Chapter 13 (Part 1): The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

“What’s the use of saying anything? I don’t agree. Our Li family will never have a disrespectful son who divides the family!”

Li Changfeng remained seated, not lifting his head. “Even if we divide the family, I will still support Father and Mother. It’s just that doing so will also benefit our younger brother and Big Brother’s children.”

Tears welled up in Li Xiao’er’s eyes. Although he was the only (ger)son in the family, his brother was the only one who truly cared for him.

Li Ama didn’t feel quite right seeing Li Xiao’er crying like that. Considering their family’s circumstances, he said, “Why worry about all this? Third Brother has the reputation of being a scholar, and there are plenty of unmarried gers who would want to marry our family’s son.”

“What about Big Brother’s two children? They’re not young anymore. They should get married in a few years too!” Li Changfeng didn’t argue with Li Ama, but instead laid out the situation of the family, step by step, making him understand that the family was growing, and the houses were not enough to accommodate everyone. Additionally, there was not enough resources to build a new house for the future dowry of Li Xiao’er. Although Third Brother had the reputation of a scholar, he had limited success and was too proud to teach the village children or do hard labor.

The more Li Ama listened, the heavier his heart became. He could see all of this. Both the wife of the eldest son and the wife of the third son had children, and they naturally prioritized their own children. Conflicts were inevitable. The third son also had conflicts with the second son. Ah, why did he agree to the marriage between the third son and Li Wangshi in the first place?

Li Changfeng clumsily wiped away Li Xiao’er’s tears and patted his younger brother’s head. “Why cry? You’re already grown up.”

Upon hearing this, Li Xiao’er forced himself to display a smile even more unpleasant than crying. “Brother, don’t divide the family. Just go ahead and marry. Why divide the family? If your future wife doesn’t want you anymore, what will you do then?”

“Isn’t that the truth?”

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Li Ama sighed deeply. “I just don’t understand. You went to the market, and you said you wanted to marry into the family. It’s fine. Ama blesses you and agrees, but why are you also talking about dividing the family?”

“Honestly, is it because that person asked you to divide the family before marrying?!” Li Ama felt that such words could explain everything about what second son is doing. That person might be a small-minded person! He hasn’t even married the second son, and he’s already sowing discord!

“It’s not because of him. It’s my own decision.”

Li Changfeng stood up, moved the chair aside, and walked towards the courtyard. As he walked, he said, “When Third Brother insisted on dividing the family that day, I had already made up my mind.”

“After all is said and done, it’s because you can’t let go of Third Brother and his wife’s matter, isn’t it?!” Li Ama watched Li Changfeng’s departing figure and questioned, but Li Changfeng didn’t even turn his head. He had to go help a family in the village build a house, a favor that needed to be returned.

“Ama! I’ve always said that kind of person is no good! But you just had to fall for Third Brother’s charm and let Li Wangshi marry into the family! What did Second Brother do wrong?! He doesn’t owe anything to Third Brother!”

Li Xiao’er sobbed uncontrollably, unable to speak. Five years ago, how much he hoped for his second brother to come back, and how much he resented him for not coming back when he heard about Third Brother’s marriage!

“Yes, I’ve truly been foolish. How did I enable them? How did I enable them?!”

In fact, Li Changfeng hadn’t been thinking about the Wang family’s son at all. He just wanted to block the village rumors and let his family live a good life. However, he didn’t expect Li Ama and Li Xiao’er to misunderstand him.

Xu Qing had no idea what was happening in the Li family courtyard. He was digging the ground in the field, planting the rice seeds he had bought from the market. Regardless of the era, food was indispensable.

After preparing the soil, Xu Qing formed several seedlings into mud balls and placed them together. After a few days, when the rice seedlings grew, he could transplant them into the space and the outside paddy fields. The original owner’s grain production was only enough to sustain himself after paying taxes, but it wasn’t as abundant as Xu Qing’s father’s. To prevent this problem, Xu Qing decided to plant the seedlings in the space before transplanting them to the field.

After all, the growth inside the space was much faster and had a higher survival rate compared to the outside.

“Phew, I’m really tired!”

Xu Qing was already sweating profusely as he stepped out of the space. He hadn’t exerted himself like this in a long time; he was becoming more and more delicate.

It was already evening, and it had been a sunny day. The afternoon glow bathed the entire village, giving a comfortable and serene feeling from a distance.

“Gurgle, gurgle…”

“So hungry… I really want to eat fish… Fish? The river!”

Only then did Xu Qing remember that there was a river not far from his doorstep. In the original owner’s memory, fish was rarely eaten because it was easy to get stuck in the bones, and the fishy smell was strong. If not handled properly, people wouldn’t want to eat it!


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  1. sadiewoods9 says:

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    Thanks for your hard work translating!

    1. Old people care about losing face and whatnot a lot it seems. But like the number of family members are slowly exploding. They don’t even have enough money to build more rooms and whatnot. Father Li being silly 🤦‍♀️

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