Chapter 24: The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

Li Changfeng panted and laid on Xu Qing’s body. He fiddled with the sweat-drenched hair a few times while Xu Qing was still absorbed in the aftermath. He was feeling drowsy after the exercise, he couldn’t speak for a while, letting Li Changfeng’s sweaty and strong body embrace him.

Li Changfeng put his arms around Xu Qing and pulled him over onto his chest; he was treating himself as his wife’s cushion. He looked at Xu Qing who was still a little lost and kissed the other’s full forehead stained with sweat contentedly. Thank you for reading on

“Are you okay?”

Li Changfeng looked at Xu Qing’s face that was still red, he gently put Xu Qing back on the bed, got up, and walked out of the room. He took a clean cloth and wiped Xu Qing’s body carefully. He then touched Xu Qing, whose eyes were already clear, on the head.

“Feeling better?”

Hearing Li Changfeng’s unconcealed triumph and teasing, Xu Qing shut his mouth tightly, not wanting to argue with the other, and also because he has no energy to move.

“The quilt and the sheets…!”

After listening to the soft voice of his wife, Li Changfeng immediately picked Xu Qing up wrapped in the quilt, removed the sheets full of love making traces, and made the bed using clean beddings. When everything was done, he dug out his wife from the quilt, got into bed together, and embraced his wife. Xu Qing, who was about to fall asleep, leaned in his arms.

“Go to sleep…”

Li Changfeng touched Xu Qing’s red nose and kissed him with distress. He looked at Xu Qing’s earrings and knew that his wife had suffered a bit today.

Xu Qing moved, rubbed his rose-tinted face in Li Changfeng’s arms, found a comfortable position, and continued to sleep. Li Changfeng pulled the warm quilt and wrapped the both of them tightly. It’s easy to catch a cold when you sweat.

Li Changfeng gazed at Xu Qing’s face completely free of those red bumps. When he opened Xu Qing’s red veil after entering the bridal chamber, he felt more sour than surprised and joyful. His Xu Qing is so good. He even wanted to hide his wife all for himself, but Li Changfeng also knew that Xu Qing must be unhappy if he restricted him. He thought he would just guard Xu Qing and simply spend the rest of their lives together.

The mountain village in the middle of the night was deafeningly quiet. Li Changfeng closed his eyes and let out a sigh of relief; he soon dozed off with his sweetly sleeping wife in his arms. If you’re not reading this on hololonovels, the ending will be missing.

Xu Qing woke up hungry at noon the next day. He felt a little sore in his lower back. He moved his body and found that it was clean without the sticky feeling he had before he fell asleep.

He knew that Li Changfeng had wiped him. He guessed he could forgive Li Changfeng a little bit for what he did last night.

“That guy has been a monk for a long time!”

Xu Qing straightened up tremblingly. He felt that his rear was weird, and his waist was sore! With a “pop”, Xu Qing fell back on the bed again, he couldn’t get up – He had a backache and his legs were weak. Xu Qing angrily threw the two booklets from beside the pillow onto the floor. It was all their fault, otherwise he wouldn’t be tossed into this condition.

Li Changfeng was making porridge. When he heard the sound from the room, he quickly opened the door and walked in.


Seeing Xu Qing lying flushed on the bed and staring at him with annoyance and anger, Li Changfeng smiled and scratched his nose. He was about to walk over when he accidently kicked the two booklets that Xu Qing had thrown off the bed.

“You can still laugh!”

Xu Qing furiously looked at Li Changfeng who picked up the booklets and smiled.

“I can’t get up!”

When Li Changfeng heard it, he put the booklet on the closet and sat next to his wife. He rubbed his big hands together, when they became warm, he stretched out into the bed and kneaded Xu Qing’s soft waist.

Xu Qing hummed comfortably, not to mention that Li Changfeng’s hands were strong, and the strength was just right.

“There there, yes yes yes!”

“Go up a bit, no, up!”

Li Changfeng’s eyes darkened when he heard his wife’s moans; he slowly rubbed his hand up according to Xu Qing’s request.

“Is it here?”

Without waiting for Xu Qing to respond, his hands moved up again, “Or here?”

Xu Qing, whose entire face blushed from Li Changfeng’s unruly paws, reacted sensitively.


The delicate whisper made Li Changfeng to smile lightly. After a whole night of contact, he certainly knew how the owner of this voice was feeling, and he began to further his attacks.


Xu Qing’s face became even redder! He simply didn’t have the face to look at Li Changfeng anymore.

Li Changfeng was also taken aback. He looked at Xu Qing’s stomach under the quilt and removed his hands from the other’s body. He blamed himself, “I should have known you’d be hungry by now. Wait a little bit!”

Soon, Xu Qing smelled something fragrant, which made his already noisy belly to growl louder!

He noticed Li Changfeng enter the room with a bowl of porridge in his hand. Xu Qing was a glutton for food, even if it was simply basic porridge. Li Changfeng saw the eagerness in Xu Qing’s eyes. He helped Xu Qing to sit up and lifted the quilt for him.

“Come, I’ll feed you!”

Xu Qing wanted to say that he could eat by himself, but he stopped after stretching his arm out – he was not wearing any clothes. Li Changfeng had to feed him spoon by spoon until the bottom of the bowl was reached. Xu Qing licked the corner of his mouth. He still wanted more.

“You can’t eat too much. You have to eat lighter today!” Although Li Changfeng wanted his wife to eat his fill, he remembered Xie Ama told him last night that Xu Qing must only eat porridge today. The reason behind made Li Changfeng felt distressed, but he had no choice.

Xu Qing was not angry either, but he looked at the bowl, taken away by Li Changfeng, with a little regret. He just did intense activities, and he knew it was good for him to eat lighter food.

Xu Qing had already dressed himself when Li Changfeng returned. He was preparing to comb his hair in front of the bronze mirror Liu Ama had given him. Just when he was going to grab the comb, he noticed the small wooden box carved with some patterns next to it. Xu Qing picked it up and opened it to see a pair of silver hairpins inside, simple but elegant.

It was the token of love that Li Changfeng gave him last night. He was taken aback initially. At first glance, the silver hairpins appeared to be rather pricey. He remembered that Li Changfeng had previously handed him all of his money. He was also aware of the situation at the Li family, but what surprised him even more was Li Changfeng giving him more money: 20 taels of silver.

A pair of big hands took the wooden comb under Xu Qing’s eyes; Li Changfeng brushed Xu Qing’s long dark hair.

“I’ll do it for you.”

Xu Qing put down the wooden box and looked at Li Changfeng who was clumsily combing his hair, “You don’t have to.”

Li Changfeng smiled and slowly brushed the long hair that had some knots. The hairstyle of a ger before and after the marriage is different. Before the marriage, you would directly pull the hair into a bun and fix it with whatever. After marriage, the hair is combed into half a bun and tied together, and then fixed with hairpins or hair tie.

Unlike Xu Qing and Li Changfeng’s continuous affection, the atmosphere inside the Li’s courtyard can be said to be low pressure.

“You are saying that the ger who married your second brother is the “ugly ger” from Xingfu Village?” Mother Li asked in a gloomy tone to the two Li brothers who had just woke up from alcohol.

Li Laoyi nodded; he didn’t expect the person to be the “ugly ger” either.

Li Laosan, who was enjoying his wife’s head massage, also nodded.

“This … this is going to piss me off!” Mother Li was shaking all over. His second son, now the recruited husband, went and meet “the ugly ger” and really agreed to marry in. He clearly knew that the other was that “ugly ger” and still get married.

Li Xiaoer was also not happy, how can that “ugly ger” be a good match for his second brother!

Old man Li shook his dry tobacco, stood up and picked up the hoe. “Husband, what are you doing?” Mother Li stood up and looked at Old Man Li.

“Go to the field! What else can I do?” After speaking, he left the door without looking at the ugly face of his wife, “Eldest, third, there is rice in the pot, bring it to the field.” The second child is no longer living with them. There was extra rice in the pot.

Li Laoyi and Li Laosan looked at their mother, and when they saw that he hadn’t spoken, they went into the kitchen to eat breakfast. Chen Qi poured too much wine yesterday at the wedding. They didn’t know how they even came back. Li Laoyi’s wife brought the children over. Li Laosan’s child was still young so, he was carried by Wang Li.

“Umm…” Li Xiao’er stepped forward and tugged his eldest brother’s sleeve. When Li Laoyi was pulled by his little brother, he slightly jolted, which startled Li Xiao’er, so he asked “Are you okay?! “

“How could I be okay! How reluctant was second brother to stay in this house that he would rather go marry “the ugly ger” than marry a wife home.”

“I don’t know how much you drank last night! Last night you were sent back by Butcher Liu and didn’t even wake up!” Chen Qi, who also just got up, was scolded by his wife.

“I was angry with Li Laosan! So, I tried my best to get him drunk. I didn’t know that the eldest Li would help him drink. If it wasn’t because of him, Changfeng wouldn’t have entered the door of “the ugly ger”!”

Chen Qi’s wife was surprised, “the ugly ger? The one from Xingfu Village?”

There was a sound of footsteps in the room, and they saw Chen Hong, with a haggard face, looking at Chen Qi.

Chen Qi stood up immediately, “Xiao Hong, is your body better?!”

Chen Hong nodded absentmindedly, “Brother, did you say that brother Changfeng married the ugly ger from Xingfu village?” Chen Qi didn’t think much, “That’s right. I heard his real name being called yesterday though. It was … Xu Qing … brother Qing that’s what they called him.”

“Why? How could Brother Changfeng agree to marry the ugly ger?” Chen Hong couldn’t believe it. Brother Changfeng was so excellent, how could he have chosen someone like that!

“I don’t know what Li Changfeng was thinking either,” Chen Qi muttered. When he visited the hall yesterday, Li Changfeng looked very happy, not at all reluctant. Was it because he has been single for so long that he was just happy to get married?

“Just marrying our little brother would have been better than marring the ugly ger.”

“CHEN QI!!!”

“What are you saying, you bastard?!”

This sound wasn’t from Chen Qi’s wife, but mother Chen who has just got back home.

Chen Ama stepped forward and slapped Chen Qi’s face hard, shocking Chen Qi’s wife and Chen Hong.

“I can’t let you change this casual mouth! Your little brother is an innocent unmarried ger. If your words are passed on! How can he continue to live?!” Chen Ah didn’t hold back on his slap, it was heavy handed, and Chen Qi’s face was blushing with hand prints.

Chen Qi was beaten up, which he hadn’t been for many years. His mother taught him a lesson, and he was about to speak, he was startled by mother Chen’s roar.

Chen Qi’s wife smacked Chen Qi who was still in a daze, “What are you still doing in a daze?”

“Sorry, ah, Xiaohong. It’s … it’s my fault! I can’t change it! Can’t change this stupid mouth!” Chen Qi scratched his ears and mumbled to his wife, who was panting from anger, and then he apologized to Chen Hong with tears.

Chen Qi’s wife looked distressed but did not console his husband. The man has a problem, and he had to change. Chen Ama was afflicted looking at Chen Qi’s behavior. He was still angry. Expressionlessly, he pulled Chen Hong back to his home.

“Look at you! Come here, I’ll apply medicine for you!” Chen Qi’s wife touched her man’s red and swollen cheek and pulled him to their room.

Chen Hong, who was dragged by his mother, was thinking of Chen Qi’s words this whole time; his brother thought so too, but why didn’t brother Changfeng think that way?

“Forget about him,” Chen Ama looked at his son’s expression and knew what the other was thinking.

“Umm …” Chen Hong looked at his mother with teary eyes. Is it that easy to forget someone you like for so many years just because you want?”

Chen Ama sighed, “Li Changfeng is already married. With your look and character, I’m not afraid that you won’t be able to find a better one.”

Chen Hong shook his head painfully. Even if he was so good, brother Changfeng didn’t want him, but chose “the ugly ger.” Even if he meets someone better, it is not Li Changfeng!

Looking at Chen Hong’s appearance, Chen Ama felt a bit angry for iron for not becoming steel. His heart was so painful.


Xu Qing stared at the bathtub in front of him, “Oh my God, it’s a pity that you didn’t become a carpenter!” When he mentioned he wanted to take a good bubble bath, he was only complaining a little. Li Changfeng remained silent but said, “understood,” before casually asking about Xu Qing’s preferences for the design of the bath tub and so on. Later in the afternoon, Li Changfeng cut wood from the back mountain, and when he came back, he started making the bathtub right in front of Xu Qing.

Li Changfeng was carving patterns on the outside of the tub, they looked quite good and beautiful. “When I was thirteen years old, once my family’s work was done, I secretly went to the town to do chores for woodworkers, and eventually learned some simple things.”

Xu Qing thought of the twenty-five taels of silver that Li Changfeng had handed to him last night, and felt a little sour.

Although he knew that the peasant children had to grow up faster, he still felt distressed for Li Changfeng.

“What else can you make?” Was he thinking about working as a carpenter?

“Wardrobes, cupboards, and stools, I can do simple things.” Li Changfeng moved the bath tub to a place where the sun hadn’t dissipated. He then went to the firewood shed, brought the woods he collected earlier, and chopped them into pieces, which would make it easier to use as firewood this way.

Xu Qing thought about modern furniture, and his eyes became brighter. If the modern furniture designs are slightly modified and sold in this place, they would make some decent money.

Xu Qing, who was about to talk about it with Li Changfeng, choked as soon as he looked up.

Li Changfeng was working hard chopping the firewood. He felt a little hot, so he took off his shirt and kept a strapless jacket. As soon as he raised his axe, the strong biceps on his arms appeared brightly in Xu Wing’s eyes, reminding him of how he was fiddled by those powerful arms last night. The sweat from Li Changfeng’s head slid down his chiseled jaw until it reached his chest, all the way down to the toned abdominal muscles.

Xu Qing swallowed subconsciously, and Li Changfeng naturally felt the scorching gaze. He raised the corners of his mouth and turned in a direction that would show off his sturdy body completely in the eyes of a wolf surnamed Xu. He was satisfied, looking at Xu Qing, who was almost drooling.

“Satisfied?” A deep and hoarse voice sounded in Xu Qing’s ears, even the voice was so charming. Xu Qing nodded absentmindedly, until he heard Li Changfeng’s low laughter. Only then he woke up. Shame! What a shame!!!

“After two days when your body recovers, I’ll give make sure to satisfy you, don’t worry!”

Listening to Li Changfeng’s meaningful words, Xu Qing blushed and roared, “Who’s worried! I’m not worried!”

“Yes, yes, it’s me who’s anxious. It’s me.” Li Changfeng’s words only made Xu Qing more embarrassed. He felt that he was too irrational, but he was not in a hurry.

As the sun was basking on himself in the afternoon, Xu Qing became a little sleepy. He yawned and moved his butt on the stool; his waist was still sore a bit. It didn’t take long for Li Changfeng to finish chopping most of the firewood. Xu Qing was a little surprised, “Sure enough, when there is a laborer at home, it’s is different!”

When Li Changfeng heard this sentence, he thought again of how Xu Qing’s life alone was really bitter! He just chopped a little firewood and moved Xu Qing like this! (Xu Qing: “…who was moved?”)

“What are you doing?” Xu Qing looked at Li Changfeng who was holding a shovel, after he had piled up the firewood, with some confusion.

Li Changfeng used the shovel to firm up the soil loosened by Xu Qing in the yard little by little. There is no need to grow vegetables in the front of the yard. After the spring season, the rain is relatively heavy, and it is easy to accumulate water and could potentially damage the house.

Li Changfeng didn’t say it directly, instead he casually said a few words, “there were a lot of guests here yesterday, and the ground was all stepped on.” He just didn’t want Xu Qing to worry about such menial matters.

Looking at the loose “vegetable field” in the yard that was trampled by the guests, Xu Qing agreed with Li Changfeng in his heart, but he remembered that the seeds in the space were almost ready to be planted!

“How often do we have to plant the fields? Before I ate by myself so, I only planted one acre. After paying the tax and grain, it was enough for the whole year. The vegetable field is also the same. I only planted a little land around the house, and it’s sufficient for one person to eat, but there are two people. I think we can plant more on the remaining land!” Xu Qing softly summarized the situation to Li Changfeng; they are already a family.

Li Changfeng wiped the sweat from his forehead. After finishing the last piece of land, he put away the shovel and washed his hands by the well. “After I loosen the fields in the next few days, I can plant them. I checked this morning, the field that was originally planted was also filled with water. It is estimated that it will be completely loosened for planting in two days. Then I will dig up the field a little more, it will be easier to plant!”

Xu Qing took the face-washing towel, handed to Li Changfeng, and asked him to wash his face, which suppressed the enthusiasm a bit.

“Are you feeling better?” Li Changfeng pulled Xu Qing and stretched out his big hand to rub his wife’s waist. “It’s better. By the way, what do you want to eat tonight?” Xu Qing, enjoying Li Changfeng’s warmth, lazily leaned on the other’s still slightly sweaty chest.

“Porridge!” Xu Qing can only eat light things. “I can drink porridge; I was asking what you want to eat.” Xu Qing pulled down the big hands that was rubbing him and handed the clothes that Li Changfeng had taken off. It’s easy to catch a cold with the wind blowing.

“Drink porridge with you!”

Li Changfeng put on his clothes neatly and pulled Xu Qing, who was rolling his eyes at him, back to the house.

“You stay at home and rest. I’ll go cut pigweed, and I’ll be back soon.” After kissing Xu Qing’s cheek, Li Changfeng put on the basket on his back and went out.

Xu Qing didn’t want to go to sleep anymore. He slept in until noon today. It was good for his body to move around. He also couldn’t let Li Changfeng drink porridge with him.

There were some leftovers from the wedding banquet, which Li Changfeng ate for lunch. Xu Qing plans to cook fish. Of course, he would have to ask Li Changfeng to catch the fish when he comes back. It is difficult to go downhill to the riverside with his still shaking legs.

Looking at the three cabbages that were not used up, Xu Qing felt a little embarrassed. It was impossible for him and Li Changfeng to eat all three cabbages in a day, but if they didn’t eat them, the cabbages would be spoiled tomorrow morning.

“Hey, I can make kimchi.” There are only pickles in this world, no kimchi.

This is it. Xu Qing found two small jars and washed them. He filled the pot with water and dropped some spring water inside. The food would taste better with the spring water. He then started the stove. It didn’t take long for the water in the pot to boil. When Xu Qing was about to start washing the jars with boiled hot water, Li Changfeng returned.

“Why don’t you wait for me to come back to do it? You need to rest more.” Li Changfeng held Xu Qing’s hand, that was reaching over to open the lid, and sat him on the stool, “It wasn’t your fault!”

“No, no, it’s my fault. Tell me what you are going to do, and I will do it!” Li Changfeng removed the lid and looked at the boiling water inside. He thought Xu Qing was going to take a bath, but the tub would have to be dried for two days first.

“Scoop some hot water and rinse the two jars on the table.” Xu Qing said straightforwardly. He was happy to have free labor at the request.

Li Changfeng, according to Xu Qing’s words, meticulously cleansed the jar, making Xu Qing to nod with satisfaction. He was worried the man would not do his job carefully.

“Wait for the hot water from the pot to cool before pouring it into the vegetable bowl.  There is still some time now. Go out to the river and catch me a big spiny fish.” He chased Li Changfeng out of the kitchen as he was afraid the other would persuade him not to eat spiny fish.

However, Li Changfeng didn’t say anything. He just picked up the wooden barrel next to the well, said goodbye to Xu Qing, and left. His wife is no better than his little brother. Although he lived alone and supported himself by relying on the mountain and river, he still wanted the spiny fish they used to catch and play when they were young.

Li Changfeng’s speed was very fast. Before the hot water in the vegetable bowl had completely cooled down, he returned with a few fish. “I’m afraid that one fish is not enough for you to play with, so I caught a few more.” His trousers were a little wet from the river, but the rest of his body was still dry.

Hearing this, Xu Qing wanted to roll his eyes again, who said he wanted to play with fish! “You go feed the piglet first, and then I’ll tell you what else to do.” He couldn’t prep the fish too early, or the smell of fish will linger in the air the whole time. This translator thanks you for reading my translation on the original website.

After Li Changfeng finished feeding the piglet and cleaned the pigpen several times, the water in the pot had completely cooled down.

“Divide the water into two portions and fill the jar with half of it. Yes, pour a little bit more, that’s it!”

“Wash these three cabbages, then remove the leaves and stems before slicing them into strips!” As he witnessed Li Changfeng’s deft knife skills, Xu Qing couldn’t help but applaud.

“Is this okay?” Li Changfeng stopped and let Xu Qing take a look. It was not until his wife nodded that Li Changfeng continued to cut.

“Cut these into gingers into pieces, throw them into the jar, and also these…,” Xu Qing grabbed the whole peppers that had yet to be grounded, “put these in too.”

Although Li Changfeng felt strange about the smell of pepper, he didn’t ask. He was a little expectant what it would taste like when the food was ready.

“Add more salt!” Salt is very important in making kimchi, and the salt here is not expensive; every family has it so, it was ok to add more.

“Throw away these unused cabbage pieces, put the leaves in one jar, and the stems in another jar.”

Li Changfeng finished prepping everything according to Xu Qing’s instructions. “Now, pour a little bit of water on top and close the lid. We can eat it tomorrow night!” He added the spring water, and the kimchi would be cured faster.

After Li Changfeng placed the jar on the shelf in the utility room, he killed a big fish according to Xu Qing’s instructions, “Did you eat this before?” Li Changfeng sounded a bit confused.

“I know what you are thinking. After you have eaten the fish I made, maybe you will catch me fish every day and ask me to make it!” Xie Ama said that his fish-cooking technique was getting better and better, and uncle Xie would catch a fish or two from time to time asking Xie ama to cook it for him.

“Let me help you. Just tell me what to do.” Since Xu Qing said that he can cook this spiny fish, Li Changfeng followed Xu Qing and helped the other to cook it. If the taste is not good, he will make more money in the future to let Xu Qing eat a meal with real meat. The days will be better, but for now, he can’t make his wife angry.

“Don’t just talk about it!” Xu Qing looked at the fish in the pot, teasing Li Changfeng.

Li Changfeng didn’t argue, “By the way, I ran into Uncle Xie this morning. He told me to come catch the baby chicks tomorrow!”

Xu Qing almost forgot about the chicken! “They already hatched?! I forgot about it!”

“It’s been a while since the chicks were hatched, but they needed some time to adjust before moving to a different location. Otherwise, not many would survive if moved too early” His wife is really amazing; the fish dish is exuding a tempting fragrance. He didn’t know the spiny fish can be made into such a delicacy, which is no worse than pork.

“Then we will go to Xie Ama’s house to catch it when we return home tomorrow!” Catch it early and eat chicken early!


After taking two sips of porridge and delicious fish, Xu Qing went to bed after washing. He had to wake up early tomorrow morning.

Holding his warm wife at night, Li Changfeng was a little frustrated. Once he tasted meat, he really couldn’t bear even the littlest of teasing. Just holding the soft wife like this, even when Xu Qing was not doing anything, Li Changfeng had a reaction. He could control himself though; his wife’s wellbeing is still more important.

The newlyweds must visit the family the next day after the wedding. When Xu Qing woke up early in the morning, there was no one beside him. He looked out the window and saw it was still so early, but where did this man go? After getting dressed and walking into the kitchen, Xu Qing was even more puzzled when he saw the breakfast that had already been prepared. Where is this person? It didn’t take long before Li Changfeng brought back an old hen from nowhere.

“Did you go to the Wei’s house to catch it?” Li Changfeng said last night that he would take care of Wei family’s wedding gift before they left for the visit to his family, and asked Xu Qing not to worry about it.

Wei Lao Er, the second son of the Wei family in the village, and Li Changfeng were also good brothers in the military camp. Yesterday, Wei Lao Er also joined other people in the fun at Xu Qing’s place, only to realize later that the groom was Li Changfeng.

Knowing that Li Changfeng can do some woodwork, when Wei Lao Er saw Li Changfeng at the wedding, he asked if he could get two big wardrobes made for him. Li Changfeng agreed, and didn’t ask for the payment, but Wei Lao Er stubbornly disagreed. So, Li Changfeng just asked him if there were any chickens in the Wei family, and the other said yes, so Li Changfeng asked him to give him an old hen in exchange for two big wardrobes.

Last night, Li Changfeng reported this matter to Xu Qing. He and Wei Lao Er were assigned to the same place in the barracks. In the past few years, the two have become more compatible, so Wei Lao Er’s wardrobe for his marriage, Li Changfeng didn’t want to talk about money.

“Don’t say, this old hen is not small! As expected, Wei Ama’s son is just as straightforward as he is!” Xu Qing looked at the old hen that was constantly “cackling”, and thought deeply. Satisfied, Li Changfeng moved over.

Xu Qing was afraid that no one in the village knew Li Changfeng well and he would feel lonely. Now he was relieved. At least, besides himself, there were people who could talk to Li Changfeng.

Mother Li got up early in the morning. He was wearing a blue dress that he would only wear on holidays, with neatly combed hair, he sat in the hall waiting. Old man Li did not go out to work either. Today is the day his second son and the new daughter-in-law would return. Everyone in the Li family is at home.Thank you for reading on

The Li siblings all wore clothes that were seldom worn on ordinary days. They stored these clothes cleanly and only took out to wear to greet the second brother’s wife formally. It was also to give face to Li Changfeng.

“Come! Coming!” The second son of eldest Li, who was waiting at the courtyard gate, looked at a ox cart, not far from the door of the house, coming towards this side. He saw his second uncle on it, so he hurried back and reported.

When they heard that the two newlyweds were approaching, everyone adjusted their sitting postures.

“Father, mother, eldest brother, third brother, Xiao’er, eldest sister-in-law, and second sister-in-law, this is my wife, Xu Qing.”

Li family members stared at Xu Qing, whose face was white and tender, with big bright eyes, a sweet smile. They were all dumbfounded, this is really “the ugly ger?” Xu Qing’s face showed a happy expression. The people back in his village have spread the news that he was no longer ugly, but it seemed the news hasn’t reached outside village.

“Wife, this is my father, mother, eldest brother and his family, the third brother and his wife, and this is my youngest brother.” Li Changfeng proceeded to carefully pointed out the children to Xu Qing to let him know who was who.

“Umm, father, this is what Changfeng and I brought. May the two elders be healthy. Wishing you all the best.”

Xu Qing asked Li Changfeng to bring out the old hen and asked the old man Li to accept it. He then took out a few pieces of new fabric and distributed among mother Li, the sisters-in-law, and Li Xiaoer, “This is the color I chose, and I don’t know if it matches your preferences.”

“Hey, we’re all a family, stop staying such words like a stranger,” mother Li looked at Xu Qing who was completely different from what he had imagined, closed his mouth, and pretended to be angry.

As soon as mother Li’s words of accepting Xu Qing, the others started to talk and laugh. The couple received the red envelope from the old Li couple. Xu Qing also handed out candies to the children.

The peasant family paid little attention to etiquette; when the children got the sweets that they usually couldn’t eat much, they ran out to find their friends to show off. The sisters-in-law were also happy to receive such good fabrics. They were very happy in their hearts thinking they could make new clothes for their own husband and children. Li Xiao’er was also happy, there is no ger who doesn’t love new clothes.

“At first glance, I knew you’re a good person. We, the Li family, don’t talk much, but we are honest. If the second child bullies you, we won’t forgive him and let him come back. Live your life well, in the future, have a few children.” The more Li Laoyao saw Xu Qing, the more satisfied he became. Thinking of the child’s parents no longer alive, and his tone became more loving!

Xu Qing smiled and nodded; he thought the old man was upright and felt happy.

“This is my room before I married you.” Li Changfeng took Xu Qing to visit his old room.

“Your youngest brother looks to be at the age of marriage, he should live in this big room now that you moved out.” Xu Qing didn’t think Li Changfeng was much older than Li Xiao’er.

“Second brother, second sister-in-law, are you guys coming to eat?” Li Xiaoer knocked on the open door and looked at the two with a smile. He originally thought that “the ugly ger” was not worthy of being with his second brother, but now looking at such a beautiful Xu Qing, he feels that his second brother was lucky.


“Where are you going?!” Chen Ama looked at Chen Hong who was walking to the courtyard gate.

Chen Hong shook hands and said calmly, “To pick vegetables!”

“Chen Qi’s wife!”

“Yes, mother,” Chen Qi’s wife, who was preparing for lunch, heard Chen Ama’s call and hurried out.

“Are there enough vegetables for lunch today?” Chen Ama stared at Chen Hong, who was trembling slightly, and asked Chen Qi’s wife.

“Enough, I just picked a lot today,” Chen Qi’s wife didn’t think much about and answered. She thought mother Chen was asking because she was afraid of not having enough food!

“I thought it was not enough. Xiao Hong was going to pick some more. Then, you continue cooking, Xiao Hong, you go and help.” Don’t think that he doesn’t know what his own son wants to do. Today is the day Li Changfeng and his wife were visiting the Li family. He knew Chen Hong Just wanted to go see Li Changfeng.

Chen Hong knew that his intention was seen through by Chen Ama. So what if he wanted to secretly take a look at Li Changfeng and Xu Qing? He just wanted to see why Li Changfeng was willing to go marry “the ugly ger.”

“Hurry up!”

Chen Qi’s wife discovered that the atmosphere between Chen Ama and Chen Hong was not right. He wiped his hands, stepped forward and gently pulled Chen Hong, “Go in, otherwise Ama will be angry!” Click “NEXT” at the bottom of the page for the actual ending.

Chen Hong looked up at mother Chen Ah, whose face showed full of warnings and dissatisfaction. With a twitch, Chen Hong was dragged into the kitchen by Chen Qi’s wife. His own mother had never looked at himself with that kind of eyes. Did he really disappoint his mother? He has worked so hard to be with Li Changfeng, is it all really useless? He doesn’t believe it!


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Anyway, finally everyone knows Xu Qing is no longer the ugly ger. Rude of them to call people like that though.


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