Chapter 11 (Part 1): The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

“Feeling nervous?”

Butcher Liu joked while tying up the little piglet with Liu Ama, glancing at Li Changfeng at the street corner.


Li Changfeng looked at the dreary street corner, feeling a mixture of anticipation and anxiety. He wondered what Xu Qing would be like today. Would Xu Qing be dissatisfied after seeing him?

Liu Ama gave Butcher Liu a slap without any mercy. “What nonsense are you spouting? Instead of wasting time with such gibberish, shouldn’t you be thinking about selling the piglets and buying a big pig to butcher and sell?”

Butcher Liu took the slap lightly and walked over to Li Changfeng, standing next to him with a mysterious expression. He said, “What are you nervous about? Only I have the right to be nervous at this moment!”

Li Changfeng turned his head and glanced at Liu Ama, who was busy tidying up the shop, unaware of the conversation. Then he faced Butcher Liu, who was grinning proudly.

“Weren’t you nervous when you had the blind date with Liu Ama?!” Butcher Liu and Liu Ama had known each other since they were young. Liu Ama had taken the initiative to propose marriage. They grew up together in the same village, but Butcher Liu always thought Liu Ama wouldn’t like him. So he never went to propose marriage, but instead, Liu Ama impatiently proposed to him!

For this matter, Butcher Liu had been proud for most of his life. What could be better than having the person he loved actually like him back!

Butcher Liu had been waiting for Li Changfeng to say this. He leisurely took out his smoking pipe, loaded it with tobacco, and said, “You don’t know, right? If a ger invites someone to his house to propose marriage, it means he has feelings for that person!”

After blowing out a puff of smoke, he continued to enlighten Li Changfeng, who had a look of astonishment on his face, “His concern is whether you can take a liking to him, not whether he finds you worthy here!”

After finishing speaking, Butcher Liu patted the dazed Li Changfeng on the shoulder and turned to help Liu Ama with the things.

“If a ger invites someone to his house to propose marriage, it means he has feelings for that person!” These words seemed to circulate repeatedly in Li Changfeng’s ears, making his head feel dizzy.

The thought of that slender figure having feelings for him filled his heart with joy. Could it be…?

A pair of hands suddenly slapped his shoulder. “Kid, what are you daydreaming about? Look! They’re here!” Li Changfeng quickly looked towards the street corner and indeed saw a pair of figures, one tall and one short, approaching from a distance.

The tall one was, of course, Xie Ama. He had been giving Xu Qing instructions about the matters to pay attention to during the blind date all the way. Xu Qing was feeling drowsy in the carriage, so he hadn’t been paying attention. And now, as Xu Qing looked at the tall figure standing in front of Butcher Liu’s shop, his heart pounded “thump thump,” completely oblivious to Xie Ama’s words.

It wasn’t until they stood in front of Li Changfeng that Xie Ama stopped chattering. “You must Li’s second son, right? My maternal family is Luo’s family from Jixiang Village! According to seniority, you should call me Xie Ama!”

Li Changfeng quickly greeted Xie Ama as a junior, “Xie Ama, greetings!” He knew about Xie Ama. Xie Ama was the eldest brother of Luo’s family and had a fiery temperament in his youth, scaring off anyone who dared to propose marriage to him. It was the Xie family from the neighboring village who came to propose marriage and eventually married him. Xie Ama’s gentle temperament was a stark contrast to his personality!

When Xu Qing first saw Xie Ama, he was completely fooled by his appearance.

Xie Ama looked at the tall Li Changfeng with satisfaction. Not bad, he had a good physique and knew how to be polite. Then he glanced at Xu Qing, who was staring at him, and discreetly tugged at Xu Qing’s sleeve, conveying a meaningful look. After that, he began asking Li Changfeng about his family background. Li Changfeng restrained himself from looking at the spot where Xu Qing stood and respectfully answered Xie Ama’s questions.

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Xu Qing didn’t have that awareness, his eyes fixed on Li Changfeng. He felt that Li Changfeng had a good appearance, a pleasant voice, polite manners, and although he was honest, he had his own thoughts. Such a person suited him well and was suitable for living together.

As Li Changfeng continued answering, Xie Ama became more and more satisfied. Finally, Liu Ama couldn’t bear it and pulled him aside. “Alright, enough already. Let’s leave some room for these two young people to talk. Come, let’s have a chat ourselves.”

After Xie Ama left, Xu Qing gently sighed in relief as he looked at Li Changfeng in front of him. “Haha, were you scared?”

Only now did Li Changfeng look at Xu Qing squarely, feeling somewhat nervous. “No.”

Xu Qing was wearing a light purple outfit today, and the purple color added a touch of elegance to him. Combined with his education, he appeared like a refined young man. Very few people in these villages had the opportunity to receive an education. It cost two taels of silver per year, including the cost of books and ink. Not every family could afford it. Even in the Li family, they only allowed the third son, Li Laosan, to receive an education.


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