Chapter 13 (Part 1): The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

“Don’t say anything anymore. I won’t agree. There is no such unfilial son in the Li family.”

Li Changfeng was still sitting without raising his head, “after dividing the family, I will still look after my parents, uh, it’s just that separation will help the younger brother and the other children in the family.”

Li Xiao’er’s eyes were full of tears. Although he was the only ger in the family, the only brother who always treated him well sincerely was his second brother.

Li Laoyao was a little confused. He looked at Li Xiao’er, who was crying, and thought about his own situation, “what are you even worried about the children?”

“What about the two children of the eldest brother? They are not young; they would get married in a few years.” Li Changfeng did not argue with Li Laoyao, but presented the family situation in front of him bit by bit. Stolen from ho lo lo novels. Let him know that the population of this family is going to be much bigger. There will simply not enough room for everyone. Also, for the future dowry of Li Xiao’er, the family cannot even afford to build a house. Although Li Laosan is a scholar with fame and talent, he stops there – proud and arrogant. The third son didn’t want to teach the children in the village, but he didn’t work hard enough either.

Li Xiao’er‘s heart sunk as he listened. He could see that the eldest sister-in-law and the third sister-in-law have children, and they both would only think of their own children. It is inevitable that there will be constant friction and conflict between the third and second brothers. Alas, why did they even agree the marriage between the third brother and Wang Li in the first place?

Li Changfeng awkwardly wiped away the tears of Li Xiao’er and touched his little brother’s head, “what are you crying, already this old.”

Li Xiao’er listened and forced himself to show a smile that was uglier than crying, “second brother, please don’t divide the house. Just let the person come to the door. Why would I do after you separate? If the second brother doesn’t want me anymore, what would I do?”

“Is that the reason?”

Li Laoyao signed, “I just don’t understand. I went to the market, and saw you, without doing anything, I waited for you at home, I also accepted the person you chose and agreed to you being recruited. Why are you still persisting on separating?”

“Be honest, did that person tell you to separate?” Father Li felt that this was the case. This would explain everything about the second child being so unyielding; that person is not a good one. They haven’t even married yet, but he started to sow discord.

“It’s not him; it was my own decision.”

Li Changfeng stood up, put the stool aside, walked towards the yard, and said as he was leaving “when the third brother was arguing about separating the other day, I had already made a decision.”

“Speaking of which, you still can’t forgive the third and his wife, can’t you?”

Li Laoyao looked at the back of Li Changfeng leaving and asked, but Li Changfeng didn’t even turn his head. He had to go help a family in the village build their house. It was a matter of repaying favor.

“Ughhh, didn’t I say that that person was not very good. You just had to let the third brother make a mess and let him marry that Wang Li. What did the second brother do wrong? He doesn’t owe the third brother.”

Li Xiao’er cried to Li Laoyao.  How much he longed for his brother to come back in the past five years? How much he hated it when he had to accept the marriage of his third brother?

“Yes, I’m so confused. How did they repay second brother? How?” 

In fact, Li Changfeng no longer thought about Wang Li. He just wanted to stop the rumors in the village and let his family live a good life, but he didn’t want his father and the little brother to be wronged.

Xu Qing didn’t know what happened in the Li family’s yard. He was plowing the soil in the space planting rice seeds bought from the market. No matter what the era, food is indispensable.

Plow the ground, plant a few seedlings together, and wait for a few days to let the rice seedlings to grow. Dear, please only read on ho lo lo novels, yeah? He would plant them in the space and also in the paddy field outside. The yield from the original crop field would have to be handed in for the taxation. It was only enough for that purpose, and Father Xu did not plant that many paddies anyway. In order to prevent future shortage, Xu Qing decided to grow rice in the space before planting on the land outside. After all, the growth in the space is much faster than it is on the outside, and also more seedlings can survive there.

“Ah, so exhausting!”  Xu Qing, who just came out of the space, was already sweating profusely. It has been a long time since he had exerted that much effort. His body was getting weaker and weaker.

It was already evening, but the sun was still shining. The afterglow scattered throughout the village, and looking at it from a distance, he felt comfortable and calm in his heart. 


“So hungry. I really want to eat fish. Fish? … The river!”

Xu Qing then remembered that there was a big river at the foot of his house. In the memory of the original body, few people eat fish, because it was easy to get the bone stuck, and the smell was too strong, as well as the trouble of handling the fish. So, not many are willing to eat fish.


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  1. sadiewoods9 says:

    Separating is the best option. Why stay here and suffer? The choice on who to favor wa already made long ago. Why prolong the misery and fighting? Just because you don’t want people to talk? Well, what do you think they said after the wife stealing scandal?

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

    1. Old people care about losing face and whatnot a lot it seems. But like the number of family members are slowly exploding. They don’t even have enough money to build more rooms and whatnot. Father Li being silly 🤦‍♀️

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    Thanks so much for translating this story, I’m really enjoying it so far. There are no incomprehensible characters and no dog blood drama. Just blossoming romance and hints of further land development. This new format doesn’t seem compatible with my night mode but oh well I can’t think of a better way for you to protect your work. Looking forward to more ❤️

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