Chapter 12 (Part 2): The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

“Brother! Brother! Come here quickly!”

As soon as Li Xiao’er returned home, he stood at the entrance of the courtyard, waiting for his brother to return so he could pass on the message.

“What’s wrong? Second brother didn’t bring you anything today, I’ll bring something for you next time!”

Li Changfeng thought Li Xiao’er wanted a small gift, so he awkwardly said. He had forgotten about it, and besides, he had given all his money to Xu Qing. He needed to find a way to do some work and earn some pocket money.

He could also buy some small gifts for Xu Qing and for the younger brother at home. He didn’t know what Xu Qing liked. Handkerchiefs? The gers seemed to like them a lot, at least his younger brother at home was fond of them!

“Second brother, what are you thinking about! Did you hear what I said?!”

Li Xiao’er felt frustrated. His second brother seemed lost in thought, and he had been talking about the situation at home, but his second brother didn’t seem to be listening at all!

Li Changfeng quickly snapped out of his thoughts. “Uh, I didn’t pay attention. Could you repeat what you just said?” He felt a bit embarrassed. His younger brother was waiting for him at the courtyard entrance, so there must be something important.

Rolling his eyes at Li Changfeng’s absent-mindedness, Li Xiao’er had some expectations. “Second brother, did you go on a blind date?”

You see, he was quite unhappy about the arranged marriage between his second brother and Wang’s son. If his second brother could find someone he genuinely liked, he would be thrilled too!

“What were you about to say earlier?”

Li Changfeng changed the subject, making Li Xiao’er feel a bit resentful. “You don’t know? We just saw you entering the matchmaking grove at the market! Ama got angry and bought things before riding back on the donkey cart. He’s waiting for you in the main hall. His face was so dark, you better be careful!”

Li Changfeng remained calm. This was something that needed to be discussed sooner or later. “What about the others?”

“They went to the fields. It’s time for spring farming, and Father can’t sit idle, so everyone went out.”

“I’ll go in myself, no problem.”

Li Changfeng reassured Li Xiao’er and entered the main hall alone. As expected, Li Ama was sitting there with a serious expression, staring at Li Changfeng as he walked in.

“Where did you go?” Li Ama’s voice was low and deep. Li Changfeng was familiar with this tone. It was the tone his mother used when he was angry.

Li Changfeng calmly sat in front of Li Ama and replied, “I went to the market.”

Li Ama took a deep breath. His son was the one he raised, how could he not see the determination in Li Changfeng’s eyes?

“Whose son is it?” Li Ama asked.

Li Changfeng remained silent without thinking. Until the wedding date was set, he wouldn’t reveal Xu Qing’s identity.

Seeing Li Changfeng’s lack of response, Li Ama didn’t mind. He had initially thought that if his second son agreed to be married in due to the unrest with their third son’s wife, he would be reluctant. But looking at Li Changfeng’s expression, he understood. This child had probably developed feelings for the other person.

Li Ama’s heart was in turmoil. It was both icy and fiery. It was icy because his second son was leaving the Li family and becoming a son-in-law in someone else’s family. It was fiery because his second son had truly let go of the matter with his third brother’s wife and had someone else in his heart.

“So, how is this person?” Li Ama started to worry about the other person’s temperament. Becoming a son-in-law was different from marrying someone into the family. If the other person had a bad temperament, life would not be easy. “Don’t judge someone’s character based on their appearance. You must carefully consider it.”

He had already started arranging suitable matches for Li Changfeng and talking to him about marriage. Otherwise, in a few months, the official match would be arranged. But now, he had nothing more to say. He could only hope that the other person’s son would be easy to get along with and take care of his second son.

Li Changfeng remembered how he had discussed the idea of starting anew with Xu Qing, and the other person had shown no dissatisfaction or objections. Instead, Xu Qing said he wanted to “support” him!

“He is very good, kind-hearted, and compatible in temperament,” Li Changfeng paused and added, “He’s also good-looking!”

If Xu Qing heard this, who knows how ecstatic he would be! After all, Li Changfeng already found him incredibly attractive even before his face had fully healed.

“Also, Ama, I want to separate from the family,” Li Changfeng dropped a bombshell!

Li Xiao’er had just finished cleaning the courtyard when he heard a loud roar from the main hall. Startled, he trembled and quickly ran into the hall.

“I disagree!!”

Li Ama was on the verge of going crazy. What was this all about? He had tolerated the idea of a son-in-law, but now his son wanted to separate from the family!

“Do you even know that if we separate, what will happen to you in the future if something goes wrong? At least the Li family can be a refuge for you. But if you separate, you! You want to start anew! You’re cutting off your own path forward!!”

After Li Xiao’er heard this, he hurriedly approached Li Changfeng, who was sitting there, and asked, “Second Brother? Do you really want to separate from the family?! What are you thinking??”


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