Chapter 13 (Part 2): The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

Xu Qing followed his memory to find the wooden cup that Father Xie used to carry water when he went up the mountain. There was a simple cork on it to prevent water from leaking out.

He dropped some spring water from his fingertips into the cup. He then lifted the wooden barrel and walked toward the river. He followed the river upstream, found a spot that was not too deep or too shallow, and put the wooden barrel in the water, “TSK, it’s a big cold!”

Even though the weather was warm, the water was a bit cold. He poured the spring water from the wooden cup around the barrel. After a while, four grass carps surrounded the barrel. The largest one was about two catties, and the smallest ones was about a pound.

“That’s right, come into the net.” Xu Qing happily put them into the wooden barrel while the fish were enjoying the spring water. 

The fish drank the spring water. He didn’t care if the fish wouldn’t drink it nor did he care that the spring water would be wasted.

“Oh, isn’t this the ugly ger?”

Damn, the sudden sound made Xu Qing to have goosebumps all over. What the hell!

Xu Qing tremblingly carried the wooden barrel and turned around. He saw a plump man, uh, with a red mole between the eyebrows, it was a plump ger, carrying a basket with pigweed on his back looking at himself. 

I forgot to cut pigweed…

Who is this person? Xu Qing felt that his mind was a little down, “you are?”

Aunty Wei thought that he hasn’t seen the ugly ger for a long time, and this ugly ger is not “ugly” anymore. TSK TSK, although his face is a bit red, he is still fairer and more tender than the other gers in the village. ho lo lo novels. He heard the ugly ger asked him with doubt. After all, this person rarely comes to the village so, he could understand why the other didn’t know him.

“I am Aunty Wei. I’m from the Village. You don’t often come to the village to visit so, you don’t know me. It’s natural. By the way, why are you catching this spiny fish?” As soon as Aunty Wei approached Xu Qing, he smelled the fishy stench. When he looked down, he saw the spiny fish, caught by the ugly ger, that his family wouldn’t even eat.

Xu Qing saw that the other person was familiar with him, and there was no disgust or hostility in his words. At this moment, after seeing that the other party’s eyes were full of sympathy for him, he was a little choked.

“I… I was going to eat them.” Is that OK? He just wanted to eat some fish, not break the law.

Eat? Oh my God! Aunty Wei suddenly felt that the ugly ger was really pitiful. There was no adult in the family to take care of him, and there was no one to be worried about his marriage. It was almost time for the official match, and here he was catching spiny fish for food. Alas, it’s really pitiful.

“Huh? Aunty Wei?” Xu Qing received a steamed bun in his hand from Aunty Wei.

“This is the snack I brought, but I didn’t eat it in the end. You eat. If you have any difficulties in the future, come to me. This spiny fish is not delicious.” After speaking, Aunty Wei twisted his plump body and walked into the village slowly.

“This person is really cute.” Xu Qing looked at the steamed bun in his hand with a bitter smile. After giving some thought, he walked back home. Although the bun is not so delicious, it was given by the other with good intentions and cannot be wasted.

As soon as Aunty Wei came into the village, he ran into Aunty Xie who came out to get something to cook. “Oh, Xie family’s wife, I heard you are a good cook.”

Aunty Xie: look, isn’t this the person from the village head Wie family. Although this person speaks in a straightforward manner, his heart was indeed very good. After hearing the compliment from the other party, Aunty Xie sorted out a large number of vegetables and stuffed them in Aunty Wei’s basket. “We, two people, cannot eat that much. Take it back for your family.”

Aunty Wei was not polite; he thanked the other with a smile. Thinking about the ugly brother he just met, he felt a little unbearable, “I tell you something; I just met the ger by the river.”

Aunty Xie cast his eyes. What ugly ger, your family is ugly ger.

Aunty Wei was very nervous. He couldn’t stand it, and he was worried. So, he explained what he just encountered.

“What? Eat spiny fish?”

Aunty Xie was about to kneel to Xu Qing. This person was about to get married, but what the hell was he doing? Could this kid be eating spiny fish to save money?

“Wei family wife, it’s not too early anymore. Let’s chat another day.” Aunty Xie couldn’t wait to fly to Xu Qing‘s house at this time to see what was going on.

Aunty Wei looked at the sky, “oh, it is late. I have to go home and cook. OK, let’s chat next time.”

After the conversation ended, Aunty Wei hurriedly walked in the direction of his house, with pigweed on his back. In the past few days, he was busy with spring plowing so, he has been cooking dinner late, and his man was beginning to throw a tantrum.

Xu Qing brought the fish home and put them aside. Ho lo lo novels. He went to the vegetable field and cut the pigweed back. He fed the piglet who had grown some meat. Just after cleaning a fish, he heard Aunty Xie knocking on the door and calling him.

“Brother Qing, it’s me Aunty Xie.”

Xu Qing reluctantly shook the excess water off of his hands. No one would look for him except Aunty Xie. If it’s not him, who could it be?

“I’m coming.”

Aunty Xie saw the door opened, and as soon as he approached Xu Qing, he smelled a strong fishy odor.

“Really? Do you really want to eat spiny fish? What difficulties do you have? Tell aunt. Let’s go. Let’s go and eat at my house.” After he said that, Aunty Xie was about to take Xu Qing away.  Xu Qing hurried got out of his hands, “hey, hey, be careful. I just handled the fish. My hands still smell like fish.”


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Managed to finish editing the rest of chapter 13 before the day ends – it’s 10pm here. Anyway, not sure what our protagonist Qing Qing gonna cook. I googled Chinese carp dishes and found these drool-inducing carp dishes on internet. I’m hungry again 🤤

Sweet and sour carp


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