Chapter 20: The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

Chen Qi turned his head and saw his brother with his head down, his voice seemed wrong.

Chen Qi dropped the hammer in his hand, walked quickly to Chen Hong, lifted the other’s chin, and looked into a pair of teary eyes.

“Why are you crying?”

Chen Qi wanted to wipe the tears of Chen Hong, but when he saw that his hands were covered with mud from repairing the dam, he suddenly became a little lost, “Don’t cry! Don’t cry! It’s this big brother who is not good. Our younger brother is so good; that’s for sure. Your marriage will be the best.”

Chen Hong wanted to smile at his big brother who was showing his concern, but he couldn’t pull up the arc of his mouth no matter what. His heart has been set on Li Changfeng; he couldn’t stop his tears from flowing down.

“Brother… I, I’m fine…”

Chen Hong was talking and crying. He couldn’t stop.

Chen Qi felt uncomfortable for a while and bitterly said, “I blame myself from talking nonsense.”

“Huh, what’s going on? You, go away. Come, little brother. Tell me what’s going on? Did your big brother bully you?”

Chen Qi’s wife, who just came back from cutting the pig weed, saw Chen Hong crying in the yard, while her husband was squatting down beside the other.

You couldn’t even comfort your little brother and didn’t even wipe his tears, Chen Qi’s wife, who squeezed his husband away, thought angrily.

When Chen Qi’s wife married Chen Qi, Chen Hong was only seven or eight years old. In addition, after marrying for so many years, Chen Qi’s wife still did not have a child, so he treated the well-behaved and sensible Chen Hong as if he was his own child. ho lo lo novels. To see Chen Hong, who always has a pretty face, crying sadly, Chen Qi’s wife felt uncomfortable.

“No, sister-in-law. It’s me. Somehow, I feel like crying. It wasn’t because of my brother.”

Chen Hong took Chen Qi’s wife by the hand and tried to prove his big brother’s innocence. Chen Qi’s wife glared at his husband, who was standing around with a guilty face. He dragged the still-sobbing Chen Hong back to his room.

When he saw Chen Hong crying like that, he knew that it was the big brother who made him become like that.

Chen Qi was also very uncomfortable. He didn’t even know what he said wrong. He picked up the embroidery basket that fell on the floor when Chen Hong left, patted the dusty parts, and put it back in the hall.

After thinking about it, Chen Qi quietly put his ears on the wall of Chen Hong’s room, wanting to hear the movement inside.

“What are you doing? Get out! Get out! You’re too messy.”

As soon as Chen Qi’s wife opened the door, he saw his husband eavesdropping.

“Oh, well, little brother still crying? Apologize him for me. I… I am going to the field.”

After seeing Chen Qi awkwardly leaving the hall, Chen Qi’s wife closed the door helplessly.

After Xu Qing fed the piglet, he took the wooden barrel and went to the river.  This time, he also used the spring water to lure the fish. He has been taking the medicine from the clinic and drinking more of the spring water. Fish is also very good for recovery. He caught six this time.

Just when he got home, he heard someone knocked on the courtyard door.

Xu Qing didn’t think much, put the bucket with fish not far from the well, and went to open the courtyard gate.

As soon as he opened the door, he was startled by what Aunty Xie held in front of him.

“You kid, I got some medicine for you.”

Seeing Xu Qing patting his chest, Aunty Xie grinned, “scared you, ha ha Ha.”

Xu Qing rolled his eyes secretly and thought who wouldn’t be surprised when someone suddenly appear in front of them.

He has been already accustomed to living in this safe era, so his vigilance is much lower.

“Aunty Xie, quickly come in. I just got a few fish. Get some when you go back.” Xu Qing said to Aunty Xie, who was just about to leave in a moment.

When Aunty Xie heard this, he made a neat circle under his feet and followed Xu Qing into the courtyard. “Let me tell you, after I ate the fish you make that day, I wanted to try making it myself, but I never thought of catching the fish myself. So, I asked your uncle, but he didn’t know how either.” Aunty Xie smiled and looked at the fish in the bucket that were still alive and kicking; he felt happy. This is meat.

“When you cook it later, just do as I told you. It will taste good and also remember to sprinkle some of the pepper powder I gave you last time. By the way, if you have wine in your house, you can pour some when you’re cooking, but don’t pour too much, just enough to remove the smell.”

When Xu Qing ate at Aunty Xie’s house this afternoon, he remembered Uncle Xie mentioned that he also loved to drink wine. He said he made his own.

Xu Qing’s eyes lit up; this is a business opportunity.

“OK, well, it’s up to the old man to take out the treasure he hid.”

Aunty Xie doesn’t like the taste of wine, but he would ask for a sip or two sometimes. In desperation, Uncle Xie could only put his wind in a place he alone knew, so as not to let his precious wine fall under Aunty Xie‘s hands. He usually drinks it occasionally anyway.

“Is brother Qing at home?”

Just as Aunty Xie and Xu Qing were chatting with joy, a male voice sounded from the gate, causing the voices of Xu Qing and Aunty Xie to stop abruptly.

The courtyard door was not closed properly when Aunty Xie came in, so it could be opened with a push.

“Here, who is it?” Xu Qing wiped the goosebumps on his arms, that were stimulated by the voice, cleared his throat, and asked.

Aunty Xie also thought this voice was weird, but unfortunately, he couldn’t think of who it was.

The person outside the courtyard heard Xu Qing’s answer and gently pushed open the courtyard door, allowing Xu Qing to see a hill. ‘Cough’, it was a big moving hill of a person?

Aunty Xie squinted his eyes when he saw the person over 200 pounds at the entrance of the courtyard.

The person who looked like a hill was Huang Ama. He used his flabby hand to take out a large handkerchief in his arms, wiped the sweat that kept flowing on his face, and then cautiously walked in with his big body sideways through Xu Qing‘s courtyard gate.

“Oh hey, isn’t this Xie family wife from the Village? You are also here.”

Huang Ama twisted his wide body and stopped in front of Aunty Xie and Xu Qing. ho lo lo novels. He greeted the expressionless Aunty Xie causing the goosebumps to return on Xu Qing’s back.

“I say, I was wondering who was calling brother Qing with such a moving voice. It turned out to be Huang Ama. Why are you here? Don’t you usually go to the door off unmarried people. Why do you come to my nephew’s house?”

Aunty Xie‘s words immediately woke Xu Qing up from his confusion; it turned out that this man was a matchmaker.

“Look at what you’re saying. Aren’t I here to tie the knot?”

Aunty Xie looked at Huang Ama‘s small eyes, that were about to sink into the eye socket, stared at Xu Qing‘s yard and his eyes full of greed.

You know, if he could only get this matchmaking done for the ugly ger, he might just be able to get double the red envelopes.

“Hey, then you have come to the wrong place. It is not too early, so brother Qing won’t bring you a stool to sit. So, let’s talk about the business you came here for.”

Aunty Xie gave Xu Qing a wink with an irritable look and began to give away orders to Huang Ama.  This unpleasant person loves money; as long as the red envelope is big enough, he would even do anything to match the unmarried ger to some widowed old mule. This person has no conscience. So, Aunty Xie didn’t show him a good face.

After Xu Qing heard what Aunty Xie meant to say, he also understood in his heart that this person came to propose a marriage. It’s true that he is a ger who has no elders, and this marriage involves a lot of property.

Generally speaking, it is very confidential for a ger to propose marriage to a man. Therefore, only Aunty Xie and Liu Ama‘s family knew about the marriage between Xu Qing and Li Changfeng.

if someone wanted to propose a marriage to a ger, they would ask the matchmaker to go to the door of the ger’s house, and the matchmaker would use his 3-inch tongue to tie the knot. If it succeeds, the man’s family will gift the matchmaker a red envelope. If it fails, the matchmaker will have to lose money for his own expenses.

“Hey hey, why are you driving people out? Oh! Spiny fish, is that it? Brother Qing, why are you eating this?”

Huang Ama felt upset; he hasn’t even finished speaking yet and he was being driven away. How would he be able to tie the knot like this?

Under the pull of Aunty Xie, he accidentally kicked the wooden barrel containing the fish and knocked it to the ground. The water flew out and the fish bounced everywhere.

Xu Qing quickly said not to touch the fish because the smell was very strong. He filled the wooden barrel with water, picked up the bouncing fish one by one, and put them back in their barrel. Hearing Huang Ama’s words, Xu Qing asked angrily, “Why can I eat it?”

 If it wasn’t for Aunty Xie who let the other in, he would’ve kicked the matchmaker out, but he also knew what Aunty Xie meant. This troublemaker was villain at first glance. Just like the old saying goes – one would rather offend a gentleman than offend the villiain.

Huang Ama’s small eyes rolled, “Look, your nephew lives all by himself, and he’s not even engaged. I have a happy news for you. The Sun family from the village invited me to propose marriage for his second son.”

After speaking, he waited for Xu Qing‘s surprise response. It will be good if you could manage to get this ugly ger marry, otherwise it will be the end of his career. He thought Xu Qing would be dumbfounded if he knew someone wanted to marry him. However, Huang Ama squinted his eyes and waited for a while, but he didn’t expect Xu Qing to be ungrateful, unlike what he imagined. He looked at Xu Qing with some doubts.

He saw Xu Qing dealing with a spiny fish by the well.

“Oh, this Sun family second son is an honest man. When you marry him, your days will be better than now, when you have to eat spiny fish.”

Xu Qing neatly used straw ropes to tie the three larger fishes. These were to be taken back by Aunty Xie.

“You go back and tell the Sun family that I will decide my own marriage. You don’t have to worry about it.  I am not lacking in food. I also have Aunty Xie to help. Thank you for your care. I’m very busy so, I won’t send you away. Goodbye.”

Xu Qing politely and roughly invited the other out of his yard, when the person was still chattering. ho lo lo novels. He then shut the courtyard door with a ‘bang’ in front of Huang Ama, who still wanted to re-enter the courtyard. Xu Qing locked the door.

“Good job. That kind of person, if you get give him some paint, he will open a paint workshop.” (T/N: you give an inch to someone, and they want to go a mile … I guess)

Aunty Xie has always looked down on such people, and naturally, he had no good impression of this Huang Ama.

Huang Ama was jumping around outside the courtyard for a while. Seeing that there was no response inside, he reluctantly went back to the village. After a while, Aunty Xie also carried the fish and said goodbye to Xu Qing, “you have to pay attention to those hateful people.”

Xu Qing nodded and watched Aunty Xie walked away. He then looked in the direction of the village, turned around, and closed the courtyard door and locked it.


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I kind of didn’t like that the matchmaker was body shammed. Whatever body type you get, it’s not nobody’s business. The society is sometimes cruel.


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    Those aggregator sites are relentless. Do whatever you want in regards to the site!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

    1. Yeah I agree. I’ve seen a lot of body shamming in the web novels whether it is about someone’s body shape or the skin color, especially if it’s not a fair complexion, that is not ‘pretty’ enough.

    2. IamNobody says:

      The thing is, it’s easier to attack someone by picking on his appearance. The author seems to body shame only the villains. Remember Aunt Wei, i think the author wrote that she was fat too but it didn’t have a negative context.

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    I think this time the description was so exaggerated to emphasize that the physical description will emphasize the ugly personality of the villain. The author might have wanted to portray the dislike for that kind of profit seeking person.
    But it would’ve sounded better to just describe his voice as slippery as a snake and eyes as beady as a crow, greedy for shinny red packets.

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    On this part, I think it wasn’t body shaming. It was more about excess. This matchmaker has so much money (from dirty dealings) that he is able to eat so much.

    The novel continuously talks about how little meat the farmers eat. They’re able to eat enough to live and but are burning calories through farming and other manual labor. They wouldn’t have so much excess body weight.

    Matchmaker doesn’t have that issue. Author is probably trying to portray that via his body weight.

    Olden times, pale and chubby meant wealth. That was the ideal body.

  7. Thanks for the chapter! Historically, added weight has been associated with greed, because let’s face it, only those who had money could over indulge back in the day, especially in the expensive products like oil & sugar.
    How many old people in CN novels do you hear saying to their grandkids “you’re too thin”! The great famine of CN was just a few decades ago.
    Now a days, the poorest don’t have access to affordable healthy food, while the rich can afford nutritionists, surgeries, time to workout while the housework is done by staff & a ton of health products. I guess greed & overindulgence have a new face…

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