Chapter 13 (Part 2): The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

Xu Qing found the wooden cup father Xu used to carry water when he went up the mountain, with a simple wooden stopper on top to prevent water from leaking out.

He filled the cup with about two fingers’ width of spiritual spring water and carried the wooden bucket towards the river. Following the river upstream, he found a shallow area and placed the wooden bucket in the water. “Hiss, it’s a bit chilly!”

It was still not warm enough at this time, and the water was a bit cold. Xu Qing poured the spiritual spring water around the bucket little by little. Before long, four relatively good-sized grass carp gathered near the bucket, the largest weighing about two catties and the smallest about one catty!

“Caught in the trap!” Xu Qing proudly took advantage of the fish enjoying the spiritual spring water and put them into the wooden bucket. After all, the fish would consume the spring water, and in the end, he would be the one eating the fish. He didn’t mind the potential waste of the spiritual spring water.

“Oh, isn’t this the ugly ger?”

Oh my goodness, that voice gave Xu Qing goosebumps! It was too effeminate!

Trembling, Xu Qing turned around while still holding the wooden bucket and caught sight of a chubby uncle. Uh, there was a red mole on his forehead, a typical feature of a ger. The uncle was carrying a bamboo basket filled with pigweed on his back. He was staring at Xu Qing.

“I forgot to gather pigweed…”

“Who is this?”

Xu Qing felt his brain stuttering. “Who are you?”

Wei Ama, having not seen the ugly ger for a long time, noticed that the ugly ger wasn’t so “ugly” anymore. Tsk tsk, although his face was a bit flushed, he was fairer and smoother than the other gers in the village. When Wei Ama heard the ugly ger asking who he was, he didn’t suspect anything. After all, the original owner rarely visited the village, so it was understandable that he didn’t recognize Wei Ama.

“Oh, it’s me, Wei Ama. I live at the entrance of the village! You don’t often come to the village, so it’s natural not to know me. Oh?! Why are you catching so many thorny fish?” Wei Ama approached Xu Qing and smelled a strong fishy odor. When he looked down, he saw that the ugly ger was carrying the thorny fish that his family refused to eat!

Although Wei Ama appeared natural and friendly, his words didn’t convey disgust or hostility. However, when he saw the sympathy in Wei Ama’s eyes, Xu Qing felt a bit choked up.

“I… I’m going to eat them.” Is it okay? After all, I’m the one eating them. It’s not illegal, right?

“Eat them?!”

Oh my, Wei Ama suddenly felt that the ugly ger was truly pitiable. With no adults taking care of him at home and no one worrying about his marriage, he was reaching the age for an official match, yet here he was, eating thorny fish. Ah, how pitiful!

“Oh? Wei Ama?”

Xu Qing found a piece of steamed bread in his hand. It was given to him by Wei Ama.

“This is the dry food I brought, but I didn’t eat it. Just make do with it. If you have any difficulties in the future, come find me! These thorny fish aren’t good to eat!”

After saying that, Wei Ama twisted his chubby body and walked towards the village with bouncy steps.

“This person is really adorable!”

Xu Qing smiled wryly and looked at the steamed bread in his hand. After some thought, he decided to keep it and continued walking home. Although the steamed bread wasn’t tasty, it was a gesture of goodwill from someone else. He couldn’t waste it!

As soon as Wei Ama entered the village, he bumped into Xie Ama, who was bringing vegetables home. “Oh my, Xie’s vegetables look so fresh!”

Xie Ama took a glance and realized it was the Wei family from the village entrance. Although this person spoke bluntly, they had a genuinely good heart. Upon hearing the compliment, Xie Ama generously handed a bunch of vegetables into Wei Ama’s bamboo basket.

“Indeed, my family of two can’t eat that much. Take it home and have a taste!”

Wei Ama didn’t hesitate either and smiled as he thanked Xie Ama. Then, he remembered meeting the ugly ger by the river and felt a bit hesitant. “Let me tell you something. I just met the ugly ger by the river!”

Xie Ama raised an eyebrow. The ugly ger? Your family is the ugly one!

Wei Ama, being oblivious, didn’t understand and thought Xie Ama was also concerned. So he proceeded to recount the encounter with Xu Qing.

“What?! Eating thorny fish?!”

Xie Ama almost kneeled in front of Xu Qing. He was about to get married, but what was Xu Qing up to? Could this child really eat thorny fish just to save money?

“Wei Ama, it’s getting late already. Let’s talk another day!” Xie Ama almost wished they could fly to Xu Qing’s house to see how he was living!

Wei Ama looked at the sky and realized the time. “Oh my, it’s already so late. I need to go home and cook. Alright, next time we’ll have a good chat!”

After saying that, Wei Ama hurriedly carried the pig feed and walked home. These days, with spring farming and late cooking, the husband would start grumbling!


Xu Qing took the fish home and put it away. He went straight to the vegetable garden to gather the pig feed. After feeding the slightly chubby piglet, he finished cleaning a fish when he heard knocking on the door accompanied by Xie Ama’s voice.

“Brother Qing? It’s Xie Ama!”

Xu Qing shook off the excess water from his hands. If it wasn’t for Xie Ama, no one else would come looking for him.

“I’m coming!”

As Xie Ama approached, he smelled a fishy odor.

“Oh my, you really want to eat thorny fish? If you have any difficulties, tell Xie Ama! Come, let’s go to my house and eat!”

As Xie Ama prepared to pull Xu Qing along, Xu Qing quickly dodged. “Hey, hey, be careful. I just handled the fish. It has a strong smell!”


Thingyan: Managed to finish editing the rest of chapter 13 before the day ends – it’s 10pm here. Anyway, not sure what our protagonist Qing Qing gonna cook. I googled Chinese carp dishes and found these drool-inducing carp dishes on internet. I’m hungry again 🤤

Sweet and sour carp


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