to get better.” Even if he no longer washed his face with the spring water, he would get better anyway before his marriage.

Sure enough, it rained heavily at night. The raindrops sounded like a lullaby. Xu Qing did not even notice the arrival of the rain at all.  He slept like a silkworm by wrapping himself in the quilt.

Li Changfeng hasn’t been sleeping much these days. He couldn’t calm down even for a day before he get married. Except for the last time he had a blind date with Xu Qing at the market, he had never met the other again. He didn’t know how Xu Qing was doing. How would he use his thin body to chop firewood, or plant the fields?

He couldn’t imagine how Xu Qing could manage to do all those with such a thin body. He felt distressed when he thought about it. ho lo lo novels. Xu Qing‘s body looked about the same size as Li Xiao’er. He didn’t know how much hardship Xu Qing had suffered. How much was he wronged?

He wanted to see Xu Qing secretly, but he restrained himself. According to the tradition, if the soon-to-be married couple went to see the other person privately, it meant that the marriage became unclean. He didn’t believe it, but he was afraid because Xu Qing was the person he wanted to put on the palm of his hand in his life.

The other person who was not sleeping at this time was Chen Hong. He cried the entire afternoon today. He cried out all the things he had accumulated because of Li Changfeng but couldn’t say to him.

His eyes were scarily swollen, but with a bleak and feminine beauty. He has liked Li Changfeng since he understood the adult matters.

Li Changfeng was handsome, and although he didn’t talk much, he gave Chen Hong an unexpected sense of security. It may be Chen Hongs inconspicuous temperament, but in Chen Hong’s heart, Li Changfeng was the husband he wanted.

Because Li Changfeng and Chen Qi are good brothers, Li Changfeng would often visit Chen Qi’s house. Chen Hong has seen Li Changfeng many times. Unknowingly, when he grew up, he began to have thoughts about Li Changfeng in his heart. However, he couldn’t express his inner thoughts. Five years ago, Li Changfeng was engaged to Wang Li. At the time, he was only 10 years old. He only felt that his favorite older brother had been taken away. He knew he has been trying to do his best, comparing to all the gers in the village.

He did it. Whether it was embroidery or appearance, he was the best in the village. When Wang Li married Li Laosan, he felt joyous in his heart that he couldn’t even believe when he realized that Li Changfeng was single again.

But this time when Li Changfeng returned to their home village., He had never come to the Chen’s house. He wanted to see Li Changfeng and show the other that the little brother, who followed him back then, has grown up. He wanted to see Li Changfeng’s obsession and admiration for himself. He felt like he was going crazy.

So, he waited it. Then, he heard from Li Xiao’er that Li Changfeng was looking at into marriage. Chen Hong knew that Li Changfeng will be matched by the officials if he didn’t get married soon. So, he wanted to find a chance to let Li Changfeng know his heart, and then ask the other to come to the door for a proposal.

Now, it’s too late. It’s too late. Chen Hong covered his eyes that could no longer shed tears with his hands. His heart was as painful as it had been cut by a knife. He is not reconciled. Not reconciled!

The sound of rain, coming from outside the window, was getting louder and louder, making his heart heavier and heavier.

Xu Qing was going crazy these days. Ever since Huang Ama came to propose for marriage that day, there have been many matchmakers coming for the same purpose every day. Those people’s mouths were really not restrained.

“The Ma’s house is a big blue house in the village. You wouldn’t have to worry about food or clothing when you get married.” No, thank you. He will also have a big blue house in the future.

“The Wang family has unfinished grains every year.” Thanks, although he is a foodie, he could grow the land himself.

“The body of the Qing family’s son is strong.” It’s OK, his family’s Li Changfeng already caught his appetite.

“The Mao family has only one son. When you marry him, your family’s property will still be yours.” Thank you, but my family’s property has always been my own.


Xu Qing drove away the last matchmaker mercilessly. He had to drink a large glass of water to ease his heart. This matchmaker was not an easy person.

Knock, knock, knock!

Xu Qing didn’t want to move any more. “Who is it?”

“It’s me.”

Xu Qing almost opened the courtyard door for Aunty Xie with tears after hearing a voice that was not unfamiliar.

Look at you. I haven’t been here for a few days, and you became like this.

In the past few days, Aunty Xie went to live in the town of his married son’s in-law house for a few days. He just came back earlier.

“Don’t you know. Wave after waves of matchmakers were trying to get inside my yard. I couldn’t stop them. Even if I went out to cut the pig grass, there will be people waiting for me.”

Xu Qing smiled bitterly to Aunty Xie. He was tortured enough by this group of people. Last night, he even dreamt that someone was persuading him to get married.

Aunty Xie frowned. This is because he and his husband were not home, otherwise, he wouldn’t allow others to toss Xu Qing like this, “hey, brother Qing, your face!!!”

Xu Qing touched his smooth and tender face, “yeah!” His face completely healed the past few days, and more people came to ask for a marriage. If he had known, he would not have washed his face with spring water so soon.

All the red spots on Xu Qing’s face were gone. White skin, red lips, those sparkling eyes, and paired a small body, Xu Qing looked even more adorable and petite. Aunty Xie could not even believe what he was seeing.

“Good, very good!!”

“Ah, Aunty Xie, don’t get too excited.” Seeing that Aunty Xie was about to cry, Xu Qing jumped up to console the other.

Only then, Aunty Xie swallowed his emotions, but he still looked straight at Xu Qing‘s face, “tomorrow morning, I will come over with Wei family wife and Liu Ama to help you do the make-up. Also, I’ve already brought food over, so you can sleep well tonight free of worry.”

Tomorrow is the day Xu Qing and Li Changfeng will get married.

“I also asked the wife of Li Zheng‘s family. As for whether he will come tomorrow or not, you don’t need to worry about it. There will be many couples in the village who will get married tomorrow.  He just goes around, drinks a few cups of way, and it will be enough for him.”

“Thank you, aunt, for being so attentive with the planning.” He was so annoyed by the matchmakers these days; he didn’t expect this.

“And…” Aunty Xie blushed, and he stuffed a booklet into Xu Qing‘s hands, “tonight, you take a look.”

Without waiting for Xu Qing‘s response, Aunty Xie said “go to bed early tonight,” and he quickly left.

“I know.  Thank you, Aunty Xie. Walk slowly.”

Xu Qing went back to the room and flipped through the booklet Aunty Xie gave him. Just by looking, his face turned red, and he put it away on top of the wardrobe. ho lo lo novels. He then wrapped himself in the quilt and prepared to sleep.

After a while, a hand quickly reached over the wardrobe, and the booklet was taken away.

Li Changfeng was surrounded by his eldest and third brothers, “Cough! Second brother, here it is, study hard.”

Li Changfeng didn’t know why they were giving him a book to read, “I don’t know the words. What book could I read?”

Li Laosan chocked, “it’s ok, it’s not a book with words.”

“Let’s go. Let’s go. You look good by the way, brother. Hahaha.”

The two stuffed the booklet to Li Changfeng and ran away.

Li Changfeng opened the booklet suspiciously. Slowly, his face turned a little red, and after a while, his eyes became brighter. Finally, he held the booklet, lit up the oil lamp slowly, and laid on the bed without a heavy heart to begin researching.



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