Chapter 10: The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

When Li Changfeng got home, there were only father Li and Li Xiao’er.  Little brother Li, who got the handkerchiefs that Li Changfeng brought back, was very happy. It’s still his second brother who would buy him some gifts.  Both the eldest brother and the third brother ignored him and only cared about their wives and kids. In the past few years when the second brother wasn’t home, he didn’t receive anything from the family. This is the gift brought back specially for him by his brother.

The Li family has four children. The eldest Li is already married and has two children. The third son, Li Laosan, has a child with Wang Li. Li Changfeng has not yet married. Li Xiao’er is 15 this year, and already at the age of marriage. Thank you for reading on

The family conditions in the Jixiang village are quite decent, Li Laosan was admitted as the talented scholar in the second year of Li Changfeng’s military service. His talent and fame allowed the family to stand tall in front of the villagers. Now he wanted to separate the family and place father Li and the others in a tight spot. Father Li called Li Changfeng into the hall after seeing the youngest son, who received the gift, returned to his room.

“Second child, the third has been difficult these days after you’re back. I discussed it with your mother. No matter what the third child is fussing about, as long as you don’t want to split up, we will not split up.” This was his own child, like the palm on the back of his hand, how could do something heartless?

Second son is aloof, and he likes to keep everything to himself. Five years ago, the third son went behind their backs and married his brother’s fiancée. They were very ashamed of this matter. Li Laoyao thought bitterly. This time, he couldn’t let his second son suffer anymore. The parents are not even dead yet. Talk about what separation.

Li Changfeng was very relieved when he heard what father Li said, but when he thought of the silly smile on Xu Qing’s face when he walked out of the fabric shop at the market this morning, he couldn’t help but feel his heart soften. Didn’t they say he was 20? How could he look younger than his little brother? And he was also skinny; he has to raise him well.

After father Li saw his second son lowered his head and stood motionless, he thought that Li Changfeng was really hurt by the behavior of the third son. He touched Li Changfeng’s head with some heartache. When his hair was stroked by his father, Li Changfeng immediately recovered.

What was he thinking? So, Li Changfeng, who was embarrassed by his own thoughts, hurriedly said to father Li that he would go cut some firewood and disappeared quickly before the puzzled older man.

Xu Qing, on the other side, sorted out the things he bought today. After lunch, he sat dazedly in the yard.

“I forgot to buy seeds again…”

“I think Li Changfeng is very nice and handsome…” He almost drooled a little.

“Pop!” Xu Qing gave himself a slap. What were you thinking? Not like he didn’t know there are beasts dressed in human skin.

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Aunty Xie was holding a calendar to choose a good day for matchmaking at the Li’s house. After picking one, he closed the courtyard door neatly and went to find Xu Qing.

Three days later, early in the morning, Liu Mo wore the cyan robe that he usually couldn’t bear to wear, and with two silver coins wrapped in red cloth in his arms, he walked to the courtyard of Li’s house.

The Li’s house on the other hand was not so peaceful today because when they were having breakfast, the grandchild asked Li Changfeng to carry him and fly high. The third son’s wife wanted to take the child away, but he was very slippery and hid behind his second uncle. Amidst all the chaos, Li Changfeng staggered behind Wang Li stupefyingly.

When Li Laosan saw this scene, he got so angry. He couldn’t even continue eating breakfast. He yelled that he couldn’t keep on living if the family was not divided. Life has become unbearable. How could you even live?

“Separation! I just have one word, separation!”

As soon as Liu Mo arrived the entrance of the Li family courtyard, he heard the usually restless third Li begun to toss again. He rolled his eyes and tidied his hair.

“Greetings! Greetings! Is the head of Li family here? I am from the house of Liu, and I came here to give you the good news.”

The dull atmosphere in the yard was broken by Liu Mo’s voice, and the third Li didn’t speak anymore. He still knew not to let his family matters spread outside, and also, he was the talented scholar to the outside world.

The eldest Li stepped forward to open the door with some doubts, but Li Changfeng, who has been sitting beside him like a rock, felt his heartbeat fasten with some expectation.

When the door was opened, they saw the neatly dressed Liu Mo, “Oh, it really is the one from the Liu family. What’s the good thing you were talking about?”

Liu Mo easily caught up with the eldest Li’s question, “Ha ha, there really is a good thing, but this good thing is not for me. It’s a happy event for your second child.”

Without caring for the shocked expressions of the eldest Li and the others in the yard, Liu Mo directly stuffed the red envelopes from his arms to Li Laoyao and Mrs. Li.

“I’m here to give you the good news first. Someone asked me to come to door and seek Li Changfeng for marriage.” Generally, the information about the ger, who asked for the marriage, would not be divulged until the two parties involved meet in private. Afterwards, if all goes well, the man will explain the ger’s situation to his family.

“Li Changfeng? Someone is looking for him to recruit as a son-in-law?” Li Laoyao immediately reacted, “this, is this true? But our family doesn’t allow the sons to be recruited into other people’s houses.”

Liu Mo didn’t dislike the attitude of the old man, walked up to Li Changfeng instead, and whispered, “tomorrow, I will go to my family’s stall.” Seeing Li Changfeng nodded, Liu Mo smiled and said goodbye.

Father Li closed the door with a ‘pop’. “Second, don’t listen to him. Our family is good, but you can’t do anything if you go live in someone else’s house. And third, stop howling from now. We, the parents, are not dead yet. What are you all doing in a daze? After eating, go to work.”

At this time, Li Laosan didn’t dare to say anything more. Father Li usually doesn’t get angry, but when he does, no one in the family can calm him down.

Li Changfeng had already guessed Liu Mo’s intentions since the other came to the door. Sure enough, after thinking of the thin figure, Li Changfeng felt the food tasted better.

After nightfall, Li Changfeng was lying on the bed, tossing and turning. He couldn’t fall asleep. After thinking about it, he got out of bed, opened the closet, flipped through, and found a black purse, which contained the reward for his hard work in the military camp.

As for his salary, the twelve taels of silver, he earned from his service, he gave it all to father Li as soon as he came back. And the fifteen taels of silver inside the purse, he had to thank Li Laosan for sending that letter to tell him that he married his brother’s fiancée. That year, Li Changfeng robbed off the dirty work that others didn’t want to do and did all the exhausting work, just to forget what his younger brother did.

Li Changfeng stuffed the purse under the pillow and laid down on the bed again.

Originally, before butcher Liu raised the matter of recruiting, he was only thinking about the match by the officials and his family’s bad situation, but he learned that the other party was that ‘ugly ger’, he was full of compassion. He thought that he could treat the person well in the future; live a good life together. Thank you for reading on

But after seeing Brother Qing’s appearance at the market that day, he didn’t feel that the other was ugly at all. He has seen people from the north, south, east, and west in the barracks. One’s character is not something that can be determined by appearance. Thinking of Xu Qing’s smile, so clean and pure, such a person would not be bad in the heart.

Xu Qing was also not sleepy. He was sitting on the bed with the quilt rolled up. The surroundings were dark and quiet. The frogs outside haven’t awakened yet.

“Oh, really.” A few days ago, when Aunty Xie came to him with the chosen date and said that three days later, it would be an auspicious day to ask for marriage. He didn’t know such things so, he could only rely on Aunty Xie, but now he felt nervous.

“Would he think I was being too anxious? Ugh…” Xu Qing buried his face in the quilt, feeling restless. He didn’t know how he could meet the man at the appointed place tomorrow.

Lying on all fours and rolling on the bed, there was a gentle breathing after a while.

Early the next morning, Li Changfeng was already out of the courtyard, and he hadn’t slept almost all night. Thank you for reading on

However, his eyes didn’t seem to be drowsy. It was still early, and there were no pedestrians on the road, but he really couldn’t continue to sit still.  It wouldn’t take much effort to walk to the market anyway.

Xu Qing felt like dying. He was awakened by Aunty Xie’s knock on the door so early in the morning, and he was tossed by the other, putting some powder on his face and whatnot, making him almost went back to sleep.  Too early!

“What is this?” Aunty Xie looked at Xu Wing who was hiding away from him and felt funny.

“This is a good thing. My brother used this powder when he got married back then,” and he whispered in a slightly wretched voice, “He said that the fragrance is very good.”

Xu Qing felt his three views had been challenged like never before. He managed to not put on the scented powder and rouge under his repeated resistance.

Like hell, even if he was homosexual, he couldn’t accept such heavy makeup like some monster.

After leaving the house, they took the donkey cart borrowed by Uncle Xie and rushed to the market. Xu Qing sighed slightly and looked at the sky. “Don’t you think it’s still a little too early for us?” It’s only 5 o’clock.

Aunty Xie rolled his eyes and said, “of course it is still early, otherwise, how could two single people meet up privately? If you’re seen by others, there will be a lot of gossip.”

Aunty Xie looked at Xu Qing again, and felt that the child was too innocent; he didn’t even like to dress up like other gers. Thank you for reading on

Xu Qing caught a glimpse of Aunty Xie’s eyes; the corners of his eyes twitched slightly.  He discreetly moved his butt a little further away from Aunty Xie.

Aunty Xie: “Why are you sitting so far? What, I’m not gonna eat you.”

Xu Qing rolled his eyes secretly; sure he wouldn’t eat him, but it was even more uncomfortable than being eaten.

Just like that, Xu Qing became a little sleepy. He stayed up most of the night last night and couldn’t fall asleep until late. It was almost already morning when he finally slept. Tsk, tsk, ancient blind date … makes you suffer more than the modern blind date.


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