Chapter 12 (Part 2): The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

“Second brother! Second brother! Come here!”

As soon as Li Xiao’er and Father Li got home, Li Xiao’er waited at the gate of the courtyard for the second brother to come back to inform him.

“What’s the matter? Second brother didn’t bring you anything today! I will bring you something next time.”

Li Changfeng thought that Li Xiao’er wanted a gift so, he said with some embarrassment. Stolen chapter from ho lo lo novels. He forgot about it, and he had given Xu Qing all his money so, he had to find a way to do some work and earn some pocket money.

He also had to buy some gifts for Xu Qing, and also buy some for the Li Xiao’er at home along the way. He doesn’t know what Xu Qing likes; perhaps a handkerchief. Gers seem to like them very much, at least his younger brother does.

“Second brother, what do you think? Did you hear me?”

Li Xiao’er felt that he was simply anxious. His second brother looked dazed like his mind was somewhere else. He was talking about the situation at home, but his brother wasn’t listening at all.

Li Changfeng quickly withdrew everything in his mind, “Huh? I wasn’t paying attention. What were you saying?” He was a little embarrassed.  His younger brother was waiting for him at the gate, there must be something going on.

Li Xiao’er rolled his eyes at Li Changfeng, thinking about how this brother rarely ever was like this. Li Xiao’er was looking forward to gossip, “second brother, did you go on a blind date?”

Li Xiao’er knew that the situation between the second brother and his third brother‘s wife was very unfair. If his second brother can really find someone he likes, he will be very happy for him too.

“What did you just say?”

Li Changfeng asked the question which made Li Xiao’er‘s gossipy heart itchy, “you don’t know, we saw you in the blind date woods at the market. Ah, father was so angry so, we only bought meat and came back in a donkey cart. Father’s waiting for you in the hall way. His face is so dark so, be careful.”

Li Changfeng was not nervous. This was something that has to be done sooner or later anyway, “what about the others?”

“They went to the field. They’re doing the spring plowing so they all went out.”

“I’ll go in then. It’s OK.”

Li Changfeng soothed Li Xiao’er and entered the hell alone. Sure enough, father Li was sitting there with a serious face staring at Li Changfeng who was coming in.

“Where did you go? Father Li’s voice was a little low, which is what Li Changfeng is most familiar with. Generally speaking, his father‘s voice only becomes low when he is angry.

Li Changfeng walked up to Father Li and sat down calmly, “I went to the market.”

Father Li took a deep breath. His own son raised by him, how could he not see the firmness in Li Changfeng’s eyes.

“Who is it?”

Li Changfeng was silent because he didn’t want to tell others before he receives Xu Qing’s message and set a date for the wedding.

Seeing that Li Changfeng didn’t answer, father Li didn’t care. Dear, please only read on ho lo lo novels. He thought that if the second child became a recruited son in law because of the third child’s tossing at home, he would have to tear his own old face. He was unwilling. He looked at Li Changfeng’s face; he understood that this child was bothered by his third brother.

Father Li, in his heart, felt it was really a double-edged sword. On one hand, the second son was leaving the family and going to become a son-in-law in someone else’s house.

“How is the person?”

Father Li was beginning to worry about the other’s temperament. This meeting alone cannot be a decision-making factor to marry out the door. If the other party’s temperament it’s not good, The second son‘s life will not be easy. “Don’t judge people’s character from outside appearance. You need to weigh in pros and cons.”

He had already started looking for a suitable match for his son, and he was determined to find one. Otherwise, after a few months, the official match will happen. Now, he has nothing more to say. He just hopes that the other is a nice person and can take good care of his second child.

Li Changfeng remembered that he told Xu Qing he would separate from the family. The other person had no dissatisfaction or opinion at all, but instead, said he would ’raise’ him.

“He is very good, very kind, and has the right temperament.” After a pause, Li Changfeng added, “he looks good too.”

If Xu Qing heard this, he didn’t know if he would jump up. After all, when his face is not even completely healed, Li Changfeng already thinks that he is good looking.

“Also, ah, I want to split up.” Li Changfeng dropped the bomb.

As soon as Li Xiao’er finished cleaning up the dam, he heard the loud roar of father Li coming out of the hall. He shook his hand in fright and hurried into the hall.

“I disagree!” Father Li was going crazy. What is this? This recruited son, how could he think about dividing the family?

“Have you clearly thought about the separation of the family? What if something happens in the future? At least you will still have the old Li house as a place to go. Separating from the family, you … you can’t wait to leave the house? You want to break my old back.”

Hearing this, Li Xiao’er hurriedly ran to the seated Li Changfeng, “second brother are you really going to split up? What are you thinking?”


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