Chapter 11 (Part 2): The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

Li Laosan was younger, and when he was born, the situation in the Li family was just starting to improve, so they sent him to school. Eldest Li and Li Changfeng didn’t receive an education, which made Li Changfeng feel somewhat ashamed when he looked at Xu Qing’s refined and cultured demeanor. He suddenly felt unworthy of Xu Qing, who was called the “ugly ger.”

Seeing Li Changfeng gazing at him intently, Xu Qing felt a bit embarrassed. He blurted out, “I told Xie Ama wearing purple doesn’t suit me!”

“No, it looks very good!”

The compliment made him feel distant, but when he thought of Butcher Liu’s words, he became motivated again. Since Xu Qing already came, he would have a chance!

“Let’s go over there and take a stroll. It’s getting crowded here.”

Li Changfeng pointed to a small path next to Butcher Liu’s shop that led to a small grove with no houses inside. Many people would go there for matchmaking. With Xu Qing’s agreement, Li Changfeng tied a piece of red cloth to a branch on the first tree they encountered upon entering the grove.

“What’s this for?” Xu Qing leaned over to take a look, his eyes bright!

Seeing Xu Qing’s puzzled expression, Li Changfeng gently explained, “This way, when others see it, they won’t come in. They’ll know someone is matchmaking.”

The last two words, whether intentionally or unintentionally, made Xu Qing’s face suddenly turn crimson.

“Oh, then let’s go in!” After saying that, Xu Qing walked quickly into the grove.

“How is he? He’s not bad, right?” Butcher Liu proudly sought recognition from Xie Ama. Li Changfeng was someone he had watched grow up, and there were no issues with his character and such.

“Not bad. I owe you for this!” Xie Ama praised his good friend with a beaming smile. Without him, who knows how long it would have taken to find someone!

Li Ama, along with Li Xiao’er, was also strolling through the market. Today, they were planning to buy some meat to bring back home. It had been over ten days since they last had a meat dish. Now was the time to exert themselves and work hard, but they needed to take care of their health.

“Ama! Ama! I saw Second Brother!” Li Xiao’er tugged at Li Ama, calling out with all his might!

“Where? Where?” Li Ama followed the gaze and indeed saw Li Changfeng’s figure entering the grove!

Li Ama slapped his thigh. “I knew it! Why wasn’t he at home this morning?! So he really came here for matchmaking!”

Li Ama wanted to rush in and pull Li Changfeng out, but Li Xiao’er, quick-witted, held him back. “Ama! Ama! What are you doing? Second Brother knows what he’s doing!”

If he were Second Brother, he would also consider marrying into another family. Third Brother was causing trouble at home every day, giving him headaches. Only Second Brother had a good temper and could endure without complaining!

Li Ama was frustrated and rubbed his chest, taking a deep breath. Yes, his Second Son had his own considerations. It wouldn’t be too late to ask him about it when they returned home.


“And then? And then?” Xu Qing excitedly asked Li Changfeng. “In the end, it wasn’t because the horse went crazy and threw him off, but because the horse was in heat!”

Li Changfeng felt a bit embarrassed after finishing his sentence. He had spoken absentmindedly and forgotten that Xu Qing was an unmarried ger.

Xu Qing didn’t think much of it and just chuckled foolishly. It was only when he noticed Li Changfeng blushing that he realized the topic was a bit inappropriate.

“Ahem, well, let me ask directly then. What do you think of me?”

Li Changfeng spoke earnestly, “Very good!”

“Will you find me ugly, though?” Xu Qing became a bit nervous. His face wasn’t in the best condition.

Li Changfeng looked at Xu Qing carefully and replied, “You’re not ugly, just a little flushed!”

Xu Qing felt a bit embarrassed by his response. Was this a disguised way of complimenting him? He shamelessly thought to himself.

“So, is it settled then?” Xu Qing was taken aback, looking at Li Changfeng. “Can you say it again?” Maybe he misheard.

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Li Changfeng looked directly at Xu Qing, wanting to confirm again. “I said, it’s settled.”

Indeed, it was Xu Qing who intended to express that sentiment, but it was Li Changfeng who spoke it out, surprising Xu Qing. He had started to think that he would have to make the first move, but the other person beat him to it.

“It’s settled!” Xu Qing nodded firmly. He liked the man in front of him, not just his appearance but also his character. Although he couldn’t say it was love, he genuinely liked him. Feelings were cultivated over time, and once they were married, they would have plenty of time, wouldn’t they?

In that moment when Xu Qing nodded, Li Changfeng felt his heart soften. This slender and delicate man made him feel a sense of belonging.

“I’ll go home first and discuss the matter of separation, then I’ll come to your house. Oh, by the way!” Li Changfeng took out a black money pouch from his pocket. “This contains the fifteen taels of silver that I saved. You can have it for now.”

Xu Qing didn’t take it and looked at Li Changfeng in confusion. “Why?”

Li Changfeng felt like his head was about to explode. “Cough, you need money for a proper wedding!”

At this moment, Xu Qing’s expression could only be described as utterly bewildered!



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