Chapter 23: The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

Compared to Xu Qing’s suffering, Li Changfeng felt much more comfortable.

Early in the morning, Li Ama and Old man Li got up, heated water for Li Changfeng to take a bath and wash his hair, and after having a bit of food, Li Changfeng began to tidy up.

He didn’t have many belongings. The clothes from five years ago no longer fit him. He had grown taller and stronger, so he only had a few pieces of clothing. After organizing his clothes, he closed the door, rolled up his sleeves, and squatted down to move the cabinet!

Li Changfeng tapped around the spot where the cabinet had been moved.

“Dang dang!” A hollow sound came from somewhere! Li Changfeng’s eyes lit up. He found something in the room and started digging in that spot on the floor. Before long, an iron box appeared!

Li Changfeng picked up the box, which was about the size of his palm. After cleaning it, he placed it on the bed and moved the cabinet back!

Opening the box, he found twenty-five taels of silver inside! This was the money he had saved from doing odd jobs since he was thirteen. It was originally meant for getting married and marrying a wife, especially when he was betrothed to Li Wangshi. He had made great efforts to save money for that. Later, when he went to serve in the army, he didn’t take the money with him but buried it under the cabinet.

The cabinet weighed more than two hundred catties. It wouldn’t be moved unless necessary. It was because of this that Li Changfeng felt safe leaving the money there.

“Li Changfeng! Are you ready?!” Chen Qi shouted loudly outside. Li Changfeng quickly closed the box, put it in a small box containing his clothes, and then, after putting on his wedding attire, he opened the door.

“Well, well, I must say, you look quite handsome in that!” Chen Qi praised as he looked at the tall and upright Li Changfeng in front of him.

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“Thank you!”

Today was a joyful day for Li Changfeng, and he didn’t brush off Chen Qi’s face, sincerely thanking him.

At this moment, Eldest Li and Li Laosan also arrived at Li Changfeng’s door. “All dressed up! Looking really good!”

Eldest Li also praised. Their second brother was already handsome, and now he looked even more handsome in groom’s attire!

However, Li Laosan noticed that the fabric of Li Changfeng’s outfit was not bad. He murmured to himself, “Could it be that the bride comes from a well-off family?”

“Come, come, this is my wedding gift for you!” Chen Qi handed a wooden box to Li Changfeng.

Eldest Li and Li Laosan also handed over their wooden boxes with indescribable smiles, just like what Xie Ama gave to Xu Qing!

Having read the booklet all night, Li Changfeng naturally knew what those were and what they were used for. He calmly accepted the three wooden boxes and placed the items calmly into the wooden box containing his clothes.

Chen Qi raised an eyebrow upon seeing this. “It seems like your brothers taught you quite a lot last night!” Despite Li Changfeng being older, he didn’t know a thing about the matters between a married couple.

Eldest Li and Li Laosan chuckled, not saying much. Everyone understood!

After kowtowing to Li Ama and Old man Li, bidding farewell to his family, Li Changfeng carried the wooden box and, accompanied by Eldest Li, Li Laosan, and Chen Qi, boarded the ox-cart at the courtyard gate. It was the only ox-cart in the village, hired by Old man Li to escort Li Changfeng to his new home. Even if it was a marriage by joining the bride’s family, the second son had to enter in a grand and glorious manner!

“Hehe, I’ve never ridden in an ox-cart before! Today I’m enjoying your fortune!” Chen Qi sat boisterously on the ox-cart, patting Li Changfeng’s shoulder.

Eldest Li and Li Laosan were also riding for the first time. Eldest Li didn’t feel anything special, but Li Laosan had some knots in his heart, feeling a pang of sourness. Even when he, a scholar, got married, his father didn’t hire an ox-cart for him!

They set off when the day was just breaking. Although it was early, several households in the village were celebrating weddings, creating a lively atmosphere!

Just as Li Changfeng and the others left the gate of Li’s house, Old man Li set off firecrackers at the gate, indicating that they were also celebrating!

Chen Hong, who was hiding not far from Li’s house, watched Li Changfeng, dressed in groom’s attire, ride away on the ox-cart. He couldn’t shed any more tears, stumbling back home. However, he accidentally bumped into someone.


Chen Ama had followed his son here, naturally witnessing Chen Hong’s foolish gaze fixed on Li Changfeng. His heart was filled with anger and pain!

“You, you!! Go! Go back home!”

Meanwhile, Butcher Liu had already decorated both the inside and outside of the courtyard, and Uncle Xie arrived with a cart full of vegetables!

“Come, come, come! Old Liu, lend a hand!” Uncle Xie unloaded the vegetables and carried them to the kitchen while calling for Butcher Liu’s help.

Xie Ama set off from the kitchen and gave Uncle Xie a glare. “What’s going on? You left so early and only coming back now!”

Uncle Xie was also helpless. “There are too many people getting married today, and these vegetables are in high demand!”

“Alright, alright, go inside quickly. We’ve been waiting for you!” Xie Ama replied and patted his clothes, preparing to head towards the courtyard gate.

“Where are you going?” Uncle Xie was afraid that his wife would also go to help with the vegetables. His health wasn’t good!

“Brother Qing’s house only has one table! I’m going to bring our table over!”

“What are you thinking? Don’t go. I’ll go as soon as I finish moving the vegetables!” The distance was not short, why bring a table by himself!

Xie Ama didn’t insist and turned around, heading back to the kitchen. “By the way, where’s the wine you bought?”

Uncle Xie wiped the sweat off his forehead after delivering the remaining vegetables to the kitchen. “It’s in the cart!”

“I brought it in!” Butcher Liu carried three jars in his arms and walked in steadily.

“You’re really amazing, Old Liu!” One jar alone weighed more than 20 kilograms!

“Haha, today we two brothers will have a good drink!”

“What’s so good about it?!” Liu Ama, carrying two large baskets of melon seeds mixed with some candies, which were snacks for the guests attending the wedding banquet.

“Nothing much, let’s go, Old Xie. Don’t you still need to bring the table?” Butcher Liu signaled to Uncle Xie. “Right, right, let’s go!” Uncle Xie immediately nodded and pulled Butcher Liu out of the door.

“Hmph, he thinks I don’t know what he’s planning!” Liu Ama glared at the back of Butcher Liu and muttered. Wei Ama swiftly washed the vegetables and burst into laughter upon hearing his words.

“My old man at home is the same. He loves to drink! Otherwise, he’ll complain about feeling weak all over!” Wei Ama’s husband is an honest and hardworking farmer. But unlike the plump Wei Ama, his husband is very thin! Today, he went to help another wedding, so he didn’t come over.

“I don’t know what’s so good about drinking!” Xie Ama hated the smell of alcohol the most! Unfortunately, Uncle Xie still secretly drank.

In addition to bringing their own table, Uncle Xie and Butcher Liu also borrowed some unused tables from other households in the village. As soon as the tables were placed in the courtyard, they heard voices coming from outside the gate.

“The groom is here!”

“The groom is here!”

“The groom is here!”

As the shouts came closer, Uncle Xie also fired a shot at the gate of Xu Qing’s house! It was the sound of celebratory fireworks welcoming the arrival of the groom!

Xu Qing sat in the newly decorated red room prepared by Liu Ama and Xie Ama, listening to the sound of fireworks in the courtyard. His heart was pounding. Li Changfeng had arrived!

From afar, Eldest Li saw the future home of his younger brother, and he was the first to shout, “The groom is here!” Chen Qi and Li Laosan followed suit. Li Changfeng looked at the unique adobe house down the mountain, and his eyes became increasingly fiery. This was where Xu Qing lived, and he was waiting for his arrival!

Of course, such loud voices early in the morning spread throughout the village.

“Is that the sound coming from the back mountain?!”

“It’s the ugly ger’s house!”

“Not ugly anymore! Haven’t you heard the matchmakers say that his face has improved and he looks fair and clean!”

“That’s why he didn’t agree to the marriage proposal! Turns out, he wanted someone to marry into the family!”

Li Changfeng was the first to get off the carriage. He personally hung another firecracker on the side where Uncle Xie hadn’t fired and lit it. This was the sound of a double firecracker saluting together.

Eldest Li and Li Laosan carefully inspected Xu Qing’s courtyard. Li Ama had asked them to observe and report back on the matter.

Xie Ama stood at the gate and shouted loudly, “Li’s second son, Li Changfeng, voluntarily comes to marry Xu’s son, Xu Qing! Congratulations to the two newlyweds! May you have a harmonious hundred years together and bear noble children early!”

This was tradition, whether it was a groom entering the bride’s house or marrying a bride. A senior family member had to shout the names of the couple at the gate to inform the guests who the newlyweds were!

The expressions of Eldest Li and the others became somewhat subtle. Xu Qing, the son of the Xu family, was the “ugly ger!!”

Chen Qi gave Li Laosan a discreet glare. If it weren’t for him causing a family dispute, how could Li Changfeng have married the “ugly ger!”

“Thank you, elder!” Li Changfeng respectfully bowed to Xie Ama’s loud shout of congratulations. Uncle Xie laughed heartily, “My surname is Xie. Yes, my wife is also from your village!”

After the fireworks at the gate were finished, Xie Ama came out of the kitchen. As soon as he emerged, he heard his husband’s booming voice.

“Congratulations to the groom! Come on, the main hall is ready. As soon as the auspicious time arrives, we can perform the wedding ceremony!”

Butcher Liu and Uncle Xie also entertained Eldest Li and the others. Many adults and children from the village gathered at Xu’s gate to join in the excitement. No matter what gifts they brought, they were all welcomed by Liu Ama and Xie Ama. Wei Ama also distributed the prepared snacks to the children who were saying auspicious words.

Slowly, more and more guests filled the courtyard. Although most of them were spectators, it didn’t dampen Xie Ama’s joyful mood at all. The more people at the wedding, the more auspicious it was!

As the auspicious time approached, Xie Ama and Liu Ama entered the new room and assisted Xu Qing, who was covered in a red veil, to the main hall for the wedding ceremony!

“The auspicious time has arrived! Please welcome the newlyweds!” With Uncle Xie’s shout, Xu Qing, dressed in red, appeared in front of everyone, causing Li Changfeng, who had been waiting, to blink.

Li Changfeng and Xu Qing stood shoulder to shoulder, facing the Xu parents’ memorial tablets. The ceremony began!



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