Chapter 12 (Part 1): The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

“I still have the money to marry you.” Xu Qing returned the purse to Li Changfeng and said firmly. He was not so poor that he was gonna get married and had to ask his wife to give him the money. This is his dignity of a man.

“It’s OK. I will raise you anyway.” Li Changfeng insisted on life and death, saying something that made Xu Qing jump.

He has forgotten that his status in this world is equivalent to women in his previous world. He could even have a baby now.

When Xu Qing thought of his big belly, he started to have a cold sweat all over. It is terrible.

Seeing Xu Qing trembling, Li Changfeng thought he was feeling cold, “are you OK? The spring is a little cold, and the dew in the morning is heavy. It’s easy to catch a cold. Our wedding has to wait for me to finish separating from my family. Let’s go. Let’s go back. It will get colder if we stay for a long time.”

“Separate?” Xu Qing looked at Li Changfeng incomprehensively. He was going to be the recruited son-in-law anyway; why was he still thinking about separating from the family?

Li Changfeng knew what the person in front of him was thinking without even had to guess. “After the separation, even if something happens to the family in the future, I will already be married out, and there will be fewer conflicts in the family.”

Once his parents have an accident, the family would definitely split up anyway. Stolen from ho lo lo novels. As a man, as long as he didn’t split from the family, even if he ‘married’ out, he would still have to return to the family to share the burden.

“Married out? That sounds good.” Xu Qing smiled happily. Isn’t this just admitting to marry him?

Li Changfeng laughed stupidly when he saw the other person, remembering his decision, thinking that Xu Qing would be his own family in the future, he said, “me splitting from the family, what do you think about it?”

This is no longer his business alone. It is better to discuss with the other person. There are many brothers and children in the family, and the youngest brother is not even married yet. It is a relief for the family to separate from him, but it may be somewhat unfair to Xu Qing.

“OK, I can raise you anyway. I’m not concerned.” Xu Qing deliberately returned Li Changfeng’s words to raise him.

“No problem.” Li Changfeng allowed Xu Qing to go wild in his head. Sure enough, he did not choose the wrong person. This person is kind and sensible. Anyway, he will spoil him. What’s more, Li Changfeng looked at Xu Qing‘s small body and decided to raise him better in the future. Otherwise, how will he give birth to his babies in the future?

“What?” Xu Qing didn’t hear clearly of what Li Changfeng just said so, he asked again. This era is too safe; his ears are not as sensitive as he was in the apocalypse.

Li Changfeng smiled without answering him; he walked to the tree where the red ribbon was tied and gently untied it, and waved at Liu Mo and Aunty Xie.  Only after seeing them nod, did he turn his head and looked at the small figure who was almost a head shorter than him.

“I’m leaving first; you go back a little later. Aunty Xie will come to pick you up.” After thinking about it, he said awkwardly, “Remember to pick a good day for the wedding, and let me know…”

After speaking, he patted the dazed Xu Qing’s head and left quickly. The sky was already bright, and he had to leave early. Otherwise, people will see the figures of a ger and a man on a blind date. Then they will be lots of rumors.

“How was it? Is it person satisfactory?”

Aunty Xie happily stepped forward and held Xu Qing‘s hand just in time to see the purse in the other’s hand. “Hey, what is this given by him?”

It looked like a purse used by men; it was dark in color and had no aesthetic.

Only then did Xu Qing realize that he had forgotten to give the purse back, “I forgot to give it back to him…,” Li Changfeng was no longer visible on the street.

Aunty Xie took the purse from Xu Qing‘s hand, weighed it, and immediately became even more satisfied with Li Changfeng.  He put the purse back in Xu Qing‘s hands, and looked at him meaningfully. “You have met someone who is easy to get along with. This is probably all his savings.”

Xu Qing was startled, “what will I do with all his savings?” Let him marry him early?

“What’s in your head? People are afraid that you as a ger will have no money in their hands. This marriage is a lifelong matter. You can’t treat it casually. This is for you to spend on the wedding.” Aunty Xie kept poking Xu Qing’s head, and Xu Qing yelled “AO! AO!” while being poked.

“But it was me who asked for the marriage. He doesn’t need to be like this.” Fool, he hasn’t even set a date for the marriage yet. How dare he give him the money privately? Isn’t he afraid that he would run away with the money?

But… Xu Qing held the purse in his hand feeling excited in his heart, “even if he doesn’t have the money, I can take care of it.”

Li Changfeng came home with wind on the soles of his feet. Read only on ho lo lo novels please, I beg you. He had to talk to his father about the separation of the family and then wait for Xu Qing to send him a message when the wedding will be.

As soon as he thought of entering Xu Qing’s house and becoming a family with Xu Qing, his heart was so excited.



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